The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle unveiled

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The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle unveiled

Pick up a console packed in with Naughty Dog’s action classic next month

We’re really pleased to confirm that we will be releasing a PS4 bundle for The Last of Us Remastered in Europe!

It has a €429.99 RRP and will include the following:

  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • PlayStation 4
  • DualShock 4

TLOU PS4 bundle

Grab your interest? Check your local retailers for listings to pre-order now.

Finally, just in case you missed it, check out the latest E3 trailer above showing off The Last of Us in all its Remastered, 1080p glory.

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  • Any news coming soon on the Upgrade Discount that Naughty Dog said they were looking into?

  • Awesome! I’m sure that this is going to move some systems. Is there any actual gameplay footage coming, by the way? Would love to see the difference between this and the PS3 version.


    Very nice but will there be a discount or upgrade system for the peeps who bought the ps3 version? Cheers.

  • @Alex, replying to the question posed on Twitter “Very happy to reveal The Last of Us Remastered PS4 bundle. Who could resist?”
    My answer is: “Anyone that hasn’t lived of under a rock for the last year. SCEE behaviour regarding customers, ps+ subscribers, ps vita and every other thing is just sicking. No one in it’s right mind will continue to support a company like SCEE unless it’s policies change a lot and for the better.”

    BTW, I don’t own and can’t afford an HDMI TV, so it’s very unlikely that I’ll buy a ps4 in the near future.

  • Having brought the original TLOU, with season pass, I really hope I am offered some sort of discount for the PS4 version.

    • Have You ever get any discount, when upgrading Your favourite movie from VHS to DVD or from DVD to Blu-ray? It’s sad truth, but I really suspect that gaming industry will be going exactly the same way as movies.

    • Gamers – ENTITLED!

    • @Christoff1985, one slight problem with that analogy, in local currency a game is RRP $120 while a Bluray will go for about $30 day of release. investment for the consumer is smaller so it’s not really the same thing even though on the surface it sounds fair enough.

      I won’t be paying anywhere near full price for it, because price doesn’t equate to a ‘second viewing’.

    • Last year I bought a Pugeot 206 and I didn’t get any discount upgrading from my Pugeot 205. There practically the same car too!

    • But you can sell your old car. You might not get as much but that is because wear and tear is factored in, something completely irrelevant for games.

      If you bought the game on a physical disc you can also get a discount, by selling/trading it in.

      If they want us to buy products without any physical media to trade in later then its in their own best interests to offer a discount if the game is re-released on a newer console and that console is lacking backwards compatibility. If they don’t we simply will stop buying from PSN. After all, a lot of people paid over the odds for the PSN release in the first place.

  • Got a price for the UK yet?

  • A heads up on the digital download price would be nice even more so seeing as the americans have had the price reduced from $60 to $50 so it will be interesting too see how much we get charged.

    • The difference is already getting returned.

    • I never asked about refunds.i said it would be nice too know how much it will be for us on the uk/eu store.with the scea price getting reduced will we see a similar price or not when ever scee feel we are worthy of being told the price.

  • Absolutely the best Ps4 bundle so far, if you have not played TLOU on ps3 yet. The real bargain with 1080p.

  • hurry up and release the game please, want to replay it a 4th, 5th and 6th time lol.

  • Would be nice if the console had some kind of decal though, atm it’s just a PS4 with TLOU?

  • The BEST console ever + the BEST game ever = :P

  • @nulenvoid: I absolutely agree with Your point of view. I’ll also never pay the same amount of many for the same game with just upped graphics. I’m not even consider buying, because I prefer playing game once, maybe twice in the row and move on to another game.

    But for the greedy corporations this is easy income. Most people will buy because it’s been awarded over 200 GOTY awards (Hooray!), it’s the best game of the last gen and it’s now in Full HD (again Hooray!).

    Gamers should really start votting with their wallets. If remakes like this will sale well with the full price, then more projects like this will keep emerging, maybe in 4K, 8K etc. with even higher price tag.


    • This-if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Sony (and ND) are not forcing you to buy this game. They also owe you nothing if you purchased the PS3 version/DLC – I own the digital PS3 version and still see the added value in trading up (the season pass content alone makes this almost worth the £30 I have this pre-ordered for)-this is more than just an up-res to 1080p. If that’s all you see then don’t buy the game-you will be disappointed.

  • So is the game censored again? I didn’t buy the PS3 version because it was censored and I will not buy this crap either if it’s censored.

    • Completely agree. If this is censored I won’t touch it. Which is a shame as I want to play the game.. just VERY anti-censorship (and the ethics surrounding it), especially when it’s done to a country that I don’t even live in.

    • Would like to know if it’s censored as well. Unfortunately, I see a repeat of last time. Hide it, wait till the community finds out after release, then ignore for as long as possible.

      Question has been asked multiple times and never receives an answer. If it was uncensored, there is no reason not to say so.

    • MP is still censored, afaik. If you didn’t buy the game because of that then you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Same for those who didn’t buy South Park solely because of the cut scenes in the EU version. Think about what you are missing out on by the censorship and weigh up if totally boycotting it is proportional. Again, think about what you lose out on as a gamer, rather than “screw Sony/ND, I want them to lose one sale”.

    • “Think about what you are missing out on by the censorship and weigh up if totally boycotting it is proportional. Again, think about what you lose out on as a gamer, rather than “screw Sony/ND, I want them to lose one sale”.

      But you don’t have to miss out on anything. If it’s censored, buy a used North American copy. You get the full uncensored version and don’t give ND an additional sale.

      Also it isn’t just about the censorship, but the utter disrespect shown for the EU by ND. For those who have not followed we have had:

      Hiding the fact it was censored.
      Completely ignoring it when it was brought up by fans, right up until they had no choice but to comment as people were not letting it go.
      Not giving a straight answer as to why (eventually they settled on blame SCEE).
      Using uncensored footage to advertise the product to the EU players (go look at the EU mulit-player reveal)
      Straight up trolling (Thanks for the support, when someone was upset they had to buy a 2nd copy)

      Even now, they refuse to answer.

      Really, it’s not hard. Is it needlessly censored again, yes/no. Then let people make up their minds, all this ignoring and hope it goes away, just shows once again how little ND care about their EU fan base.

      So it isn’t just about the censorship, but everything surrounding it as well. Do you really want to support a company who thinks so little of the EU market?

    • “Think about what you are missing out on by the censorship and weigh up if totally boycotting it is proportional. Again, think about what you lose out on as a gamer, rather than “screw Sony/ND, I want them to lose one sale”.”

      Censorship of any kind is unacceptable, especially when the game has a PEGI-18 classification, and even more so when it is to please one specific country in the EU, screwing all the others in the process.

  • I really loved this game on PS3, played it and cleared it, so i see no point buying it again.

  • Yep, ordered my day one edition from Zavvi, £34.99. Screw these massive price hikes!!!

  • Should be £29.99 on psn to start improving digital prices. Maybe £14.99 if you bought it digitally on ps3

  • Don’t get me wrong, this is one of my, if not my favorite games of all time. I would love to play it again seeing as I skipped the DLC to play it on the inevitable PS4 version but I just can’t help not being blow away by the “remastered” visuals.

    Is it just me? I can barely notice the difference, it just seems to look more “illustrated”. Sure it’s crisper and at 60fps but feel a little let down I guess :(

  • Give us option to delete insulting Singstar crap from our PS3’s, then we can talk about buying your stupid PS4.

  • About time the ps4 had a decent game sony not impressed it took this long and it’s a ps3 remake, thank god I still have a ps3 a wii U and an xbox one my fav next gen console so far lol.

  • Finally a bundle to make me sad I only have a PS3 but I still refuse to get a PS4 until Sony sort out the lack of DLNA on the PS4. Voting with my wallet no matter how much I would love a PS4 for this.

  • Are we going to have stereoscopic 3D added to this? It will be well received and definitely an additional I sent ice for those of us who have played the game on PS3 and enjoy 3D.

  • It will be worth it. I recently heard they achieved 60fps. They say it looks like it was originally made for ps4. Thats quite spectacular for them to achieve high standards, it comes with the changes and the dlc so you can’t really complain for what you get. If you don’t agree then don’t buy it was made mainly for those that didn’t get the chance to play it

  • I didn’t have a chance to play the ps3 version so seeing it like this on ps4 makes me happy I’m going to get another opportunity.
    I don’t have a ps4 yet I’m looking for the right deal.
    This bundle is sparking intrigue in me but I really would like to know if the ps4 ultimate bundle that comes with a ps vita is a mith or not?

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