Table Top Racing roars onto PS Vita tomorrow, watch the launch trailer

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Table Top Racing roars onto PS Vita tomorrow, watch the launch trailer

Plus, expert tips on how to master the latest from Playrise Digital

Hi! Nick Burcombe here from Playrise Digital, the team behind Table Top Racing on PS Vita. You may have seen my blog post a couple of weeks ago – hello again if that’s the case! Table Top Racing is out tomorrow, 6th August, in Europe – so I’m back to show you guys the brand new launch trailer…

As it’s nearly launch day, I thought I’d give you guys a few tactical tips before you start revving your engines!

First and foremost, make sure you upgrade your car as you progress – otherwise you won’t keep up with the competition. Things get even more interesting when you start experimenting with Weapon-Wheels. In conjunction with the power-ups the wheel weapons will give you a real strategic advantage, so think carefully about your selection before each race.

PSV_TTR__0019 (1)

There are 17 fully upgradable cars, all of which come with some cool skins. You start off with a choice between the ‘Whippy Kai-Yay!’ Ice Cream Van or the ‘Hippy Bathday’ Campervan, but in no time at all you’ll be upgrading through to the likes of Rally Cars, suped-up Pick-up Trucks and hyper-cars like the ‘Veloceratti’ and the ‘Baguetti Carb Injection’ – we had a lot of fun with the car names.

The on-track intensity increases once you start unlocking some of those higher level Championships. Once you start exploring the Special Events and applying what you’ve learnt about the Weapon-Wheels, you’ll soon discover those three start challenges that seem impossible are achievable with a bit of lateral thinking.

We hope you’ll have a blast playing the ultimate version of Table Top Racing on PlayStation Vita. We can’t wait to start hearing some feedback from you.

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21 Author Replies

  • Nice. Im definitely interested in this game. is there any launch discount?

  • This looks like a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait to play this =D

  • Hello Mr. Nick!

    I’m not really fan of new mario-kartish style… but I would love to hear more about that RETRO camera (you said something about it in previous thread)

    You see I was huge fan of mircro machines! And if only we will be able to use that top down view I’m 100% going to buy it. That’s all I need, locked camera and view from the top.

    So would it be possible if you showed us some screens from that Retro camera? pretty please! Just one screenshot ! Please :)

    • OK well the retro cam – takes a high up, birds-eye view – the direction is fixed, with a touch of lag to soften it up a bit, but I think its quite neat. As you progress through the game though and things get faster – it’s not easy to play on that camera. If anyone ever finished this game in Retro Cam – they would be God-Level gamers. Its not possible….I reckon :-/

    • @Nick Burcombe
      It will be a OK! I grew up on those games, those were way more challenging than most of new stuff :D

      And I’m fine with being GOD… so YES PLEASE! WANT!

  • Hi Guys – The team send a big old wave from Liverpool! :) I’m Nick, CEO of Playrise Digital (sounds way too corporate that doesn’t it? ;)) I’ll be here this afternoon and periodically over the next few days to answer any questions you have and maybe help you with a few tips! AMA as they say ;)

  • The game looks great!

    Has the price been announced?

  • It looks awesome, but I feel as if the texture resolution could have been a bit higher on some models.

    • Well 60hz was the most important thing here and doubling up the textures would make the file a lot bigger too.

    • I feel Sony have really dropped the ball on PS Vita memory cards. (if not PS Vita in general)

      Here is this device which has more RAM than PS3 so can have really nice clean textures, then we limit it with tiny memory cards so PSN titles cannot really utilise that RAM optimally.

      Will we ever see 128GB PS Vita memory cards? Will they still cost double the price of a microSD card? Its preventing me from buying PS Vita PSN titles and hugely limiting my PS+.

  • Defintely buying it tomorrow! I’m probably completely wrong so forgive me in advance, but I think I noticed some similarities between this and Toy Story (SNES) that was also made by Psygnosis and Traveller’s Tales. Both games feature small characters in large worlds and there seems to be a fascination with star pick ups (even the sound is a tad similar.) Also funny how there are wooden boxes with question marks on them, like Crash Bandicoot. It’s nice to see these throwbacks to the retro age. :]

    For what it’s worth, I really liked the soundtrack of Toy Story SNES, this one being my favorite:

    • Wow….you just made me time travel. I was at Psygnosis for about 10 years…..but I’ve completely forgotten about that game. I wonder if some of you, who are old enough to remember, can feel traces of one of my earlier games I designed – Wipeout/Wipeout 2097 (PSOne)? I have moments playing TTR – particularly in the tougher top end races, where it takes me right back to that feeling of intensity – and then just blasting an opponent and sneaking across the line for the win…….and then…..breathing again ;)

    • Well, my older cousin had a PSX and he had the 2097 demo, we played that over and over again because we were strapped on cash. XD I remember the music like it was from yesterday: I was a Nintendo kid back then, but the PSX really impressed me. The move to proper 3D games was such a huge shift that I don’t think the gaming industry will ever experience again.

    • I remember Psygnosis from when I was young, way back from Wipeout with Shadow of the beast for Amstrand 6128 being the oldest of the their games I can recall at the moment. As for Wipeout, still everytime someones mentions it or any one of the series, Firestarter stucks in my mind! To be honest i think I’ll buy your game now only because of you Psygnosis history!

  • Looks like a really interesting game, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.

  • I’m going to try this on mobile (Nexus 5) and purchase this version if I like what I see. What are the differences between the titles; aside from the obvious control schemes?

  • Might have to hold myself back and wait for this until next payday, otherwise I’ll certainly give this bash :)

    Nice to know someone from the old Wipeout 2097 team worked on this; god that game was awesome. I used to play alot of Rollcage too, which kind of got overshadowed by Wipeout but that was still a blast.

  • The Vita version has both Ad-Hoc and Internet multiplayer – there’s no multi-player in Andorid at all. The Vita one also has double the polygon count for the scenery. Plus, with analogue control sticks you have manual control over the the brake and acceleration (its auto-accelerate on Android). You can also use the center portion of the rear touch panel to “glance back” and see where the competition are.

    • Super duper – thank you! Any chances of a cross-buy, cross-Play port to ps4? Or have you designed this game around the unique feature-set and portability of the unrivalled PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system?

  • Ok another question:
    Any chances for boats and tanks ? Loved them in Micro Machines.
    You know racing in bathtubes was quite fan back in 90 :P also those rubber duckies!

  • LOL. Nice ideas – we’re not planning on those features for this game.

    • Just think about it: (removed www part in link to avoid moderation)

      Good material for DLCs :P

  • Thats great Nick; thanks for your time today in providing us an insight into a brief portfolio on the featureset and design choices that went into making your first title for the PlayStation Vita platform . I’m sure readers are going to assimilate this information and wisely make a decision to purchase this game once it releases tomorrow! GG Playrise Digital!

  • My favourite “racing” game was also a table-top game.

    The original (? Sega MegaDrive) version of Micro Machines. And so I’m digging this.

  • Having presumably used both iterations of the PlayStation vita handheld gaming system throughout the design process of this game. Which version of the handheld does the Liverpool based gaming studio “Playrise Digital” prefer? Does the old version with the ‘superior’ AMOLED screen, but chubbier chassis with added weight, tickle fancies? Or does the super-slim version with the much maligned LED screen win the vote with the scouse developers?

  • Ah, well we have to work with the devkits and the testkits and so they are all Super AMOLED, but I’ve no doubt that TTR is awesome looking on either ;)

  • This looks like fun! I’ll definitely buy this tomorrow for my Vita. Will this ever come to PS4? I’d love to be able to play split-screen with three friends :D

  • How many unique tracks are there and how many setting types? Also are there mirrored tracks?

    Game looks interesting and I did love Psygnosis. They were a huge staple of my Psone days and I own more of their games than I can remember.

  • I gotta keep my powder dry if you know what I mean, but we’ve got news coming soon on our next plans ;)

  • To all the guys commenting that they are going to get it tomorrow – thank you – all of you – it means a lot to have support like this. Keep firing the questions in and I promise to answer them where I can. I’ve got to duck out for something to eat now but fear not, I’ll respond to all your queries over the coming days.

  • Nick, this looks great. I’m highly interested in whether there is a platinum trophy available and whether you have any plans DLC? I swore that I wouldn’t buy any games this month as I’m stacked with unplayed games that I haven’t gotten around to but you got me with the Plus discount and competitive pricing I think.

    • Sadly there’s no platinum and we will be revealing our future plans soon I promise. And it’s good value for money for sure. Can’t wait until it’s on the EU store tomorrow! :)

  • This game looks really, really good. I was gutted when Studio Liverpool closed and I’m delighted that things are looking up. Psygnosis were amongst the very best and the WipEout series was of an exceptionally high quality. Very best of luck – will be rooting for you with this one.

    • Thank you for the comment. The team did a great job. Regarding SL, I was made redundant a couple of years before the final closure, but I can only say it was a privilege to work at Psygnosis and Studio Liverpool and on games like Wipeout. Worked with some amazing people and continue to do so. Fingers crossed Vita fans love TTR! (Launches are always nerve wracking ;))

  • Maaaaaannn I just bought the Premium version of this game on Android the other week, guess I’ll have to buy it again now xD

  • Played this on my phone and loved it. Picking it up on Vita as soon as it’s available.

  • So, content-wise is this equivalent to the Android´s premium version?

  • From WipEout to this :( My condolences.

    I’m sorry, but everything about this game repels me. The setting/look does nothing for me and the fact that it’s a mobile port just cements my disinterest.

    WipEout was/is a design-wonder with amazing music, a great setting that sets your imagination going and sweet, sweet futuristic vehicles. This game has absolutely nothing like that going for it. It looks as generic and devoid of great design as a mobile game can possibly get.

    Good thing that we got WipEout 2048 before Studio Liverpool was closed and yet another great IP bit the dust. Gaming isn’t what it used to be.

    • Well you can’t make everyone happy and obviously, because I don’t own the IP, I can’t make Wipeout either so….ya know…..


    Let us turn off the backtouch camera switch! ;_; It’s terrible! Can’t we configure the controls, either? What are the controls? AFAIK, R is the turbo and X is gas.

    Just… ;_;

    • Also, I can’t go back to my previous paint job for free? You can’t purchase new ones and freely select the ones you already have?

  • For some reason the control page from the manual isn’t present….. but this should help

  • Just bought it looks really fun.

  • Also will this be compatible with the upcoming PlayStaton TV?

  • bought it yesterday, and first impressions are very good. However, I have to agree with comment #29. let us turn of the back camera switch. I almost can hold the vita properly using the analogue sticks with my thumbs, then one finger on the L/R button and the other on the backscreen, accidentally touching the rear touchpad. I also do hope that you gain enough coins from completing the oneplayer events to unlock everything, and that i don’t have to buy coins in the store or grind myself to the higher levels needed for the most difficult events.
    But aside from the control issues, i had already a great time with this game. hopefully you can patch the rear touch screen.

  • If we do an update, we will put a tickbox switch in the options for that rear touch… the meantime, I was helping some guys out on the US blog and I thought I’d post some weapons tips here for you guys too.

    MINES: You can leave these in the path of the chasing pack or you can use a mine/bomb to stop an incoming missile. The missile will be drawn to it rather than you.

    MISSILE: You can stop opponents in their tracks or you can blast mines out of the way

    EMP: You can zap multiple vehicles in a pack with these and you can also clear mines you’re abut to run into. Also if you time it correctly you can also kill an incoming missile.

    SPEEDUP: You can use these to maintain an advantage over the chasing pack and you can recover to full speed quickly after an EMP, missile or mine attack.

    BLING WHEELS: These wheels earn you more coins per skid – good way to get those upgrades

    PEACEBOMB WHEELS: Can be used to strip your opponents of all their weapons AND kill ALL active weapons on the track – be it mines or missiles. These refresh once a lap as you cross the line so use them wisely.

    CENTURION WHEELS: These are permanently fitted until you change them and they shred your opponents when you get alongside them – very handy for the narrower tracks – but don’t get in a clash with another car with these wheels or you’ll slow each other down.

    BOING WHEELS: These give you the ability to make a jump and find exploits in the tracks. You get one jump per laps and these refresh as you cross the line. Using these with the Bunny Mobile enables the Double Jump – handy if you’re trying to squeeze those 3-star special events.

    DRIFT WHEELS: These reduce the grip on all cars and are permanent until you change them – couple these up with a fully tuned Tokyo Zero if you want to be setting Drift High scores.

    Just wan to say thank you to all of you who have bought it – really appreciate the support so far. Tell everyone you know with a vita because as you know, a recommendation from a trusted gamer friends is more valuable than any review or advertising campaign :) Thanks everyone….

    • Well, this patch needs to arrive really fast. I literally get cramps just playing the game because my fingers shouldn’t be near the backtouch pad. Here are my suggestions:

      – I bought a million coins, but it’s still not really a ‘lifetime’ deal. The monetization has some issues, it could be more generous from the start. How about giving players something like 2000 coins when they first start playing the game to introduce them to the payment system? Are daily/weekly/consecutive login bonuses possible so that less skilled players can have a fighting chance?

      – More options period. Control customization is the most important. It’s a good thing that the game has custom soundtracks, but the standard audio mixing is off-balance; the sound effects are too loud compared to the music. It’s very noticeable when you’re racing next to your opponents and the music gets drowned. So, a music/sound effects slider would be nice. The game itself is also a little bit on the quiet side, but I think that has to do with compression (?) and can’t be easily fixed.

      – I tried going online, I couldn’t even join a game. I saw green and red dots and no further information at all. It’s very weird. Shortly afterwards my game froze and had to send Sony a report. >:/

      – There’s some minor jankiness with roadside objects; sometimes when you boost into one of those, your car slows down and does a wheelie for several seconds. It takes a while for it to respawn.

      – I only bothered with a paint job once so I am not sure, but there should at least be a significant discount if you want to go back to your previously unlocked colors. I could start up the game to double check but they’re still cramping.

      That’s about it for my feedback. In short, glance back camera is on top of the priority list, monetization right below that.

  • Well, maybe I can help you out…. if you choose the Bling Wheels once you reach 10k you can earn coins faster. If you choose to have some multiplayer race too – you can earn coins quicker. The Special events are co-ordinated so that you should always have a car available with somethnig new to do – the prizes on there are higher too. Hope this helps on the first question.

    – The mix has gone wrong somewhere – we will look to fix it.

    – Green dots you can join, red dots are full. The whole game is very light on instructions – apologies for that.

    – Avoid the obstacles – thats all the advice I can give you.

    – We will look at the paint prices for sure.

    – Glance back is top of the list – clearly people don’t like it and it can be confusing. :)

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