Watch Project Morpheus blow minds at E3 2014 – video

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Watch Project Morpheus blow minds at E3 2014 – video

Find out how the PlayStation VR headset went down at this year’s E3 show

Of all the wonderful sights and sounds awaiting attendees at PlayStation’s E3 booth earlier this month, one of the most entertaining attractions – not to mention busiest – was the Project Morpheus area.

The virtual reality headset attracted some of the biggest queues on the showfloor, with a selection of demos on offer, including The Deep and EVE Valkyrie and a new Street Luge experience in which players sat on a bean bag as if on a sled, and then navigated their way down a steep track using head tracking while dodging oncoming traffic. Maybe you saw US talk show icon Conan O’Brien getting to grips with it?

While these demos were hugely enjoyable to play, onlookers had almost as much fun watching players’ reactions as they immersed themselves in Morpheus’ incredible VR universe for the first time. To bring you a flavour of what it was like, we put together the above video, entitled ‘Faces of Morpheus’. Check it out, and stay tuned for more on the hardware as development progresses.

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3 Author Replies

  • Looks brilliant — been waiting a LONG time for a viable VR headest! I know it’s early days, but any idea of a rough/estimated/guesstimated price?


  • madmanwithabox12

    The Deep looked awesome. Really atmospheric and chilling.

    It would be really nice to see this same enthusiasm and promotion for PS Vita on the blogs though. It’s all “Hey look how awesome the PS4 is! How about that VR?” but there’s very little being done to talk about Vita. Take the E3 recaps for instance. It was all “wasn’t this PS4 thing awesome? This PS4 thing was awesome too! You like PS4?” and practically no hype for Vita. Part of Vita’s problem is that people aren’t aware of what it is/does/has to offer.

    • Lots of cool PS Vita stuff coming up, fear not. Did you see our E3 Vita sizzle reel?

    • @Fred
      Just had a look at that video and only two things in that looks interesting for me. Tales of Hearts R and Freedom wars. I worry about the Vita with what happens after those games.

    • madmanwithabox12

      I did see the sizzle reel. But again, a lot of it is old news. Why no footage of the new announcements? Tales of Borderlands, Disney Infinity, Wolf Among Us, Grim Fandango, Gravity Rush 2 etc. Beside which, I’m referring more to the lack of any promotion on the PS blog (both in Europe and North America) compared to the amount of stuff you push for PS4. It’s pretty disheartening for those of us who actually like our Vita. =/

    • madmanwithabox12

      To add to that, how much of what was shown in the sizzle reel will actually hit Europe? That’s also pretty concerning to me. Then you have games like Persona 4 Dancing that won’t see Europe until the time has come for the Sun to swallow up the Earth.

    • Fred i know this is a bit off topic but its something that has been REALLY bothering me lately when it comes to the Vita this year.
      Allot of games (Muramasa, Mind 0, Conception II, Nepunia Rebirth, Blazblue, etc) on the Vita are digital only for the SCEE zone while the SCEA zone gets the games retail and often much cheaper as well.
      It really makes us feel disrespected. Its like publishers just go: Europe? eh just put on PSN and replace the $ with a €.

      Is this problem at least something that SCEE aware of? I know these thing are up to the publishers but it would be nice if at least SCEE could talk to the publishers and convince them to take the SCEE zone a little more serious because at this rate EU Vita owners are better off switching their acount to a NA one.

    • @Fred Dutton
      How about showing some other games?

      We heard about those games for ages…

      You said huge number of games… but it doesn’t seem true to us. We want to know what will come after Freedom Wars, Oreishka, Danganronpa and… hmm… indies…

  • Looking forward to release date and price
    As a fanatic of immersion and atmosphere my interest is piqued, as long as it supports more well done games than Oculus rift (all those bite sized 5 minute horror games are a waste…)

    Going to get slapped for OT but unrelated, we need more info on Deep Down!!.. Western release, japanese beta window (and will foreign IPs be blocked from playing it?), more gameplay, etc… That game looks too good to just be under the radar so much

  • Looks amazing! I really really want to try out The Deep

  • Hey Fred sorry for out of topic,but when the PS plus IGC will be revealed. I know that its this week but when?

  • Hey guys,
    When is the PS Plus update??

    • Normally the ps plus will be announce the day before the wednesday is out. sometimes monday so next week. =]

    • @ollie when I asked Fred he told me this week the games will be announced,but idk when.

    • The PS Plus games are announced the week before they go free on PS Plus, which they do on the first Wednesday of the month. They are usually announced between Wednesday and Friday, although most commonly Wednesday.

      So they will likely be announced later today (probably around 15:00-18:00 UK time). And if they aren’t, they’ll probably be announced either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

  • It’s not that I don’t like the VR helmet, I love it, but unlike another VR helmet this one isn’t for sales.
    I’m all for showing developers this prototype but for consumers this is a bit early. Maybe show some exclusive that will be released 2014 or a much needed update for PS4 or an explanation about prices, the degrading of Plus quality or the reason why this site hasn’t have an edit button to name a few.

  • Im an Electronics Engineer, however I don’t work in the consumer electronics industry. I and a lot of my colleagues are absolutely captivated by the potential of this new platform.

    My question to you is,

    Is there a place on the internet, where people like me who are willing to offer their input to make this wonderful product better at no charge?

    • I have a few ideas I have been thinking about. I have the utmost respect for your R&D team and I’m sure they’ve thought of everything. Anton Mikhailov is my hero!

      OK. So, here it goes;

      1. Include a proximity sensor on the inside of the headset. This can detect weather or not the device is being worn or not.

      2. As soon as the head set is worn the the PS4 switches to it’s VR friendly UI. It transports you into a virtual location. Heavy Rain, anyone?

      3. Within this virtual location, you find that you can see exactly where the DualShock 4 sits (in the real world) with respect to the headset. It helps to have both hands free to adjust the headset on your head, after which you need to find your controller.

      Thanks. :)

  • Sony. This looks so good. I love the idea and i love your hardware. However your software support AND marketing is beyond tragic.

    If you compare this with Occulus and other offerings on the market – they all have a huge following and are incredibly open to developers. This ultimately makes them the more attractive option as people can get in there and create content or hack around and play with the technology to maximise their experience.

    I can see Morpheus turning into a beautifully made piece of kit with very little support. Just another peripheral that has huge potential but is wasted. Other than a few fancy launch ‘gimmicks’ – who is developing for this?

    After how you guys have handled the vita and consistently let fans down over the last two years at E3 in something that you are now almost sidelining – why should we be convinced you won’t be doing the same with yet another great bit of kit.

    You guys make amazing hardware. Great build quality, great RnD, and a joy to use but then you fail to sell it and you fail to feed it with stuff to keep it alive. Please sort your marketing out. Please push more into supporting your toys with some genuine commitment to good exclusive games and experiences and you will increase your sales all around.

    • I could not agree more. As nice as Morpheus looks i cant help but feel it will end up like the eyeToy, PSMove and 3D tv due to lack of support.
      Sony really needs to step up their marketing for their products. You know something is wrong when people ask if my Vita is a new model smartphone…

    • I need to agree I can see support dropping like hot stones. I wouldn’t buy morpheous even if came out a £1 lucky bag. I see it being an expensive accessory gathering dust. You say #4 the players? Just make great games!

    • I still feel like the failure of Vita sales has a lot to do with SONY not releasing the console worldwide within the same time period.
      They released it in Japan, 4 months prior to anywhere else with no method of even exporting it. So everybody around the world just read a whole lot of bad news about it not selling very well in Japan for 4 whole months before they released everywhere else.
      Imagine if the same took place for the PS4, it would have really hurt sales. Since PS4 didn’t sell very well in japan either.

  • as good as it looks i cant help but think if it doesn’t do too well it will be abandoned just like you have with the vita. the vita was finally getting some momentum but after E3 its future i not so bright as much as i like indie games this is not way i bought the system.

    • True and last review with Shahid doesn’t help SCE…

      They should really forbid people from giving interviews… most of times they don’t know what they are trying to tell. just pure nonsense and blabbering of incompetent silly people.

    • Hopefully TGS will show Gravity Rush 2, maybe something else new and then it’s Gamescom which was prety good for Vita last year.
      Where is Rogue Legacy, Isaac, Frozen Synapse Tactics etc?

  • I’m going to wait some more time… but I’m not quite sure about it right now. I mean it looks cool! It is like .hack or SAO come true… but I also heard that some people got nauseous after using it and in some cases after few minutes headaches.

    So yeah… I’m all hyped… but also kinda cautious.

  • Fantastic , please Demo in Bristol uk :)

  • Hi Fred , do u have a time table of when and where the Morpheus Demos are pls

  • This is looking far more like the VR headsets we really wanted when we tried them 20+ years ago…

  • Looks exciting, but what if support drops off a cliff like it did with 3D, PS Move, and PS Vita*?

    *yeah yeah, I know theres a billion indies coming, thats not my point though.

  • Yep another who would travel (not too far though) to try this out, so if theres planned demo’s then a post giving us heads up would be appreciated, was reading m$ were making their product the same as reading glasses type size, or is this more spin, suppose they Will be that size someday, not too long ahead either, just a exciting prospect with endless possibilities, can’t wait to get hold of em.

  • Very excited to try it out. Been using the hmd for games and it’s a lot of fun. How about an advanced preorder to show application to early hmd adoption. I’ll preorder today. ;)

  • I do want one when released, I really do. I am afraid a lot of people may watch it for the first year making sales lower than should be to make sure it is not only used for novelty games lie it did when 3D games came out. Also, after making the mistake of buying a vita early on i shall also be waiting and watching and hoping it does really well and is compatible with many good games. I am a fan of horror games however I will not by them for VR as I will probably end up having a heart attack through fear :p

    • Good point. I hate it when they release new platforms with a whole bunch of horror games, just cause they are easier to make.

      I vote for SciFi.

  • Everyone with a ps vita should save their money and get a ps4 , remote play is fantastic

  • easy: enable 3d movie support on the PS4

    enable movie support project morpheus
    buying the oculus rift + omnitrack for the same price as sonys morpheus
    will not be selling a lot of devices for sony

  • After seeing the absolutely awful price disparity of the PSTV I’m gonna actively suppress my excitement for Morpheus. I can see this being $299 so unless there is a major change in policy before this is released we could be looking at £350 quid for the UK release.

    I guess we’ll have to wait until GamesCom where a SCEA exec can announce US price and availability at the event then reveal the details for the European release a day or two later in a behind closed doors interview.

  • TargetFinderKing

    Very exciting.

  • Something tells me this isn’t going to make it to market, and if it does there’ll be a handful of average ‘tech demos’ as games without much or any support from 3rd party.

    I really hope I’m wrong!

  • as much as it pains me, really can see this being a big failure for Sony. don’t get me wrong it looks interesting. but can see it being overpriced and will end up a gimmick with one or two good games and the rest shovelware. lets be honest if it doesn’t do well it will be dropped like a hot potato just like the VITA. with all its potentially can see it being the kinect of this generation. and after how the vita has been treated by sony i really don’t think i will buy any of your products apart from the flagship console.

    • So, you are saying, lets all hold out and not buy the Morpheus until it is proven to be successful? Did you do the same for the Vita? Isn’t that just going to guarantee the failure of the product you care about?

      Maybe you are hurt by the fact that Sony didn’t pay lots of attention on the Vita you invested in this E3, and you are taking it out on a different device that they didn’t pay much attention to at E3 either.

      I have to be honest here, I have a Vita and I’m more than satisfied with it’s functionality and the games. I’m even holding out on games that are already available, just so I can play them on my Vita on the go.

      These platforms don’t just need support from developers, publishers and manufacturers. They also need support from consumers who believe in them. Without that there is only so much companies can do.

  • I am very interested in project Morpheus but like a lot of my fellow gamers I am worried about it and this is why:
    PS Move was released: brilliant controller when combined with the navigator specially for FPS far better than Kinect. All FPS games should have supported Move as an additional control option and sony should have promoted it more as the best controller for FPS.
    Stereoscopic 3D was released, very good and really enhances immersion and game play and yes some people don’t like it but some really do. PS4 is more capable of 3D but so far only one 3D game (trine 2 superb by the way). 3D could be an addition like a DLC that those who like could purchase (I am not into multiplayer but love 3D).
    PS VITA was released and is the best portable hardcore gamer machine on the planet offering a precision of controls second to none. No new first party games announced for it and the best mobile games are not on it. Instead we should just use it for remote play.
    My point is Sony you release amazing hardware innovative peripherals but you give up on them quicker than a child gives up on his new toy. Now I am nervous when you announce anything new because you lack conviction and determination to support what you release. I am afraid to invest in anything new because you give up before people have the time to try.
    My optimal VR experience will be Morpheus sitting not standing with the move and navigator controller not DS4 it breaks the VR immersion sorry + stereoscopic 3D which is a must with VR. You have all the tools sony, put them together and believe in them and support them with content. Don’t declare it a fad after two years because you know it takes longer for people to invest.

    • Completely Agree. At the risk of sounding defensive I’m going to lay down my opinion regarding what’s going on.

      Both Stereoscopic 3D and Move were incomplete products. What’s the point of ST3D if you can’t look around things? What’s the point of Move if you have to look at a screen to see what you are doing? But IMO these are not wasted technology. Because Morpheus is the final piece of the puzzle that will integrate both these technologies to their full potential.

      But you are right, that won’t be enough though. They are going to also need a killer exclusive that wins the hearts and minds of everyday people to succeed. That NASA project won me over :)

  • yo sony make a music visulizer for morpheus so i can watch lazers with my beats

  • Sony…. I know what I want and a lot of other people too; Really it’s a no brain errrrrrrrrrr. Morpheus compatibility for ‘No Man’s Sky’. DONE! I’m on the floor epileptic fitting. Imagine that, (not me epileptic fitting by the way) being able to travel and survey planet to planet to space; With friends, in VR….. The amount of time I would invest would be astronomical; Probably live in that world, lol! Make it happen SONY! Use the Force young Jedi’s, Use the Force.

  • GT 6 will be the first fully playable game for this….and I will rush out and buy it as soon as…

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