Enjoy a movie on us this July

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Purchase any download from PS Store, get a select movie at no additional cost

Purchase any paid download from PlayStation Store between 1st July and 31st July 2014 and we’ll offer you the movie ‘London’ starring Jason Statham (UK customers), Zombieland (Italy), District 9 (Spain and Australia) or Battle Los Angeles (Germany) that you can download with an exclusive voucher code at no extra cost.

You’ll need to be signed up to receive emails from us to be eligible for this offer – but if you’re not on our email list already, don’t worry. You can still sign up here – just make sure you’ve done this before you start your paid download.

To be eligible for this offer, you must (i) be aged 18 years or over (ii) be a SEN master account holder (iii) be a resident of Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom and (iv) purchase downloadable content from the PlayStation Store between 1 July 2014 at 00.01 (BST) and 31 July 2014 at 23.59 (BST). Maximum of one voucher code per eligible person. Voucher codes are subject to availability and expire on 30 September 2014, and must be used to purchase a pre-defined movie in Standard Definition from the PlayStation Store. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Voucher codes subject to availability.


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  • Senor--el--Tigre

    Thanks for this awesome deal that FOUR countries in the EU can use.

    Greetings from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

  • It’s funny how “starring Jason Statham” had to be there just to make the movie more appealing :)

  • Yeah I would do if movies were availlable to my country!

  • I’m sticking to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Why would UK customers get a free film that’s got horrible reviews and has a very low metacritic score of a big fat 24%? While the other other countries got a decent film? :\

    • At least the UK gets something for free, the majority of Europe is still waiting on SCEE’s promise we would be able to rent / buy movies also from the PS Store.

  • Sounds pretty neat! So when will the Czech Republic and other countries get in on the action?

  • So lemme get this straight, Italy gets Zombieland, Spain and Australia gets District 9, Germany gets Battle: LA while us the UK gets London?

    • Senor--el--Tigre

      While the Netherlands and the rest of Europe gets NOTHING you mean? Yeah, be happy with your movie.

    • I agree Netherlands should get something the EU should get a choice of either one, because I’m not going to buy anything this month just because of the film, if we could choose I’d pick Zombieland but hey who wants “London” what the hell is that anyway…? never heard of it in my life.

  • Bad movie offered – NO!
    Statham – NO!
    Purchase overpriced digital content to get offer – NO!
    Free movie is SD only – NO!

    Seems you can’t give this stuff away! P.S You ‘might’ have tempted me if the UK got any of the other region offers. But overall – NOPE!

  • What’s the point in doing this when only a very small ammount of countries get a free movie and in nearly half of those countries the movie they get absolutely sucks (going by the metacritic score)?

  • It’s okay Sony, no need to push yourself, Poland has torrents anyway.

  • Exactly 3 months too late…

  • This is bs. But to be honest who cares about there rubbish video store.

  • Imho not those countries should feel insulted that can’t participate, but Germany that has the “pleasure” to get trash as Battle Los Angeles.

  • Yeah…You can do better Sony.
    ‘London’ Really? That’s all you can offer. How about something good? Like Kickass or basically anything else.

    I usually buy a indie game from the store every month so I’ll probably get the movie anyway. But it’s still a bad deal.

  • Wished you could choose from those 4 movies instead.

  • Can’t complain, Aussies get District 9 :D

  • The phrase “enjoy a movie on us” kind of implies that we don’t have to pay anything…

    • It also kind of implies that the movies are enjoyable. :P From reviews of London:

      “You should avoid it like a bad case of whooping cough.”

      “It’s not so interesting to watch people on cocaine babble back and forth at each other.”

      “An acting exercise (and not a very interesting one) disguised as a film.”

      “…witless and pointless.”

      “Grating and wildly unpleasant from beginning to end, London is perhaps one of the least entertaining films that I can recall seeing.”

      “‘You are so annoying!’ our hero screams in the heroine’s face, halfway through London. ‘You are 10 times more annoying than me!’ our heroine quickly answers. They’re both right.”

      [The] script is so free of genuine insight into his beautiful but childish characters that it’s hard to work up any sympathy for their shallow, juvenile problems.”

      Average 2.8/10 among top critics according to Rotten Tomatoes.

  • wow, europe is getting smaller and smaller by the day, congrats, i wont purchase anything from the store in july ;)

  • Not even in high definition? Come on, Sony.

  • Greetings from Bulgaria !!! So much for my wish to download a movie on my PlayStation instead of relying on other not very legitimate sources …

  • TotalBiscuit257

    Yeah, nice sentiment, but not offering anything to most of Europe, and something so rubbish to the UK?

    Thanks, but no thanks…

  • Couple of points I’d like to make to pretty much everybody commenting on this post:

    1. There is probably a reason Sony are only offering this to specific countries, and it is probably some stupid legal reason that they would prefer didn’t cause this issue, but Sony are therefore unable to do anything about this.

    2. Sony are giving something free away if you purchase anything on the PS store during an entire month, so basically, if you were going to buy something on the PS store this month, you get a little extra something, rather than just what you pay for, therefore, no matter how little this free item may appeal to you, it is still free. No one complains when Sony isn’t giving away a free movie when you purchase an item, yet when they do, just because it doesn’t appeal to you, it’s an issue? Is there no gratitude? It’s not like you’re being made to purchase content, if you purchase something, it’s a little bonus that you have a free movie, if you don’t care about the movie, just do not bother downloading it, you have not lost out at all, as any other month, you’d not be getting a free movie anyway.

    • I’ll offer you an alternative view:
      Sony obviously registered that it needs to boost and advertise its video store. So they ordered their marketing team to create an event that would highlight their service in a nothing but positive campaign.

      The result:
      * they leave out the vast majority of their customers
      * they offer at least 2 movies that more of a painful insult than a welcoming gesture.

      Every professional HAD to know that this would end in a negative mess. You can’t cater selected customers only and grant those few trash, with the expectation of positive buzz.
      That they did it nevertheless means just that they don’t care or that they are amateurs. Maybe both.

      Someone who is worth their money would have suggested:
      * open to everyone
      * customers pick 2 movies of their choice, pay 1

      Either do it professional or don’t do it at all.

  • Why is so hard to make a PT video store? Unlike other we do not use voice over, just a simple subtittle. Sony need to step up in the multimedia department in Europe.

  • New Zealand customers ?????

  • Dear sony
    After 5 years of pro-missing the videostore to the majority of the EU
    And refusing to release it

    Stick it where the sun is not shining
    I go to netflix

  • StevenJamesHyde

    Does downloading the new free Plus titles, or indeed some other piece of free DLC, count as making a purchase? The terms and conditions aren’t clear

  • I bought a season pass yesterday and read about this deal after I bought the content, would I still get a code for buying a season pass or no?

  • They said enjoy a movie (on us) so why do we have to buy something?!

  • Also like to add, that I feel the video store is a missed opportunity for Sony. I live in Germany and the films are all dubbed without the option of changing the language to the original. Native speakers want this option too. Films are way over priced and a lot of them available on Netflix, it’s like Sony doesn’t know that Netflix exist. I went through a very complex procedure to get Netflix (unblock-us) here in Germany because there is no service that can rival besides of course from resorting to torrenting illegally. I obviously don’t understand the film business but when a company has sony pictures/ Columbia under their umbrella you think they would be a driving force for change instead of clinging to the old ways.

    Sony is such a fantastic company, I love their televisions, cameras with the new and innovative sensor tech, games machine, films etc. But it’s frustrating to see them shooting themselves in the foot. I just really hope Playstation Now will not make the same mistakes as the video store will.

  • I’d have preferred the battle la or zombieland tbh :(

    oh well its free so London it is

  • I’ve purchased something and didn’t recieve a code. [deleted] I’m in Australia. If anyone from sony is reading this hurry the hell up and give me my damn code

  • I bought a game on the 1st before I got the email and still not recieved a download code.

  • Just got my code today and it ain’t even working. Gee, thanks.

  • Nope, waited for PS Store to update, code still doesn’t work. Thanks for nothing, Sony. Send me a non-working code why don’t you

  • I got a code this morning it says invalid or already used when I try use it. Thanks what a treat.

  • Are people really complaining about receiving free content? You know you aren’t being forced to watch it, right?

  • Well i am total [deleted] on my free download. I purchased from the UK PS store and i am living in Germany. I got palmed off with the London Download. Which will not work at all and whats even worse if i would of purchase from the German store i would of been stuck with battle los angeles in german…..Any suggestions what i can do here peeps.

  • i’ve bought 5 things form the psn through july and have had no code at all. i would have rather had one of the other movies but actually being given the uk one when i was promised it would be nice sony!

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