New Freedom Wars trailer offers up story details

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More on Japan Studio’s high-concept futuristic action RPG

It’s my distinct honor to bring you more information regarding one of the biggest PlayStation Vita titles of the year – Freedom Wars! The exciting futuristic action game launched last week in Japan, so we wanted to make sure to deliver a few more details to our SCEE-based “Prisoners.”


Those who were able to visit the PlayStation booth at E3 might have had a chance to play our multiplayer co-operative demo – thanks to all who stopped by! I saw a lot of expert thorn-wielders soaring across the skies of the Panopticon, sawing Abductors apart and saving civilians in order to decrease their 1 million year sentence of penal servitude, and I must say, I was very impressed. However, the one recurring question I continue to hear from the community is – “How’s the story?”

Well, let’s take a peak:

As you can see from the trailer, Freedom Wars promises intense co-op action with a captivating storyline. I’d now like to leave you today with a message from our Japan Studio Producer, Junichi Yoshizawa. Yoshizawa-san has been tirelessly promoting Freedom Wars throughout Japan across the past few months, so I asked him to share a few words with the community:

“Last week, we were finally able to release Freedom Wars in Japan. To celebrate the successful launch, I wanted to take a moment to write a message to our eager fans in Europe.

“Freedom Wars is a title I created to realise a dream of mine. My vision was to develop a PS Vita game that took advantage of the handheld system’s unique features, enabling gamers to come together via ad-hoc and Wi-Fi to overcome terrifying enemies. PlayStation has a storied legacy of creating innovative experiences and our collective goal was to create a Vita game that brought gamers together in a socially connected, location-based, co-op experience.

“In order to do that, I gathered a number of well-known developers with an impressive pedigree for creating some of Japan’s most beloved titles – developers Shift and Dimps. These two developers both produce high-quality, interesting titles, but in this case I wanted to utilize both of their strengths, so I asked Shift to be in charge of game design, character design and story, while Dimps handled programming, graphics and direction.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004


“The collaboration between these two developers has been wonderful and the ‘Freedom Wars’ that they have helped create has three distinct strengths:

“The first is the outrageous world and story, where prisoners are bound by a million years of penal servitude for the sin of “living” and need to fight for their freedom.

“The second is a new game where the goal isn’t to just defeat your enemy, but to save people from your defeated enemies and create a multiplayer experience where you can clearly divide up responsibilities among your teammates.

“The third is a ranked competition where players can contribute to the areas they actually live in and battle on behalf of their own “city state.”

“With the coordination of each of these pillars, we created Freedom Wars – a testament to our collective vision of delivering a frenetic, co-op action game that we believe will please the Western community when it launches later this year. Take care!”

— Junichi Yoshizawa

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  • This game looks sweet!

    Not that I’m complaining (I’m not!) but it kinda looks funny that we have exactly the same message from Junichi Yoshizawa as Americans but only with swapped regions. But like I said it’s not that I’m complaining I find it funny (not in bad way).

    But please we beg you, please do remember that there is large group of people who do not like digital version of games. I and probably few others won’t buy it unless it will be released with physical retail edition in EU. Please it is important for some of us… please give us choice to let people buy version of game they prefer. I’m not denying that there are people who will want to buy it from PSN… so please do remember that there are old-style gamers who want nice box with physical games.

    And I really can’t wait to play it… when pre-order starts (again… I “beg” for physical release not only digital)

    Ahh and one more thing to Junichi Yoshizawa: Thank you!

    • Oh and any chances for dual-language?

    • Did they confirm that it’s digital only in Europe? I didn’t read that anywhere.

    • No one has confirmed yet if Freedom Wars will be digital only in EU. So calm down before bashing.

    • @Hogen
      No, I’m only extra cautious… some people says that you can already pre-order game from amazon and… one more shop… bu it is nothing official so those might as well be canceled later if things will go bad for us.

      So yeah I’m just being kinda paranoid :P But gosh… I do hope it will get retail

    • GAME still has it for pre-orders. Otherwise I hope it doesn’t go digital only,

    • Heads up:
      Physical retail edition is coming 100% to NA… but we still don’t know about EU…

      “Hey Archacus,

      I can only speak for SCEA, but we’re fully planning on a retail release for the Americas.

      Hope you’re looking forward to the game! :)”


    • oh and one more thing it has japanese only audio with english subtitles… so yeah I’m quite happy about it.

    • Damn shame it’s not dual audio. More options are always better than no options, and for me personally I’d much rather have a decent full localisation than be stuck with dialogue in a language I have no understanding of, that I couldn’t even begin to judge the voice actors quality in.

      Still really looking forward to the game, and hoping we get the physical version too, but a half arsed localisation kinda puts me off buying it day one.

    • @Nazar_Ops Since since the EU is getting screwed out of retail releases ALLOT lately and the game is STILL not up for for pre-order on Amazon UK people are rightfully worried.

      I swear if SCEE jumps on the “digital only is good enough for the EU peasants” bandwagon as well i’m permanantly switching to an NA account and take my money there.

    • I think we won’t get it after all… on US blog 62 replies… we got only one….

      If they wanted to make retail version they would just say so… and we would be able to pre-order it from

      Huh… that’s disappointing.

    • I appreciate it’s not the response some of you want to hear, but I can confirm that Freedom Wars will be a digital only release in SCEE.

    • Then guess what Fred? Not going to buy it now, was looking to forward to play this great game for months but with SCEE not considering a retail release. I’ll pass, thanks for nothing!

    • You can’t be serious SCEE! Freedom Wars is supposed to be the big Vita Game for this Fall and it doesn’t even get a retail edition? It’s especially ridiculous considering that Vita Pets had a retail release.
      Even importing would be a hassle because of that stupid Online Pass.

    • Then no buy for me. Good thing the NA version is only 30 bucks.

    • Digital only? Thanks for saving me some money. I’m not really into hunting games, but wanted to support the biggest release of the year on my beloved Vita. But if Sony doesn’t care, why should I? No way I’m buying it. And I’m not importing either – there will be DLCs and they wouldn’t work with my game, so thanks but no thanks. This is totally absurd. You release Putty Squad and Vita Pets in retail, but don’t care to release the biggest game of the year!? That’s retarded! If you don’t want money, you won’t get it. I’m gonna get this game through PS+ either way at one point…

    • No retail = No buy
      This is the exact same reason the PSP GO was DOA.

    • I can’t believe that this is not getting a retail release. Thanks for destroying my hopes and losing yet another sale.

    • Digital only is the one reason I decided to skip on Soul Sacrifice Delta, despite liking the first one.

      Both SSD and Freedom Wars are supposed to be big games for the Vita, I don’t udnerstand why they aren’t getting retail releases on both regions (NA and EU).

    • I find amazing that third parties (NISA above all) are supporting PS Vita better than Sony: the decision to release the only high profile first party title announced so far for the near future as digital only in Europe says a lot about their willingness to support the platform.

      Can we expect something more for PS Vita from Sony, beyond repeating every few weeks how great remote play and indie titles are?

    • … Ridiculous.
      Al the Vita possessor is waiting for this game. And meanwhile Ratchet&clank HD and Pets have a retail release, Freedom Wars will be only on PSN ? SERIOUSLY ?
      SCEE, you’re just ridiculous. People begin to be tired of that [deleted]. With Oreshika, it’s the biggest Sony’s production for Vita actually. Vita have a lot of game, but everybody think it’s dead. And it’s because of you.
      Vita’ll be my last Sony system. Without a regret.

    • Why the hell is one of Vita’s biggest releases of the year not getting a physical release?

    • While I will be content with a digital release, Sony Europe really need to consider how on earth they expect us to keep paying for these digital releases when the memory cards are still so extortionate…

    • Yeah, definitely not going to support digital only in europe. Where does all this hate for europe come from? Vita sells even better in here in europe and still we get this poor treatment. Why?

    • no physical version = no money from me

    • I cannot believe it. You are selling a japanese product to otaku-like people who collect figures and stuff, and you want to sell it in France in digital version only ? You are selling mlore and more digital versions and WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE THE TOO EXPENSIVE 64go card ! LOL
      I won’t buy this game even if I really wanted too.

  • Really looking forward to picking this up day 1.
    It’s kind of funny how my Vita and PS4 usage have swapped around with each other. I’ve gone from gaming daily on my Vita to barely using it.
    I hope we get some more great Vita announcements at TGS and Gamescom. The machine deserves it!

  • Bring it to PS3 or PS4 if it stays on Vita I’ll pass :(

    • “later this year” so I’m guessing that it will be around November/December (rather December)

      If it would be earlier we would know the release date by now… so if we don’t know that means that it is later than September….

      but yeah like I said I’m guessing

    • From US blog reply of Nick
      “Can’t quite give you a release date yet, (still working hard on the localization) but I promise you’ll hear it here first! Thanks for your patience!”

      So probably end of the year if they are still working on it.

  • cannot wait for this, Vita needs more games of this kind of scope. Why Sony thinks we are happy with only indies and ports is beyond me. Everyone should buy this to support studio Japan and show Sony we like big exclusives.

    • Like your thinking!

    • I just hope they do as Tearaway and killzone got the shaft from vita owners lets not repeat that mistake

    • I wanted to, but there’s no way I’m buying it if it’s digital only. Big exclusive? Yes! Digital only? No!

      PS. Indies do suck, but ports aren’t that bad. Though it would be best if these were port of old PC games and not PS2/PS3 games. I just can’t wait to play Grim Fandango on Vita! Would buy other games like KOTOR 1&2, Gothic II, Morrowind, Baldur’s Gate (there is an iOS port, why not port it over?) and other big classics, these would be ports (thus cheaper than new games), but at the same time would be “kinda” exclusive on this console. Vita needs projects like that, since Sony stopped developing new games in the West.

  • Looks good, I am cautiously looking forward to it because if it’s digital only then I won’t be buying it. Hope it’s not because if it’s touted as one of the “biggest releases of the year” then it deserves a physical release.

    This is Sony’s chance to prove the vita isn’t going to just become some rubbish, overpriced downloadable games platform.

    • Amen!

      I asked on US blog about the chances of physical release… and it was once again avoided by Nick… ow well maybe he can’t tell us yet…

      But yeah even if I’m all hyped about this game (I bought Vita knowing that it will come) I won’t buy it unless it will be retail edition. So yeah… I understand you.

    • I’m not against digital games. I love that psone and psp are available digitally. I’m against Sony’s digital storefront.
      1. Games are overpriced.
      2. The interface is garbage.
      3. The memory cards are undersized and overpriced.
      4. There’s no easy way to see what you own.
      5. It doesn’t work properly half the time and people keep complaining about license issues.

    • @Serpantino
      Yeah I understand, I have nothing against buying PSP and PS one game as digital games… I mean that’s only rational :)

      Well I bought 2 digital games:
      -Atelier Meruru
      -New little king’s story

      Atelier worked fine… still if I had chance I would buy it once again but with physical edition. (double profit for them :P)

      But New Little King’s Story worked like… well worked rather poorly…

      And I agree most of times the price is equal to physical… that’s something rather wrong.

      Interface? You mean shop? Or download list?

      Memory Cards… yup yup I 100% agree

    • @Archacus
      I think @Serpantino was talking about our purchase list on PSN that is non existing. Like Steam, we should have a “library” page with every game that we purchased.

      Could you answer me one question?
      I have physical games and some digital ones. Imagine that tomorrow Sony is bankrupt or just look at 10 years at the future, where are no vitas (or very few) on the market. What happens to our digital games?Does Sony legally have to make them forever accessible?

    • @GICorreia
      Nope they don’t have to :)

      It is like with online games… they have right to shut down servers whenever they want.

    • Both. The shop itself takes ages to load and rarely loads all entries and the download list is an utter mess with no quick and easy way to find games you own on it. The issues have been around and complained about for ages, it’s pure laziness and lack of caring about the customers that has left it the way it is. Sony Europe is consistently the worst company I interact with and needs a major overhaul and restaffing.

    • @Serpantino
      Huh… you know what… even this thread proves something. On US blog 24 replies… and it is now sure that they will have physical release… here… nothing… and we don’t even know who should we contact to get info whether we will get it…

      But if you will say something about it on blog… it is quite sure you will become public enemy… if you will complain about something most probably you will be ignored by blog team…

      Gosh… I hope we will be able to buy Freedom Wars…

    • @Serpantino
      6. DLC is dumped on one big pile instead of being sorted by game like it should making it a PITA to find what you need. Some DLC is even dowright missing and can only be found be the search function.

  • Really cant wait to play this, heard great things from people who have had hands=on with it!

  • So we have a release date for The Order 1866 and Driveclub, but not for Freedom Wars which is already been released in Japan. Another evidence for a low priority for Vita.

  • The story looks amazing, and I watched a few Hands-on and stage demos on youtube, it’s the third best new game on Vita that I’m expecting great things (that I can’t get anywhere else), first was Gravity Rush, then it was Tearaway.
    I would also love to know when is it coming to Europe.
    Lastly, I would throw a word to the developer, publisher and all parts interested, don’t remake this on the PS4, but pick this up, blow the graphics over 9000, but with this “anime” style to it, find a new spin on the story and refine some gameplay elements and you will have an amazing game on the PS4.

    • Really ? No physical for EU ? Why ?! I want this game and i wait for it a loooong time but this new make me really sad…… I want a physical version, come on guys , don’t be so rude !

  • i hope this will be compatible with the PS TV. i’ll play it there.

  • Can we assume this will be compatible with Vita TV/Playstation TV, since the Japanese version is?

  • And will there be physical release of the game? I do NOT buy Vita games on digital (unless dirt cheap) for the simple reason that Vita is single-account only. I don’t want myself, and just one of my many accounts, to be the only one in the family to be able to play a Vita game.

  • Heads up:
    Physical retail edition is coming 100% to NA… but we still don’t know about EU…

    “Hey Archacus,

    I can only speak for SCEA, but we’re fully planning on a retail release for the Americas.

    Hope you’re looking forward to the game! :)”


    • anyway maybe someone with twitter can contact Fred Dutton and ask about it? Maybe he can find out whether we will get retail or not.

  • Oh man I am so looking forward to this, and I really hope that Sony understands that we in the EU also want a full retail release of this title!! Digital only is no go for me, as I’ve stated before, and I know there are many out there who don’t want a bunch of zeroes and ones instead of something you can actually hold.

    Due to the negative trend of download-only titles for the Vita, I’ve started to boycott games that I would’ve surely bought if they had been retail releases (i.e. Soul Sacrifice Delta etc.). Please make it happen SCEE!

  • @Ms. Florence Kum
    Can you tell us if we are getting retail edition?

    Please… it is really important for some of us… I will pre-order it as soon as I can.. but only if we will get retail physical edition… please. I’ve been advised by Mr. Nick Accoridno on US blog to ask here on SCEE blog…

  • @Ms. Florence Kum
    Please we BEG YOU!

    US blog got already 62 helpful replies… we got 1… please at least give us 2!

    WE BEG YOU! Please we want to hear just few words “EU will get retail version” that’s all we want to hear! What I can do to get reply? Or if you don’t plan it to make available in EU… than tell us… I will stop watching trailers so I won’t feel that bad when NA will be able to play it…

    PLEASE! Huh…

  • Just in case, I’ve already asked on US blog about playing online on imported version.

    Mr. Nick said he will need to find out the answer. But when I will get one I will be sure to drop a message here.

  • Totally getting this. I love the art style and I can’t think of a game from Japan studios that I haven’t enjoyed.

    That being said I hope we get a retail release, but even more so dual audio please! Japanese games need Japanese audio for the full effect.

  • hello folks
    i bough the ratchet and clank trilogy
    it should be a cross-buy title(in description)
    now i bought it because of the nice advantage
    and i cant see it in my download list
    theres just the ps3 copy
    can someone assist me pls
    best regards

  • Hello? any reply?

    Mr. Nick told me that I will get my answer if I asked on EU blog… in fact he was even more than helpful as he promised to look into and say if we can play online on imported game.

    We’ve been asking for physical retail edition since ages… so please do not ignore us and don’t dissapoint us. EU is bigger market than NA… I won’t ever forgive you if you won’t release it… it might be nothing for you… you might laugh and say “go ahead”… but I won’t buy it from digital store… I’ve never ever buy any single thing from NA market… I’ve been trying to help EU market as hard as I can… but if you will betray us… than I will buy most of my games from NA.

    Freedom Wars was one of the reasons I bought Vita… but I won’t buy it if you won’t LET US have retail edition.

    • in case there wont be physical release in EU, do NOT import this game unless you have US/Japan/Asia PSN account,
      because this game has ONLINE PASS CODE with its Japanese and Asian releases (it was released last week in Asia region)
      i`m just amazed how Sony still holding with the online pass thing even EA and Ubisoft have ditched it already.

    • @alice
      Thanks for the heads up.
      I guess its time to permanantly switch to an NA account on my Vita once this game is released. It pains me to lose my game saves on this account but lately the EU seems to get treated worse and worse. Late releases, poor communication, digital only and high prices compared to NA.
      Its like were back in the PSone era.

  • if you people would just look at Florence Kum.s name best name ever oh and if this post goes wrong blame DizzyQViper :D

    • Hey… lad… let me tell you something:

      1. You are talking about woman so you better behave
      2. You are making fun of somebody’s else name that’s just childish
      3. Would you be so kind to tell me your own name? I’m quite sure that we would find some foreign language in which your name would sound ridicules.

      So… you should just apologize. Critique would be fine, but making fun of sb else name is bad idea.

  • oh and DizzyQViper people that switch to NA accounts can not switch back to eu accounts :D

    • You can. But its a pain in the butt to do on the Vita because Sony rather adds a useless calander app noone asked for to the Vita OS instead of implanting an account switching system like the PS3 people have been asking for since day 1.

  • Hey SCEE can we get 1 more reply?

    Will we also get retail edition of Freedom Wars? Simple question = simple answer just “yes” or “no”.
    Please we are waiting too long for simple reply.

    • 58 replies in this article, about 20 of them are yours. I think they get the message by now.

    • @zalweldgoadgaan
      Close :P 19

      Actualy this will be 20… so yeah you are 100% right. If you said the number without reading I must say that you might be oracle.

      The question is… did they even read anything? On US blog I wrote… hmm… 6-8 replies? and nearly every time Mr. Nick replied and tried to help and chat a bit. Right now on US blog there are 128 replies from official staff (251 comments). That guy is simply great!

      And here… well part of my posts are just infos copied from US blog, other are replies and big part is begging for reply :P So yeah… bit foolish of me, but it is kinda imported for me as I bought console mainly for that game… oh and I hope that each time number of posts will go up… maybe… someone will finally give us reply.

      But yeah… it might be better idea for me to just shut up…

    • Yeah, communication can be a major difference between regions. Sometimes we get the short end of the stick, sometimes it’s the US who gets the silent treatment. Even if we cause a major stink here, it’s easy for them to ignore us when their articles/messages amount to nothing but notepad-level copy and pasting. I’m buying Freedom Wars digitally when the price is right, but everyone does have a right to know whether it will get a physical release. And if they still don’t know, that only shows how seriously Sony takes the Vita. The video up there is a copy paste job, they didn’t even translate the text at the very end of it.

      Seriously, we got one staff reply and that was only because they saw € signs in the post they were replying to, haha. I’d say, keep up the good fight.

  • I anticipate this game much the same as I’ve anticipated Soul Sacrifice. As in I want to pre-order it on PS store, pre-load it as fast as possible and then spend 2-3 months devoting my free time to this thing. The reason I’m going digital here is that I’m sure store will be full of DLC. You never failed me with Soul Sacrifice, Sony, don’t fail me now. My money is ready.
    First time is always magic. I’ve bought SS Delta day 1 but barely played it after hundreds of hours in original. Might just play it some more while waiting for Freedom Wars.
    P.S. I haven’t watched the trailer. I want to go in completely blind and unspoiled.

  • Hopefully a physical release this time, I’ll import it from NA otherwise.

  • Ok guys just to let you know… we won’t be getting retail edition…

    I feel that I made huge mistake by buying Vita… gosh :/ I wanted to play it so much…

  • This game has 200k sold copies in first two days in Japan… No box in EU? Go home, SONY, you are drunk…



  • Great, digital only. Another game I’m not playing then. Thank you sony for taking care of my wallet, it’s so easy to decide not to spend money in these cases. Vita Pets doing well?

  • Biggest first party game in 2014 is not getting a physical release while PS Vita Pets and R&C Collection does? The way Sony threats Vita makes me sure that im not gettin a PS4. Gonna skip it.

  • Not happy with digital only. Not happy at all!

  • I am so extremely disappointed with this growing digital only crap.

    Another wonderful game that will go straight into the shadows of the “great” PSN Store in EU. I was almost certain this would get a physical release, but now I know never to get my hopes up for any more Vita games and my respect for Sony is slowly dwindling due to the way they’re treating us Europeans (many examples the last year, with Drakengard 3:s digital only being the worst).

    There are no excuses for this! That’s one more game I won’t be playing then, since Sony locked the regions so I can’t get US DLC on my EU Vita.

    Back into the dusty recesses with you Vita, although the console has so much promise. If this is the way they treat their “high-concept” titles, I will now lower my expectations even more. When it all turns to digital only, it’s retro all the way for me.

  • I’m tired of this crap, SCEE throws at us each time a new game gets released. I’m switching to NA region.

    • I’m considering switching to an American account too. The only problem is that I’ll lose access to the (few) downloaded games I have. And this is totally hilarious, because this problem wouldn’t have even occoured if I had all my games in physical form (I would have lost only the save files, but not the game itself)!!!

  • So screw us Europeans right?

  • I bought a Vita yesterday for this kind of crap.

  • ok, what the hell is that crap? we didnt get physical SSD, we wont get physical neptunia, and now this? Just tell me why, just give me a reason por that, because we have our pride. A physical pride, and we are tired of this.


    What does Sony Europe do all day? They can’t get their online store working properly, they can’t get prices fair, they can’t bring the huge backlog of games readily available in the usa to the store, they can’t secure physical releases (not even of their own stuff.)

  • Just a quick info about our situation right now:

    msg. from Fred Dutton on twitter:
    “@Archacus I appreciate it’s not the outcome you wanted. As ever, I’ll make sure your feedback is heard.”
    So Mr. Fred will pass the info that we are not happy about it…

    msg. from Nick Accordino on twitter:
    “Dear EU Freedom Wars fans – I love hearing from you, I just can’t make any promises re: SCEE version of the game.”
    and maybe also this msg… but not sure if it was directed to us or not
    “We’ll be talking about online functionality on the blog in the future, so please stay tuned for that.”

    We will bring this game one way or another, I won’t accept foolish decision… no way in hell… I bought my Vita for that game and I will play it on physical retail edtion one way or another. So if you are active on Reddit or NeoGAF or any other big gamers society sites keep this issue active. Let them know what we think about it… pass the msg to anyone that can help you… twit it or share it on facebook… do whatever you need. If Type-0 thread could reach 200 posts that this one should reach 1000… but only if you will act guys.

    Oh also side note: don’t go on rage spree, mkay?

  • Be careful Sony, especially SCEE, you’re killing PS Vita! Remember PSP Go, games were digital only, and the sales were… limited! I’ll pass on it til we get RETAIL version!


  • Sony phony pony company

  • I’m interested in this game because it brings innovation in the monster slayer action co-op genre. I would like to buy it because it seems a good game. But I don’t want to be forced to “go digital”. Sony’s memory cards are overpriced and I’m not going to conform just to have my toy. No thanks.

    No freedom of choice = no buy

  • It’s a travesty that this is not getting a physical EU release! Is Sony that embarassed by the quality of the game that it wants to sweep it under the rug, to be ignored and forgotten?? I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I saw the first Japanese trailer, and this is like a kick in the guts. I’m sorry Sony, but I will not be buying this, even though I could. To do so would send you the wrong message. I care about physical releases both from a collector’s point of view and because it means not having to clear space on my memory card. I sincerely hope that you will change your mind SCEE!

  • I don’t get why everybody is complaining about it being digital only. It’s one less game to buy. Sony want us to save money! Be grateful! Also, it can’t be that good if they don’t even want to make physical versions. Buy Vita Pets instead, they clearly have faith in that.

    Seriously, this is just insulting. And let me guess, Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines is going to be digital only in Europe too? Because screw Europe, right?

  • Really no physical? Its just been all Disappointing news after E3…..Please bring a physical version to EU!

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