Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands DLC out tomorrow

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Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands DLC out tomorrow

RedLynx adds new tracks and challenges to its stuntbike smash

Rev up your engines, Riders of the Rustlands is available tomorrow on your PlayStation 4!

It’s time to continue your journey of racing dominance on the leader boards by venturing out into fringes of civilisation, leaving the cityscapes and high-tech regions in the dust. In the Rustlands, you will encounter the home of people who have been ignored and forgotten by their government, people forced to scavenge through the shambles of once-thriving facilities in an effort to survive outside of the gleaming high-rises and vast cities. Warring factions, neglected laboratories and tetanus boosters are a way of life in the Rustlands.


Riders of the Rustlands brings ten new tracks to Trials Fusion, adding six medium-and-up difficulty classic Trials Tracks, two Supercross Tracks, one Skill Game, and one FMX Track. There are also 18 Track Challenges, with new secret locations, and additional squirrels to be discovered, as well as five new trophies to earn. Track creators will find a nice selection of new Rustlands pieces in the Track Editor to use in their custom content.

You can pick up the Riders of the Rustlands DLC for £3.99, or purchase the Season Pass for £15.99 and secure all six downloadable content packs that will be available over the next year at a savings of over 30%.


With over one million players, Trials Fusion continues to gain traction as riders strive for perfection and leader board position on each course. The team at RedLynx Studios has no plan to slow down; five more downloadable content packs are being created including Empire of the Sky, the next piece of DLC set in floating islands coming in August, as well as free Feature Pack updates coming throughout the year that introduce exciting new features to the game.

For the latest on Trials Fusion, visit us Trials on the web, follow @TrialsGames on Twitter, Trials Official on Facebook, and catch the official live streams on Twitch.


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  • Just Compared this DLC to Trials: Evolutions DLC packs. Nice one Ubisoft!

  • Looks nice but I wish the game had proper online racing like Trials Evo etc still a very enjoyable game just missing that aspect for me….

  • God this game is a mess compared to the previous two… I am very dissapointed in the team (mostly Ubisoft) but looks like the 2nd half of the game will be gave to me during the next year… Why did you have the deadline? Could Ubisoft not wait a few more months so feature packs was features of the actual game, instead of having zero features?

    I can tell you why Ubi wanted it to be released when it was, it’s so it fits in with the release schedual they have. However before… you was an indie studio so hm you could have put it out whenever…

    • A mess, how?

    • A mess in comparison to the previous game. It is still an awesome game, but they messed it up with various things like much less character customization, a much worse track central and, well generally less things, like no multiplayer, no tournaments (like before). Not to mention it cost me 2.5x more. However. It is still a great game!

  • Aaaah, seeing the pic I thought maybe this was being added to the IGC.

  • Been looking forward to this all month the advertising said it will release on the 29th so Imagen my shock and upset when i get home tonight looking forward to playing the new dlc and i find out that for us its a day later!

    Ok its only one day not a biggy but still felt kinda let down. :(

  • what time 2morrow can we get it really hope its not all day :(

  • Could this mean that trials will be on psplus? To promote the DLC ?

  • Unless there’s a huge improvement in future DLC content for this game, I won’t be buying the season pass for whatever the next Trials game ends up being.

    Let’s look at Trials Evolution’s $5 Origin of Pain DLC shall we?:

    “Origin of Pain will offer 36 new tracks, additional skill games and tournaments, a new BMX bike and “tons” of new course editor objects.” [Eurogamer]

    This time? Only ten tracks, one of which is a skill game (last time the skill games were in addition to the tracks), and “a selection” of editor objects (which sounds to me like it’s a carefully worded version of “not many”).

    That’s a huge drop off in what you get for your money, although I doubt Ubi care as they already have the money through people like me buying the season pass with the game.

    Barring a big improvement in future Fusion DLC, I won’t be making the same mistake again next time.

  • Six of these 10 tracks are from previous games. How is that justified? VERY last season pass I’ll be buying for this series. Quite disgusting.

  • I see that it’s showing on the store in EU now but season pass owners can’t get it atm.

  • This game is messed up, In the game it still says “Coming Soon” , but if i search the EU store i can find riders of the rustlands, its not showing up in DLC though,

    Worst thing is that the Season pass not working, I thought season pass holders would get preference, but seems if I want the addon right now I would have to pay another €4.99. What is going on? If I buy the game will I get a refund?

  • it should be telling me that the addon is free, and the dlc should be purchasable from the game by now. im considering buying it for €4.99 , but will I get a refund when they sort out my season pass? probably not..

  • ok, now we are making some progress, its showing up as “Out Now” in the game menu now, and saying its “purchased” , but when I click “Download” in the game, its takes me to the store, and it still saying €4.99, not “free”…

  • Yep, same here. I have the season pass yet when I click download now it tries to charge me 4,99.. well not in 499 years.. Come on folks fix this.


  • Im actually considering buying the new DLC again, even though I have the season pass already, check out this 11 page thread, seems people are still not getting the content they paid for even now months later, no fix from ubisoft.

  • If it was like last time there took the [deleted] happen on ghosts season pass took them over 3 mouths to sort it out for
    Me got told I rewarded as a sorry for the wait still wait for my reward

  • Its working today! without paying! :)

    if its still not working for you today, try turning your console off fully for a minute (full power off, not just standby) , and restart it, it refresh’s the PSN cache and might help solve this issue.

    Its still a messed up way to handle the release for season pass holders, will it be the same for other DLC, or is it just ubisoft.. what happens next time there is a trials fusion DLC release, will season pass holders have to wait an extra day?

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