New tables coming soon to Pinball Arcade on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Four additional tables arrive later this month

Hey Pinball fans! I’m Mike Lindsey, Community Manager at FarSight Studios. I’m originally from the Big Bear area where we recreate all these amazing tables. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to do what I love (talk to people and make friends), live in the mountains where I feel most at home, and work on a game that is preserving something as cool as real pinball for all of its fans out there.

Enough about me, though! We know you guys have been waiting for more pinball tables in Pinball Arcade on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Black Knight 2000, WHO Dunnit, High Speed, and Junk Yard will be available on July 16th for PS3 and PS Vita, and then on July 23rd for PS4.

This launch will be retrofitting your system with ’80s and ’90s tables packed with action, suspense, and comedy. These four tables brought tons of excitement to so many when arcades were running at full steam across America. FarSight studios is determined to bring back some of that long lost enjoyment.


Black Knight 2000 (1989)

The Black Knight rides again in this brilliant sequel to the Steve Ritchie hit from 1980. Players take on the role of good versus evil as they battle the Black Knight in high velocity gameplay.

The game is all about speed and quick reactions, highlighted by features such as an upper and lower level, repeating U-Turn and Skyway Loop shots rewarding accurate shooters, and a Drawbridge that lowers to reveal a ramp.

The patented Magna-Save feature from the original game is back. This allows players to activate a ball-saving magnet preventing balls from draining. Great scores are achieved by collecting Lightning Wheel Awards, scoring Hurry-Up bonuses and playing the three awesome Multi-Ball rounds, including The King’s Ransom Wizard mode. 5,703 units of this table were produced.


WHO dunnit (1995)

Designed by Dwight Sullivan and Barry Oursler, this table combines the thrill of gambling with an intriguing murder mystery.

Players take on the role of ace investigator Nick Spade as they collect clues, interrogate suspects, and catch killers. The playfield features a functioning slot machine and a unique scoop ramp, which feeds three separate habitrails to lower, raise, and exit the casino elevator. A mysterious murder. One victim. Twenty possible scenarios. Who has the motive? Who has the skill? Everyone’s dying to know WHO dunnit. 2,416 of this table were produced.

High Speed (1986)

Designed by Steve Ritchie and inspired by his personal experience, this table puts players in the role of a driver who is not planning on stopping. Run the red light and suddenly sirens shriek, lights flash, an APB is issued, and the police chase is on!

Flying over ramps and careening down freeways, the get-away is fast and furious! This was the first table to use Williams’ System 11 hardware, the first to play a complete song, and it was the first to have a Multi-Ball Jackpot that increased and carried over from game to game. 17,080 units of this table were produced.


Junk Yard (1996)

Billed as “The Meanest Game in the Whole Darn Town.” Designed by Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan, this table challenges players to escape Crazy Bob’s Junk Yard. This is accomplished by collecting pieces of Junk to build various contraptions, going on wild Adventures and ultimately launching into Outer Space to take on Crazy Bob.

The Playfield has many great features including the Great Toilet, the Magic Bus, mean old Spike the dog, and a moving Crane. It’s not hard to play in the yard. 3,013 units of this table were produced.


One more bit of great news that a lot of you have been waiting for: we’ve agreed upon terms with all of the major licenses and clearances we need to recreate the Addams Family pinball table! We expect to launch the Kickstarter this summer, so get ready, fans. We’ll need your help.

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9 Author Replies

  • im up for this bought the last two season 3 tables recently on ps4 although i think there overpriced per table i think 3.99 for two tables is fair not for one

  • RIP Raul Julia, excellent actor.

  • So are these tables crossbuy? When I buy them on PS3, I’ll get them on PSVita and PS4 too? Like Zen Pinball 2 does?

    • Hello, hello, do we get a reply? Is this dev even monitoring the blogpost to see if there are any questions or aren’t they even interested in the customers out there?

      I’ll probably give my money to Zen Pinball dev and buy more cabinets in that game, they at least reply in their blogposts. Here no one gives one s… or the cabinets ain’t crossbuy like Zen Pinball 2 has them for all 3 formats and they don’t want to reply I guess. A shame.

    • Hey TheMART,

      The PS3 purchases are cross buy with Vita.

      The PS4 version is not cross buy. We do have a 50% discount on PS4 Season One for users that already own Season One on PS3/Vita.

  • Suppose there is still no more throphies added?, I Byed every table until you stopped adding throphies, will start buying again when you find a solution to add more (Maybe make Pinball Arcade 2 for additional tables if it’s becouse of throphy limit on psn?)

    • I believe we will be implementing some trophies that will be more across the board. “Get a #1 score on on all tables in Season Two”, or something like that.

  • Wonder how Sony has lasted this long. Horrible customer support and consumer. Also the prices for Playstation store are way higher than physical – where’s the logic in that? Also PS Now pricing should be fixed. But I guess this is just greed. Why lower the prices when stupid people keep throwing money at them?

    Then the games. Where is our full HD games at 60 frames per second? This is supposed to be the “next generation” which turned out to be nothing more than a buzz term to hype up the release of the console. And how can PS4’s multiplayer require a subscription when PS3’s didn’t? It’s free on PC so a console dedicated to gaming shouldn’t require the subscription.

    Also where are the news from the Moprheus? Is it going to be nothing more than an expensive add-on that has no real uses like the PS Eye? The PS4 shouldn’t be powerful enough to handle it unless the “games” that use the morpheus will get are going to be indies which might be fun for fifteen minutes but are of no real fun in the long run?

    And where’s the support for Vita? It’s going to die a slow death because of the lack of support. There is no other reason to have one but to play PS4 games when you are not home. Are we just going to have buy one but will not be able to get actual games on the platform?

  • I would love to see some more old tables from the 60s, 70s. I spend all my time playing the 8 Ball Table on my PS4.

    • When Season Two is released it will come with Firepower, central Park, Space Shuttle, Centaur, Flight 2000, Class Of 1812, and Eldorado City of Gold. 19 tables in all, but includes a good amount of older tables.

  • Wonder if they bothered to fix the bugs yet… Or add a season pass.. Or get the season 2 tables on there rather than a screen that says ‘coming soon’.

  • no cross-buy PS3/PS4/Vita, no sale.

    • We couldn’t make it cross-buy because we put so much into improving this it for next gen. It’s a very much improved version that uses the full potential of the PS4 system.

    • “We couldn’t make it cross-buy because we put so much into improving this it for next gen. It’s a very much improved version that uses the full potential of the PS4 system.”

      Pretty sure the dev of Zen Pinball also makes uses of the potential of the PS4 system and then again, how much can a pinball cabinet make use of the full potential of a console/PS4…

      This makes it an easy choice for me, I like to have the cabinets I buy over all my systems, PSVita&PS3 now and PS4 soonish. No cross-buy, no deal.

    • The lighting and reflections actually are very taxing on the system. The ball redraws the table/environment around it as it rolls, and the lighting is very complex and dynamic. Took us a good part of a year to engineer it.

  • Hi , first of all thanks for the great pinball table additions , Adams Family is nice, but please add also the legendary Indiana Jones table from Williams to the game soon , its easily the best table ive played next to twilight zone , the crazy well of souls multiball , the nice dot matrix display games are still in my memory and playing the table again on ps4 would make a dream come true , like twilight zone :D

    • We would love to make this table, but unfortunately the licenses are owned by Disney and they are not interested in working with us. And if they were, the cost would probably be too much. :-(

  • Wow addams family one of the best tables ever!!!!

  • Pretty lame excuses re crossbuy. I have a ps4/ps3, however i also like the portable vita version. Would be an easier pill to swallow if you had not recently doubled the price of the dlc !!! To buy the next FOUR tables for my ps4/vita is gonna cost me £51.92 !!!

    • That makes your choice easy right? Step over to Zen Pinball 2, cheaper tables (four pack in several themes for 10 Euro aka probably around 8 pounds) for all 3 systems. They even had a sale on all cabinets before, bet they’ll do that again. At that point grab as many as you can for PS3, PSVita and PS4 cross-buy!

    • Lol , u assume its one or the other? … I do already have zen pinball fullset on playstation and wii u for what it’s worth ;o)

    • @TheMart But Pinball Arcade has real tables so it’s superior! It’s expensive that I agree.
      Lord of the Rings Pinball Machine would be a great addition after Adams! With your Kickstarter, I hope you had an option to buy Season 3 Pass so I could support it. I don’t buy individual tables. I currently own S1 & S2 on PS3.

  • …. Also : “We couldn’t make it cross-buy because we put so much into improving this it for next gen. It’s a very much improved version that uses the full potential of the PS4 system.”

    … shame you havnt put the same same amount of effort into providing the same level of sound quality to even match the ps3 version, as you have in the lighting model. Instead we are still stuck with the inferior mobile device compressed sounds.

  • @Mike…..bit late with this comment but just wanted to take the opportunity to say that although i have supported Pinball arcade from launch and purchased all tables up to the end of season two, i will not support season 3 due to the 100% price increase on tables. £3.99 per table is asking too much when you consider how much you charged for tables previously and how much Zen charge for their packs. I appreciate that £3.99 per has happened in the past as a one off here and there (Star Trek & Terminator) but for it to become the norm is unacceptable.
    Perhaps it’s due to the fact you now develop for PS4 on top of PS3 but as i only intend to play these on PS3 and Vita i cannot sympathize with that reason.
    Finally, i would definitely purchase all seasons on a Blu Ray disc for PS3 so hopefully you might consider that option.

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