Alien: Isolation pre-order content detailed – play as Ellen Ripley

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Alien: Isolation pre-order content detailed – play as Ellen Ripley

Creative Assembly lifts the lid on the Nostromo Edition

The news of Alien: Isolation’s pre-order bonus has broken – the Nostromo Edition, which includes the bonus content “Crew Expendable”, contains Ellen Ripley and the original crew of the USS Nostromo.

The pre-order bonus content will find you playing as Dallas, Parker or the iconic Ellen Ripley. In the horrific moments following the deaths of Brett and Kane, it will be down to you to search for a way of escaping the Alien terror hunting you.


Along with Ash and Lambert, this is an unbelievably rare gathering of the Nostromo crew, reunited once more with the Nostromo Edition. Fans of Ridley Scott’s film, Alien will no doubt be beyond excited to have the chance of playing through those terrifying moments of the film and in particular, as Ellen Ripley.

The legacy of Ellen Ripley, of course, lives on in the story of Amanda Ripley, which players will finally be able to explore in Creative Assembly‘s terrifying new video game from 7th October.


Pre-order now to ensure you don’t miss getting Alien: Isolation on day one and the incredible chance to play as the cast of the original Alien movie in the Nostromo Edition.

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  • Hmmm, I’m not sure how many people will pre order an Aliens game given recent history. I say this as a huge fan of the series.

    • Let’s hope this rights the wrongs of that terrible game.

    • I have faith in the team, the dev diaries and impressions from E3 seem good. Worried about how they’ll keep it fresh over the presumed 8-10 hours, what they’ve showed looks great but not sure if running from an Xenomorph would be as exciting 10 hours in :/

    • i will be last one was good me and my mates are still playing it

  • I already pre-ordered this from Amazon. Will this DLC included in that or is it for digital only?

    Not that it matters as the DLC will be widely available months after launch, like most pre-order only DLCs.

  • Yes all very nice but,
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    now €4.99/AU$7.55/£3.99 (STILL NOT DISCOUNTED!)
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  • It’s nice to know that you care enough about your fans to lock away awesome things behind a pre-order.

    • THIS. Why can’t we just buy a full final finished game any more?
      I was interested in this game and probably would have bought it at full price but I won’t support disc locked preorder bonus nonsense.
      If I don’t preorder I can’t play as the crew? Ever? Or will I be able to PAY for the pleasure at a later date lol?
      I will wait and see how this plays out first. Need to know how long and how replayable the game will be.

    • I only pre-ordered 2 games ever that had bonuses. PlayStation All-Stars with the alternate costumes–Sony made such a mess of distributing that, the store sent me a text about a week after that contained the code. Some people never received their code period! That was quite a headache. It also wasn’t worth the €60, I really should have waited. :/

      Second game was Puppeteer. It launched at €40 and the pre-order content was not a part of the game so I had no problems pre-ordering that one. Thankfully, that one went well.

      Sometimes I can try out games at a friend’s place, but we don’t always buy the same stuff. Renting games has been impossible since 2005 here, sadly. :| Return policies also differ between stores, adding to the confusion.

      Pre-orders are simply there to lock gamers to buy it at the highest price possible. It’s a good thing that games drop in price pretty fast and the pre-order nonsense usually gets released in the store afterwards, though. That kind of balances things out.

  • Ramases_Niblick

    I’ve been reading about the second DLC ‘Last Survivor’ only being available from certain stores. Will it be available for everyone in the future?

  • It seems that Preorder on EU PSN = less than 1 week before release. Can you confirm when Alien and TLOU will be available for preorder?

  • I really HATE pre order content. Why, for the love of god, rip content out of a game and only give it when I pre order your game? You know how that makes me think? I think, they really need this because the game is probably bad and will get bad reviews and they want to fuel my love for the original movie.
    I was going to buy your game at release after I had time to read a few reviews (from sites I trust) but now I won’t until it’s got a complete edition down the road for 5 euro.

    • Have to agree, this sort of thing really gets my back up and actually ends up putting me off buying a game.

  • alice_push_lara2

    so the best part of this game is only available via pre-order DLC?

  • I think the game looks fantastic, but a 8+ hour peek a boo style game just sounds boring, outlast and amnesia got boring after the first hour and a half and i don’t want to buy a new game that will do the same. Good luck on sales though after the damage that colonial marines did!

  • FredyGerblanski

    For me, it’s an instant buy, as I had a chance to play it back in March. It was the same demo they released a video for and it feels really good. The lighting is beautiful, the ship is eerie, and trying to evade the Alien certainly does increase the heartbeat. It will be interesting to see how they flesh it out over an entire campaign, but it feels completely different to the unspeakable.

    That same weekend I went to a dev session held by the Creative Assembly people, no rhetoric, no sucking up, just a bunch of people who really love the film, and want to re-create it for the fans, and for themselves.

    Unfortunately, I think most pre-order DLC comes forced from the Publisher, they want those numbers high, and they assume the DLC is the biggest incentive.

    This still won’t be a pre-order for me, because I don’t pre-order unless its a Nintendo game (Mario Kart 8 was the last). But it may well be a digital purchase for me. Oh, and the Destiny bundle with the glorious white PS4 is a pre-order.

  • Day One DLC is a MASSIVE peeve for a lot (not all, but a lot) of gamers.

    But when you couple it with a game from a franchise whos games have been ATROCIOUS then surely you’ve got a recipe for disaster. You can’t alienate (boom boom) fans who are optimistic but would rather wait for reviews – understandably – by demanding further money from them for DLC that is clearly ready day one, and therefore should 100% be included on the disk.

    And then add in a stipulation where if I want BOTH DLC’s I have to shop from a pre-determined destination?!

    My back log of games is already too big to be worried about a (potentially, by history) poor game with day one DLC (read: a company that actually rips off its customers) – so I’ll definitely wait – as I’m sure will a lot of other people – until it’s on a massive sale.

    Con. Gratulations.

    • “The second pre-order mission – “Last Survivor” – will be available through select retailers depending on territory.”

  • why are you deleting comments?

  • I’m waiting for this game anyway, I’m grew up with Aliens’ movies.

  • chrispewdiepie11

    Man thats so (CENSORED) -_- im just waiting for the last of us cant wait playing it on ps4 the graphics thoooo :O and the multiplayers :O

  • chrispewdiepie11

    Man thats so silly -_- im just waiting for the last of us cant wait playing it on ps4 the graphics thoooo :O and the multiplayers :O

  • DLC day 1 you say? No thanx. Its No1 turn off for me.
    Waiting to read reviews and then buy it from the sales section (hugely discounted) or play it when it comes to PSN+.

  • Locking content behind per-orders? Not a chance. I’ve been burnt too many times recently, but most importantly any form of exclusive (timed or otherwise) content often tied to platform and retail outlets is just plain wrong and has the opposite effect on me. It’s even going to get worse now that certain retailers want to invest in actual game development so as to secure more exclusive content. I’ll NEVER buy a game with that type of exclusivity deal.
    It’s bad enough that digital retail is dead even before it could walk, but with this type of content separation too? Nah. I’ll buy it second hand after the first two weeks. Maybe, just maybe, publisher’s will one day listen to the consumer and not their accountants when developing games.
    Crazy idea…I know.

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