Futurlab: Why we think Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner

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Futurlab: Why we think Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner

The Brighton studio sets out its stall and confirms a release date

Hi folks, I’m just gonna put this out there: Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner.

“WUT?!” “This?…no way” “…looks indie man”… “NO WAY!”…

Yes way. Now I’m gonna prove it. First up: wrap your face around our new trailer:


The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to: AWESOME BOSS FIGHTS!

this is caption
Boss battles are high intensity action!

You can even fly your ship inside the bosses in order to destroy them from the inside out – on foot – brand new gameplay for the Velocity franchise. Also 360˚ shooting, tele-dashing through obstacles, throwing telepods and much more (we’ve hidden loads of never-before-seen footage in the trailer – go watch it again!)

this is caption
Velocity 2X pushes the Vita hardware to achieve all these visual effects at 60fps.

Kicking ass as Lt. Kai Tana looks and feels amazing – especially if you remember games like Flashback and Turrican 2 in terms of art style and 360˚ running and gunning. The idea of shooting a boss in your ship, then flying inside it to melt its innards by hand was the thing that got us most excited when designing Velocity 2X!

Anyway, back to that bold statement…

Velocity 2X is a game-of-the-year winner.

this is caption
Mood and atmosphere is given the utmost importance in Velocity 2X.

How can I be so sure? Think about what game-of-the-year means: best-in-class for audio, graphics, gameplay quality & production value.

When you get your hands on Velocity 2X, I know you’ll agree: with layers of depth and complexity of the gameplay features, the ambition is vast even compared to AAA titles. We have great teleporting, tele-dashing, scroll boost and telepods that all mesh together seamlessly. Also puzzles, platforming, gorgeous shmup-action, amazing boss fights and kick-ass gunplay!

Many of the really big games do one or two things really well, whereas Velocity 2X kicks ass at everything!

Oh and music. Joris de Man, that chap who won awards for his Killzone music? He’s going to win awards for this too:

this is caption
Master the controls to create dazzling firework displays at breakneck speed!

We’re confident you’ll find that every aspect of Velocity 2X – including the art, visual effects, mechanics, controls, audio and user interface – has been refined many times to create a well-rounded and incredibly fun experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Velocity 2X on 3rd September in Europe, with the game supporting both Cross-Save AND Cross-Buy between PlayStation 4 and PS Vita!

this is caption
As with Velocity Ultra, all levels are graded for time. You’ll need to practice to earn the PERFECT medals!

Please mark Velocity 2X’s release date in your calendar – it’s time to start getting hyped!

Thanks for reading!

You can catch us on Twitter @FuturLab

Read more about Velocity 2X here: http://www.velocitygame.co.uk

Read more about FuturLab here: http://www.futurlab.co.uk

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16 Author Replies

  • Hi folks. I’m ready for your questions =)

  • Go FuturLab or go home. Can’t wait!

  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Day one for me, you guys ar awesome!

  • That mind-blowing trailer blew my mind, who’s going to take responsibility for that? :P

  • Please take my money, take it now. I’m really looking forward to this, I absolutely love Ultra, so much that my hands are actually shaped like claws.

  • HYPE! So pumped! Awesome trailer! The colours are so beautiful. And the music.. Amazing. But really didnt expect any less from you guys!
    Also.. Game of the Year? Think you nailed it right there ;)
    3rd September is so far away :( Damnit!
    Keep it up FuturLab. You guys are awesome!

  • FINALLY boss battles! About time!

  • Gladly the thoughts are free, right? xD Dreams are my reality…. :D

    But on a serious note game of the year is clearly: Rogue Legacy …. The best of Mario, Zelda, with some Metroid and Dark Souls added in an own game with its own style unique and FUN and addictive, I quit my PLUS and all pre-orders this year I only want to play Rogue Legacy.

  • Looks like an awesome game and with it being released on the first week. Will it hit September’s IGC by any chance? Metrico and Road Not Taken are released day one and are instantly free games for Instant Game Collection.

  • Wow, this game looks like the antithesis of boredom that afflicts so many AAA games. Also, dat music..and dat colors!
    I can hear my PS Vita asking me to buy this game. Hope for some good PS+ discount.

  • James, can’t wait for the embargo to be up, I want to talk about how great it is! Also dat soundtrack!

  • The music sounds really promising. Just pre-ordered the OST on Amazon.

    Any information about how many zones/stages the game will contain?

  • I love the optimism, I hope its a big success. This is the type of game I like to see.

  • Not that it matters, I’m gonna buy this game anyway, but how much will it cost?

  • It looks awesome, looking forward to playing it.

  • James, you and folks from FuturLab are saviors for my vita. FuturLab = Vita, literally! Hype and ready for September.

  • I’d love to see this with an OST, figurine bundle at retail.

  • Excellent !!! I really liked the 1st game (artwork, music, gameplay) and this one looks even better (platform yay!!)
    Can’t wait for it

  • Got the first one via PSN+ on my vita and did enjoy it. Finished it too. The trailer looks great but the game looks harder than the first one. I’m a casual gamer that plays most of the games on easy for some laid back gaming and I got to say some areas of the first game allready taxed my skill so I’m thinking the second game might be beyond it and be too frustrating for me.

    • We’ve refined the experience on this game. You’ll be able to get through it without throwing your controller at the wall.

      However, for those that want the challenge, chasing all PERFECT medals will provide it.

  • i played this at the eurogamer expo last year. i really liked it then and it looks much better now. this is a day 1 for me.

  • On a side note, James Marsden :o

  • Hi James, You dont know me, its not Tony… definitely not him. I got so addicted to the first Velocity that I would be pulling my hair out to scrap my way through to the next level! Love it!
    How do you think 2X compares to the original in terms of growing your skill set each time you complete a level to take on even more complex challenges the more you advance?

    P.S. Down with The Shahid! ;)

  • Please tell me the cross save won’t be automatically crapping out like it does in Rogue Legacy on Vita… almost ruins the game waiting for the network to catch up!

  • Looking absolutely amazing, can’t wait.

    Does the game have a similar “complete at full speed” goal for each level, and if so how does that work with the on foot stages? just straight up time limits?

    that release date looks a little PSplussy…

    • We got the first one on plus so I imagine this will probably be as well. I played the first one. Interesting mechanic but I got bored pretty fast. Then it started asking me to pay for things so I uninstalled it. The run and gun parts on this look ok though.

    • @johnnycide I absolutely loved the first one, I have no memory of any microtransactions in it though :S

    • @johnnyquicknives I just re downloaded it and it told me to purchase 50 more levels or something. I finished the existing levels in about 40 mins IIRC.

    • That doesn’t sound right to me. Are you sure you’re not playing a demo (if there is one; I’m not sure)? There are only 50 levels in the game — no microtransactions or “premium” levels — and completing them all in 40 minutes sounds unlikely even at perfect-rank times.

    • I might have downloaded a demo, but there was about 40 mins worth of gameplay in there, so that’s quite long for a demo. It definitely asked me to unlock more by paying for the full game, so it’s possible I installed a demo. What I played of it seemed ok though, I honestly don’t get the hype. I’ll stick to the old megadrive and Snes shooters.
      Anyway this isn’t game of the year, it’s not even game of the week. They’re either sarcastic or deluded.

  • This does look pretty decent actually, nay be worth a dabble

  • Can’t wait for this awesome looking game!

    Already shared your new Trailer with the G+ PlayStation community https://plus.google.com/103299550026709352936/posts/4VkQEx42ayk !

  • Please try not putting your new game as a PS+ freebie.
    Also, I hope you upgraded the UI of the calculator ;)

    Can’t wait for September.

  • Hi James, loved the previous Velocity and I’m very excited for 2X. But please, please, please, follow the example of some other recent indies (Rogue Legacy, CounterSpy, Hohokum) and DON’T do a $1=€1 conversion (like you guys did with Surge Deluxe).

  • this will look dope on psvita,that’s for sure!

  • The first one was awesome. Simple game, excellent mechanics with banging tunes. Only got 40% for trophies but I didn’t care. Happily pay loot for this……

  • I remember answering your survey last year and suggesting MOAR boss fights including taking them down from the inside. I’m gonna go ahead and take all the credit. :P

    But seriously though, TAKE MY MONEY. Great work guys, looking forward to playing it on Vita.

    • Haha! Well remembered. The deal had already been signed with Sony at that point, so we definitely noticed your suggestion as it was part of the design. Great minds think alike ;)

  • Why isn’t it 3rd of September yet?

  • @James Mardsen

    A while back I asked you if you could include the option to turn the HUD off so I wanted to know if you managed to include it in the final game?

  • Chip tunes by Scavenger, great graphics, great gameplay, Vita version.. It could only get better if you’d release an Atari ST version ;)

  • Velocity Ultra was fantastic, one of the best experience I ever had on PS VITA, even on a handheld, and completely farmed through the Platinum. Highly looking forward to this one.

  • I like this “You can even fly your ship inside the bosses in order to destroy them from the inside out – on foot” thing :)

  • Oh man!Oh man! Velocity Ultra is one of the best games out there.And Velocity 2X looks like it’s going to be even better.It’s going to be a longggg month ;) One question:is there a minesweeper in Velocity 2x? Right now,I don’t mind because with Velocity Ultra I learned how to play it hahaha! Great work guys.

  • Looks sooooo good, day one!

  • Wooo can’t wait, I loved Velocity how much will this one be?

  • Looks amazing but please tell me this is being released on ps3 ..? Can’t afford ps4 yet!

  • Looks great, nice art style. Having trouble with Rogue Legacy though – the ‘quick drop’ option resets to ‘no’ every time you quit the game, which is rather infuriating. All the other options seem to work fine.

    Also, the cross-save prompt is annoying – just auto-use the newest data!

  • Vita has no games. yeah right ^^.

  • Velocity 2X needs a physical release! I think there is nothing to lose trying to crowdfund one, if there is no other way. I would pay 30-40 € (maybe even more for an edition including soundtrack and other stuff) for a disc I could play for years to come.

    • Agreed. I would pay £25 for a physical Vita edition. Perhaps bundle in Surge and Velocity Ultra as a bonus and it would make a quality addition to the retail Vita library. 2D games deserve retail editions when they are polished and great like this obviously is. Seems a shame it is download only – Sony should support the big Vita supporters with physical releases to help get their games into more peoples eyes and mindspace.

    • Why there hasn’t been a series of physical releases each containing 3 top indie games priced at £14.99 – £19.99 (front/back of box cut into thirds horizontally with each game’s cover and back info in their space) I’ll never know. It’s like they don’t have any idea people would buy games they already own to get a retail version!

      Even forgetting that, having a monthly release of a trilogy of indie titles for £14.99 on cart would boost the Vita’s retail presence and add massive variety – mix genres in the cart versions, mix games that are totally different. If people don’t want 1 or 2 of the games in the pack, they can buy the ones they do want on PSN for a higher price. Make it clear on the box you are saving XXXX from RRP.

      Cards in GAME is a good start but so many of the PSN games on Vita deserve retail releases bundled with a couple of other games. If bundles sell well, the devs next game should be retail and sold on its own. Devs who do really well on Vita should be supported to release their next game at retail.

  • Hi James! I’ve been a GARGANTUAN Velocity fan since the original mini arrived on virtual shelves, and to this day I haven’t played a single game that can top it! 2X is no doubt my most anticipated game of the year!

    Can I ask, can you tell us the planned price for the game or give us a price range? And can I pre-order it right now or in the near future?

  • Finally a release date! Will be buying day one.

    Futurlab: drainer of Vita batteries.

  • No wonder everyone is beginning to think Sony is this year’s Xbox One fail?

  • Looks outrageous

  • What a fantastic trailer. Can’t wait for this now!

    Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next for Vita. Hopefully something that covers one of the genres that are lacking and gives it that Futurlab style, speed and quality!

    I would do anything for a retail edition of this. Can just imagine how beautiful the box and cartridge art would be, a manual would be a dream too. I don’t understand why Sony doesn’t encourage all Vita devs to release limited 5k runs of hard copies of their PSN games. Punt them for £15. I would be happy to pay a bit more for a physical version and so would tonnes of other owners. Even if it was 5k copies UK exclusive it would be fine.

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