Table Top Racing roars onto PS Vita next month

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Table Top Racing roars onto PS Vita next month

OTT arcade racer hits PlayStation Store on 6th August

Hi, I’m Nick Burcombe, head of Liverpool-based indie development studio Playrise Digital. We’ve joined forces with publisher Ripstone to bring our award-winning game Table Top Racing to PS Vita on 6th August.

I was part of the original team that created WipeOut back in the mid ’90s for PlayStation and I have always loved combat racers and driving games above all other genres. When Sony Liverpool Studio closed its doors a few years back, it felt like an amazing opportunity to start up our own studio.


I’ve always loved games like Micro Machines and Mario Kart, so when we were looking at building a new racer, it felt natural to reference those classics when crafting Table Top Racing. We set out to capture some of that essence of what made them so much fun and I think we’ve done a pretty good job on that front!

Table Top Racing features a host of crazy tracks complete with shortcuts, over-sized obstacles, jumps and all manner of other hazards – as the game picks up speed, you need to understand the best racing lines and drift momentum you can get with some of the later cars – it’s pretty frantic.

We’ve included one shot weapons power-ups which give players a temporary advantage, be it a speed boost, missile launch, EMP strike or dropping a bomb out the back for someone else to drive into, we think you’ll find some cool ways to seize the advantage to win races!

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Some of you may have already heard of Table Top Racing as it’s available on mobile devices. The biggest improvement that PS Vita has enabled us to make is the addition of a controllable accelerator and brake. PS Vita has really opened up what we can do with this game and we fully believe Table Top Racing PS Vita is the most pure and fun version of the title we’ve ever made.

On top of the better controls, PS Vita technology has allowed us to include the new “Rear View” glance-back by touching the rear panel. We also re-created all the race tracks with twice as many polygons – meaning it looks awesome and still runs buttery smooth. The PS Vita has shown itself to be a handheld powerhouse.

With the four-player multiplayer feature, you also have the ability to play against four of your friends in both ad-hoc mode or via PSN, not many PS Vita titles do both. Ad-hoc mode helps re-capture that Micro Machines social and intensely competitive experience which I was so keen to recreate with TTR!


Back in the day, me and my mates would huddle round a PlayStation playing Micro Machines all vying for victory. The banter and torment was just brilliant! We used to have sessions that went on until 4am and still end up with no clear winner. I really think we’ve managed to capture some of that fun with Table Top Racing on PS Vita, particularly with Ad-hoc mode.

We’re really happy with the PS Vita version – its great fun, highly competitive and pretty brutal sometimes! We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, so join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TTRPS Vita or leave your comments below.

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13 Author Replies

  • AKA Micro Machines! Awesome!

    • Yep thats what i thought! But hey i loved micro machines and hoped it’d be released on the Vita (HD) this seems to be close enough, if the trailers, good, its got nice maps, and the price is decent its a buy from me!

  • “I was part of the original team that created WipeOut”


  • No PS4 love? :_(

  • Wow, this looks like a lot of fun! Does it have a track that takes place in a bathroom like Micro Machines? ;)

  • @zalwelgoedgaan – yes, it runs at 60fps. (I’m the coder 8)

  • Is the IAP economy of the iOS version still in?

    • There are coin packs for those of you who feel it’s worth more than the asking price and want to support us further, but they are NOT required to finish the game. Its a booster or a cheat or a donation – take it if you need it – support is always welcomed of course.

  • Ohh, just needs a track editor and share option and I’m in; Micromachines was an utter blast :)

    • Editing tracks and playing them with friends online? Oh man, oh God, oh man oh god oh man oh god

    • Sadly, its not that simple I’m afraid, that’s a massive complex and expensive task making sure everyone over PSN can exchange levels and that would put the development price and budget into ‘crazy money’. But we like the idea too, it’s just not practical for this version.

  • This looks awesome! Can’t wait. GUI looks fine IMO :)

  • @zalwelgoedgaan Yes it’s 60hz! Looks great too. Nice bloom lighting effects, twice the texture detail AND polygon count of the mobile version. Also added a “Glance Back” view on rear touch panel (and don’t worry it doesn’t activate at the edges – that was annoying, so it’s just the middle 2/3 section). Loads of cars and some very sneaky 3 star challenges – you’ll have to think outside the box for some of them…..and discover what the Wheel Weapons do too :) Hopey you guys love it….we have a right blast on it over AdHoc…

  • As for the Micromachines comparison, the biggest difference is the use of a more “Mario Kart style” behind-the-car camera, rather than top down like the old Micro Machines…..have a look in the options though – there’s RETRO camera as a nod and a wink to the old days ;)

  • I’ll totally be grabbing this day one. I love Micro Machines back on PlayStation.

  • Looking at the first pic up there, the Chinese word “酱” (meaning sauce here) is written wrongly — it’s mirrored, left-right flipped. (And it seems to be a mix of the Simplified Chinese “酱” and the corresponding Traditional Chinese “醬”. Perhaps that’s the way the Japanese writes it? Regardless, it’s definitely flipped.)

  • Waooo can’t wait I love this


  • Exciting, I remember putting cold hard cash on this when the Android version came out, really looking forward to getting it on Vita. Some questions:

    File size?
    Platinum trophy / trophy list?

    Also is there an option for using the rear touchpad? I don’t mind giving it a shot although sometimes it can be annoying if easily misused. Thanks again guys, look forward to another purchase.

    • Questions…Answers….
      Not sure on file size, it’s bigger than the Android one because the assets and textures are twice the resolution, but it’s not crazily big.
      This title isn’t a Platinum, but there’s a bunch of good achievements to be had….some juicy golds for sure.
      Price £4.99/ €5.99/ $7.99. PS Plus subscribers can also look forward to discounts at launch!

    • €6 AND a PS+ discount? August 6th seems so far away now! XD

    • indeed that price is awesome. I don’t know why you didn’t include it in the standard post as it is a huge selling point. I really loved micro machines (especially v3) and i’m defenitely interested in this game. But at this pricepoint this is a defenite “buy” from me.

  • “me and my mates would huddle round a PlayStation playing Micro Machines all vying for victory.” – I’ll go you one further, when I was at uni me and my housemates had Micro Machines on the Megadrive, and we each had our own personal favourite track. We’d stay up until obscene times just trying to shave the odd second off each others best times on our favourites, just to wind each other up ;) If this captures any of that spirit of fun (and from everything I’ve seen it does) I’ll be snapping this up on day one :D

    • THAT, my friend is Social Gaming and that’s why Ad-hoc is so important for this. We had a blast kicking seven bells out of each other….just nicking it on the final bend through sneaky strategic weapon use is a great buzz and with Ad-hoc you can actually punch someone in the arm….it’s great!

  • I always loved the Micro Machines games, I still play v4 on my ps2 with my friends :) I’m so sad this is only for the Vita, hopefully someday it will come to the PS3. the creators of Micro Machines made Wrecked but… it wasn’t the same thing

  • I hadn’t heard of this title until now, it sounds great!

    Maybe I have been spoiled, but lately (almost) all the “Kart Racer” style games I have tried have been really disappointing.

    That being said, it is very exciting to hear the strong influence of the greatest series, especially focusing on what I feel makes them enjoyable; solid, fluid game-play / frame-rate.

    • 60hz of course!!! :) We expect nothing less from a racer. I think, when you’ve played it – there’s a slight undercurrent of Wipeout (PS1) that comes through in the combat….some people have comment on that aspect. Oh and don’t bee fooled by the slow starting Whippy Kai Yay! and Hippy Bathday cars….that a nice easy opener…it gets a lot FASTER and occasionally VERY TOUGH as you make your way through the game.

  • This was actually very good on iPad, it did have an unforgiving difficulty curve but always in a “I can do this” sort of way. But after I bought it it was switched to a F2P model with tweaked difficulty, costs and advertisements, then a Premium edition of the first game (which I bought and was initially premium) was released with no ads which you needed to repurchase.

    If this is going to stay premium with the promise of no negatively tweaked economy or difficulty to promote IAP (I doubt Sony would allow ads) then it was a good enough game that I would definitely consider buying it for Vita. It was actually a real gem and a no brainier, unfortunately there were a few choices made post release that make me a little hesitant.

    • We won’t be messing with this one. Firstly, we are very happy with this Vita version – it’s better than the original IOS premium release. Secondly, and in gamers favour, its expensive to retest and go through submissisons. We did some experimenting in mobile, but we are “home” as far as I’m concerned and this is the definitive version of TTR.

    • Thanks Nick, best of luck with this version.

  • Sounds great Mr Burcombe, fills a nice gap that the Vita has with this type of game :) Loved MicroMachines on my PSP years ago, look forward to this with your background in WipEout. That being said, I would do anything, pay anything, for a new WipEout. I will buy a PlayStation 4, for a new WipEout, no questions or details revealed. Just give me that announcement, and you have my word I’ll pre-order it and get myself a PS4. You hear that publishers! I’ll pre-order it! You guys love that practice.

    • Well Wipeout is a Sony first party title, and who ever picks up that mantle will surely find a good audience. We have some concepts in the locker you’d definitely like and we have something in the pipeline we hope all of you will like too. Follow us on twitter or facey for updates, but at the moment Vita is the big news :)

  • Really like the look of this (loved micro machines back in the day). Will be keeping my eye out for it in August.

    Fantastic that all my questions have been asked and answered. Thanks askerers and answerees.

    • Yep. Developers should definitely communicate with the gamers if they place an article on a third party website like these folks do. Indie developers don’t have the mega advertising budgets that huge companies have; positive word of mouth is one thing that they absolutely need to get some good sales.

      So, kudos to Playrise Digital for telling us what’s up, will definitely buy this one.

  • bellissimo questo giochi <3

    • Vi ringrazio tanto! L’Italia è stato un forte sostenitore del TTR! Noi amiamo l’Italia!

    • Ci scusiamo per il Google translate;)

    • Haha! Don’t worry, it’s fine ;)

      Just noticed that the game features online multiplayer, that’s absolutely awesome. I think I’ll get it on day one or very shortly after, I hope you’ll keep supporting Vita. Oh and if your next game is a Wipeout-like you can bet you’ll have at least one guaranteed sale ;)

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