Get ready for the Destiny beta

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Get ready for the Destiny beta

All the key dates you need to know for Bungie’s impending test run

Happy Bungie Day, PlayStation Nation. We’re thrilled to share in our annual celebration of community among gamers with some exciting news about Destiny.

You’ve imagined yourselves in the boots of a Guardian, prowling the wild frontier in search of treasure and glory. The time for dreaming is almost over. The time to fight is at hand. The Destiny beta is our chance to fill our brave new world with life and see how it holds up against the stampede.

  • Beta launch: 17th July
  • Maintenance: 21st, 22nd July
  • Beta Rally: 26th July

Play when you can, but make sure you’re present to be counted on 26th July. Not only are we hoping to leave a high watermark for population on that day, we’ll also provide a special reward to those of you who make an appearance in the Tower… or in the frontiers beyond its walls.

You have questions. We have answers. Check out the Destiny beta FAQ on to learn everything you need to know to create your first Guardian.

The beta is just a sample of the experience we’re packing into Destiny.

Look like fun? It’s even more fun with you in there. If you played the Alpha, there are new revelations for you to enjoy. If the beta will be your first taste of sweet Destiny action, we have amazing sights for you to behold: Character creation. Story missions. Cooperative Strikes. Competitive Crucible matches. Social engagements. Dance Battles.

The next step in the march toward the Destiny beta is days away. On 10th July, gets a serious augmentation with some new features and services that will help you deal yourself in to the action that awaits us all. Stay tuned.

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  • pre-order on psn= 100% buying no thanks :)

    • But you can pre-order from Game for £5 and stil get a beta code…plus if you don’t like the beta you can move that £5 to something more to your liking

    • Ha that’s you think… See you guys on the 17th! :D Don’t know if I’ll definitely buy the game though *wink wink*

    • Platform selection for the Beta is now available!
      Each code will grant you 3 download keys, enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!

      so i guess there will be more than enough codes on the internet when everybody realizes they get 2 spare codes

  • The fact that only Micromania pre-orders can get into the BETA here in France is bull. I should boycott this game for this very reason.

  • The only way to access the beta is by pre ordering the game?! That is just sad. No thanks then…

  • The FAQ doesn’t say the ways of getting a beta code? Do you have to preorder from the Psn Store?

  • for me beta is only beta, i don’t try alpha and i will try beta without buying game

  • I preordered online from no money down and got my code instantly. You can always cancel if you don’t like it. After the Alpha this is unlikely though ;)

  • Any word on the possibility to upgrade the PSN pre-order to Digital Guardian Edition?

  • I really hope we get the digital guardian edition on the store for pre order

  • can’t wait for the beta :)

  • I played the Alpha, but didn’t have much time with it due to a poorly scheduled weekend on my part. I plan to join the beta in full force and I can’t wait.

  • If you were in the Alpha do we get a beta code? I am not sure if I want it yet.

  • Anyone that’s already tried out the Alpha will know how amazing this game is, the Alpha was like an already finished game if you ask me, but like already mentioned above I also had little time to play as it was a working weekend for me, I’ve pre ordered a physical copy in Gamestop and only had to pay 5euro got the code, but wasn’t exactly easy to put in the code, I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s had trouble. but after some time I got it working, anyways I can’t wait to play the beta and roll on September 9th.

  • Personally I think your going about this the wrong way round for people like myself who are still on the fence.
    I was looking forward to trying this game in Beta, and then if I liked it you would have my pre-order.
    But unfortunately I’ve already been bitten a couple of times, falling for the hype of new gen games, only to be left feeling distinctly underwhelmed on release.
    So I’ll pass for now and maybe pick it up later down the line.

  • I preordered from amazon on PS4 launch day. Got my confirmation code for about a month later, when do we get the beta codes?

    • Hi m8, that is the Code, you have to log onto that website to redeem your beta, sign in / up using your ps e-mail and password. and go to redeem codes. there u enter that code and that’s about it.. not the most easy way but that’s what I had to do also..

    • No the code from amazon is to register the beta on Now we need a PSN code to get the beta. They haven’t been sent out yet afaik.

  • Sad: I am on holiday the 26th…
    Happy: I am on holiday the 26th…
    But gonna play before that for sure

  • So, taking into account the two days maintenance, this playstation exclusive beta boils down to 5 days before xbox get the same thing. Not quite the impression given at E3.

  • So those of us that already played the Alpha will need to re-download the beta? I hope not cos it was a big download and I don’t want to waste time waiting on it again for a second time. Would be a lot handier to just enter my code and have it switched over to the beta by update

  • How will beta work with the full release later on? Will the characters be saved? What about trophy support? If no trophies during the beta, and characters can be saved, will the trophies be retrospective?

  • So I have to give you guys 60€ to try the demo wich helps you fine tune the full game… Ergo I pay you money to work for you.
    These things make me sick.

    Remember demo’s guys?
    You got them for free to confince you to Buy the full game.
    Now you pay 60€ to be a bèta tester( which used to be a paying Job)..

    • Where are you going that requires the full price of the game to be paid for a pre-order? I would stop shopping there.
      Pre-orders are usually free, just go to Amazon or anywhere else, pre-order, get the code and then cancel the pre-order, not a single cent would have moved from your account, takes about five minutes and now you get to play the beta.

  • i cant’ waitto play this been looking forward all year but i signed up for the alpha but never got in. Am worried it might happen with the beta is everyone guaranteed to get into the beta if they signed up?

  • Lmao, purchase the game in order to beta test? No thanks. That’s not how beta testing works, at least to me that’s not how it goes. That’s just being greedy.

  • You don’t pay penny preordering from amazon and get in the beta.

  • Do Beta characters carry over to the full game?

  • when do we receive beta download keys

    • Yeah im wondering the same,the US players are already pre downloading the beta client and we still have nothing……

  • got limited space on my PS3..ballpark how big is the demo going to be? and will it be direct or from psn where ill need double the space to D/L?

  • Having played the alpha I just cant wait for the beta then the game.
    I gave no doubt Destiny will be ghe game changer Bungie is hoping for.

  • The Alpha was AWESOME! Don’t know if I should play the beta because I don’t want to further spoil the experience when the full game is out^^

  • Not really interested in beta’s and frivolous downloads but the full game has been my most hyped current gen title so far, can’t wait to experience the game in its final state.

  • Alpha, Schmalpha, Beta, Schmeta – Destiny is a huge game in vision, scope and connectivity, after playing the alpha, I’m still looking forward to the beta. Whether I get it [beta] or not – it matters not to me. I was glad of the initial experience regardless. It is a dead cert that I will purchase this 1/4 Billion Dollar Game – Will the excitement carry over, or indeed the development budget pay for itself a couple months on from release? we shall see…….

  • When are we EU beta testers able to choose platform on the page,it is still not up and working???

  • Bungie…. I used to play Halo for days at my friend dustins house. But never bought an Xbox. always wondered when you would switch over and you finally did. I am so [deleted] glad you moved to playstation that just want to thank you guys for making such a wonderful game and inviting me and so many others to both the alpha and the beta.

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