Watch the extended Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 trailer

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Watch the extended Kingdom Under Fire II PS4 trailer

Take a closer look at the forthcoming action strategy epic

The team at Blueside is pleased to reveal an extended PS4 trailer of our upcoming, grand action/strategy game Kingdom Under Fire II.

The trailer was edited using real gameplay, like all our former trailers featuring Kingdom Under Fire II. The extended version trailer shows more detail and additional battle scenes running on our powerful, in-house Blueside Engine. The music was composed by renowned game and film composer Cris Velasco, who has been featured in the God of War video game series.

The main motif of this trailer is a raid mission — the war against Celes, who is a powerful monster and key character in Kingdom Under Fire II.

Each of the three playable characters in the trailer showcase their unique skills with various troops on the battlefield. However, they face a serious crisis thanks to a powerful attack by Celes. At that moment, Kendal — one of the main characters in the series — appears as support for the playable characters, and the war continues.

Sang Youn Lee, producer and director of Kingdom Under Fire II, noted that: “the trailer we unveiled at E3 is all made with real-time gameplay without free rendering. The play scene is about extreme mission in the keep of Ecclessia where Celes, the powerful boss monster in Lv.40~50. As you can see in the trailer, hero’s action and massive troop battle is the core of this gameplay. Also the game structure is totally based on MMORPG. This makes players available to level up hero and troop.”

With its streamlined controls and MMO strategy system, Kingdom Under Fire II will guide players into epic battles.

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  • The game looks amazing, I’ve been playing the series since the PC game (Loved that) and the original xbox games (loved them too) not a massive fan of the 360 game though tbh.

    I really cant wait to play this but, I tried to create an account on the website but it glitched. When I tried to create the account I got an error message and asked to try again, however when I do it says my email and my chosen username are in use already but when I try to retrieve the password to my account it says no account exists with my email. So my email and username are in limbo somehow.

    So unless that gets fixed I don’t think i’ll be able to play this and I really want to as well :/.

    I did contact your KUF help team but I havent had a reply yet and thats been a week and a half at least.

  • Great graphics, but each strategy game stands and falls with its UI and controls. That’s where I require a closer look! ;)

  • I don’t really get how that strategy MMO I going to work in the game

  • Loved the original Xbox game and CoD was OK on 360. I’m not a big fan of F2P but Warframe was amazingly great at what you could achieve without spending a penny so I will try out this game when it launches!

  • The game looks good, but I’m worried about the female characters. They look very voulnerable with their lack of armour, especially in the area around the heart.

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