PS Vita’s Metrico gets a release date and new gameplay trailer

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PS Vita’s Metrico gets a release date and new gameplay trailer

Digital Dream’s intriguing console debut arrives in just a few weeks

Hi fellow PlayStation enthusiasts! We’re finally ramping up to the release of our first big title, Metrico. We got loads of questions during the development, which we can finally answer in this blog post. One of the most frequently asked question is; when is Metrico coming out? We’re proud to announce that Metrico will be available on PlayStation Store from 6th August! That’s only a few weeks from now, which feels both very scary and exciting for us!

Another frequent question was: “Who did the awesome music?” You’re in the right place to find out as well! But the most frequent question was the request for Metrico gameplay footage. We want to start this post by giving you exactly that.

Showing gameplay

“A free demo will be available when Metrico releases”

The main reason we’re only showing gameplay footage a month before release is because we always felt the main mechanic of Metrico is quite a tricky one to explain through video. We never got around to solving this even though this is probably a recurring issue for novel concepts like Metrico’s. We tried to explain the ‘Input Morphing’ mechanic in a blog post before, but it explains itself best when you play Metrico yourself. Those of you who already played Metrico will hopefully agree on this.

We attempted to create a clarifying gameplay trailer using several different approaches, but it was hard and took a lot of time, so we chose to instead invest that time to work on the game. In the end, actually playing the game, experimenting with all the different forms of inputs and getting direct feedback through playing is absolutely the single best way to understand Metrico.

Therefore we also decided to offer a sneak peek into the world of Metrico for everybody. A free demo will be available when Metrico releases. This demo consists of the entire first world. In terms of gameplay hours, the first world is about 5% of the entire game. Please note that this world merely touches the surface of what we’re trying to do with Metrico. More inputs will be added in every world as complexity and difficulty increase. We sincerely hope you enjoy the demo and if you’re up for much more exploration and mindbenders, it will only be a few inputs away.

Music by Palmbomen

Palmbomen (Dutch for “palm trees”) is a Dutch, LA-based, synth hero who is able to capture the exact atmosphere fitting the world of Metrico. This talented composer and friend of the studio released several albums and since we were already a big fan of his work, we were thrilled he liked the idea of Metrico so much he wanted to closely work with us and create an enchanting soundtrack in the way he only can.

“We always felt the main mechanic of Metrico is quite a tricky one to explain through video”

Palmbomen already has one of his tracks “Stock” in GTA V, and showed an interest in having new ways for people to experience his music. Music is very important to us and therefore we’re very proud of the way his music is implemented into Metrico. The game acts as a ‘sequencer’, reacting to what the player does. This way all layers of music (bass, percussion, melody, etc.) are triggered by the way the player traverses Metrico, and thus creating a coherent experience.

Each world is a unique music track. The different hypnotic ’80s synth sound effects and psychedelic music he created accompanying each world tie in to the unique aesthetics and gameplay very well. It’s been a close and truly great collaboration. We encourage you to check out his other work on Soundcloud or Spotify!


Finishing development of Metrico feels very surreal for us. The project we’ve been putting our love in for such a long time has come to an end. Metrico is out of our hands and is going through Sony’s quality assurance as we speak.


We started fulltime development on Metrico nearly two years ago, so it has been a huge and important part of our lives. Making our first console game, effectively as a three guy studio, was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. It was a very ambitious project and therefore a lot more work than we’d anticipated, which I guess is quite common in game development. We’re very glad we got help from talented interns and freelancers along the way. We couldn’t have done it without them!

It’s been a crazy ride for us. We laughed and cried; saw girlfriends come and go; travelled the world for events; received invaluable feedback from testers; saw joy and frustration in players’ eyes; met countless of great games industry people along the way; moved in and out of offices; crunched with every deadline, and now we can’t wait until it goes live and hear what you all think about the game!

We’re going to sit back and enjoy the ride a bit before thinking about what’s next. Now, it’s time for your input!

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7 Author Replies

  • Great to hear a demo is coming! Any chanche you could give details on pricing and file size?

  • Looks original, loving the kinda oriental-ish 80s music in the trailer and it’s cool that you include a demo; more developers should do that. What’s the price gonna be and is it native res/60fps?

  • madmanwithabox12

    I’m willing to bet this won’t stay exclusive for long.

    • Why is does matter?

    • Why does it matter*, sorry :D

    • madmanwithabox12

      Because Vita owners are always being shafted. =/

    • But if that’s a good game, and it’s going to be an exclusive for say.. 1 year, or even half year, what does it matter? after that long time, you will have other games.

    • madmanwithabox12

      It’s just irritating that PS3 and PS4 gets all the exclusives, whilst Vita doesn’t get many. Then a good chunk of the ones it does get end up being ported elsewhere.

    • The PS3 is 8 years old console, the Vita is 2 years old, how much the PSP was around? and if you look closely, you will see that the PS4 doesn’t have many exclusives that are not ported elsewhere.. i think you should say thank you for them doing something with the Vita, rather then complain about the game being exclusive for a long time or not.

    • I have mixed feelings about third party exclusives as well, even on different platforms. Some are good (funding projects that wouldn’t be possible,) some are bad (offering money to make it timed exclusive, like what Sony did with GTA San Andreas.) In this case, at least the Vita gets it first. It won’t convince new players to buy one, but it strengthens the ecosystem and could be used for bragging rights, depending on how the final product is received.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      This is an interesting discussion we’ve had a lot at our office as well. The truth is, despite its slow start its a very interesting platform for small developers and since we use a lot of the specific hardware features from the device its definitely an exclusive for the time being.

    • Finances obviously play a part in deciding which platforms to develop for. The sad fact is that as great as the Vita is, it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in terms of sales.
      The PS3 has an installed base of ~80 mill so if game development is your main source of income, you’d be silly not to pay attention to these numbers.

    • @Waveset

      Yet, if you look at Ubisoft’s sales numbers you’ll see that the PS3 accounted for about 17% of their total game sales over the past 3 months, whereas the PS4 accounted for about 36% of their total game sales. So despite having less units sold than even the Vita, (PS4 is at about 8 million, Vita is at about 10 million) Ubisoft’s games sold over TWICE the amount on the PS4 than they did on the PS3. So considering that Vita has more units sold than the PS4, and paired with the fact that Vita has a very high attach-rate for games compared to its time on the market, Vita games can indeed be succesful. On the other hand, it seems PS3 games aren’t selling all that well anymore…


  • Thanks. Looking forward to this!

  • Apparently, the developer prefers to post on the US Blog, even though they are based in Europe. They never commented on the EU blog, but they did comment on every US blog entry of their game.

    Yeah, they can sod off.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Like I said. I had some issues with my author login credentials that the folks at SCEE were kind enough to fix very quickly :)

  • I’m one of the developers. I have some issues with my author login credentials that needs sorting out.
    Sorry for this! Once its settled ill be here as well!

  • You guys had me at “The different hypnotic ’80s synth sound effects and psychedelic music he created accompanying each world tie in to the unique aesthetics and gameplay very well.” :D can’t wait, looks really awesome!

  • You’ve had several articles starting since last year, it didn’t appear to be your highest priority to get something like that fixed. Eh, whatever. Bygones. :/

  • This is great news! I’ve been intrigued by this game since it was first announced so I’ll be buying it straight away, day one for me.
    (Although having a demo is a nice touch as it is an unfortunate rarity these days.)
    Thanks for bringing it to Vita first!

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Regarding demo’s I think a valid concern for most developers might be that without a vertical slice of the game it’s hard to show the full potential of it.
      Creating a vertical slice instead of offering only a piece of the content you made anyway is very time consuming and would probably result in a rather large demo in terms of filesize.
      Since metrico is quite a weird game we felt a demo would be inevitable.

  • daaaannnng!

    that’s oddworld, tlou, the swapper, rogue legacy the road not taken, hohokum, and metrico out within weeks of one another. heck of summer for playstation

  • Quiero denunciar esta pagina ya que en esta pagina se muestra de manera ilegal en mi opinion. La informacion de cada uno de los usuarios de PSN. Por ejemplo cuantos trofeos tiene y el detalle de cada junto con el nivel. La forma de acceder es escribiendo la direccion seguida del nombre del usuario.En lo personal no me agrada que cualquier persona que sepa esta dirección entre y sepa la información de mi cuenta sin tener nada que ver con Playstation.

    Espero que Sony tome en cuenta mi comentario, ya que pienso que Sony por medio de la PS3 es la unica que esta autorizada a dar esta información.

  • Ps vita, land of the inspiration and the independants (i prefer that name instead of indies.) This game is so different :). Keep it on! By the way, Would custom world design be available for the players?

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Do you mean like an ingame level editor? Building that, and doing it well and comprehensible, would take too much time for us and distract from the message we’re trying to get across with the game i’m afraid.

  • Can’t wait; this game looks ace :-)

  • been following this game for months now I really hope it can deliver :)

  • Gameplay looks exciting. looking forward to get a chance to play this

  • Looking good,will there be a co-op option for this game?

    • Just another boring pixekjunk smal budget game! Vita must die! Sony should pay more attention to PS4 AAA games. Vits is overgrown smartphone nonsence.

  • Looks very interesting, hopefully there will be a physical release.

  • polash_thelegend

    Just saw the trailer. Very nice indeed! Looking forward to this now.

  • Excellent work guys, this looks awesome. I’m totally on-board with the aesthetic and the soundtrack. You earn bonus point because of the potential that Metrico has to scratch my “Braid” itch, with the brain twisting “Input Morphing” and snappy platforming.

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