Music Unlimited PS4 app gets new features today

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Music Unlimited PS4 app gets new features today

We just launched a major refresh of the Music Unlimited application for PS4 that delivers better performance, easier navigation and improved music discovery. The updated app was redesigned based on your feedback, so we hope that you like what you see. Here are some of the highlights.

The new app opens to the Home Screen, highlighting New Releases, New Playlists and New Channels.

PS4 App 1

A push of the Top Menu button (Square on the Dualshock 4), reveals a new left-hand side vertical navigation menu that provides easy access to features like Search, Charts, Playlists, Channels, My Library, and Settings.

PS4 App 2

The new app also features an attractive new full screen music player and play queue so users will always know what song is playing and what tracks are coming up next.

PS4 App 3

A tap of the Options button reveals basic features such as Volume, Repeat, Shuffle, playlist options and artist and song details.

PS4 App 4

Give it a try, let us know what you think and keep an eye open for future updates! Try it today and sign up for 30 days free here.

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  • How about a Spotify app instead?? Or at least come with decent mobile and desktop apps. The iPhone app is one of the worst apps I have ever used!

    Please come with DECENT mobile/desktop apps and maybe I’ll consider subscribing again. If you don’t want to invest: introduce a Spotify app! At least they know how to create decent apps on multiple platforms.

    Like if you agree so Sony comes through!

    • Sony should just acquire Spotify, get rid of Music Unlimited completely (or do some kind of merger for the 5 people who actually pay for MU).

  • Since years you promised us custom soundtracks in all games. You said the ps3 does not have enough RAM. So it should not be a problem on ps4 right? Stop trying to trick and force customers into buying your subscription services this will end bad for Sony you are having financial problems already and a very huge customer dissatisfaction. Mp3 in games allows personal mixtapes, mixes, language learning, audiobooks, a lot of people absolutely have no use for Music Unlimited so stop promoting for as long as you do not give us the free option. On ps3 at least SOME games (racing games and some open world games) have it, this is a step backwards on ps4 clearly.

    • This is a personal insult and stalking, I only want mp3 in games like on ps3, that is all.

    • @zalwel – It’s one user using multiple accounts to troll the blog. The last two have been banned so if he’s not doing any harm then why the bans? Regular blog users know this user very well and I second the motion for Fred to ban this latest fake account.

    • I said how is the new troll account going. The same thing as saying how is the new PSN account going. There is no name calling going on here.

  • Can you play your own music yet? It was laughable that you missed out on game features in a game like Ground Zeroes, being able to use your own music for instance. One of the reasons why I’ve held out on a PS4 purchase.

    Choice is a good thing, maybe even more people would use music unlimited if the service was A – a choice and B – it was worth using.

    At best Music Unlimited is a supplement to a music collection, that’s all. That’s the primary fault of it being the only option. At least with google music you can upload your own music to the servers as well as access the subscription model.

    • Exactly. Great example because

      Ground Zeroes PS4 – 30 euros does not support it
      Ground Zeroes PS3 – 20 euros (AND came with peace walker HD in eu psn pre-order) DOES SUPPORT IT

      Something is very wrong here. Its a huge reason for me not to buy MGS 5 on PS4 for that.

  • Great! Can’t wait to try it out. Only thing I think it’s missing on ps4 is some kind of visualiser. Rather than it just being left on a static menu screen when just listening to music.

  • Tried Music Unlimited as a free trial. Content is pretty good, not a million miles away from Spotify. But thought both the iOS and the PS4 apps were terrible. Both lacked simple functionality, were buggy, and slow. To add insult to injury, PSN auto charged me after the trial.

    I’d rather continue paying for Spotify thanks.

  • Should be giving current subscribers a heavy discount to make up for the practically unusable mess of an application we have had to endure up to now. I gave up on it over a month ago as I got fed up with it crashing during gameplay/browsing/switching between applications/browsing/playing music.

    • You’ll notice in this most recent PS4 app update a huge improvement in both stability both in and out of game, as well as there being a significant improvement in speed. I think you’ll be surprised by the changes.

  • 9€ for a subsection is way too much! But I’ll give it a try and come back later. I just hope you’ve improved the loading times.

    • Thanks demonsgalore. Please give us your feedback once you’ve given the new version a try, we’re pretty excited about it.

  • I just want(sorry to go on about it :D well i haven’t said this for a while now) MP3 playback on the PS4 & be able to play my MP3’s with every PS4 game i got. Apart from that point might try this out soon ;)

  • Any plans to do a discounted subscription any time soon? I think a while back you had it for something like £20 for 12 months, would be nice to do again.

    • This! I don’t mind paying for services like Music Unlimited, if it’s a decent price. You need to fix offline quality though, it’s useless.

      Right now the premium feature costs 89 DKR (that’s about 10£) per month, which is way to much. You used to do some hefty rebate, if you signed up for 12 months, where it was half price. That was a decent price, but personally I would properly not pay for the service, if it’s more then 40£, it’s just not worth more for me.

      The service needs a PC program bad though, it’s one of the things Spotify does way better, plus their apps seems to be of a bit higher quality. Also make it easier to report bugs. I tried once to report some pretty huge bugs in the Android app, it was cumbersome and I never got a reply.

  • How about you give us the option to delete the app of our UI ? along with Video Unlimited?

  • We don’t want this we want a music player for our own music! That feature was awesome on the PS3. Please!

  • we need the adility to play mp3 files on ps4, not this cr*p

  • Oh, great.. So how about that mp3 support?

    Making that record function work as marketed would also be nice!

  • When is this app coming to south africa??

  • I enjoyed the free trial and the “3 months for £3” offer, but I won’t bother subscribing because it always crashed whilst playing games, and I think many others were also put off for the same reason. Sony should make some more free trials, but really I just want Sony to release the Music Player app so I can listen to my own music whilst gaming.

    • Hey Andy. Stay tuned for future promotions, we’ll always communicate via the blog. The previous crashing issues with PS4 app have been addressed and the update is fully functioning. Hopefully you should be able to find all of your own music within the service with over 25M tracks.

    • Will previous subscribers be allowed to take advantage of future promotions though?

  • Music Unlimited needs a free option like Spotify has play a 30 second ad every now and then I know me and a lot of others would use MU if they did this

  • any e.t.a. for cd and mp3 playback?

  • Can I check your library before I sign up? I really doubt you have type of music I listen to.
    Would be great if Google can create a PS4 app for their Music service.

  • A platform only version should be bundled into plus until an alternative is available.

  • What about release Music Unlimited for Europe (Czech Republic)? Thanks :)

  • I hope Sony will soon overhaul the Music Unlimited online application. Works great but it isn’t user friendly enough, esp. playlists management.

  • I paid for the service when there was that temporary £12.99/yr offer back in November 2012 and then when that lapsed I took advantage of the PS4 30 Day Trial and the “3 months for £3” offer but the amount of freezes/crashes on the PS4 app that I suffered completely ruled out the thought of subscribing at £10/month. Which is a shame as I used the iOS app (as limited as it was) quite regularly. So much so that although I’m a store manager of an hmv and buy CDs frequently, I didn’t open one in 2013 because I always just listened to them through iOS and a paired Bose Dock. For now I use the free version of Spotify but would prefer to go back to MU. I realise the £12.99/yr and £3/3months offers are not sustainable but £50/yr would probably tempt me.

    And is there any particular reason why the app never had a simple option to just list all of Monday’s new releases?

  • I use it on my PS4 and smartphone and pay the premium subscription but I am surprised you don’t have a screensaver when playing on PS4 as static screen ruins HDTV’s.

  • We need a media player on PS4 which enables us to play our own music (cd’s, mp3) and also watch our own videos (AVi, MPEG,MP4) etc. I cannot believe PS4 does not have this functionality, this should be basic. It should also read NTFS partitioned external hard drives and not only FAT32 which was a bit of a pain on PS3.

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