Puzzle adventure Road Not Taken arrives in PS Plus tomorrow

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Puzzle adventure Road Not Taken arrives in PS Plus tomorrow

Spry Fox’s beautiful roguelike promises hundreds of hours of gameplay

Hey everyone. I’ve got a whole lot to say today, but first and foremost: Road Not Taken is available for download in Europe tomorrow! And hey, we’ve put together a snazzy launch trailer to whet your appetites.

If you don’t know much about Road Not Taken, here’s the short description: it’s a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. It’s original, it’s devilishly difficult, and it will keep you entertained for dozens of hours with procedurally generated levels that are infinitely replayable and 200 secrets to unlock and master. You can see more videos of the game here.

RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_10_1400080170 RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_01_1400080161RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_05_1400080164

You can also read our detailed intro/strategy guide to Road Not Taken here. And if you’re really curious to learn a whole lot more, you can check out the two years’ worth of blog posts that we’ve been publishing during the development of the game, which will give you tons of insight into how the game evolved into its current form.

“It’s original, it’s devilishly difficult, and it will keep you entertained for dozens of hours with procedurally generated levels that are infinitely replayable”

We put a lot of energy into our blog posts about the development of Road Not Taken, but we haven’t spoken much about why we bothered to make this game in the first place. It’s a question with no single answer.

Danc, the lead designer of Road Not Taken, wanted to make this game for a few reasons. He was excited, as he always is, about the opportunity to make something new and different — particularly in the clone-heavy puzzle genre. And he wanted to create a game that was infinitely expandable by design; one that would launch with dozens of hours of gameplay and could easily be expanded to hundreds or even thousands. Last but not least, he wanted to share his perspective on life… how it isn’t a predictable thing with just one “correct” path. The gameplay mechanics that he wanted to flesh out just happened to marry beautifully with the story he wanted to tell. Sometimes you just get lucky that way. :-)

RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_07_1400080167 RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_08_1400080168RoadNotTaken_Screenshot_09_1400080168

The rest of us on the team all just kind of fell in line behind Danc’s vision. But of course, we had our own reasons for being excited about working on Road Not Taken. I, for example, was eager to spread our wings as a studio and make something new, and this was our first attempt at making a console game, as well as a game with a strong narrative. After cracking our heads for years trying to make original, ethical, free-to-play games, it was honestly a relief to imagine doing something so… traditional? I’m not sure what to call it!

Cristian, the lead engineer on the project, had been daydreaming for years about a simple puzzle he prototyped, many years ago, with mechanics partially similar to the ones we ended up building out in Road Not Taken. It’s fair to say that it was Cristian who planted the seed from which Road Not Taken ultimately blossomed.

And Brent, our lead artist, was excited by the chance to make a game in a style that was uniquely his, with few limits on his creativity. Road Not Taken, by its nature, is an easily expanded game; Brent was free to make whatever cool creatures or objects jumped into his mind, and it never took the rest of us long to find a good use for his latest creations.

“We hope you find it challenging and thought-provoking. We hope you find some meaning in it. But most of all, we just really hope you enjoy it!”

Now I believe it’s fair to say that Road Not Taken is a difficult, thinking-person’s game, and consequently not everyone is going to love it. But I have never, ever met anyone who has failed to comment on how beautiful it is. If this game ends up being a big success, I think a very large part of the credit will be due to Brent’s distinctive and gorgeous art.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for indulging me. And if you play Road Not Taken, we hope you find it challenging and thought-provoking. We hope you find some meaning in it. But most of all, we just really, really hope you enjoy it! That’s ultimately why we do everything that we do.

And remember… there’s no “correct” path in Road Not Taken. No strategy guide will be able to tell you the best way to play the game. No YouTube video can truly spoil the game for you. Their playthrough could never be your playthrough.

You’re just going to have to find your own road. ;-)

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  • So basically, the puzzles are random? : )

  • Vita version when? :[

  • Is it going to be cross-buy with the PS Vita version? Also, when it will be released on PS Vita?

  • The game looks really cool! Considering I love Rogue-likes, the art style and Triple Town was one of the only mobile games I actually really enjoyed, I have a feeling I am going to like this game quite a lot! And it is free on PS+ too, I’m excited!

  • Must admit, I knew nothing of this game but after reading the words above I can see that it’s a game that means a lot to it’s creators and they clearly want it to be played or they wouldn’t have accepted the IGC offer.

    Consider it played. I can see it being one of those games where I aim to give it an hour or two on an afternoon and then lose the afternoon. Which is fine by me.

  • I’ll try it immediately once it’s out tomorrow in EU :)
    was on my wishlist even before IGC announcement

  • Crap end of topic

  • so what time today do we get this?

  • mediocre game just used as padding for this months PS+ list. A game I would never consider spending my money on and I think that’s the same for a lot of others. Mercenary Kings all over again.

    • Whilst this might not be everyones cup of tea, the selection Sony have right now to put on + is limited, I can’t see them putting a full retail game up until at least it’s 1 year anniversary. I quite like picking up these smaller indie games, I didn’t like MK a can agree on that, but things like Contrast, Resogun, Dead Nation and Outlast were really good offers which I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

    • I love sidescrollers (including Contra and Metal Slug) and I thought Scott Pilgrim, their previous game, was enjoyable despite some glaring flaws. I bought that early access thingie for Mercenary Kings on Steam to show my support.
      What a huge piece of trash, even when it was officially released. 2000 characters aren’t enough to describe how awful that game is. Pointless grinding for pointless content, repetitive missions, clunky controls, a reloading mechanic for the sake of having a mechanic, bad music (should have hired that Anamamanagoochi band again. Melodies are just awful, nothing memorable,) seizure inducing flashes that should have died in the 90s (because it’s RETRO. Sod off, Tribute Games,) horrible level design; there are not even slopes in the game! It’s like you’re playing on boxes of Tupperware, it’s pathetic. Arcade games in the 80s like Strider had slanted floors, why not this trash? When I played it on Steam, I couldn’t even see who I played with in the Recently Played With list, nor could you get a hint on who they were because character names had a limit of 10 or something. The game constantly kept crashing for many people and the developers barely listened to the urgent feedback. I’ve had better conversations with deaf people. Literally, my uncle is deaf.

      They ensured that I’ll never buy another product from them, Tribute Games does not deserve to be rewarded if they keep going like this. €18, what a joke. Won’t even download the Vita version when it’s released, blegh.

      There are some great addicting indie games that would make for great PS4+ material. It’s unlikely, but if the upcoming PS4 version of TxK would be a PS+ title, then that would definitely boost the reputation, despite it looking very simple.

    • @zalwelgoedgaan

      I agree regarding TxK but that just shows that not all games on + have to be big retail games, I picked it up on the Vita after having grown up on it on the Jaguar, as soon as I know it was coming out again I had to get it. Something like that on PS+ would be a great game for people to get in to and play. The very nature of the scoreboards means that it’s one people can get a lot of replay out of as well.

      We also still have the long awaited Driveclub coming to + which even though it’s cut down still looks pretty amazing.

  • This looks absolutely superb. Thanks for bringing this to the gaming table for the unworthy masses to gorge upon. In a world fuelled by tired FPS games, free-to-play drivel and poly counting numpties; this looks incredibly fresh and unique.

  • I’m looking forward to playing this one, has been on my check out on release list for awhile now.

  • I feel sorry for Road Not Taken, and the team at Spry Fox.

    This game looks like fun, it will definitely have a good lifespan for those who want to play it thoroughly, and it is potentially far more engrossing than 90% of the AAA titles on PS4 at the moment.

    However, after a weak month on PS+ last month… Sony gave us a month of budget games, and inyd-centric games this month and went against their own metacritic rating rule for the games. So most PS+ subscribers have gotten annoyed, and in some ways have backlashed on this game and some of the others. Which is unfair.

    IF this game came out on PS+, along with something like Killzone as our first AAA title, I think fans would have been happier and more appreciative of having something different. But instead, people have been harsh. I’m annoyed at the way Sony have changed PS+, but I’m willing to give this game a shot, because it looks like it could be fun. Maybe for an hour or two, maybe a hundred. But it’s free, it’s fresh, and just because it’s not using the full power of PS4’s graphics hardware it doesn’t make it any worse.

    Rogue Legacy uses nowhere near the power of Ps4, and it’s my favourite game of the last year by a long way. No reason to think this one couldn’t follow suit.

    • Indies published on PS+ are mostly really good games. It’s a shame that ppl have different expectations about PS+ and only like crappy AAA titles (of course some of them are good too). About that metacritic rule – I think they did mention this a long time ago but never heard of it in official PS+ offer ever again. Well, it’s one way to break the promises. Most folks won’t even notice LOL.

  • Road not taken looks superb!! been waiting ages for it thanks ps plus for giving me it free ^^

  • The game looks like Animal Crossing.

    Well I will try it maybe I will like it.

  • This game is awful prob the worst thing I have played on my ps4 wish Sony never done a Microsoft and charged us to play online .
    These are not free games on ps plus we pay for a service and I haven’t been happy with plus since ps4 but I have to keep plus to play online (basic feature) .

  • All that horsepower that has been advertised by Sony and this game. Dunno, I am thinking selfish, but I prefer AAA titiles with my PS+ account, especially for PS4.

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