Frozen Synapse on PS Vita gets a name change!

24 7

Plus, a full development update from the team at Double 11

We’re really pleased to announce that if you’ve got an itch for turn-based strategy on PS Vita, you’ll only be scratching until sometime this Autumn! Frozen Synapse is coming to PS Vita exclusively in just a few short months, and there’s a host of other things to mention as well!

I’m pleased to officially say that the game you’ve known as Frozen Synapse: Tactics will now be known as Frozen Synapse Prime.

Frozen Synapse

We originally chose to add “Tactics” to drop a very obvious hint of the turn-based nature of the game. As well, for those who knew the game, it was also an in reference to one of the game’s main characters. Looking at it today and applying some hindsight, after almost two years of development and original thinking we put into FS Prime, plus the three years Mode7 put into the original award-winning game we hope that after almost five years of work this is the best edition!

Frozen Synapse

Back in February, our design manager posted on how we’ve evolved FS into Prime, and talked about (amongst other things) how we’ve made it more intuitive. Still, we know Prime is a very deep tactical turn-based game, so in the coming weeks we’re going to help you become better acquainted with it. In future blog posts we will be tutoring you through specifics of the game, combat system and the online modes.

Frozen Synapse

Speaking of getting acquainted with the game, if you’re one of the lucky souls fortunate enough to attend Gamescom in Cologne this year, Prime will be available to play at Sony’s booth! You may even see our Design Manager there too!

Currently the game is in the final stages of testing; particularly we’re tweaking and balancing all the sounds in the game and checking through it all in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. It’s a big task! The story in the campaign has the depth and size of a novel :)

That’s it for now folks, stay tuned to PlayStation Blog or @FSTactics for more information.

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7 Author Replies

  • Your Flickr images are invalid…

  • Nice logo. How will the story in the campaign be presented? Collectible audio/text logs that are optional?

    • Thanks for the kind words on the logo and the question! The campaign is an entirely separate mode of play to the online. It’s a narrative that FS takes you through over a series of missions. In each mission your briefed and debriefed. In a nutshell, you take on the role of Tactics, a tactical analyst to Petrov’s Shard. Petrov’s Shard is a small urban resistance group or sort of like a faction. Prime is a team based game, and that team constantly changes. As the campaign progresses and the story unfolds you meet more and more characters, that also help explain the story.

      You certainly unlock logs (dossiers) that give you more backstory about the characters, places, factions, and conspiracies.

      Thanks for the question!

  • How long is the campaign?

    • The fastest, if your not going for trophies and rank is about 15-20 hours. If your going for gold, and want say, not lose anyone on your team or a hostage or complete a mission in a lesser number of turns it’s easily 50 hours plus.

      The campaign is actually a subject we’ll go into in a future post!

  • The Vita really could do with a good strategy game, so I can’t wait! :D

  • That’s not a name change, that’s a name addition.

  • Can we have R-Type Dimensions for VITA please?
    Can we also have the PS3 download speeds increased too?

  • I can`t wait!

  • Can’t wait bring it day1!

  • Really looking forward to the game, and will undoubtedly snatch it at release, but I did like the Tactics name better. It was more descriptive, and had, I believe, more “marketing power”. The implied reference to noteworthy strategy games would be obvious, and when searching for turn-based strategy, “tactics” is one of the key words I’d use. “Prime” really has no actual meaning to someone who isn’t already familiar with the game.

    • Glad to hear you’ll pick it up!

      I also appreciate your thoughts on that. Having thought “Tactics” was pretty clever originally, I completely agree where your coming from. While it does imply noteworthy strategy games,and it presents a more logical search term it has some drawbacks. For example, if you think of a title like FF: Tactics, it was a break away (and different) isometric style game to what FF was originally. Prime for us was very much looking back at how much work we put into this new edition of Frozen Synapse and then following the more literal meaning of the word, as we have built on an already great game. The other bonus is, surprisingly few games use “Prime” in their title helping distinguish us from games that do use “Tactics”!

  • Looking forward to this, I’ve watched Double 11’s work closely (been from my neck of the woods and all that lol) from LBP Vita to Pixeljunk. I was wondering if you guys have ambitions to create your own IP in future or are you remaining a developer that does ports for the time being?

  • Enjoyed this on PC but the UI was a bit small for couch gaming – really looking forward to it on Vita :).

  • Looks great, will surely buy it day one!
    THANK YOU for supporting the Vita!

  • buying it! just tell me when is it available please :D

  • Really looking forward to this, I love me some tactical warfare!

  • Price it sensibly and this will be a day one purchase for me.

    I love turn based games, so this is hopefully the first of many. ;)

  • Looking forward to it, looks perfect for the Vita!

  • I am assuming this will also be released in North America?

  • I am so excited or this! Will there be a demo/trial thing to try out? Never really played Frozen Synapse,so i am wondering.

    • While I have no idea if a demo will be available, there is a demo of the original Frozen Synapse available on PC (Steam, and probably a DRM-free version too on Mode 7’s website) that guides you trough the tutorial and 2 missions. I’ve examined the gameplay trailer of Prime closely, and the core gameplay seems to be exactly the same, or at the very least, very close to the original (which in this case is a good thing).

      Although the campaign is entertaining, the multiplayer is where the game really shines; and this is coming from someone who plays almost singleplayer games exclusively. In multiplayer, you really try to get in your opponents head while trying out different strategies with their units to predict what move they will make and adjust yours accordingly. It’s a really unique game. So far I’ve won 20 matches and lost 5. I’ve got so many good things to say about the original.

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