Escape Dead Island coming soon to PS3

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Escape Dead Island coming soon to PS3

Discover the origins of the zombie virus and prepare for Dead Island 2

We’re pleased to announce that Escape Dead Island is coming to PS3, a whole new survival-mystery game with a fresh perspective on the Dead Island universe.

Escape represents a crucial bridge between the events of Dead Island and Dead Island 2, and will finally reveal the origins of the virus, and even some tantalising clues as to where the events are going to lead… but it’s going to be up to you to decide what to believe. That’s because this story-driven single player game is played through the eyes of Cliff Calo, who’s watching his world unravel.


Cliff is the spoiled son of a powerful media mogul who has stolen a yacht with his friends determined to film the documentary of the century: Exposing the truth about the Banoi outbreak to the public. Their plan: infiltrate the archipelago’s top-secret quarantined island of Narapela and document everything.

Players will freely explore this all-new island, sneaking to avoid undead that can hear and smell you. But even this island full of zombies isn’t what it appears to be on the surface.

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Cliff struggles with his own sanity as the world around him begins to become increasingly unpredictable. Time distorts and folds in on itself; strange messages appear and impossible events shatter reality. Oceans turn to blood, containers plummet from the clear sky… If Cliff had any thoughts about this being a routine documentary, he’d be ‘dead’ wrong.

The whole experience is vividly realised with comic-inspired visuals that complement Cliff’s surreal situation, delivering on Dead Island’s promise of a paradise gone to hell. In the case of Escape, it turns out to be a particularly private hell.

What are the true origins of the virus? What is real in this bizarre place? What are you going to believe? We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Escape Dead Island later this year to find out!


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  • This is releasing for PS3 only. How am I supposed to prepare for Dead Island 2 (ps4) with a PS3 release?

    • By buying and playing this on your PS3? Maybe??

    • Sold it as a new console generation have come. Oh well if publishers want to release it exclusive for 8 year old hardware then good for them. But they should have know by now that next gen versions sell the most and Grid autosport which just released exclusive for old gen had lackluster sales.(to take something recently)

    • If you want to play it on PS4 then perhaps wait for it to appear on PS Now? That’s just assuming it does appear on that.

    • To be honest, if you were going to release game for only one generation, knowing another entry in the series in forthcoming as well, you’d want to make as much money as possible. Which gen has the biggest install base? Simple maths I’m afraid.

    • My PS3’s on its last legs so I don’t like buying new games for it any more. I prefer to buy them on my PS4 whenever possible.

    • This is coming to PC, how much harder could it possibly have been to launch on PS4 too?

      It also seems a bit pricey for a game that is being essential sold as Dead Island 2 Prologue Edition. Haven’t we already been burnt enough with those kind of things?

  • Love it that screenshots (or bullshots) look really good, but the trailer made me think “It’s coming out on Vita?”…

  • Hmm… Dead Island… I’m bit cautious…

    I was huge fan of first part but it was made by Techland… Dead Island 2 will be made by Yager, right? so… who is making “Escape Dead Island”?

    Also it would also look great on Vita, but I might pick it up on PS3 after watching some trailers.

    • Deep SIlver by the look of it.
      I would also buy this on Vita, don’t have a PS3 any more because, ya’know, PS4!!!

    • @ThugETH
      selling old PS3 that’s a sin! :P

      I still have my old PS One… and PS2… of course PS3

      SONY always had problems with backward compatibility so in order to play older games people couldn’t sell their consoles… well… it’s not a problem for me, but I understand that many people are not happy about it.

      And I think that Vita would be good option… I mean at PS4 it wouldn’t look good, right? It is far from being next gen game after all… oh but on the other hand not everyone has Vita :/ So yeah… hard case

    • Oh and the game is being developed by Fatshark (bionnic commando 2, war of vikings, krater)

      Like always there are replies on US blog and NON on EU.

  • for me it will all depend on the price

  • please take note I will gladly pay for a vita version… as many others will do, I´m sure of this…

  • Stop trying to make Dead Island happen.

    • Wait what?

      Dead Island 1 was great game (o.O) the best zombie game, not foolish comedy but a real story to play (my opinion)

    • @Archacus
      What was it that you liked about it so much? I admit at first play I thought it was a great game as the beach was beautiful but I found the game to be terrible after a while the further I got. Don’t know what you mean about it being a real story but it certainly didn’t feel like a real story at all. It lacked cut scenes and every person you speak to for mission happen to be more of side missions instead of real missions. In my opinion it was a nice idea but just wasn’t meant to be.

  • your messing with my head now.

    i like the idea of dead island and bought the first game of the year edition, but just like with all fps games i gave up me+fps dont mix no matter how hard i try.

    now you drop this which is 3rd person and looks like id play it to set up the next game which is back to first person which i wont play.

    do i really just want to play the middle of a story

  • Only buy it on my Vita as well.

  • i wonder why deep silver chose the cel shaded look? interesting that it will be 3rd person too, all the games play thru first person so this won’t go well for fans of the series, maybe some gameplay would answer a few questions.

  • Heads up: news from US blog
    -game is being developed by Fatshark
    -will have retail edition and digital 39.99$ than means 40 EUR or more
    -game start as stealth focused type and after getting inventory you will be able to go brutal.

    • Oooohhh Fatshark, loved Lead & Gold by them. I’d definitely check this out if it was on PS4. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to release simultaneously on both consoles like a lot of other games do.

  • It’s funny people bemoaning new releases for the PS3. I guess its short attention spans or narcissistic personalities that believe that just because they think something it should be.

    When the PS3 was released, there were still releases for the PS2 like Persona 3, Persona 4, which came years after the PS3 release. The PS2 was only discontinued in 2012. Sony has stated in the past that their consoles have a 10 year life span. Not everyone sells their old consoles, I certainly don’t as I may want to play on them again.

    As for Dead Island, I remember many years ago when it was announced as a 360 exclusive and then disappeared for years. I really liked the original ideas behind the game mechanics of Dead Island. Unfortunately, brilliant ideas were let down a bit mainly as it probably wasn’t technically feasible to implement them. I did enjoy Dead Island, flaws and all and Dead Island Riptide was ok. Dead Island Riptide probably would have been better as standalone dlc content . I hope that by using cell shaded animation that this runs a bit smoother. Is this going to be a PSN title or disc based?

  • Cliff Calo looks like Iker Casillas!!!

  • This looks like a Vita game, infact, I would totally buy it on Vita, wouldn’t buy this otherwise. Sorry.

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