Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept co-op expansion hits PS4 today

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Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept co-op expansion hits PS4 today

Find out more about Guerrilla Games’ latest project

We’re happy to announce that Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept will be available from PlayStation Store from today, 25th June!

In this action-packed, online co-op expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall, you and three of your friends must try to establish a secure uplink to VSA headquarters from behind enemy lines while fending off an army of Helghast soldiers. To complete your mission, the four of you will have to rely on solid teamwork and make the most of your unique combat roles.


We’ve worked hard to make sure that Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is fun and easy to get into, but difficult to master. With four different combat roles to learn, four brand-new arena maps to explore, three powerful enemy bosses to defeat, and an endless supply of Helghast soldiers to overcome, this expansion will present a formidable challenge to even the most grizzled multiplayer veteran. Thankfully, you’ll be able to unlock powerful bonus abilities such as jetpacks and mortar strikes to temporarily help even the odds.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is available for £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95, or for free to Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass holders. A fully compatible standalone version of the expansion will be released in early August, and additional arena maps are planned for later this year.

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  • Great news. Is this the last Season Pass DLC?

  • Looking forward to play this tomorrow (hopefully). On the other hand, do you know about graphic errors and little freezes now and then after today’s update, Victor? It is a little bit annoying…

  • Hope see season pass in sales soon

  • Should’ve gotten this seperately instead of getting the season pass.. Will probably never even play that extra class for multiplayer lol.. Seems like DLC is gradually getting standalone versions all the time now too. (Beware of that if you’re a trophy hunter though. I got the standalone dlc of AC4 and it gets a seperate trophy list but the full game counts the trophies of the dlc in your total too. So if you had 100 procent and got the dlc seperately, it’ll no longer be at 100 procent.. That standalone trophy list should overwrite the other one and not get a seperate listing.. These are things that should get looked at.. Like combining the trophies for all versions of cross buy games, no need to have 3 different listings of the same game on different platforms, just add them in one but do make the trophies count..)

  • This sounds absolutely terrible. It’s pretty much what I expected we’d get from the devs, but I had hoped otherwise.

    Yet another pathetic ‘Horde Mode’ co-op in a game, instead of making the effort and creating some REAL co-op content.

    Welcome to yet another CoD Zombies, CoD Aliens, L4D2 Survival Mode, GoW Horde mode, etc., etc., etc. Utter unoriginal tedious crap!

    I want a refund on that Season Pass and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever buy anything else by this team.

    • please tell me what is “real co-op”

    • Story/campaign co-op is ‘real’ co-op.

    • i much prefer this type of co-op, i’d never play that one. story/campaign is for a single player experience

    • co-op is co- op if its story wise like bordelands or like zombies in cod its always fun to play toghter. (sorry bad english i from belguim).

    • Ive personally played multiple hours with random online teamates, and im happy to say that this is a great DLC and soon to be a stand alone title! Fun OBJECTIVE based survival mode and soon to be my most played game. So play it and dont judge please.

  • $14.95? Really?

  • Buy the season pass save some moolah ;)

  • Shadow fail, has my starting game on ps4 it started off a steady flow of disappointment for me.
    My ps4 is now back in its box after only playing it only twice this year for watchdogs & infamous both awful games.
    Now it’s time for the last of us remastered to save ps4 for me hopefully it does lol.

  • This looks pretty nice!

  • Why did I think this was story co-op? I guess I was just kinda expecting it to be that, we really haven’t had any good co-op experiences on next-gen and it’s been ages since current-gen had anything decent.

    Was totally gonna get this, but since it’s not story co-op I’ll pass :(

  • Come on GG(or anyone!) :D do a 4 player split-screen off-line mode(or even mix it up & have online & off-line people play in the split-screen modes) with Bots & with all the past multi-player levels of KZ1/2/3&SF :P That would be the BEST THING EVER :P Yep it will never happen, oh well :(

  • I see, this was totally copy-paste from US blog or something similar as they didn’t even bother to change the date…well….not suprised

  • Good luck finding a match if your’e in Australia

    Every session i end up getting booted back to empty AU server after joining US or other server when round ends.

    Unless playing at peak times…… and then you will be matched against a whole 12 man clan vs however many on your side.

    Please fix matchmaking system and allow region select like in KZ3

  • Can’t wait. I watched some twitch streams this morning and it looks amazing

  • I only have one friend who has this game :(

  • Please be playable with friendly AI…

  • Think i will pick this up today, could do with some easy going people to play with so if thats you add me PSN: graphicology


  • It would be good if I could download the DLC!

    Getting a message saying “This content cannot be select at this time.”

    Anyone else getting the same message. Going to see if I need an update on my T&C’s

  • Real co-op as others have said is campaign, or story, based with a start, middle and end – not just defending an area until you die, or run out of enemies.

    Left 4 Dead campaign was full co-op, and great fun. Aliens: Colonial Marines was a terrible single player game, but superb in co-op play and felt a lot like L4D when played that way. CoD:WaW let you play the whole campaign in co-op, as have other games. I like ‘real co-op’, not hordes :)

  • Left 4 Dead is my favorite co op game & also one of my favorite competitive games ever. I can’t wait for Evolve as Turtle Rock know what it takes to make a great co op experience. Even Dead Island was great on co op.

    Horde mode is just lazy, but if you enjoy it, enjoy away, you’ll love this if you like that mode.

  • Played it a while and it’s pretty damn fun! Would’ve prefered co op with progression in the environment (like the brilliant Operations mode from Killzone 3) but this is great fun too. Definitely looks like it will rekindle my interest in the game. Hope to see a lot more maps though so it doesn’t get stale too fast. Operations mode didn’t have enough maps either but I played it for countless hours on just 3 maps, hopefully this’ll last me that long too :p

  • It is quite fun, but only if you have a full team (or at least 3 minus Marksman). Nothing really new and agree with the poster above that objective based progression would have been better. Still, will have some fun with this as long as there are people playing…

    …bots would be a welcomed addition though, at least then a full team would be guaranteed.

  • i was ment to have won the DLC but still dont have it, this was from the first comp that they done, Killzone lost some many players over that comp, shame they scammed so many people over the new year.

  • Muito bom ja garanti o meu meu sesson pas

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