Using alternative payment methods on PlayStation Store

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Did you know you can use PayPal, Giropay, iDEAL and Sofort to buy games?

Did you know you can now use secure payment methods like PayPal to purchase your favourite games directly from your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. Be the first to access the best new games by visiting the PlayStation Store on your console and making instant purchases using your online ‘wallet’.

Wondering what an online ‘wallet’ is? Basically, every Sony Entertainment Network account has a ‘wallet’ attached which stores your funds to be redeemed against purchases and subscriptions. Up to £120.00 can be stored making it super speedy when you want to make that instant purchase. Whereas in the past, only cards could be used to top up your wallet, now we can offer you the added security and convenience of using your existing PayPal account.

Other payment methods that have recently become available (region dependant) include Giropay, iDEAL and Sofort. Along with PayPal, these payment methods are proving more popular than ever. Since PayPal has been introduced; thousands of our customers have used it to pay on PS Store.

On a PS3 or PS4 all you need to do is visit the PlayStation Store, choose what you want to buy and on the purchase confirmation screen select ‘add funds’ where you will be presented with the option to select PayPal.

For further details and information visit:

  • This service is available to you if your Sony Entertainment Network account is registered in one of the countries listed below: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany*, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
  • If your account is registered in Germany you can only use PayPal if you are over 18 and able to use your ID information to prove this.
  • Please note that your PayPal account must be registered in the same country as your Sony Entertainment Network account. For example, if your Sony Entertainment Network account was set up in France, you will only be able to use PayPal if your PayPal account billing address is also in France.

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  • After reading horror stories about people getting their PSN accounts banned because PayPal automatically initiates a chargeback if they suspect a transaction might be fraudulent, I’d never used the service for buying games. With a credit card they will usually at least call you to verify if they think there’s suspicious activity, but PayPal shoots first and ask questions later.

    • Is this true? Would PSN ban the account if Paypal received a chargeback? I occasionally get chargebacks so this would be an instant “no” for me if that’s the case. Sony can you shed some light on this?

    • Well, if you read the PSN terms of service, section 6 clearly states that you’re not entitled to refunds for money put in your wallet, so a chargeback would be a violation of them.

    • I would hope (and expect) that a new payment method practically notorious for irrational chargebacks would need a rewrite of the relevant ToS. Let’s hope! :)

    • I’ve used Paypal for hundreds of euros in PS3 / Vita games, and never encountered an issue.

      And a search for psn, paypal, ban only returns two-out-of-three results (psn + paypal, psn + ban), reports of bans in combination with either hacked PSN accounts or hacked consoles, and a gamefaqs thread opened by someone claiming “I heard horror stories”.

      I suspect that that’s what they are. Horror stories, to scare gullible victims out of using Paypal.

    • There was a big thread with several examples on NeoGAF recently. The guy who started it eventually got his account unbanned, but only after PlayStation reps who noticed the thread took action. When they called customer service they got no help, since the bans were done by the central PSN team and customer service didn’t have the authority to reverse the ban… or even tell them exactly why they were banned.

    • I read that too, the ban also prevented him from accessing his previously bought digital purchases, that weren’t already downloaded.
      A reason not to go all digital.

      Anyway why use PayPal/card direct to wallet when you can get vouchers cheaper eg £30.39 for a £35 voucher?

    • Sony why no replies? This is the exact sort of post that’s bound to have legitimate questions!

  • Any plans to bring paypal to NZ psn?

  • With all due respect it’s not alternative methods of payment that need to be sorted out on the store but:

    1) Highly inflated regional pricing (emphasis on highly)
    2) Actual Store functionality (PS4)

    Admittedly the store has gotten better but there’s still nowhere to see sales and the missing day one demos are generally a thing of myth.

  • Yes, I’ve heard that they’ve got the option in better countries than mine…

  • Option of using Bitcoins or other crypto currency would be very cool!

  • Any plans to bring PayPal to RU Store?

  • No need to use any payment methods with the current prices. Rather go all physical or use a PC

  • Yeah Sony if you are wondering nobody is buying games (thats why you made this post, right?) , its because your prices are just bad. If you bring sales make sure they have better prices than before and stop pricing year old games at 70 euros. Especially when all new games in US are only 60$ which is like 40 euros. Why should europeans pay 50% more for the same game/download..

    So its not about the payment methods its because your store strategy sucks. I like the sales tho, they are often good in EU :)

    • You’re right 80% of the time. But please stop spamming these posts here. Criticism is ok but this is just annoying to see 2-10 comments of yours in every third article’s comment sections. There’s plenty wrong with Sony and great to see people finally saying something about the bullcrap pricing of the PSN store. Still, spamming gets you nowhere.

  • Welcome to the Sony EU Blog, James Tiltman (Head of Consumer Operations).

    I see this is your first post to EU consumers. I am sure I speak for many, when I say… we would appreciate more interaction and communication. Sony has built a fantastic infrastructure, but the store and pricing currently are having huge problems every week.

    • Like there currently appears to be a sale in the store since yesterday. Of over 100 games but they all (or most) do not have their prices reduced even tho they are clearly in the sales section. Such stuff happens every week on euro PSN what is going on here?

  • Hi James,

    I have a recommendation regarding mobile credit payment (e.g. t-mobile, orange and the others).
    Please can you lower the minimum £5 top-up limit (or even better, let us choose a custom amount), because if we buy £5 credit, we cant use it because it costs 10p to send the message, which means we need to top up £10 just to transfer 5 to PSN.


  • Cool, now can we have the ability to gift games to other users please!

  • hey i got uk account and i am living in europe at the moment (Spain and Germany), and i don’t have any bank account, how can i fund my psn wallet

    • You need to find a store that sells uk psn cards, that accepts more payment options. Like many gas stations in germany/spain sell some cash cards like ukash and others and you can use them in SOME webstores. Easier solution is to create a spanish or german account.

  • Good to hear I can use iDEAL to add money to my PSN account, now let’s tackle that issue concerning overpriced games: 70 euros for a digital game is UNACCEPTABLE, fixing that should be your no.1 priority.

    • I find even MouseCraft is too expensive at 11 euros. Such games should be free for the first 10 or 20 levels so you can see if you like it and then 5 is a good price… Sony needs to learn so much from Android its funny AND sad in a way. But Android is the one with the 1 billion customers, and sony is losing out. MouseCraft sells really bad because of this :(

  • This article only talks about Paypal!

  • I use PSN cards and PayPal ever since the first PSN hack. That was enough for me to remove my card details from any Sony database.
    I tend to use cheaper PSN instant codes from the likes of ShopTo but if I really can’t wait, and I am impulsive, then the PayPal route is great.

    However I noticed that the Vita store still doesn’t have the option to top up via PayPal. Any chance of this happening?

  • German here: Why is it, that I’ve to enter my ID information everytime I want to buy something with Paypal?

  • I’m EXTREMELY happy with IDEAL support .. I feel bad for the site where I usually bought my PSN codes (and XBL codes back in the day) etc though lol .. IDEAL is the best payment method ever .. I used paypall one time in my entire life a few years back .. IDEAL is so much better

    • would like to add .. from now on any PS+, digital games, and adding currency to my account will all be done trough IDEAL .. God .. I love IDEAL

  • Interesting, but Brazil is not listed yet. In the meantime I have got prepaid cards on Banana Play Store website, they do not offer facevalue for USA cards but their prices are not bad at all.

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