Andrew House and Mark Cerny talk 20 years of PlayStation – video

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Andrew House and Mark Cerny talk 20 years of PlayStation – video

The SCE Group CEO and PS4 system architect in conversation at the annual Develop conference

Earlier this week Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House and PS4 System Architect Mark Cerny took to the stage at the annual Develop conference in Brighton, UK, to look back at their time with PlayStation, reflect on the PS4 launch, and peer into the future at what might lie ahead.

Titled ’20 Years of PlayStation, 40 Years of Console Games, and 100 Years to Come’, it was a riveting discussion packed with fascinating insight and surprising anecdote. We’re really happy to bring you the event in its entirety above. Grab a cup of tea, kick off your shoes and enjoy.

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  • Halfway through and this is fascinating. Thanks for posting, Fred :)

  • Heard bits and pieces here and there, waited for the full thing to be uploaded. Thanks Fred :)

  • Mark Cerny is a legend he is living what I imagine is his, mine and many others dream life.
    Great vid!

  • Please help us encourage SCEE to release the most anticipated game and system seller for Vita.

    Sign a petition:

    We are close to reaching 1.5 k signatures (about 70 left, if I remember right). We won’t give up.

    About video, I will definitly watch it! It is a bit long so I can’t do it right now… but Mark Cerny is kinda like a legend to gaming… he had his ups and downs but still he is person worth listening. So thank you for uploading video.

    • I put this on the Freedom Wars article on Kotaku today, seems to have gained a few more sigs!

    • @ThugETH
      Great job, tried contacting them but they didn’t do anything.

      But we managed to get help from, siliconera and

      I’ve contacted all sites in PL… and 2 of them agreed on posting news about petition.

      Let’s keep working on bringing game to us! :D

    • Try IGN they might help youbpush this (Colin Moriarty is best bet…) and might get behind it too.

    • @extermin8or

      I could really see Moriarty getting behind this but he’s been in so much trouble with the editor of IGN over the years I think the best you’d get from him is a personal twitter post rather than an IGN article. He personally responsible for IGN receiving about a dozen requests for either retractions or outright deletions of articles. He was nearly fired over some of the things he said about Bethesda’s handling of Skyrim on PS3 in 2012.

      He’s gonna be very cautious about getting mixed up in this, very cautious.

    • Why dont you also make it a matter of much more AAA presence needed on vitas library? It is certain we bought a ps console, not a gameboy! :(
      If you do it i and a lot lot others will sign and do their best so that they get what they deserve.

  • Congrats on the 20 years and it is a bit suprising Sony is not yet bought by Apple or Google, because of the bad customer service (which sometimes *is* getting better lately) and the horrible store, I mean since like a year or more every week the same mistakes happen in the EU store. Amazon would already have fired all of you sony employees yet you keep doing it. Meanwhile Android & iPhone grew to a 100 times bigger gaming market and even the ps3+ps4+vita+psp TOGETHER sold less than the ps2. Playstation is dying if you do not wake up soon. And whats with the new sale jawad promised is yesterday? Where is it? About the store, for example saints row 4 is promised a discount but its still at the old price since 2 days. Like every week. And these new “sales” actually were cheaper in former sales. Sony needs to start today to respect customers and threat them like kings. (Like why is a refund for a not yet applied store discount not automatic as on amazon?)

    • I swear you comment on every article and just spout abuse, directed at both the people who run the blog and people who comment on here.

      I for one am getting really tired of reading your constant negativity on here. It’s not even appropriate for the majority of articles you are commenting on. No doubt I’ll get a vicious response below this comment.

    • Its facts not negativity and you can surely answer why they announce discounts here in the blog yet 3 days later they are not applied? And everyone who buys these games, is forced to call customer service which costs more than the discounts would have given them?

    • Vashetti is a troll do not even bother… With him Sony would still sell the ps1 as their main console

    • I’m a troll? What a ridiculous thing to say.

    • Vashetti isn’t the troll here. The guy he’s replying to is well either a troll or an American idiot. I’m going with troll (though I’m sure many would say they are the same.) The Mobile games market is TOTALLY different to the console market and targeting for the most part a totally different demographic of people-understand what you are talking abput before you talk about it. Also you are comparing the sales of consoles on sake in different economic conditions, a consoles sales over like 12 years and a console on sale for 8 years, a console on sale for just ove half a year and a handheld console. Because that makes sense? Also its not about bunbers sold its about money you make on each one. Yeah the 3DS sold millions xmas 2012 for all the good it did Nintendo when each one sold at something like 50 quid loss, something not originally planned for wheb the console was designed and released… (just an example there are plenty of others. Finally I’ve never had any issues with customer service on the blog or on the phone/via email. Althpugh I’m pretty sure ifbivhad to deal with s of neonebwith your attitude I’d probably be very tenpted to be quite rude ..

    • (Although I do agree SCEE is abit slow) oh band I di havebto question why you care so much avout this blogs goings on when it says you are in usa anyway?

    • *also sorry “american idiot” should have just read “idiot” I have no idea why mynmobiles predictive text chabged I t :p plenty of nice americans around and the fact his accountbis USA reslly has bo impact onbthat.. :s

    • gta5rockt is the troll here. He doesn’t have trophies and his account was created

    • Sigh… I am on a phone and if I get a call this site posts my unfinished comment.

      As I was saying gta5rockt is the troll. His account was recently crrated and he comments on most articles. As far as my guess goes he’s just another account of baneyfunny which probably got banned since he stopped commenting on every article. Soon enough gta5rockt will be banned and he creates another account to use here…

  • Some good news: The Last Of Us Remastered Is Only 45 Euros For PS4 In The EU Store They Must Have Just Added It :)

  • madmanwithabox12

    You know what 20 years of PlayStation calls for? A proper celebratory cross-over. Not something cheap and unloved like PlayStation All-Stars was, but something special and fantastic like Super Smash Bros is.

    • 20 Years of Playstation Discounts incoming, maybe?! :D

    • To be fair to all stars, it wasn’t that bad. You can call it a lot of things but cheap isn’t one of them. They did put an awful lot of work into it, even though it was a game that nobody seemed to want.

  • Great Video, Thanks. But Please Work Harder, sony.

  • Funny how his surname almost sounds like sony lol.

  • Thanks for sharing this, awesome.

  • I’ve just finished watching it… kinda hoped for more.

    What’s kinda bugging me is the lack of SCEE in this entire history of PS. We all know who is Andrew House and Mark Cerny… but after watching it I kinda get feeling that two major regions are just Japan and America. It really felt that way, they mentioned SCEE only like…2 or 3 times (each time rather nothing important). Why? We are bigger market than America… and yet it just feel that we are just going with the flow… that we don’t have any real importance for dictating the future of PS.

    Another thing is that whole “future” of PS block. I really do hope that Playstation Now will be dead end. Yes that might be the future for mp3/videos (still prefer buying CDs and Movies) but I just feel that it’s not the right way for gaming. I think that you at SCE and SCEE kinda underestimated the value of physical releases. Few days ago Mr. Nick Accordino posted on his twitter photo of his large collection of games… and it is kinda self-explanatory.

    Very large group of old console gamers are collectors (that’s what differed us from PC gamers since ages), we love collecting games, we love the option of keeping games on shelves, of being able to play it 20 years after release. Playstation NOW kills that joy, it treats games as… dunno… things for single use. You play it once and than forget it knowing that you won’t ever want to play it again.

    So yeah… I want to believe that Playstation Now will be failure. You managed to encourage PC gamers to use consoles… but it feel that you keep forgetting about your original customer group.

    Not to mention that Playstation Now will be last nail to the coffin of demo version of games… if you can rent 6 hours of gaming… what’s the use of demoes?

    Oh and on the side note… man those guys looks great (not in homosexual way), I dunno what they are doing, but they are like 50 years old and they look like they were in their early 30. In fact… I kinda get the feeling that Mr. Mark looked on that video even younger than I am.

  • Any news on when we’ll see the proper promised sale with decent sales for PS4 as well? “Later” may mean quite a lot of things.

    • btw jawad also said there is no new sale THIS week but they did post one on wednesday with some more “discounts” :D No idea about the new sale he promised but jawad and mostly fred have lied to us countless times they are spies from microsoft who try as hard as they can to ruin sony

  • I’m still waiting on some of the features announced by Mark at the PS4 reveal, demos for every game day one probably being one that sold me but ultimately is still absent.

    Is this still happening or was it just wishful thinking on his part?

    • There’s a lot of stuff talked about before release that as far as I can tell appears to have just been cancelled.

      Demo releases for all first party games.
      Suspend and resume on all games (similar to Vita)
      The PSN basically becoming a social network purely for gaming (I can’t stand Facebook but I was going to review all of my games on this until the feature was mysteriously axed)

      Then there’s some features that we know exist but simply aren’t being used, such as the ability to play a game while it’s still being downloaded or select which portion of a game to download first, great feature but only KZ Shadowfall supports it, every other digital game must be downloaded in full before play is possible.

      Then there’s stuff that wasn’t talked about prior to release but was talked about after. A media player, support for Bluetooth devices (mainly headsets) prior to BT4.0 (odd as Move Controllers are BT2.1 and these do work) DLNA support, youtube support, HTML5 capable browser, etc

      Would be interesting to know if any of these features are still being worked on and at what stage they are. Would also be good to know if any of the other promises made for the PS4 era will materialise, such as streamlining the release policy so that there are fewer game delays and no-shows for Europe, improving the availability of accessories in Europe and getting these accessories to Europe on time, trying to close the pricing gap between Europe and the US the list goes on.

      I love Sony for everything they do right, great hardware, great games, they really are the top of this industry but when they get something wrong it’s so wrong it’s just backwards.

  • I don’t even know Sony still remembers what PlayStation is and why it became so important in the last 20 years. They’re too busy with free to play, online pass, exclusive contents and other stupid things to remember what PlayStation fans really want: GAMES and RESPECT. Exactly what PS Vita owners haven’t seen.

    Sign this petition, please.

    • Someone needs todo a petition to try get square/sony to get a team to port Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix and 2.5 Remix to Vita… ots the oerfect place for it.

  • i like the idea but the prices for playstation now are stupid i think it would be great if your a playstation plus member you know it says greatness awaits well that would be great add playstation now to the people who are playstation members and i have dragonballz hd collection i wih they would make a dragogonballz tenkaichi 1.2.3 in hd for the ps4 that awesome i would buy all the dragonballz games if they were remastered in hd 1080p i know alot of people will be mad if you dont put playstation now in the playstation plus subcription thank you

  • Did Mr. House finally apologize for terrible PS1 and PS2 PAL conversions? Did he apologize for forcing unfamous insulting karaoke game into european PS3’s without delete option? No? Then presenting us this video is pointless.

  • Always a pleasure to listen to Andrew House and especially Mark Cerny, a well spoken person and for reason every single sentence captivates you.

  • Major respect for the father of Playstation, Ken Kutaragi and Teiyu Goto, designer of the original PlayStation controller!

  • Very insightful and interesting information from Messrs House and Cerny. Many thanks for the post

  • And in the past 20 years. Sony still treats European gamers badly compared to the US gamers. Shame…

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