PS4 rail shooter Blue Estate out next week with Plus discount and demo

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PS4 rail shooter Blue Estate out next week with Plus discount and demo

Watch the brand new trailer for the OTT action game

Hi, I’m Viktor Kalvachev, the creator of Blue Estate and today I would like to introduce you to Tony Luciano, one of the two characters you can play in our brand new arcade shooter.


Life isn’t always easy for the only son of the Boss of the West Coast Mob. Your dad says things like, “Your mother still cries herself to sleep every night for giving birth to such an imbecile.” Tony grew up an angry kid and became a vicious killer, whose diplomacy skills begin and end with a .357 Desert Eagle.


Blue Estate is out next Wednesday, 25th June, with a free demo available for all PS4 players! And for as low as €19.99/£16.99 with an additional 20% off for PS Plus members, it just doesn’t get any better. Play the demo alone or with a friend in co-op mode, enjoy some good old light gun arcade action and spread the word. Once you’ve mastered the game, you can up the next difficulty level and really test your skills.


Should you need any more info, feel free to visit our official website and our Facebook page! GET READY FOR A HELLUVA RIDE!


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11 Author Replies

  • Looks kinda fun. Does it work with the Move?

    • Viktor Kalvachev

      The dual shock is actually a lot more responsive and precise than the move. I strongly encourage you to download the demo and give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised. It works the same way, but you are no longer dependent on a camera, giving you the opportunity to play in any position you feel comfortable in and reset the reticle as often as you need.

  • No move support no buy. Yes I know the game use the Dualshock 4 motion but it’s not the same.

  • Thanks for adding a demo, really looking forward to trying this out on my PS4!

  • Will the PS+ discount be permanent? Or it is until some day ?

  • I am buying this. But I do wish there was PS Move support. The PS4 supports PS move right? Obviously you need the camera but am sure there is a good % of people with the PS4 camera and move right?

    • Me for one.

      I agree that DS4 has awesome motion sensors, the on-screen keyboard and Infamous: SS prove how good it is. But still, aiming with a gun shaped controller is going to “feel” better. Infamous specifically could be very twitchy though of you moved the controller too quickly it would lose calibration, less likely to happen with Move IMO.

  • Will it be available in Germany?

  • Seems like the perfect game to dig out my Sharpshooter as well. Such an underused accessory as well :-(

  • to Viktor Kalvachev and all playstation 2.3.4 users

    AimTrak Light Gun

    the best gun

    Emulates a USB mouse and game controller. No drivers required.
    Compatible with all PC OSes and Playstation 2 and 3 and 4
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    Up to 4 guns can be used together

  • Sorry to join the chorus here, but much as I love games like this, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to not have Move support. I’ll try the demo, sure, but I really think patching in Move support later is something you guys should consider. It’s been the perfect implement for PS3 games like the House of the Dead titles and Dead Space Extraction, so it’d surely work great with Blue Estate also.

    • The dual shock does precisely what the move does, only better as you no longer need a camera and rely on calibration. I hope you give it a try :)

  • I’d like more support for move in ps4 titles generally (hurry up morpheus) but this game looks fun regardless. Roll on next week so I can have a shot.

  • @Sony., I would LOVE to try the demo .. but I WON’T .. Let us DELETE demo’s after we are done with them .. I cannot STAND the fact that they remain in our library/download list for ever ..

    Seriously .. I cannot delete the destiny alpha on PS4 or the destiny of spirits from my download list/library .. I have NO use for them. They don’t even work anymore .. it really angers me every time I see it. Also we need categories .. I have a download list that’s 8 pages long. It must be hell for people who are with Playstation far longer than me. Make it like Googleplay at least .. let us delete free and promotional content and preferably add categories .. PLEASE.

    (sorry for all the caps .. )

    • It gets worse if you have PS3, PS4 and PS Vita – as its just one combined download list. Even better, if you are trying to find a cross-buy title it doesn’t tell you which version is which. You just have to guess that the PS Vita version is “probably” the smaller file.

      The download list has needed improving since before PS Vita/PS4 came out. I just really hope the PS4 library is improved long before it gets totally out of control like the download history is.

    • Jeez that’s a bit sad. You have OCD. Also why do you need to download so much stuff so often. Download it install it play it delete or proceed…..that’s what normal people do.

  • @the devs, the game looks pretty cool .. and I haven’t used my camera once (still in plastic wrap ..) this will give me a good chance to try it out with my dualshock light. Thanks for having a demo, wish I could try it but I cannot because of Sony’s annoying download list that won’t let me delete demo’s after I’m done with them. As a result they are permanently stuck among my paid content.

    • thanks! You actually don’t need you camera, so our game won’t be the reason to unwrap it :) We use just the gyroscope and it’s really precise.

  • I must review this game, already emailed by boss (at PS Nation) :)

  • Hey Vic I was a big fan of the comic, (it was the first Image series i actually collected) any other Blue Estate projects in the works?

    Also what comics would you like to see make the transition to games?

    also day one purchase.

    • Thanks for your support, means a lot! I’ve been really busy with the game and haven’t had any chance to work on more comic books, or the second season of Blue Estate. We are publishing the complete collection as a graphic novel and it’s coming out this September. It will also serve as the Art book of the game with concepts and screenshots in the back.
      I would love to see Tom Coker’s “Undying Love” as an action-shooter, or Juanjo Guarnido’s “Black Sad” series as a story-driven game. Both have an incredible universe and are told in a very cinematic way. There is a lot of great stuff out there now, thanks to open-minded publishers and fans like you who support small independent creators/developers.

  • I’m very interested in this . Would be great if you could hold the controller like the spray can in infamous. Maybe duel controller support for left and right hands :)

  • I’m still not entirely convinced by the control scheme, I’d feel a lot better if there was Move support as well and I had the choice of how I wanted to control it. You can repeat your claim that it’s more precise if you wish but it’s hardly an objective statement given that you’re the designer. I should point out that I’m not against the DS4 method, other games and the OSK have shown its precision, but these both felt really unnatural to me and I’m not sure if I’d get used to it. I fear that unnatural feel will affect my enjoyment or my progress and that’ll be £17 (what’s with that figure? every other PSN game of this scale is either £12 or £16) down the drain for a game I cannot play.

    At least there’s a demo, assuming of course that SCEE actually deliver the demo. I remember another developer who was in here last month shouting about his free demo, but it’s still not on the store yet (Sparkle 2)

  • This game looks awesome! I personally don’t care about the move or move support. Not bad for £13.60 (with the 20% discount). I don’t get the point of criticising something without trying in first!

  • I’d agree with most other people that the lack of Move support seems like a mistake, Yes the controllers gyroscopic controls are very good but it lacks the fun & immersion of having the move controller in one of those plastic guns pointing at the screen.

    Having said that I don’t own a camera yet and I’ll definitely try the demo.

  • Wow that price whuttt!!!? Too expensive for a game with so less trophys

  • looks fun but really should of been £9.99. well will wait for a sale.

  • Technically, considering you are going exclusively with gyroscope-based controls, you can still have Move support without the PS4 Camera. Maybe Sony’s TRC requires camera support regardless?

  • I too would like option to use Move, i will take a wild guess here though and say that it will not work, even though above post states it can, with/without camera, it’s too soon in ‘day’ for sen/sony to let devs implement controllers other than official, overpriced ds4 into their games.. hope i am proved wrong, i tried making my move/navigation work as second controller for the dead nation co-op run through, they register as connected, but soon as i switch ds4 on they switch off, bit frustrating, anyone who’s played DN co-op alone knows character2 gets ‘dragged’ along behind main player, didn’t want to do it with online, so again as above post say’s, it should work with move, (co-op) but probably won’t, maybe when more 2nd DS4’s have been shifted we will get ‘options’ for such stuff.. looking forwards to testing demo out, looks fun, with some skill-shots borrowed from bulletstorm perhaps?. haha, gotta love the old nut-shot..

    • I hope you try the demo.
      Important tip – when in a comfortable position for gameplay – press L1 or UP to center the reticle. If you move away from it, go back to that position and press L1 or UP again. It’ll become a second nature and you won’t notice it after a few minutes.

  • Looks pretty cool. will definetely give it a go.

  • AbandonedTrolley

    I’m another on the waste of a chance wagon. This would have been ideal for Move, I realise you claim that the dualshock is just as good, but trust me, it won’t feel as good in the hand as a Move controller sitting in a gun attachment peripheral. (Sharpshooter/Gun Attachment)

    Tilting a controller isn’t what shooting should feel like at all :(

    • I completely agree. Our goal was to give PS4 owners a game that doesn’t require them to spend extra cash on peripherals. However we are listening to the community and your feedback is all being noted. Thank you. I hope you try the demo.

  • hell ill give it a go and ill post it on my youtube channel promote a good game why not?

  • Looks great. I loved overkill and looks similar and better. And THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the impending free demo. One thing PS4 lacks of free demo and I never buy without a try. So thank you.

  • Game looks great fun but the controller calibration is appalling.

    Within 2 minutes you’re pointing your Dualshock 4 at the ceiling and slightly over your shoulder in the hopes of regaining your cross-hair before dying. Needless to say until it’s greatly improved upon I will not go anywhere near the full game.

    • Thanks for downloading the demo.
      Here is a tip:
      – Step 1 – Get in a position that is comfortable for your gameplay and press L1 or UP. The reticle is now centered.
      – Step 2 – During gameplay if you move your arms away from the comfortable position, repeat step 1.
      That should do it. It becomes a second nature after a while and you will seamlessly go through the game. I hope you give it another go.

  • Hi, I tried the demo and I wasn’t really expecting this when I downloaded the demo. I was really surprise and I found it really fun en entertaining but I understand the DS4 do the job of the PS Move, but it so hard to aim sometime and would be so sick to have PS Move working with this game. It would really bring back the great day of Duck Hunt

  • Игра хороша , но слишком быстро пройдена…..

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