Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition detailed in full

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition detailed in full

Pre-order the standard edition now and get a free upgrade

Kingdom Hearts fans! It’s been an exciting couple of months for us. We’ve been able to share with you all the release date of 5th December 2014, showcase the E3 trailer, and unveil an interactive SD/HD comparison trailer showcasing the graphical improvement of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep on the PlayStation 3. If you haven’t checked it out, have a looksee here!

If this summer couldn’t get any better, we’re excited to unveil the pre-order incentive for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.

Anyone who pre-orders the standard edition of the game will automatically get upgraded to the Limited Edition! The Limited Edition will be available across all European and PAL regions.

It will come to you, the fan, at the low, low price of free! Yes, you read that right….FREE!
Now you may be asking yourself, what do you get exactly? Of course you’ll get a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, but you’ll also receive an exclusive Disney collectible pin badge featuring both Sora and Mickey Mouse!


This pin badge is made of out of a soft enamel coating on metal and at its height, it stretches out to 4.27 cm. So for all you Disney pin badge collectors, this is definitely something not to be missed out on.

Quantities will be extremely limited so make sure you pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX!

If you didn’t have enough Kingdom Hearts in your life from a single blog post, here’s a massive update of funtertaining new screenshots from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. We hope you guys enjoy!

KHRecoded_E05 copyKHRecoded_E06 copyKHRecoded_E07 copy


KHRecoded_E08 copyKHRecoded_E09 copyKHRecoded_E10 copy


KHRecoded_E11 copyKHRecoded_E12 copyKHRecoded_E13 copy


KHRecoded_E14 copyKHRecoded_E15 copyKHRecoded_E16 copy


KHRecoded_E17 copyKHRecoded_E01 copyKHRecoded_E02 copy


KHRecoded_E03 copyKHRecoded_E04 copy


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX will be exclusively on the PlayStation 3 this 5th December 2014! Make sure you pre-order to get the Limited Edition, which contains the free exclusive Disney collectible pin badge at participating retailers. Preorder here link:

Did I mention the pin badge is free?

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below.

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8 Author Replies

  • thats cool that its free. i would have preferred an art book or soundtrack, but no big deal I’m buying it anyway

    Any chance of a Vita port of KH1, 2 and BBS?

    • Great to hear! :)

      We’d love to hear what other sorts of goods you’d like for a preorder incentive. Feel free to leave a recommendation on what you’d like to see in the future. Of course, no promises that what you specifically suggest can be made, but I can guarantee we’ll read it ;)

      No news about Vita at this time.

    • madmanwithabox12

      Of course there’s no news about Vita. I doubt there ever will be, because when have Square Enix ever listened to what their fans want? Hell, they seem particularly adept at ignoring Vita owners. Kingdom Hearts, Type 0 (which was just disgraceful)… I feel like we only got X/X-2 because it was promised right when Vita first came out. No Dissidia 3, yet 3DS is constantly getting quality Square Enix EXCLUSIVES like Bravely Default and Theatrhythm. Throw the other handheld a bone for once. SE were one of, if not THE, best third party supporters of the PSP (Dissidia 1 & 2, FF1 & 2, FF4 Complete, FF3, WotL, Crisis Core, Crystal Defenders… just to name the Final Fantasy games). Where did that go with Vita? Why didn’t that continue? I used to be a huge fan of Square Enix and their games. It’s harder for me to say that these days.

    • The sad thing is, you posted a survey a while ago about pre-order incentives… So I guess that was ignored. I can’t see most people writing a pin badge would make a better pre order incentive, compared to 1.5HD LE. Still definitely buying KH2.5 anyway for sure, KH is one of my favourite series after all (If not the most), just would have liked better incentives here… Hopefully the packaging is cool like 1.5 LE is, otherwise this is simply a pre-order exclusive.

      Also yeah, I miss SE’s effort for Vita. For the PSP, literally most of the games they made for it were highlights of the system. Must buys at least for me. I can’t believe they ignored such an oppurtunity for the Vita. Personally don’t mind Type-0 on PS4. I can still play on Vita through remote play anyway, and hopefully better graphic quality, but I think Type 0 was more suited for Vita, and it would have been a game that would push Vita sales for sure.

    • if this came on the vita, it would seriously drive sales! Such a shame it won’t happen though, which is why ill be skipping it.

    • I don’t understand why US/EU bonuses are always crappy pin badges etc. Are we all children in the eyes of large companies? I’m pretty sure that the majority of people wouldn’t want pin badges or jewelry, what we want would be art books, CDs etc, the stuff Japan gets ALL the bloody time with their limited editions, are we such a tiny, insignificant market that extras that’d actually cost you to deliver would be too much of a risk?

  • Sorry pre-order link says page not found :-(

    Pretty sure amazon will be selling it

  • Im also waiting for a Vita port :)

  • How long are the cinematics for Re:coded?

  • Vita or ps4 would have been much better.

  • I have had it pre ordered on Amazon for awhile now. Was hoping for an Art book limited edition to sit next to my Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD REmix limited edition but this will be cool too.

    • The height of the box is the exact same as the KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Limited Edition that contained the artbook. So no need to worry, your game boxes for KH will look normal and awesome!

    • @ Mat Kishimoto, does that mean we can expect a cardboard slipcover, like the one we got around the 1.5 artbook? Because that’s the only way I think they could like well together.

  • Bring it to the Vita, would be epic!

  • Well thanks for trying, impressed you made such a big deal of the pin badge. I’m fine with it, but it just seems a big downgrade compared to the KH1.5 LE (Which was awesome, special packaging and an artbook), and then I see Japan getting awesome LE’s for them (Though its with both), but they get the soundtrack with it…that would be much more awesome already.

    I also have to second Vita port of this, would be best thing ever.

  • Is not going to be like the Limited Edition for 1.5?.

  • Very disappointed you didn’t do another matching Limited Version like 1.5 HD.

    Excuse the pun but the pin feels very ‘tacked on’.

  • That’s cool but that cannot seriously be the cover art for the game

  • Gotta be honest, I don’t see anyone who was considering preordering to be swayed by a pin. Seems a little useless imo but it is what it is. Would have liked something similar to 1.5 LE. Will probably give the pin away as I have no use or interest in it.


  • This won’t match well with my 1.5 Limited Edition. :-(

  • Wow, that’s lame for a what you call limited edition. No artbook and cardboard box cover?

  • sorry to say this but I’m kinda disappointed by this, especially when you compare what we get to what japan gets and I would also really like a vita port of 1.5 and 2.5

  • 1. Is it really not mistake? You removed the same article from EU blog if I’m not mistaken few minutes ago

    2. A pin…. JP get great collector editions and we get a pin… ow boy… Square Enix is going down

    3. I’ve cancelled my preorder for KH 2.5 HD because of Drakengard 3 + Type-0 blunder… you can only blame yourself. I’m not going to support company which treats fans as garbage… and expect that everyone will still love you… no. I was fan since 95′ of Square Soft and Enix… but you made way too many mistakes, you lost whole my repsect.

    • now compare:

      Square Enix…. this will be another point why you will be hated

    • Overreacting “fans” are always so fun to read.
      That KH limited edition sounds quite pathetic though, but who cares—I want the games. HD Birth by Sleep!

  • You guys went all out with that one! Dwarfs the japanese one!

    Seriously though, not even a shiny cardboard sleeve or anything?

    • not final artwork ;)

    • @Mat Please don’t go the U.S way, The EU one and Japanese are golden :) oh and sell us a beefy Collectors Edition please :)

    • @ Mat Kishimoto

      Well, that’s good to know atleast. I miss the shiny covers from the PS2 games…

      Just curious, but will KH 2 have the different european voices from the PS2 version?

  • madmanwithabox12

    NOTHING to say to all of the Vita demand? Are we going to be ignored on both the EU AND the NA blogs? Really?

    • madmanwithabox12

      Well would you look at that. I was right. Way to treat your customers SE. This is just disrespectful.

  • Nice pin. I’ll be sure to wear that while playing. All us gamers love that sort of thing you know. I might even pin it to my Delsin Beanie that came with Infamous Second Son if I can find where I lobbed it.

    I can see a lot of pins appearing on Ebay on the 6th December.

  • 1. Only pin badge for limited edition?
    2. FF Type-0 PS4/XB1 only?
    3. Threating people who did fan translation for Type-0 PSP?

    Are you sure you aren’t making fun of us?

    • 4. Drakengard 3 Digital only + we listened to your feedback so here you are collector edition with digital only game.

      Boy… how they don’t even feel ashamed anymore? I would be! It is like going full-comando to opera… and shouting – I BRING YOU NOTHING-

      also -free pin- it is not free when you have to pay for a game to get it.

    • @Archacus, it’s more of a complementary pin if anything else…

      Jokes aside, it’s more of a pre-order bonus. There is no way I can call this a “Limited Edition” nor do I think Fans or people who are interested in the game could call this a “Limited Edition” and that’s even if they never Knew/Seen Japans Limited Edition. I keep seeing “Well we’re at least getting SOMETHING than nothing.” That kind of Mentality is probably the reason why we’re getting a Pin! Also, I could have sworn there was some kind survey about the Limited Edition for us. I would LOVE to see the results of that survey, I honestly do….

  • @Mat Hi, nice to see it coming….but I’m a dirty dirty consumer that loves to spend money on Collectors Editions from Franchises I love….So what I’m asking is, any possibility for a beefy Collectors Edition? :)

    • Hi Rildiz,

      There’s no official comment I can make about a Collector’s Edition, but if there is news, you’ll hear about it here first!

  • Aw no artbook like 1.5? :( I really enjoyed looking through that artbook and now I’m taking good care of it to keep it safe! Wish this game had one too. :( But the pin is appreciated! Anything of Kingdom Hearts is!!! Just hope to see some avatars getting made! hehe

    • Glad to know the pin badge is appreciated :) We don’t want to keep doing the same thing game to game by giving art books for every KH title, so we wanted to bring a new collectible item for everyone to enjoy :)

    • I understand. The important thing is actually getting the game! Very excited for it. But perhaps for KH3 we could see a nice big poster or something! :D That would be awesome!

    • I really do hope we see the avatars on the ps store it would be amazing :D

  • To be honest its a nice gesture but I think I’ll wait for the Kingdom Hearts Remix Collector’s Edition bundle with all the games in (which was announced for Japan recently) which I do hope you have plans for. :D

  • I would love to replay KH’s, sadly I don’t care bout the PS3 versions. Like FFX-HD which was awesome, I only wanted it for the Vita soo #NoVitaNoBuy

  • the HD remake looks stunning. However I agree with all the ones asking for a Vita version. I surely would double dip like with FFX HD

  • Vita needs some KH love, how about finally getting Birth By Sleep on the PSN store?

  • This sucks. I’m sorry but this doesn’t match my expectations by a long shot when it comes to Limited Editions. A pre-order bonus is what this is, nothing more. Japan gets multiple special editions but EU gets a pin as Limited Edition. A real downer. 1.5 LE had better reason for pre-orders but this doesn’t justify it by a bit. No need to pre-order this.
    Does the Japanese versions have english version? Might get those instead of these. I want Blu-Ray Soundtrack disk too.

  • @Square Enix
    Want me to explain what you did wrong? It is kinda funny to watch you guys struggle once again having no idea what you did wrong.

    You wrote whole thread about pin that clearly nobody really cared about… and clearly just because you added pin nobody will call this version “limited”. In fact if you had only this for us than the best way would be releasing standard edition with surprise bonus (not announced) meaning this pin. That way you would achieve much more without even the need of changing content… so yeah… once again it is failure… and it is actually really weird that nobody think that through.

    The same thing with Type-0 Vita version… I don’t really think that you won’t release it for Vita… this would be even too foolish for your Square Enix standards (and I have 0 respect for you guys… but I loved you in the past and that’s not a lie). But by going silent you just let hate grow… with no reason… for more than a month. You made mistake, than you really should have go and say “sorry, it was supposed to be surprise but we made mistake”… plus you made mistake with order… first Vita than PS4 version… that would be reasonable… other way… not much

    With Drakengard your messed up more than it was actualy possible.
    Announcing digital only for 23% bigger market for PS3 -> rage
    Announcing collector edition with digital coupon and saying that you listened -> rage grew even bigger
    Announcing that you can’t repair bugs due to digital only -> rage reaches the sky
    So yeah… it is actually kinda funny to watch you guys struggle without any idea what to do. Square Enix with poor management decision resembles running chicken without head…
    Even poor decisions could be nullified with at least average PR team… but you guys even don’t have it.

    • Will you give it a rest already?
      Everyone on this blog knows already you were a fan and now you are not but you keep braging about it over and over. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat.

      This SE guy is paid to pass info to us players and he does it without fail. He is even responding to questions. You cannot have any complaints about him.

      If you do not like where SE is going vote with your walet. Be smart not some mindles hater in internet. Example – i did not buy FF13-3 at full price, i did not buy it used either. I do not like where SE was going with FF [same battle system concept in 3 following parts] so i decided i will buy it at half price from PSStore. Then SE sees there is a need for FF series but the less games are sold at full price indicates them they are going wrong direction.

      As for Type-0 fan translation. It is their call, but if i hear anyone calling SE “community friendly” – i will call him a liar.

    • @szczudel
      I understand where you are coming from…

      But voting with just your wallet won’t change a thing, because to them you will be just person who wasn’t interested in buying product from the start. And that’s not the case here, right?

      Probably both you and me are people who liked/loved Square Enix in the past… and from some reason we stopped. And that’s the problem for them… because they are losing their fanbase and they should do something about it. And no they won’t connect that earning less money means that they are doing something bad… to them it will be prove that SE games are not popular in the west and we will end up getting more digital only content and less valuable editions of games.

      If you won’t be vocal you won’t be heard… and Square Enix needs changes (you probably agree with that part, right?)

      Oh and no… he is not some guy from PR team… he is Brand Manager of Square Enix. PR guy in Europe is Lee Williams… and no he is not doing good job comparing to Kaori Takasue on US blog.

    • Voting with wallet is the only thing a customer can do. There might be surveys and stuff but money is what this all about is. They are making a product, if i do not like it I might not buy it, if I donot buy it then they do not have money and sayonara SE. If their big heads do not understand this relation. If they do not read that sign then it means, well….there are wrong people on that kind of jobs in SE. Simple as that.

      I checked BRAND MANAGER job description. This guy is innocent in matters of release policy. He might decide what stuff is added to limited edition but he has no power over other hardware versions.

    • @szczudel
      I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with it.

      There was already survey asking what people would like to see in Limited/Collector edition… didn’t work a bit… so I agree that ->moneyproject phoenix we listened to you, so we present you things you didn’t want <- and he shouldn't say it when it was obvious that they didn't listen. The same thing can be said about Sakura Minamida when he/she said "we listened to you, so you will get Type-0 on PS4/XBOX" when people who were asking for this game clearly wanted it for PSP and later on Vita.

    • @szczudel
      I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with it. (some sort of problems with previous post)

      There was already survey asking what people would like to see in Limited/Collector edition… didn’t work a bit… so I agree that -money- is the only argument they are willing to listen.

      But I really think that we should give them all feedback we can. Because after all when product is not selling well…. there might hundreds of reasons for why it is not selling. And what we are doing is exactly giving feedback… well even if you started by criticizing me (I don’t mind, you have right to do it) I think all in all we have pretty similar opinion about current Square Enix. The only difference is that I am vocal about it and you are not.

      But even with all my feelings about SE right now… I don’t want it to fall… it is brand I loved, and I grew up playing their games… so even with incompetent people in SE I hope that they will finally understand what they are doing wrong things. I mean there is nearly nothing left… Mistwalker was great studio… but they were too small to survive (and they chose Wii over PS3) …. Nobuo Uematsu is working now on indie project called -project phoenix- … but I really want all of them to return to SE… that’s they only way how they survive.

      Oh and being brand manager he is one the guys responsible for many stuff that we didn’t like. After all it is his job to monitor marketing trends and researching what customers want. We wanted Type-0 on Vita not on PS4, we wanted Drakengard 3 retail version and not digital… so yeah… it is partially his fault. And PR team of SE is another subject which should take a blame for SE situation… the way they presented some news just made fans more angry than content of news itself. Lee Williams said something like – we listened to you, so we present you things you didn’t want – and he shouldn’t say it when it was obvious that they didn’t listen. The same thing can be said about Sakura Minamida when he/she said “we listened to you, so you will get Type-0 on PS4/XBOX” when people who were asking for this game clearly wanted it for PSP and later on Vita.

  • Awesome! I already pre-ordered so this is great.
    Since you’re taking suggestions, I’d love an artbook. The one with KH1.5 was beautiful.
    And some postcards/posters would be awesome as well.

    Oh this made me so happy. Thanks guys!

  • I can’t wait! Kingdom Hearts II is my favorite game of all time! :D

    I hope we get a big collector’s edition for KH3 though – hopefully with the soundtrack, an artbook and other stuff from the game. Maybe the collector’s edition could come in one of the treasure chests from the game? That’d be pretty awesome :)

  • Since the Limited Edition is free, i’m not going to complain, even though i don’t have any use for the Pin.
    The more important question is: Will KH 2.5 Remix feature Multilanguage Voice Over Options for KH2? Many people in non English Speaking Countries, were extremely disappointed, that Voice Over for their Native Language (including Italy, Spain, Germany, France and more…) were not on the Game Disc for KH1, even though they are available.
    It can’t be lack of Space, since we are on Blu Ray here.

  • Even though a pin is nice at no extra cost, it’s hardly the name “Limited Edition” worthy and it’s a disappointment considering 1.5’s Limited Edition and the Japanese editions…

    I’m really not a fan for region specific editions, like LR:FF13 Collector’s Edition and FFX/X-2 HD Collector’s Edition. It’s unfair treatment of your fans, Square Enix. I’m hoping that this’ll be the last time.

  • Being a huge fan of kh1, even got my son into ingdom hearts back in the day… I did not get kh1.5 yet, and sure wont get 2.5 either! Unless its for Vita, then I’ll get it asap!

    And as far as I know, due to licensing issues, it’d be retail release – doublewin for me :)


  • This is a joke, right?

    I’ll wake up tomorrow and find this post gone, replaced with the news of the Limited Edition that doesn’t insult every potential customer in the EU region, right?

    A Limited Edition is a physical release, an artbook, a display sleeve and quite possibly a soundtrack.

    A Collectors Edition is all the above, plus a pin badge, a plushie, key-fob or charm, poster, extra DLC.

    This is not a limited edition.

    The EU is a larger gaming market than the US, and almost matches Asia for revenue generated, and yet we are still discriminated against by companies at every turn. What gets me most is that the people posting this seem to have no idea what they’ve done wrong, seemingly mystified when they get called on it and have to backpedal.

    Drakengard, Type-0, Dragon Quest remade for iOS instead of Vita/PS3, the questionable quality releases such as the FFXIII Lightning Saga and Thief – I can’t understand how a company that used to be on top of the gaming world has been reduced to reeling from crisis to crisis like a drunken sailor.

    Please have a long hard look at what you’ve announced here, and try asking fans what they want.

    • The US is getting the same “Limited Edition”.

      And the term “Limited Edition” has been thrown around loosly for the last generation of games. If a pre-ordered game from big publishers comes with a mere DLC code then it is usually called “Limited Edition”, it’s not a new thing. It’s a business tactic to get people to buy it as soon as possible, even though it’s not really limited.

  • Oh boy, a pin!

    Why even bother with a ‘limited edition’ release if a pin is all you got in store for us. I MIGHT still pre-order it just so I can play it ASAP but this, this sure is insulting.

  • As much of a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, im going to be skipping this because this isn’t on the vita. Its been a long time since ive played a home console due the fact that I am mostly out, either at work or uni. Now its the summer, and I just can’t be sitting around playing games allday at home. Yea I could do that long time ago when I was like 18 or so, but now that im 24 I just don’t have time to dedicate so much time into these rpg games. I mostly rely on the vita because I can play the games wherever I am, which is just fantastic. Its a shame SquareEnix couldn’t even be bothered to put this on the vita too. Once they get it through their head to bring this on the device, then ill purchase day one, but for now ill be avoiding this.

  • KH games are cool, but I just can’t get myself to buying them on PS3. Both KH 1.5 and 2.5 should be ported to Vita, then I’d buy them day 1, like I did with FF X/X-2. I just don’t bother to play jRPGs on my TV anymore. Vita is so much better for it.

  • alice_push_lara2

    a PHYSICAL vita/ps4 version would be nice
    just dont feel like buying anymore games on ps3 after ps4 is out

    • This exactly, it feels like an insult to those who bought the PS4 but it’s understandable as the PS3 is still in many more homes.

      I would only buy these kinda remakes on my Vita myself, perhaps PS4 but never on PS3

  • I know nothing abut any surveys, concerning platforms for TYPE-0 or Limited editions.

    Anyway if they were – i have no point in not believing you – and they also ended as you described – then that DOES suck.
    But on the other hand Company i.e. Enterprise must multiply their capital. So it might be reasonable to port TYPE-0 on PS4 instead of PSV. How much i love my PSV – i might have bought 3 games for it. This is not a good platform to make 3rd party AAA games. PS+ is killing – from business perspective – that plaform. BTW i wait for Remote play for TYPE-0 on PS4 which will be kind of mobile gaming.

    Piece of theory : there are 4 stages of reaction to change. Human being goes through them all.
    Denial, resistance, acceptance, embrace. It might just be that i am in 3rd phase, and you are still in 2nd. I am not judging you – i was also in the second phase.

  • Sorry something weird happened with my reply… it was strangely mixed out and cut

    And when I corrected my reply, it was send to moderation… so yeah… I don’t feel like writing all of it again, so some time later it might be published… survey was for litmied KH 2.5 not Type-0, but many petitions were asking for Vita version

    Theory? let me guess it was based on 5 famous stages of loss? Or are we talking about something different?

    Oh but that model is old… they are still teaching it… but it has no real value to management studies.

    • No no no :)
      I was talking about psyhological stages of change acceptance. Something i read when my company was going Agile.

      By the way we are having a very interesting discussion here.

      As you pointed i do not like where SE is heading. But i still do not think that any voice can be heard except the money. No matter how loud we would be we will be always considered internet minority that only can hate by people making decisions. Decisive people are considering themselves prophets of what is good for others while the only thing they want is more money. We are no more in idealistic 90s – lets face it, either you do something ( even buy used game so they know, using trophies, you played but did not pay) or do nothing. Voices of objections are not strong enough to make them change their decisions – actions are.

      I do not want to see Square’s brands fail, but sometimes you need to destroy something before you start making it better. As for feedback it is important but only if those people want to listen. You gave examples for the oposite considering SE latest moves. I get the impression that SE only pays attention to what is written in brand magazines. How else one would explain same battle system in FF13-X?? Reviews of 13 that the system was good, but for crying out loud why copy it to 13-2??

      Going back to surveys – their games sell in milions an survey is like tousands of people already devoted to franchise, they take it into consideration but it is less important than their market research. I would not mind a survey before intro of FF15 ( wchich i could skip) for filling which i could get extra in game item. I would belive that survey could change something.

      Finishing i will say that Square with FF was a company made me wait till the end of ending credits just to see “thanks to all FF fans”. Where did that magic go away and when :(

    • @szczudel
      Ha! All in all I agree and don’t not agree at the same time :)

      I never said that I won’t use the strongest card in our deck. Like you said they seem like they can understand only money-arguments… and pretty much I started boycotting their products to the point I’ve cancelled pre-order that I made 2 months ago for KH 2.5 HD

      But when they will start falling they will have to start looking for a reason of their situation… and I made sure that I will be heard loud and clear… you are right that it might seem childish… but the only thing that after all matters is result.

      Are they going to listen? not immediately… but there is something more than meets the eyes… you said yourself that they are not community friendly, right? And how did it start? I mean… why people started calling it that way? More or less… because of exactly the same thing that is happening right now. Fans were speaking, SE didn’t listen. So we are giving more fuel to enforce that anti-image.

      After all image of SE is also their asset… and if I may say precious one.. pretty much your last sentence proves it -thanks to all FF fans- it is all part of their image inherited from guys who worked there in the past.

  • Oreshika is being slammed by Japanese players on Amazon!

    Looks like we won’t be getting that physical copy :(

  • It’s not like I’m complaining about getting free stuff but this “Limited Edition” is embarrassing when compared to the one we got with 1.5.
    I’m gonna buy the game day one anyway but this “Limited Edition” is not an incentive to buy the game at all.

  • I’ve got to say, I’m really looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX, but as far as preorder bonuses go, this pin is so incredibly underwhelming.

    When 1.5 was released I was super excited to get my special artbook case, and when I saw what Japan was doing with the 1.5 & 2.5 bundle I was super excited for what we might get. The pin, by comparison, is disappointing. Sure, it’s nice, but I can’t say it’s something that I’m personally excited about.

    I would love to see a 1.5 & 2.5 (plus the music disc/art book) bundle announced like Japan got. Clearly it would be more than “just 2.5”, but the option to have that would be really nice. Please give us more options with 2.5! Seeing Japan get all the nice things is kind of a drag.

  • I hoping for the collectors set but, I like the pin

  • I really hope the next news blog will be the news that there will be a KH’s bundle released for the PS Vita. A pin is nice but a bundle of KH 1.5 & 2.5 on PS Vita will be much better. I would definitely buy it, and if you read above comments, I will be not the only one.

    It’s no fun to see how SE is ignoring Sony’s handheld. Sure we have FFX / FFX-2 on PS Vita. But that’s the only thing we have got. But this game proved to be best on PS Vita. Why not giving us the best of the best, and relesing KH

    • Whoops there went something wrong. I wanted to correct the grammatical, but posted my comment by accident.

      What I would to say is, why not giving us the best of the best and release a KH bundle for the PS Vita?

  • Gee, whiz! A pin! That’s… unexpected. Look at the cool editions Japan got and then look at this. I know it’s supposedly free, but so was the Artbook for Kingdom Hearts 1.5! Why not do another Digibook release in the same style? It’s going to look weird when the cases are side by side. The height and width difference alone is enough to drive any OCD collector crazy!

    At least add a cool box to store the pin and game in, the same shape and size as KH 1.5 Limted Edition

    • Yeah, I’m one of those collectors myself. A simple paper slip case at least, in the same height of course. Oh and make it shiny, Kingdom Hearts games were always shiny, if you bought the first print anyway.

  • Square Enix Please make a PS Vita Release of KH 2.5 I don’t have a PS3 or a PS4 but I do have a Vita and it would be so amazing to play Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep on the go its an instant buy from me and most of the comments above mine PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t dismiss a Vita version, my friends and I have a vita and we are all looking forward to this game Kingdom Hearts is our favorite video game series of all time and we need this game on vita. Please make the right decision and make a vita port :)

  • I’m sorry but I hate to be this guy, so here I go. A pin ? Really ? A pin ? Are you kidding us ? A pin ? What!!!!? Of all the things you could have given us. We get a pin. Wow. Everyone this show you how much they really care about us. Why a pin ? I mean come on this is just sad. We get a pin and japan gets Both HD 1.5 ReMIX and HD 2.5 ReMIX, a Blu-ray Music Disc containing tracks from the series and an artwork book. Why is this always happening to us ? We never get anything good. This is not fair at all. Can you at least give us an art book to go with that pin ?

  • Would be great on the Vita! To bad no developer cares.

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