PlayStation Home update: Mononoke Invasion!

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PlayStation Home update: Mononoke Invasion!

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Hello and welcome to another PlayStation Home update. We have a smorgasbord of digital delights for you this week, ranging from a skatepark apartment, to a Mononoke invasion and the infinite, side-scrolling, survival arcade game Space Crash. There’s a gold rush in the Western Frontier with 50% off the 80k gold bundle, as well as treats galore with VEEMEE’s weekly hot deals.

Great Edo of Nippon

Just as the town of Edo was starting its Bon Festival, the Mononoke invaded! It’s up to you to defeat the fearsome Giant Cyclops and save the town of Edo! Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a new class and set of armour, perfect for picking off the Giant Cyclops and his pesky Mononoke minions…

Mononoke Bon Festival_20140806

Become a Twin Blade Samurai in Operation: Defend Edo – cut through enemies with dual swords and, by donning the Thorned Armour, become impervious to attacks from the Konaki Elder, a Mononoke who’d love nothing more than to get his claws into you.

Thorned Armor_20140806

During the event, you’ll earn Hero Points for each Mononoke you defeat in Operation: Defend Edo. Those who earn the most points will receive exclusive rewards. Remember, if you fall in battle, you’ll lost the points you gained in your current game, so come prepared!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Twin Katana and Thorned Armour and head out for battle! The people of Edo are counting on you!

Atom Republic

Take a chance on Atom Republic’s Space Crash, an infinite side-scroller in a retro arcade cabinet: play this addictive infinite scroller, where you have to avoid colliding with obstacles to travel as far as possible. As simple as it is addictive, this classic little game is guaranteed to always make you want another go!


We have stepped into the Squid’s dark realm of rave, and it’s Deliriously Squidalicious… Our next update brings you two Group Animation Pack and new clothing colours! The Squid has let his tentacles down and is going wild, so join the party and jump in!

Harmonise your body and mind with this week’s Double Time Yoga Clothing Pack. For those days when you’re lacking energy or enthusiasm, why not invest in some vibrant Yoga gear to help brighten up your workout?

Drey is back once again with a brand spanking new Halcyon clothing range. With clean lines and contemporary colourways, we want to ensure you look as good as you feel, expressing your individual character.


This week’s LIVING from JAM Games offers another range of stylish fridges. Add that splash of colour with a dash of style, the final ingredient to a stylish yet affordable kitchen area! Whatever your preferred style, LIVING will provide the answer to your dining needs with these marvellous fridge sets; remember… Fashion passes, style remains, LIVING is the key!



Good luck spells, fortune spells…maybe even love spells? Any of these are on the cards with Azdael Brokenspell! (Unless he turns you into a frog by accident). Meanwhile, Altamar brings you an exciting, new golden dress and a matching suit.



The Hangar Skatepark Apartment

This skatepark is housed within a huge re-purposed aircraft hangar; it’s open, it’s spacious, it’s everything an avid skater ever dreamed of! With ramps, bowls, grind rails and half pipes, it’s the perfect place to spend time on your deck.

Element Summer 2014

The Seagrass Cielo Tank for women is a knitted tank with racer back detail, lace details, and woven logo label and goes perfectly with the Multi Sydney Print Denim Shorts. The Multi Push Tank for men nicely complements the Sand Tropical Thunder Trunks for the quintessential beach look.

Half Price Hot Deals!

Somebody better call the police as there’s a killing to be made in the VEEMEE Store this week… and would you look at that, the emergency services are on sale! Check out the Sales icon in the VEEMEE store each week for great deals; all AT LEAST 50% off!

Western Frontier 80k Gold Bundle Sale

Last week we saw Digital Leisure have their sale on their largest chip package, this week they are discounting their largest gold package! Starting August 6th you’ll be able to get 80,000 gold at 50% of the regular price. You’ll have so much gold you won’t know where to stash it all. So get on your horse and ride over to Red Rock Springs!


Don’t forget PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 6th August for routine maintenance.

That’s all for now, see you in PlayStation Home!

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