The Last of Us Remastered arrives on PS4 tomorrow

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The Last of Us Remastered arrives on PS4 tomorrow

The full lowdown on the ultimate edition of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed survival epic

The time is here. The Last of Us Remastered in all its 1080p/60fps glory will be available in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday (and in the UK/Ireland on Friday)!

We’re extremely proud to launch the definitive edition of The Last of Us. We’re looking forward to reading and watching your reactions as you play the game for the first time or revisit the world again with all our new features and technical improvements.

If multiplayer is your thing, we’ve got a new bundle – the Killer Bundle – available from tomorrow as well. You can check out details on this bundle of nightmarish head items on

As you boot up your copy of The Last of Us Remastered, be sure to check out our videos on the Photo Mode and Audio settings that are unique to this PS4 release:

We also have a New Features and Audio FAQ available that should help answer some questions you may have. The FAQ and the videos will help you get the most of your copy of The Last of Us Remastered.

If you’re new to the game, welcome! Please play the single player campaign before your jump into Left Behind. If you’re a survivor of the PS3 version, welcome back! We’re looking forward to seeing your clan in Factions and seeing how quickly you can platinum the Remastered edition. And let’s see your Photo Mode screenshots!

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  • It does? Everywhere else says its out August 1st?

    • This and Rogue Legacy are already out in the US apparently, why don’t they just release everywhere simultaneously? Im sick of having to wait until like 5pm the next day to play new stuff

    • I picked up my physical copy monday. Multiplayer isn’t activated yet though.

    • “available in stores and digitally on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday (and in the UK/Ireland on Friday)!”

  • Seconded! Now I don’t know whether to cancel my preorder on Amazon and get it on the store. What gives, SCEE?

    • Apologies folks – brain malfunction :( It’s out in EU Wednesday and UK/Ireland on Friday. Updating the post now.

    • It sucks to be us. :( Wish we would get ours on Wednesday too. I’m sure your having a hell of a time on yours already Fred. :(

    • Thanks for clearing that up Fred. Shame it wasn’t better news though! This is like going on a date with Jennifer Lawrence and having her turn up three hours late, and she’s not happy about having to go dutch, but you’ve only got about 30 quid on you and she specifically said before that she hated when men buy dinner on assumptions. I mean come on! I didn’t have any! I was just made up I got to date Jennifer Lawrence but nooooooo…. she has to make it weird.

      Anyway, J-Law and I are done. I still love TLOU though.

    • Just for the record, Fred, both the UK and Ireland are part of the EU for our sins. So why the extra 2 day delay?

  • Iv just pre ordered the game from the store (to pass the time until destiny) and the countdown says 2 days so im not sure it is out tomorrow

  • okaaaay so what about ppl who have preordered the retail version?

  • EU tomorrow but UK Friday? Rubbish if so!

    Are the UK not part of EU now? :D

  • I have cancelled my physical pre-order and opted for this instead. Though I am sure it was a mistake you have no control over, why is everywhere else stating an August 1st release date? Yet I’m sure this is more than the first time you guys have said it’s the first. I get it being out in other regions before us, but this is the EU blog? Is it not?

    Gah tuesday is my day off!

  • Come on guys acknowledge that the UK and EU dates are different at least.

  • Available tomorrow? Not in the UK it isn’t… My digital pre-order has a countdown that ends 1:00AM Friday 1st August. Not that I would complain, give me more time to download the rumoured 50GB (is this confirmed yet?).

    • To answer my own question looked at the US SEN and it’s a 40.6GB download.

    • Turned on the PS4 this morning and it started downloading the game/update file/pre order DLC. The game started at 43GB I think then changed to an 11GB download. (which I assume will be the minimum needed to start the game while rest downloads as you play )

      Also went to the game pressed options > Information to be sure and it says the size is 43GB and download status 13GB/38GB

  • EU tomorrow UK Friday you mean.

    You know for a blog post you lot really really should learn how to label posts properly

  • Yup my amazon says august 1st, not dispatched yet!

  • Friday according to my HMV pre order. I know this is the EU Blog, but at least get the dates correct…. Oh and while we’re at it, where’s the PS+ announcement for August?

  • After reading the Digital Foundry comparison between the PS3 and PS4 versions, I’m glad I didn’t preorder.

    I’ll give it a look in a few months time when it’s either cheaper or the single player bugs have been addressed. Namely the psychic enemies that somehow sense that you’re crouched perfectly still behind a table two rooms away.

  • Pre-loading now!

  • Question for Sony, please reply.

    To get it out of the way first; You say you censor the PAL version because it’s “EU standards” but we all know that it isn’t. It’s select countries such as Germany. Wolfenstein New Order is a good example of how a game is censored in these select countries and not an *entire* region, so it’s entirely silly for you to censor the PAL version or at least not give the rest of us a patch to get the experience that the *developers* spent time constructing in their intended way.

    Anyway, the QUESTION: I’m contemplating buying a US version to avoid the censorship but one thing is holding me back: Will the DLC be region-locked? My copy of Killzone Shadow Fall is a UK version and I’ve bought the season pass and everything and when I contacted support all I got was basically “too bad, the DLC is EU and the copy of the game is UK – not compatible”

    Is The Last of Us Remastered the same?


  • Ugh why do I have to wait till Friday eugggggghhhh. Thanks for suggesting to play the campaign first, as I was going for the DLC first as it’s a prequel…

    • The DLC is not really a prequel. It jumps between being in the middle of the game during a ‘dramatic’ event and before Ellie and Joel meet.

      Play the game itself first.

    • @Gammelprut Ah right thank you for clearing that up. Eep can’t wait!

  • Before this news I already cancelled my pre order with Amazon… as much as I like a game and a disc (which I already have for the PS3) version there was one main factor why I decided to get this on digital and that is that it was the same price as physical (well, thereabouts at least).

    If more digital games were the same price, or heck even cheaper than physical (seeing as there’s no shipping costs, no printing costs, no assembly costs) I’d buy a lot more games digitally for my home console.

    Also, this is the kinda game that I’d rather have forever, and that’s the beauty of a digital game… it simply follows your account around, it goes nowhere, I will always have TLOUR as long as I have a PS4… and that makes me happy :)

    • Thats a weird way to look at it. You will always have the dusc. What if your HD dies or PSN ends or they decide you don’t actually own digital games?
      For me personally there is zero advatage to buying digitally.

    • It depends on what you want. If you want retail, go for it. Want digital? Fine. I don’t see any differences between those two. They can’t really delete this beautiful game from their servers (until indefinitely) unless there is a huge problem with Sony – and then the customers would lose interest in their games which would mean total bankrupt. If your HDD dies then your disc/digital versions are both useless until you get a new HDD. And yes – you own those games (although they can stop their PSN services for good anytime should there be any problems). So ye…if you’re not taking advantage of selling retails after finishing them off then there is really no difference. Just preference.

    • Discs break… discs get lost… discs get leant to friends who lose/break them. Disc drives stop reading discs. Playstations break with discs in them.

      If the HD dies you simply re-download on another HD / another PS4 tied to your account.

      The digital also has a slightly better chance at future back compatibility (it’s a longshot but I have a bunch of PS1 and PSP games that have gone from PS3+PSP to Vita and hopefully one day my PS4).

      Yes of course if the PSN dies and I haven’t got the game donwloaded on my PS4 then I’m pooped. I’ll have to dig out my PS3 disc then.

  • Mine hasn’t even started pre-loading yet. :( It should be tomorrow for all or Friday for everyone. It’s bad enough this has been shipped early elsewhere.

  • Do not understend when we have time today we can not download al content !!!!
    tomorrow when we play you download in background lots of mp data = ps4 gone geting lots of heat when not needed !!!! key download tomorrow

  • Its not out till Friday @ Midnight in Ireland and UK which is in fairness- a stupid hour for a release

  • Already downloaded and playing, thnx Sony!

  • Is there some sort of deal happening in the UK similar to what Gamestop is doing in the US?

    • They were doing a deal in the UK to trade a selected game and get TLOU for £9.97 however this has now ended and from someone that took part in offer trust me I have nothing but problems with them..
      Just hope I get game on release date and all will be forgiven :)

  • does this take anyone else forever to find a multiplayer match?

  • This is just bull****. What gives with that UK/Ireland late release date? And i was frustated cause mine said it would only be available in one hour (at 1h am) – why not at midnight???? They should just let everyone play the game since almost every store broke the release date, been watching people stream it for the last 3/4 days and those who preorder it from PSN always get the short end of the stick, be it problems with license (watch dogs), or being only able to play it after those who didnt preordered it

  • Why can’t you just have one release date! Set a date and stick to it. Everywhere I have seen it says 29th July, and when I go to play the game it tells me I cannot play for 2 more days!

  • It’s downloaded and ready to be played. ARRGH! I am so angry about this!

    Oh, hang on…no I’m not. I’m at work. When I get home I’ll have to battle with my wife over whether I get to turn the PS4 on or have to sit through episodes of Baggage Wars or whatever. Then in the other room the kids will be watching Adventure Time ad nauseam. At the weekend I’m working again. Then there is always the kids being off school, so everything is a damn battle for any sort of electronic device anyway!

    Count yourselves lucky, some of ya!

  • Yeah again seems like UK not included with the rest of Europe again don’t understand why they get 2 days earlier than us and also that Germany and Spain will get a steel tin edition of the game that is not being sold in the UK just don’t understand some things with game releases not been the same for everyone???

  • Well forgive me if im wrong (im not) but isn’t the uk IN the EU? i mean we have to adhere to all EU laws and legislation so why are we having to wait for a game?

  • Any reason it’s out on Friday 1:00 AM in UK? Why not midnight?

    • Because despite the fact we already have to wait an extra two days, I imagine this is going off of GMT, and we’re in BST.
      My word this launch really is a bit of a caffufle. I don’t see why a global release date is too much to ask in this day and age.

  • The 60 frames makes a big difference, visuals are what you’d expect from a higher resolution version. Only real gripe is the multiplayer still takes forever and a day to connect, well slight exaggeration but it will take too long for most people to stick with it for long unfortunately.

  • does anyone has any real 1080/60p untouched movie for DLC part?

  • Not gonna lie i think its absolute [deleted] that we have to wait over 48hrs to play this game and for that matter any game that has to be locked to a us time zone.
    Or for that matter any game that is keyed for release to a certain country first.
    Also being in England where the central time zone is set, where every country goes off our time zone shouldn’t it be us Brits getting the games first and what not complete and utter [deleted] if you ask me but thats just my personal opinion

    • 1st i agree with you, heres another strange thing there was a post few months back from the head of playstaion uk fergal gara

      ( note this is to do with ps now but still is very relevant as he mentions ps4 related stuff)

      gara explained that the uk market is a market sony holds very high in its estimation “one of the things I’m proud of us having done here in the uk in the last year or two is bringing the best of playstation to the uk market quickly”

      and he goes on to say ” I think our gamers have a really high appetite to dive in fast and the ps4 numbers are stella and leave the rest of Europe behind”

      the strong ps4 demand and continued software sales in uk has put our country on the plan .

      doesnt feel like the bringing shiz to the uk fast, man you would think after all that they would treat us uk players with a hell of a lot more respect

  • Erm… I’m a bit puzzled here. I am in UK and have preordered TLOU on PS store and am led to believe it is to be released at midnight tonight but the countdown clock on my PS4 is counting down and I know how to add up but it seems the countdown ends at 1am. Is it only me?

  • looks like we will have to wait until 1 am. why 1am?! also why is my avatar a dog head?! a fat one at that. Maybe i can spend the next half hour sorting that out. Anyway, digital downloads need to improve, we are paying a premium for zero benefit at the moment.

  • does the last of us can play 2 players in ps4

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