The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode detailed in full

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The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode detailed in full

Everything you need to know about the new addition to TLOU on PS4

We made a slew of cool additions to The Last of Us Remastered to create the definitive The Last of Us game but one of the features we’re most excited about is Photo Mode. After all, what’s a beautiful post-pandemic landscape if you can’t share some good pictures of it?

Photo Mode is activated through the pause screen. You can activate it by simply tapping L3 to freeze the action in-game as long you aren’t in a cutscene. For a clear description of how it works, check out a tutorial from Jeff Negus, our in-house editor and videographer:

Camera control, field of view, and depth of field adjustments will help you frame the perfect shot. Aesthetically, you can add one of ten different color filters and adjust its intensity. You can choose to give your photo a vignette or even select from a selection of 11 different frames. If you like the look of film grain, you can add that as well. There are a tonne of options for you to explore.

Photo Mode arrives in Patch 1.01 for The Last of Us Remastered. It will only be available in this PS4 edition of the game. Patch 1.01 will be rolled out globally by the time you get your hands on the game on 30th July. Let’s see your best photos! Use #TheLastofUs so we can find them and we’ll re-tweet some of our favourites from the official Naughty Dog Twitter.

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  • 30th July you say?

  • Can we get a patch to uncensor the game for everyone in Europe that doesn’t live in Germany?

  • Yeeesss! I’ve always been a big fan of photomode in games. Can’t wait to start snapping photos in this :D

  • So as far as I know there is more DLC coming up for both PS3 and PS4 versions… Is this free for everyone or do you have to buy them? Also, if they do cost, are you going to give it for free to those who have bought the season pass? Because I love this game’s multiplayer and want every bit out of it… But if I have to first buy a season pass and then on top of that pay for more dlc later on it would leave a bit of a bad taste. You said the season pass would only include those three packs so I guess everyone does have to pay for them separately. Still I’d like to have a confirmation to my worries

    • Oh and please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD increase the time limit or make a seperate playlist where it’s removed. Nothing ruins the game more than playing survivors 1v4 than a time limit which makes you have to rush opposed to stating silent and killing the enemies one by one. I one time was the last one standing on my team, other teammates died almost immediately. I had to play against 4 people for the entire round and I managed to kill 2 of them. One with a shiv and another with a bow, they had no idea what hit them. Then as I was just getting the third guy, I ran out of time and they won. The time limit is just too short for this kind of game

    • I completely agree with you with the time limit. The multiplayer for the last of us is so unique because it is the only multiplayer that I have ever played that focuses on stealth. But quite a lot of times I feel like I must run and gun because I have got limited time to find people. It does ruin the stealth aspect of the game quite a bit.

  • I would hope as they can and are making the season pass cross game for existing items that they do so for this (first pack at least).

    Previous Season Pass holders aren’t getting a whole lot of value from the transition so it would be a nice gesture.

  • PLEASE, remove the MP censorship .. it’s unfair and disgusting that we in EU get collectively punished! We pay more than our American counterparts but in return Sony treats us worse! I DON’T CARE about your German sales, I cannot accept a censored game without ANY expectation just because you guys worry that sales in Germany might drop. Look at Wolfenstein? Or the xbox game Gears of Wars etc? Why is Sony being so disgusting towards the EU consumer?

    • Trust me they’re not worried about any loss in sales. The PS3 version has sold over 7million copies so anything they get from PS4 sales is a bonus.

      Just buy it pre owned if you feel that strongly about it, Sony don’t get a penny then.

      It really is stupid that you few who are missing the best game PS3 ever had just cos the MP isn’t as gory as the Single Player without even TRYING the game (and realising it makes ZERO difference)

      The single player isn’t censored and the MP is awesome even without the gore. As I’ve said before, I did both the Firefly and Hunter 12 week journeys without even realising.

      Just buy it pre owned, do whatever, just don’t miss out on one of the very best games ever made for such a silly reason.

  • Dear Sony. Please add this feature to captured in game video. It did my head in, in Infamous Second Son trying to activate photo mode on a certain point but missing it by a few frames. How about while playing captured video in your gallery, you can pause it on the frame you want, enter a photo mode with similar to these options where you can change colors, contrast and other stuff like zoom as obviously you wont be able to change camera angle and such and allow us to take screen shots from there. That way if we miss a few frames we can press rewind and relocate the frame.

    It would also give us a chance to not worry about entering gallery mode for the perfect shot and allow us to capture unexpected frames we never seen coming.

    • It would be nice but they’d need to save the 3D data and all entity states, it’s not impossible but it would be engine specific tech and something that wouldn’t work for all games as they each have their own engines and record data differently. You could do this in Uncharted 2 multiplayer and it was great for screenshots, heck even the original Quake got MVD third party support for doing this type of thing.

      It’d be cool but I think it’d be developer dependant rather that a solution Sony itself could come up with.

    • No I’m not talking about saving the 3d data. I’m just saying add a screenshot grab feature to our captured video with certain tweaks like contrast and color. I know recording the whole scene in 3d and allowing us to adjust camera angles and depth of field would be too hard and costly to do.

    • Ah right, sorry I misunderstood. So Sharefactory with expanded options basically?

  • Oh couldn’t edit above, dont know if you can. Also in a future update would it be possible to allow us gamers to use these captured screens as PSN profile pics.

    I know you miss out on the money generated from selling avatars and censorship might come into play with people finding ways to upload unacceptable avatars. But this is what most gamers I know want and since your new slogan is “For the players” how about you sow what you preach and give us what many want. I have spent 30 minutes on some captures trying to get the perfect one that fits my style and I wold love to show it off. Thank you.

  • good luck with the game Eric.

    Noticed that you have a release date of 30th July (amended from 29th July on US Blog). Can you amend this blogpost to state 1st August for UK customers. This will stop any confusion/disappointment on Wednesday.

    While you’re at it, please delete the word ‘definitive’. (I think you can guess why…)


  • Didnt get to finish this on my Ps3, Pre ordered through PSN and awaiting download :D

  • Just wondering do we have download size for this (the actual game, not meaning the patch) and know if there will be any preloading?

  • So now we can take pictures of the censored version to show off to our American friends so they can feel sorry for us.

  • (I am not affiliated with them) is selling the US version for 5 euro / 4 pounds less than the EU version. So there’s your chance to support the uncensored version and maybe even save some money.

  • Кто из русских года в други!

  • OMFG!!! Every single TLOU item on this blog is constantly filled with moaners banging on about the censorship. It’s not Naughty Dog but SONY that forced that, it DOESNT apply to the main part of the game which is the single player story and it makes zero difference to the MP anyway, your too busy keeping low, quiet and focused on winning to even notice it.

    I didn’t even notice until I read it on here after I did both journey and got my Plat (which was my 100th and I’m very proud TLOU was my #100)

    If your so bothered about it and refuse to support a censored product, just buy it pre owned.

    To all those who refuse to even do that and will never play this game? The only one missing out is YOU.

    • Sadly it’s been proven that if enough people spam up enough threads then Sony will respond.

      I agree with you though, this anger over alleged censorship is stupid and isn’t going achieve anything. The only thing that disappoints me about this release is that they’re not fixing the psychic enemies that somehow “sense” that you’re crouching still behind a table two rooms away.

      Could be priced better too, 40 quid for a game I already own is vert hard to justify with so many new games following it. Metro Redux games me two games I missed for 30 complete with their DLC, much better deal.

    • The thing is when TLOU released last year Sony kept quiet about the censorship. So when we were buying it, we didn’t know about no censorship.

  • Why does my copy of the last of us ps4 version dosen’t have photo mode?

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