RESOGUN Heroes expansion launches tomorrow – full details

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RESOGUN Heroes expansion launches tomorrow – full details

Brand new world and game modes unveiled in full

Hey there PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles here – back again as promised to give you some information about our all new expansion pack, launching tomorrow: RESOGUN Heroes.

RHE_Screenshot 4

For those of you that missed our recent blog regarding the free game update feel free check it out here and come right back… we’ll be here waiting.

So let’s get right to it – this is our first major expansion for RESOGUN and we’ve spent a lot of time making sure in terms of playability and enjoyment it’s right up there with the main game. We’ve got a couple of new modes and all of this centers around our new world; Avernus.

Welcome to Avernus

RHE_Screenshot 1

In Greek mythology Avernus was the gate to The Underworld and not a very nice place. Our own futuristic homage to this mythical gateway is a dark foreboding planet where the Sentients have retreated to since you turned up to kick their ass and save the last humans.

Avernus is a dark place full of new enemies and the mysterious Sentinel craft all of which are not happy to see you coming back for more. Gameplay here takes place in two entirely new modes so let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail.

Survival Mode

RHE_Screenshot 2

Survival mode is RESOGUN turned up to 11. In this all new mode you’ll descend onto Avernus with the sole purpose of taking the fight to Sentients. Attacking the stormy city on an all new day and night cycle where you’ll battle to destroy everything that moves.

Things are tough in Survival though – you only have a single life to last as long as you can however a few things have changed to improve the odds in your favour.

The Humans you saved are back and ready to help you power up. Parachuting into the level frequently they can be immediately collected to power up your weapons and give you the edge with several power ups including an improved shield, Clock (turbo speed), overcharged weapons and much more. Add those to your boost, overdrive and guns and you’re a true force to be reckoned with.

At its heart survival is a true high score chase and we’ve improved the leaderboards and post-game feedback you can expect to see when you die (and die you will). In addition to this we have a couple of cool additions to keep you pushing forward against the waves.

  • Fallen Heroes: These are holograms of your ship placed on a timeline representing your best performance to date. Do better and the fallen hero will activate and, if collected will improve your shield and weapons to aid your survival.
  • Monuments: Nothing pushes you like beating your friends! In survival we place Monuments representing your friends (or global) scores around you. Beat the score to destroy the monument as you move up the leaderboards to glory.

Survival is pure RESOGUN through and through and we can’t wait to see your scores.

Demolition Mode

RHE_Screenshot 3

Say hello to the “Wrecking Ball” and your new favorite game mode.

In Demolition you take the fight to Avernus at night armed only with a proximity bomb weapon which recharges after each use. No other weapons, boost or overdrive here. What you do have to hand is the Wrecking Ball which, when caught in the explosion of your proximity bomb, will fly off around Avernus destroying everything it hits… including you!

This all new game mode is RESOGUN meets Arkanoid with a touch of Pinball and it has to be seen to be believed.

The Wrecking Ball powers up after destroying 1,000 enemies and what’s more power ups will provide you with multiple wrecking balls and instant recharges of your bomb. It’s a risk and reward strategy where more Wrecking Balls equals more carnage but pose far more danger to your small vulnerable ship.

We can’t wait to see the reactions to Demolition as it fast became everyone’s favorite game mode here. This style of experimentation gameplay while keeping the same addictive and frenzied core is exactly what we’ll look to provide more of in future updates.


We’re going to honour your fight in Avernus with the addition of yet more sweet trophies to the game. This pack will push you to the limits with specific challenges across Survival and Destruction mode. We’ll be back with a trophy guide very soon.

Pricing and availability

This was previously announced by our friend Mikael from Housemarque so here’s a reminder for those that missed it first time around:

“The Heroes expansion will go live on 25th June and the full price will be €4.99. But, we are also providing an option for you to buy a season pass that includes the Heroes expansion pack, and will let you be the first to download more great game add-ons that we are developing, as soon as they’re released, at no extra cost.

“Future expansions will add yet more game modes, along with a range of other content, additional trophies and the original soundtrack, and the season pass is attractively priced at a lowly €7.99, which is simply a steal for the convenience it offers and ensuring you have the full and definitive RESOGUN experience.

“And, if you don’t have RESOGUN, there will be a discount on the main game from 25th June to the 8th July.”

So that’s about it – we hope you all enjoy the Heroes expansion pack as much as we do and stay tuned for tips and tricks and news of future update soon. Now, go take to the fight to Avernus and prove yourself as Heroes.

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  • Price seems fair, assuming the 8 Euro will be £6 or so. right?

  • stood respecting ur generosity sure .
    season pass sold Q.Q

  • That’s a very affordable price tag, to be honest. Especially the Season Pass. Bring it on!

  • Trophies are already on PSNProfiles

    You have recovered – Collect a Fallen Hero in Survival mode (Bronze)
    Don’t make me pull the trigger! – Survive for 5 minutes in Demolition mode (Bronze)
    Save the last humans – Lifetime total of 1,000 humans saved in Survival mode (Bronze)
    I came in like a Resogun – Accumulate a total Wrecking combo of 1,000 in Demolition mode (Silver)
    Live to die another day – Survive to see the dawn of the 5th day in Survival mode (Gold)
    Don’t leave me! – Destroy 10 consecutive Sentinels before they escape in Survival mode (Silver)

  • Local co-op was all I (we) needed to get into the game, thanks a bunch!

  • Looks like I’ll be creating a 2nd account, only way i’m going to be able to buy the base game due to Sony’s retardation (How many times must I ask before you’ll let me buy games that were previously on plus? It’s not that hard to implement >:( ) Anyway, def picking this and the season pass up tomorrow :)

    • Why can’t you buy it?

    • As it was on PS+ already, you are not allowed to buy the game if you already downloaded it via PS+. IMO Plus is a rental service and I’d rather own the games I like, which Sony seems intent on stopping me doing :/

    • such lame this….i want to buy it!!!

    • Why purchase it when it was free? Just go to RESOGUN and select “Download”, job done.

      Given the necessity to be a PS Plus subscriber for online play now the game is yours indefinitely.

    • Sorry to sound very offensive, but I truly for the life of me understand the stupidity of some people. You already have the full game from Plus which you got for free and you want to pay money to ‘own’ the game even though you already have access to the entirety of the game???? If you were to cancel Plus why on earth not just buy the game then, instead of completely wasting money on something you already have? I’m sorry but I read your second comment and just could not believe what I was seeing.

    • *Can’t understand

    • I’ll give you a reason why this is a problem.

      If a great sale comes along for something and you’re locked into plus for another month or two you’ll miss out on the sale. When you come off Plus you lose your stuff and on top of that miss out on the sale of something you might have wanted to keep after ending Plus.

      You are under the assumption that people will be on Plus forever, never leaving it. For people who don’t play online it also means nothing.

      Do you understand yet why this might also be a problem?

    • @orbitalshark

      and what if I choose to not care about online play? Then it isn’t indefinitely is it?


      The stupidity is in getting people to lap up a rental service (which is what PS+ is) you may take great joy in that, but if/when you lose PS+ say goodbye to all those games you love so much, whereas I’ll still be able to play them.

      At least people like Winter-Dragon have sense and understand the problem with PS+ :)

    • Yes, but why not pay for the game once you no longer have plus. Otherwise you may keep plus forever (which I most certainly will, can’t understand why people would cancel unless they had financial problems) and will have wasted your money. There is a reason why Sony don’t let you pay for the game if you got it on Plus and that is because it just makes zero sense..

    • “Yes, but why not pay for the game once you no longer have plus.”

      Because it’s on sale now, PS store prices have a notorious habit of never being reduced, its very rare a game gets a permanent price cut. So being able to buy it at a good price makes total sense.

      If it wasn’t for the online trophies in KZSF I probably wouldn’t have brought plus, in all I’ve used it 5 days since purchasing it with my PS4, so I may resort to just buying a month as and when I need to. This also means the PS+ games will be pretty useless too.

    • “There is a reason why Sony don’t let you pay for the game if you got it on Plus and that is because it just makes zero sense..”

      Why is it people who own things like netflix etc still buy films then if it makes 0 sense? Because not everybody likes to rent, there are some of us who prefer ownership :)

    • Plus is not a rental site it is far better. With normal rental services you get a certain amount of days with whatever you rented and then you have to return it. With plus you have the games forever as long as you subscribe to the service making it far superior to a normal renting service. As to what you said about when games go on sale that is an exception and I completely agree with your point. As far as I am concerned Plus is a great service and I would never dream of cancelling my subscription.

    • I’m sorry but I have to disagree, with netflix, love film, skynow etc you pay a monthly fee and have unlimited access to their entire library, although PS+ only allows access to certain games, it is still just a rental service in that when your subscription ends you lose all access to items tied to it :)

  • Great, I can’t wait to get the season pass!

  • Thanks for putting the main game on sale tomorrow! I was seeing all these updates and thinking “I’ll have to get this when it next goes on sale” :-)

  • The free update is fantastic (Gaf has some really great UGC going on with those ships!), then following up with reasonably priced DLC-this is something I can get behind day one.

    Does anyone know what/how many other expansions are planned for Resogun? I’m trying to work out whether to get the season pass or not…

  • Season pass sold!
    I can’t wait for the update!

  • More utterly brilliant updates to this great little game, thank-you Housemarque.

    I’ll be going for the season pass without a doubt, can’t wait to get on the new modes, Killzone may have to wait ;)

  • its still not i the store !!!! i cant wait !!!!

  • As always here in the EU we’re treated as “second class” and have to watch as the US get to play.

    What about updating the store at a reasonable time in the AM?

  • It;s live and I’m just downloading now so GET INVOLVED!!!

  • Bought the season pass keep getting error mess saying “This content cannot be selected at this time” ?

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