Your first look at The Legend of Korra on PS4 from PlatinumGames

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The action specialists take on the popular animated series

It’s no easy task to adapt the critically acclaimed animated series The Legend of Korra into a third-person action game. The beloved show fuses martial arts, varying philosophies and world cultures, and an exquisite story that follows in the footsteps of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

What better studio to take up the challenge than PlatinumGames (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)? The team has spent years meticulously crafting combat systems that marry style and substance into a visual maelstrom of fast, addictive action. And with Platinum’s knowledge of martial arts choreography, Korra couldn’t be in better hands. Revealed just yesterday, The Legend of Korra is coming to PS4 and PS3 this year. And we got to play it.


The Legend of Korra follows our rough-around-the-edges-but-ever-so-charming hero after the events of Book Two, but before the start of the upcoming Book Three. For those unfamiliar with the Avatar universe, Korra is the latest incarnation of a long, long line of peacekeepers meant to preserve order between four nations, as well as bridge the human world with the spirit world. At the start of The Legend of Korra game, Korra has suddenly lost her ability to bend (manipulate the elements) following a strange encounter with a shadowy force.

In the interest of avoiding spoilers, let’s just say the demo Platinum showed off revolves around Korra recovering her bending abilities, unlocking each element in turn — starting with waterbending.


The moment that Korra sets foot on Air Temple Island, it’s clear that Platinum has invested a great amount of energy into making this an authentic experience. While Korra and her opponents are rendered using cel-shaded visuals, the backgrounds are an eye-catching fusion of 3D set pieces and painted backdrops. The Legend of Korra runs smoothly even in its incomplete state, a key requirement for a combat-heavy game.

Korra’s ability to bend all four elements means that the player can harness four different fighting styles that each play a role on the battlefield. Korra can throw whips of water to attack chi blockers at a distance, or meet aggressive mobs with slow and powerful earthbending techniques.


The Square and Triangle buttons govern the different attacks, with each strike in a combination capable of an additional charge for extra damage. This system is easy to pick up but also provides more weathered gamers room to develop finesse — especially when it comes to counters.

In true Platinum fashion, hitting block at just the right moment will enable Korra to reverse an attack, leading to a spectacular counter move. Like Metal Gear Rising, these counters are snappy and satisfying, layering a much-appreciated need for precision on top of Korra’s moveset.

And what third-person, Platinum-developed action game would be complete without a few juicy RPG elements? Indeed, Korra can slowly level up each bending art to allow for more devastating abilities, from summoning whirlwinds to knocking boulders into the air. Special finishing techniques will also be purchasable from the in-game shop, which means gamers get a little loot spice for flavor.


Of course, Platinum has worked closely with the series creators in its effort for an authentic Avatar experience. One of the show’s lead writers helped script the story, and the actors behind Korra and the gang have returned to lend their voices to the characters. Platinum even went so far as to study martial arts reference material in order to best showcase the beauty and power behind bending.

Lastly, Platinum confirmed that a pro-bending mode has been fully recreated in The Legend of Korra, including the actual rules from the show. Take it as icing on the cake!

The Legend of Korra arrives on PS4 and PS3 this Fall, and will also feature a few surprises that “scream” PlatinumGames. Whatever that means, it’s probably amazing.

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  • are those ps3 or ps4 screens?

    the fact im asking says something lol

    • Agreed. It SAYS on PS4 on Flickr but they are 720p and have some pretty horrible aliasing which I wouldn’t expect on the PS4 version. I should think this art style would come off much cleaner on PS4.

  • GG Will play! Platinum Games are awesome, can’t wait to see what they do with Legend Of Korra which is also awesome :D

  • I much prefer ATLA to Korra, but this definitely has my attention.

  • Is there gameplay trailer anywhere for this?

  • Playstation owners would like Bayonetta 2.
    Sweet dudes at Sony, please do something about it.
    Thanks :)

    • Won’t ever happen. This game was created only because Nintendo paid for it… so no… can’t be done

      BUT I would say that SCE need to do exactly the same regarding Vita (do you remeber guys what’s that?) Pay developers to make game for it! That’s how you sell handhelds.

    • Even Mass Effect and Ninja Gaiden 2 were funded and published by Microsoft.
      Sega is the owner of the IP.
      Publishing doesn’t mean anything other than printing copies, advertising a game and distribute it.
      That’s why we can pressure Sony to ask Sega for Bayonetta 2.
      We must make Sony know we want the game, not whine with “not going to happen” thingies

  • Too bad Legend of Korra sucked badly, couldn’t believe how bad it was after the masterpiece that was The Last Airbender. Soo you guys picked the wrong series to turn into a game.

  • Honestly I’m super excited about this news. Korra + Platinum Games so I hope to see some gameplay footage just to put any woes to rest.

    Also I do hope that Book 2 gets its UK release soon, otherwise its going to be a bit weird playing this game if its set after Book 2 and the series hasn’t even aired here.

    • Well you could import the Blu-Ray form the US.
      I imported Book One and it works perfectly on my PS3.

      (Book Two Blu-Ray ti’s out July 1st in US, next week)

  • PlatinumGames – great.
    Activision – worst.
    Downlodable game – bad.

    Waitin’ for Bayonetta 2.

  • As a fan of the new Avatar series, better in many aspects than the original, I’m looking forward to this one!

    • Controversial opinion. The fact that it is modernized and has a strong female lead is great (stronger than Katara was originally). But it lacks the comedy, adventure and sense of cause that the original series had. Still a great series, but it many fan’s opinions mine included it will never be better than the original.

      But anyway, this game looks great. I have been hoping for a good Avatar game for a while, Platinum Games are perfect for the franchise

    • @wadud92 It’s true that it doesn’t have the comedy of the original series but it’s a more serious one in tone. It also isn’t as much of an adventure but it’s effectively set in one location and isn’t structured as a road trip. However it does have a cause in both books; the first focuses on the balance of society between benders and non-benders i.e. the elite and commoners; the second focuses on the balance of the spiritual world.

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