Samurai Warriors 4 hits PS4 this October

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Samurai Warriors 4 hits PS4 this October

Special Anime Pack Collector’s Edition detailed in full

Greetings! Hisashi Koinuma here with the first of several Samurai Warriors 4 news posts for PlayStation Blog. As for my role on the series, I am the producer for not just Samurai Warriors 4 but also the third release. Talking a further walk down memory lane, I joined the Samurai Warriors series as director for both SW1 and SW2, so I’ve been with the series since its inception.

For the first time in four years, the series will make its return with Samurai Warriors 4 on PS4, launching 24th October in Europe.

05_Mighty Strike

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Samurai Warriors, we are thrilled to announce the collector’s edition, “Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack”. It includes the anime “Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada,” the official soundtrack for the game and lots of DLC content we hope you’ll enjoy!

If you’re not familiar with the Samurai Warriors universe, it is a strategy action game series with strong ties to a period known to have existed in Japan during the Warring States (Sengoku Jidai) era. Samurai Warriors 4 is set approximately during the 1600s, drawing players into these conflict-driven years and reliving the human strife experienced by all involved. Battles were waged within, as generals, officers and warriors fought to realize their ultimate vision of leading a unified country. This era was filled with betrayal, even between the most trusted alliances, with the outcome of powerful human emotions resulting in both beautiful and horrible consequences.
SW4 Special Anime Pack

Here’s where you, the player, relive history by taking on the role of various warriors, eliminating all who stand in your way. Specialized attacks are key as you find yourself in the exhilarating one against a thousand action the Samurai Warriors franchise is known for.

Before signing off for the day, we wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to the loyal fans who made it possible to reach the series’ 10-year milestone. Stay tuned for more news on Samurai Warriors 4 leading up to its 24th October release date!

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  • I was so happy when this was announced

  • Great to see a Japanese publisher/dev studio like Koei still going strong. ESPECIALLY with physical releases for Europe too :)

  • Can’t wait. I loved the SW games on PS2, but I haven’t played the series since then. Really looking forward to SW4.

  • Shame no physical release for Vita.

  • Gotta laugh at these games, for all people slate CoD ect… for being the same regurgitated slop over and over…and it’s true, Koei have been releasing the same game for some 17yrs or so now lol. Don’t know why though, but I love them all lol DW, SW, WO…lmao, it’s the same game over and over, I’m laughing so much right now, but they are great games, it’s incredible, and long may it continue!! Lmao :)

    • sort of the same game, except that every new iteration adds new characters and hence new events and story. DW 8XL has 2 EX attacks. There’s also new skins (costumes)…but here’s the thing the game mechanics don’t need to be fixed (ok so yeah like everyone I hate the calvary) it works. These game series bring a satisfaction that can only be achieved by killing 100’s err 1,000’s of npcs repeatedly. My husband is going to hate me though as I can’t play Samurai Warriors without making that horn sound every time its blown in game

    • That’s pretty funny lol Yeah, I wasn’t knocking them, I love slaughtering hordes of enemies, and I always really enjoy them…apart from the awful grind for trophies recently, but they’re always fun to play. True, they always try to freshen it up with duels, musou changes, skins ect…, but as you say the only thing to do with the mechanics is makes them prettier and smoother…but it’s still the same game lol I was just laughing that they’ve got away with it for around 17yrs with no sign of slowing down…it’s genius, and it always makes me laugh. I’ll be buying it lol!!!!

    • I love the games (as if the avatars I use wasn’t telling enough), and they keep getting bigger and better too. Dynasty Warriors 8 was a horrible grind fest…the weapons alone…haven’t seen a low random drop rate like that since WKC2. I’m hoping Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is coming (who am I kidding…it will come). I think the reason they gotten away with essentially releasing the same game is there are a lot of Romance of the Three Kingdoms obsessives out there. They also keep releasing new characters and adding bits to the story. I only wish they would stop with the Guan Yu litter of who cares character releases. I think all these warriors releases are like virtual crack…once you are hooked that’s it

    • They really are a lot of fun, there’s no denying that, but some of the trophies can spoil them a bit. I ground my way to DW7 Plat and omg…I think I actually felt sick at one point I was so tired of it lol, but I guess that’s another issue altogether. Haven’t bought 8 yet, nor finished Next due to 7 exhausting me, but that’s part of the beauty of these games too, you can pick up and play at any given point, take long breaks ect…, come back refreshed and recommence the slaughter! Virtual crack…I like it, feed me Koei, feed me… :)

  • Wow, I so would have been there if this package was released for Vita (or a physical Vita option at all). Guess I’ll import a copy from Japan.

  • Although I’m still glad we’re getting a CE, even if it’s for PS4.

  • Along with Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (and Hyrule Warriors on another platform) this is my most anticipated game this year, pre-ordering this Anime Pack asap

  • Only played SW2 really enjoyed it on the PS2. Any chance of a Physical release on PS Vita in the UK to?

  • will be buying the ps4 version love it you guys bringing more japanese styled games cause they are always so underrated. also are you guys bringing Ar nosurge too europe cause there was a announcement for U.S but i diden’t see it for europe?

    • Actually you can pre-order Ar No Surge from Shopto for around £38 I think

    • @Izorpo

      Shopto is british i’m dutch in case you diden’t notice the flag so i’d like 2 avoid any import cost. Koei tecmo europe hasen’t really givien much information about it’s release in general and haven’t seen retailers here offering it i’m afraid i’ll have 2 ask again so they do add it like with dynasty warriors Gundam reborn.

    • Ducth retailer Nedgame has Ar noSurge on pre-order for €55.
      Also there are no import costs as long as you order within the EU.

    • Well as Britain is in the EU, customs etc are exempted. In Britain we have a threshold of £15 we can spend on an item outside of the EU before 20% customs tax and Royal Mail handling fee are involved. I know Germany has strict importation as well but within the EU there are a different set of rules. It’s worth researching how this applies to The Netherlands

    • @DizzyQViper

      o bedankt zie het spel maar hoop dat yourgamezone hem ook krijg prijsen daar zijn stukken goedkooper.

      i do know that our taxes are beyond brutal and considering it wasen’t really connected 2 european countries it would get import cost.

  • All that’s missing is the collector’s price, but I will get one of those *_*

  • Thank you! It’s about time, I’ve been having to import the series. Dynasty Warriors 8 would have been so much better if they implemented the features from 3 z.

    Well I have the vanilla PS4 version on pre-order but I will definitely need the collectors edition instead

  • So, I have only one question.
    Will be there a Japanese voice acting option?

  • Never played a SW game, how do you compare it to Dynasty Warriors ?

    I might try this.

    • Its exactly the same, but instead of China its Japan.

      You ever played an Orochi game? all the characters (including DW) are in them.

  • Well I hope you’re happy. Looks like I’m cancelling my preorder, you forced me to do this!

    … so that I can switch it for the Special Anime Pack! (you didn’t think I’d just cancel and not get the game did you? :P)
    But seriously I was really looking forward to this release and now having a special edition confirmed is a nice addition :)

    • So glad Tekmo Koei are supporting the PS4 so well so far. Loved DW8 on it so I’m really looking forward to this and Warriors Orochi 3 (which will be my first from the Orochi series!)

  • a non-million seller japanese game with physical collector’s edition for EU?!

    damn I already pre-ordered the jp version and paid in full=.=

  • You have no idea how happy I am to see this get a physical release in Europe. I can’t wait to track this one down and play it for hours upon hours. Great job Tecmo Koei! I look forward to spending hours on this one.

  • Hmm, I wonder where I can buy this :D gaah, the annoying wait for the shops to update their inventory :)

  • I’m getting a PS4 quite soon (hopefully) so this’ll be a nice game to break it in with. Shame it’s getting digital-only on PS3 and Vita, though.

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