Freedom Wars on PS Vita to get full retail release

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Freedom Wars on PS Vita to get full retail release

Japan Studio’s brilliant action RPG is no longer digital-only

As many of you are aware, earlier this month we announced that Japan Studio’s forthcoming action RPG Freedom Wars would be a digital-only release when it arrives here in the SCEE region later this year. Since then you’ve let us know here on PlayStation Blog, on forums and on social media that you really wanted to see a full title card release for the game. And we’ve been listening. Duly, today I’m happy to confirm that Freedom Wars will now be made available as a full physical edition as well as a digital release, from day one.

Thanks for your feedback, and look out for more news on the game as launch approaches – this one is well worth the wait.

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  • Thank god this is easily one of the games i’m mega hyped for but was actually going to pass on it since I have almost no room on memory card space but since it’s getting a physical release day 1 buy :D

    • @ Fred Dutton

      Am happy seeing this sorted. Huge kudos to you and the team. Hope you will take this note as a compliment from someone whom never comment.

    • Same here, was about to pass it due digital only but this changes everything. From day 1 to zero and then back from zero to day 1. :D

      My wallet is about to cry as I buy too many games already, but this is something I MUST approve and vote for with my wallet. Thank you Fred for these news and thanks to everyone involved for your hard work. I had already given up hope, then this came out of nowhere and – oh wow, seriously, THANK YOU!

  • Thank you for listening!

    • By the way, since apparently you’re on a listening mood, how about Multiple Account Support on PS Vita? ¬‿¬

    • @Andrefpvs
      I’m kinda against… people would be buying only US games, those are way cheaper in US/Canada… if SCEE was nice enough to give us Freedom Wars let’s focus on making SCEE profit on that.

    • *but yeah I agree… that we would be able to import games not available in Europe… but still I think that’s not how we should fight for our cause… let’s force publisher to publish the same games in EU

    • @Archacus
      I wasn’t even thinking about buying games from different regions, but you realise it’s not a problem on PS3 & PS4, right? PS Vita is the only current system that prevents you from accessing content from a second account (without jumping through ridiculous loopholes).

      If you’re interested in reading my other points regarding multiple accounts on Vita, I wrote them on SCEA’s Share website:

    • The problem with a single account is that when you buy a game that isn’t released in your territory and has DLC, you can’t purchase it unless you have more than one Vita. For us that have multiple systems, the problem still remains that you can’t then play those games on your main account.
      So I’d love to see the ability to use multiple accounts on the Vita.
      First thing I’d do was buy some Japanese exclusive digital only games like both Sengoku Musou 2 games that never came out anywhere else and remain digital only on Vita in Japan.

      It’s true that people would buy games from different regions, but in the end it would mean that Sony sells more software overall.

    • @Andrefpvs
      Ah if so than I agree with you… sorry I kinda got single track mind on that issue :P

      it is also problem on PS3/PS4 because people are buying too much on US PSN and too little on EU PSN… and that results only in even more expensive stuff for other EU users…

      Multiple accounts would be fine… but like I said only if all accounts would be from the same region… at least that’s what I think.

    • Just wanted to say thank you.
      I was very disappointed with the news of games like this going digital only.
      I can understand that policy for indie games, but for normal releases like Soul Sacrifice Delta, or even niche ones like Oreshika it’s always nice to have the choice between physical and digital. If only due to memory card restrictions.
      Even if it’s only possible to release a more expensive limited edition version of said title for the people that really want a physical version and don’t mind paying a bit extra.

      So I hope from here on out we’ll see physical releases for nearly all Sony published Vita games. :)

      Instead of importing the game from the US, or even Japan as I was planning to do before this news, I’ll be sure to put my money down for a EU copy once the pre-orders go up for this. :)

    • I don’t recall Sengoku Musou 2 on vita. I have the PS3 version which includes Empires and Xtreme Legends and you will need about 40 gigs free to download it (it’s around 21 gb). There is Sengoku Musou 4 on vita and Musou Orochi 2 ultimate on vita (which I have and is Warriors Orochi 3 but with more bits) and it’s being released on PS3, PS4 and vita (maybe) in the west. I have both Samurai Warriors 4 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on pre-order for the PS4

      The Sengoku Musou 2 with Empires and Xtreme Legends is around 4600 yen on JPN PSN or I’ve seen people selling it for around £35 on ebay if you don’t care about paying customs.

    • Oh trust me, I know a little bit about the series. ;)
      Got both Samurai Warriors 4 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate preordered on PS4 also.
      And have imported physical versions of the games you mention for PS3 and Vita, except for Dynasty Warriors 4 on Vita, which I ordered from Nin-nin-game and should be here in a day or two. :)
      I also have Sengoku Musou 2 with Moushouden & Empires HD Version on PS3 and would have imported the Vita version as well if it wasn’t digital only.
      Really disappointed that it didn’t get a retail release, even in Japan.

      The game was split up in 2 different packs, so you can download them separately if you don’t want to spend around €60.
      Samurai Warriors 2 with Xtreme Legends HD Version Download Version – 3,000 yen
      Samurai Warriors 2 with Empires HD Version Download Version – 2,700 yen

      The easiest way to find these is to search for “戦国無双2” on the Japanese PSN store.

    • @meppi64

      I already have Sengoku Musou 2 with Moushouden and Empires. I bought it months ago. 4600 yen is still a better deal than buying them separately. I usually buy my Japanese games from Nippon -Yasan or older used games on ebay. Pretty much any Omega Force game I will buy. I recently picked up Sangoku Musou 6 and Sangoku Musou 6 xtreme Legends for next to nothing on ebay (£15 for both games) and bought Sengoku Musou 3 z for .32p in an auction.

      Personally I would rather play them on the HD telly as opposed to the vita. I have imported Kaizoku Musou 2 vita and as I mentioned before Orochi Musou 2 Ultimate for vita as sometimes I do want to play these games on the vita especially as the one western release of Dynasty Warriors Next was pretty much an abomination to the series.

  • YES!! Thank you for listening! Now I can buy it!

  • yay now i’m getting it, now if you could see about getting a physical release of soul sacrifice delta as well that would be great

    • Why would you not have gotten it if it had been digital only?

    • @European_Gamer

      Probably because he doesn’t want to fill up his memory card. Physical releases for larger sized games should always be an option.

  • Thank you, I hope you will do the same for Oreshika

  • Wow. I am impressed. That’s all I have to say.

  • Thank heavens, the game is saved! Great news! Unlike Dark Souls 2 DLC being out today everywhere but PSN =/

  • Thank you! And….a Collector’s Edition? :D

    • hey hey… that would be too much… even NA is not having those right now… sure I’d love them but let’s be grateful for what we get.

  • Cool Sony! Now i think it would be cool to give the same treatment to Oreshika.

  • Thank you very much, any idea when pre-ordersmight start for it? I’m fine even with paying 40 EUR for this even knowing that US get it for 30$

    And how about little deal -> if Freedom Wars will sell fine you will release also Oreshika as retail

    I think it would be pretty fair, we will try to prove you that retails sells fine by buying Freedom Wars… if we fail we don’t get Oreshika, and no hard feelings… well I can speak only on my behalf… but to me it seems like a fair deal.

    Anyway once again thank you very much.

    • You pratically lead that “freedom wars ” Archacus XD.

    • @den_rick
      That’s not true, we were all leading it!

      But the biggest “thank you” should go to Liker_ID for starting petition.

    • Hi Archacus.

      Firstly, kudos to you and your fellow campaigners.


      “i’m fine even paying 40 EUR for this even knowing that US get it for 30$”

      I thought your campaign, fundamentally, was about equality. Being treated the same as other territories. You have (along with others) waged a fruitful campaign and (perhaps delirious with success) appear to be a little too grateful. Don’t give scee any ideas…

      Put it this way. When the game is released, let’s say SCEE decide to charge €35 digitally but €40 physically.
      Could put a spanner in your projected numbers.

      Again though, congratulations on your (and others) campaign.

    • @sem1471
      I understand :P Sorry I wrote you nice lil reply but it was sent to moderation team.

      But cheers! I hope we will meet inside game :D

  • Good, now Oreshika!

  • Brilliant news. Gonna pre order once its available!

  • Awesome news! Thanks for listening. Day 1 for me now!

  • wow – feedback does work. Thanks very, very much for listening to the fans on this one sony.

    I hope square enix follow this example

  • Good news, I will buy it! :)

  • Now we’re talking, thank you for listening to us! I will look forward to supporting you!

  • Very happy to hear about this :D Bizarre to hear Sony even considering not releasing the platform’s biggest first-party release of the year on retail in some territories!

  • Well done. Like many VIta owners I boycott games that get a physical release elsewhere but digital only in EU. Treat us as second class gamers and get the middle finger.

  • Very good, i’ll buy it day one!

  • I’m putting my money where my mouth is and pre-ordering the physical version as soon as the pre-orders open :)

  • Thank you. Now I’m getting this day one :)

  • Any chance of Oreshika getting a retail release too? I badly want this game day one, but I refuse to buy it digitally. If there won’t be a retail relase in EU, then I guess ill have to just import. Hopefully theres no DLC.

    • I saw a bit of game play and such on imagine nation. It looks absolutely gorgeous (it will beat Muramasa Rebirth as the most beautiful game on the vita) and it should come in a collectors edition because an art book with this game is a must. So please don’t just release it digital only as I’m willing to pay over the odds for a physical copy, even more for a collectors edition.

    • I think there is dlc with the JPN limited edition you get a download code which gives you a mask which when placed on one of your characters turns them into some kind of demon god and you also get Goddess Nueko.

    • I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Oreshika yet, so I’m not going to condemn SCEE for nothing – but with how Freedom Wars was originally handled, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were considering Oreshika as DD only too. Hopefully this whole fiasco will convince them otherwise, because if it does, I’ll reward them with more of my money. :)

  • Get in!

    Was going to wait for it to get heavily discounted when you said digital only, but I’ll be there day one now!

    Now just be sure to give us physical releases for the rest of the upcoming releases like this too!

  • Thank you very much for listening to Vita fans for once, Sony. I will buy this whenever the retail copy comes into store in my country.

  • Excellent! I shall now buy this game from Europe. Now any chance we could have those 64gb memory cards here too?

    • You can buy a 64gb card from Japan. There are Japanese companies that will post to UK, you will also be exempt from customs taxes as it falls under the category of parts. I paid around 60 for mine and that included postage and tracking. No customs and no Royal Mail “handling fee”

    • Gamescom! Believe! :) I need another 64GB card…actually I need a 256GB card :D But I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon :)

  • Awesome news !!!! Thank you guys for listening !
    Now, we are waiting the same move for Oreshika : Tainted Bloodlines…

  • YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines” too please. :-)

  • Thank you for listening. And now for Oreshika, too. Please? :)

  • Excellent, thanks for listening to us. You can mark my words, I’ll buy a physical copy of the game, take a picture of it and the receipt and post it here on the blog to show that I wasn’t messing around.

  • Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this too but as usual Digital Releases don’t suite me one bit. Glad you’ve listened and are releasing a physical version. :)

  • Thank you!! Day one purchase for me!

  • Plus one for Oreshika Bloodlines :)

  • Thank you, SCEE. It’s still mind boggling we basically had to beg for a retail release of this – Sony’s biggest first party Vita game this year – in the first place, but it’s nice to see you actually responding to something for once. Will buy.

  • You have my money, d1… thanks dood

  • At last! Sony Europe they start listening to the players who support and buy games?
    Frankly its been fun, sony must continue to support the machines and to lead by example and get games physical media.
    I hope more good surprises like that….

  • I’m happy for all future owners of Freedom Wars but my favorite is Oreshika and I really don’t want to import US box. Hope to see change in decision on Oreshika too!

  • Thank you! Probably wouldn’t have bought the game if it was only digital release.

    Now do the same for Sword Art Online.

    • For Sword Art Online we have to ask Namco Bandai not SCEE… but if you want to start petition than be my guest I would be more than happy to help you with it.

    • Namco isn’t going to release physical versions in the west at all. They are however including more content with the digital release in the west than the release in Japan. This seems to be a really nice compromise in all honesty. Namco didn’t release a physical version of EDF 2017 in the west both the EU and US had digital release. Namco is actually pretty good at bringing content over to us (there is going to be a Tales on the vita in physical form). They also have a tendency to treat both NA and EU the same with releases, which you can’t say about a lot of other publishers.

      I will buy the digital version of Sword Art Online but I will be getting the physical release of Tales of Hearts R, not an import but a physical release of it released in Europe. Carefully consider the fights you pick, wanting everything to have a physical release isn’t viable. We aren’t Japan where even games like Sumioni get a physical release and never will be. However if a company is releasing to both western regions a digital only title, then I’m not going to fight it. Isn’t that ultimately what we want, to be treated the same as the US in regards to releases?

    • Sorry for duble post:

      Here is the plan: let’s start asking Namco Bandai for retail version of SAO

      how about starting with twitter? @BandaiNamcoUK

      If we show them that they will be able to profit on that, maybe they will listen.

    • Tell you what, you can go bug namco for a physical release but I’ll be happy with my digital version which besides including Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, also has the second game that comes with it called Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment.

      You do realise that Namco is releasing it digital only in both the US and EU? You do realise that we are getting a second game with it in the digital bundle?

      This, the case of supposed power going to someone’s head? If you fight every release then you will lose more often than you will win. If you start a petition for every game then they will stop reading them and they won’t matter. Save your battles for when EU is treated poorly against the US and stop battling the ones that have actually made it fair for us all.

    • @Izorpo
      Nah don’t get me wrong, I while I was writing my 2nd reply I didn’t saw your post.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan doing anything like we all did with SCEE. They are 3rd party and they don’t need to listen to everyone… but we can always ask. Maybe there is way for both sides to gain something on retail release.

      Digitals have low priority for me, I will buy it when it will drop to 5-8 EUR… but for retail edition I’m willing to pay 40EUR… but in Freedom Wars case I wouldn’t ever buy it even if the price droped to 5 EUR.

      So yeah… I’m not planning any war… but asking politely isn’t bad right?

    • @Archaus

      Namco is actually ok in that they do release things in the west that we wouldn’t expect. They also have a tendency to not treat the two western regions differently which is actually rather nice. Don’t get me wrong, Namco is a corporation so they aren’t treating the west the same because they are altruistic. It’s purely a money thing, however because they treat us the same I’m not inclined to complain because if they weren’t releasing it digitally we wouldn’t get it at all.

      Sony and Square-Enix however are a different matter. I will never buy a Square-Enix game new, they will never see any money from me ever again all because of Drakengard III. Sony should have known better than to try the same trick. Maybe they thought they could because people bought Drakengard III even though Square-Enix treated this region poorly and tried to circumvent people importing it.

    • @Izorpo
      I agree, Namco Bandai and NISA are really fine fellows when it comes to treating EU… well NISA had some problems with their new shop but still they are giving us stuff that NA get.

      So like I said, I won’t say a single bad word about them. That’s not the case… but again I don’t think that asking politely is bad thing. It is like showing them that there are people who will buy it for more money if there was retail… even collector limited edition would be fine.

      With Square Enix I agree… they have crossed the thin red line and lost whole respect. And I loved them! I really did! Since 95′ I was totally fan! I was willing to forgive many things! But enough is enough… really sad to see company you love fall like this :/

  • Thank you so much!
    Will pre-order as soon as possible.

  • Great news Fred, and thanks SCEE for listening! Pre-order is back on, looking forward to the game.

  • Bad decision, next time don’t listen to them.

  • Thanks so much for listening to us.

  • Thank you SCEE for listening to the fans, I will now buy this day 1 and support it as much as I can!
    Hopefully Oreshika 2 will follow!

    Also people please ignore the BS rumors that this was going to happen all along and is just a PR stunt to make Sony look like they care!

  • Thanks for listening :D

  • Thank you SO MUCH for listening! This news made my day :) I will absolutely be buying it, day one! Aaaah, I’m so happy XD

  • Great news but this should be standard practice, especially when the US gets so many physical releases whereas we’re stuck with lazy and overpriced digital only.

    Will be grabbing this on release.

  • Always love it when this sort of thing happens.

    Any plans on a EU release of the white slim Vita? I’m itching to get one, yet reluctant to import from Japan because of the reversed X/O mapping.

  • thank you @Fred Dutton for the wonderful news, day 1 purchase

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