Weekend Debate: Your thoughts on the Destiny beta (update)

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Weekend Debate: Your thoughts on the Destiny beta (update)

Let us know what you think of Bungie’s sci-fi epic, win prizes

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who took part – I thought there was lots of great insight. Our judging panel have selected their winners, and the following posters should look out for a PM to their ID on the official PlayStation forums in the next 24 hours or so: GothPunk, heartless-angel, Sin_Kurogami, BruceMc16 and McMahon-Man. Congratulations!

ORIGINAL POST: So, with the Destiny beta being such a hot topic this week, it seemed like a great time to bring the Weekend Debate out of semi-retirement. My social feeds are absolutely crammed with friends and colleagues talking about the game – and I’m sure many of yours are too. Alas, I’m not going to be able to get involved until Sunday, so in the meantime I need to borrow your opinions on Bungie’s trial run!

Let us know below what you’ve most enjoyed about the beta so far – or any elements that haven’t quite met your expectations. And if you haven’t jumped in, feel free to chime in too and let us know why not.

I’ve got some very cool prizes to offer the five most insightful and/or entertaining posters: a none-more-rare Bloodborne T-shirt and a PS4 The Last of Us decal. See below!

Good luck!

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