New The Order: 1886 video – Introducing the Lycans

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New The Order: 1886 video – Introducing the Lycans

Go behind the scenes at Ready At Dawn to learn more about the game’s antagonists

It’s been an amazing E3. From the PlayStation Press Conference to the days that followed, we had a series of reveals that shed more light onto our game. We went into E3 with two demos that illustrated different aspects of the game; the battle in the streets of Whitechapel and the Lycan reveal in the London Hospital.


It was great to see players finally get their hands on the demo and accustom themselves with one of our signature weapons, the Thermite Rifle. We also debuted Blacksight, a gameplay mechanic based on the Knight’s use of Blackwater, and saw many players make good use of it against the Rebels.

Now, with the show behind us, we are diving back into development. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth and everyone else who sent us feedback. We really appreciate it.


Without further ado, we would like to introduce the second video in our behind-the-scenes series, entitled “The Evolution of the Half-Breeds”. It will give you some insight into the work we did to create the Lycans and show you some of our early work as well as the final design of our main antagonists. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Bloodborne, The Order, The Last of us, Metro…games are getting super dark these days…I like it!

  • I’m already set on buying this game so I will be avoiding all videos now. Don’t want anymore spoilers. :D

  • Originally, they made it look like it would have 4-player co-op and that’s the only reason I wanted it. Not interested in a single player game.

    Just give me L4D1 updated for PS4 and I’ll be golden ;)

    • Meh. I hate all the games (AC5, FarCry4, God of War) going co-op and multiplayer. It’s rare to find a single player game these days and a developer that is openly passionate about making one.

      I Don’t believe the hype around all this “we now have co-op”, “Your friend can join in with a tablet” or “multiplayer can now make everyone be the hero” nonsense. I think the hype is very artificially created and although cool technology, they are not going to improve my experience, they really never have for me anyways.

      If I wanted Multiplayer/co-op there’s games for that. From RAD I want an awesome single player game I can enjoy for myself. :)

      After I play it, I shall store it on my shelf, like an old classic book next to the other great “single player art” I love so dearly.


    • best comment ever lamanuwa
      There are co-op centric games or experiences out there (Helldivers coming soon, or Killzone’s new DLC), no need to have games that try to do everything and don’t excel at any of it. I’m getting The Order’s collector’s edition as it looks like an awesome and atmospheric SP experience (my favorite kind!)

  • Looks good. Not really interested in single player third person shooters though but if the story is anything good I might pick this up later if I can get it for cheap.

  • What an amazing new team the PS fam has with this one. The details and thoughtprocess they put into just transforming is encouraging and I hope Sony has many more of these new teams full of potential. At this point the only ps4 exclusive I’m truly excited for, besides Uncharted 4 ofcourse.

  • Looking forward to the game, it looks awesome but it’s pretty sad that I have seen more of Ru Weerasuriya than I have of the game!

  • To be honest, I’m not “feeling” these lycans. I guess myself (and many others) expect the typical werewolf, with its face having a bigger wolf-likeness. The more “human” heads just feel weird, and are kind of turn-off.

    Please add some proper “wolf-like heads”. That’s all I ask, their bodies are perfect the way they are, just, fix the faces.

  • I like them sorry I couldn’t resist can’t wait for the order it’s going to be awsome.

  • Well I entered here expecting some nice gameplay footage, all I got was boring talk for a boring interactive movie.
    At least the Japanese section of Sony makes games.

  • Thanks for the article Ru, I’m really looking forward to this.

    Just one request, please don’t let the hype take over! We’ve been plagued with games which simply haven’t lived up to the hype their marketing teams have generated, so please make sure the footage you release is at least in the same ballpark as the game we’re all looking forward to playing.

    We can handle the fact that our PS4s aren’t on the level of a ultra-spec gaming rig costing the same as a small car but it’s much harder to handle the disappointment of buying something which is nowhere near our expectations. Hope this is as good as it seems to be turning out, best of luck finishing off the game :)

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