How Bungie is using the Destiny alpha to polish its sci-fi epic

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How Bungie is using the Destiny alpha to polish its sci-fi epic

The studio look back at the game’s first public outing this weekend

The PlayStation-exclusive alpha test for Destiny has just wrapped up, with thousands of players getting an early taste of what awaits when Bungie’s sci-fi shooter launches later this year. At the tail-end of E3 last week, we caught up with Jason Sussman, Senior Environment Artist on the game, to find out why Bungie run tests like the alpha, and how it will be used to ensure the best possible player experience when Destiny launches in September 2014.

“We actually had one of our multiplayer designers here at E3 all day yesterday watching people play and taking notes.”

“The Destiny alpha was a small taste of all the things to come,” Sussman explains. “You got the open world, Explore Mode, a little bit of the campaign mission, the strike as well as the Crucible – which is our multiplayer mode”.

“And on top of that you have the player customisation so you could kit out your character and the Tower, which is the social space… I’m remembering everything as we go because it’s a lot of content!”

Allowing players access to a game so far in advance of official release is a bold move, but these tests are important tools in creating the best possible experience for when we finally get our hands on the end product in September.

“We actually had one of our multiplayer designers here at E3 all day yesterday watching people play and taking notes. We’re actively watching people and seeing what they do with our game so that we can make adjustments for the beta (coming later this year) and eventually roll these improvements out to the real game. We want to make sure that everyone is getting the best possible experience.”

Even though the alpha has run for just one weekend, the data being collected by Bungie is crucial for the development of the game, Sussman told us. “We’re already making adjustments now – in a lot of ways visually but we’re also balancing things out a little bit. It’s a great way for us to interpret all of the data that goes into our systems.”

But these tests don’t just help Bungie to work out how their systems will cope under the strain of millions of people playing simultaneously, they also give the studio important insights into player behaviour.

“By getting the alpha out there we get to show people the game early as well as testing all of our systems so that when the game is finally out there, we’re putting our best foot forward.”

“We’re not only monitoring our networking systems to see how we can handle so many players in the game but we’re also monitoring what players use, where they like to go and what people like to do in the crucible.

“We need to think about how we can explain this game to players because it’s really big – how do we do it?” Sussman continues. “Well, by getting the alpha out there we get to show people the game early as well as testing all of our systems so that when the game is finally out there, we’re putting our best foot forward.”

Whilst the alpha was the first opportunity for a lot of players to get into Destiny early, it won’t be your only chance before launch, “The beta test later in the year will contain different content – there will be a difference but what’s key is that every bit of information we’re gathering and the tweaks and adjustments we’re making will carry through to the Beta test”.

As for how the wider development of Destiny is going, it seems to be an exciting time over at Bungie. “What’s really cool for me personally as an environment artist is that the game is already looking better than what people are playing in the alpha, which is really cool. It’s like, hey guess what? This is only going to get better.”

If you got into the alpha over the weekend, do let us know below how you got on, and for the latest news on Destiny, make sure you keep your browser locked to PlayStation.Blog.

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  • I didn’t get as much time on alpha as I would have liked, but then I will always want more! Great game, felt solid in terms of weapons and gameplay. So much fun.

    The online was good, very easy to meet up with friends or just bump into randoms.

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity and onwards to the beta! ☺

  • Destiny was just an interesting title to me but after one day of the alpha test I preordered. Great visuals, excellent solo and team content, interesting rpg elements. Something that needs to be played and not seen though.

    • I had the exact same experience. Before the Alpha, I was on the fence about the game as I didn’t really know what it was about. However, after only a couple hours with the game I knew I was pre-ordering the next day

  • If they get it looking better that will be impressive as it’s already quite pretty. I think they need to add a map to show whereabouts you are in the world. As pressing the touch pad to see where you have to go and no clue how far away the final objective is was a little annoying. Even if they just add it to the tower.

    Speaking of the tower found it amusing how many people died falling off the edge. Admittedly I died a couple of time trying to jump on various platforms and the docking spaceships.

    • Be good if you could custom you space ship and sit in it in the tower , do a quick systems check and fly to your next location

  • The alpha played really smoothly and only had one part which the screen glitched stuck and got error report which i sent Sony the report with the video clip. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to play the beta and the full game when it comes out.

  • Played as much as I could over the weekend. Loved the wider game and even enjoyed playing with other players online. Not a huge fan of domination so didn’t enjoy the Crucible as much (and I seemed to get killed a awful lot and I’m not that bad!). Loved the scale of it and really looking forward to the beta and also playing the full campaign when the game is finally released.

  • It’s not actually closed yet, you can still play it. Bungie have extended it for, “Dangerous Experiments”.

    I wasn’t sure about Destiny as I wasn’t a fan of the Halo games. After one session on the Alpha, I pre-ordered the game to ensure I could play the Beta as well.

    The game is lots of fun and has massive potential.

  • My experience with Destiny was kind of “various”, the graphics and shooter mechanics are really good (if not of the best I have ever experienced), but the first gameplay I landed somewhere on the map, alone, after few minutes I found out that default Fireteam setting is “friends only”. Changed that to public and got some players join. They were interested in shooting at Fallen each on their own. Weird. Finally somebody followed me inside the building to get our hands dirty with the Fallen hive. Not much luck, each time the fireteam vanished upon entering a building (is it expected to be like that or a bug?), so I tried to kill them buggers alone. But it was too much for me. Long story short, I still don’t understand what should have happened — on the trailers and gameplay shows the team was allowed into the building together, taking large enemies as a team.

    • the very first mission is intended to be solo and instances upon entering the bulding

    • I believe it is a bug. I was watching someone stream the game and something similar happened.

    • Hi. When the other players disappeared it was because you stepped into a private area. Destiny has public areas and private areas. In public areas you see other players and you can all fight together. Private areas are where the story and other things happen. If you party up with your friends they can go with you into a private area.

      Hope that provides some clarity!

  • First off, this game is definetely going to be everything for this generation, as to what halo was for its generation. I am someone who quickly gets tired from hanging around in the same area, yet I caught myself having spent more than an hour killing the same enemies over and over inthe same area without noticing! Why? Because everything feels right. The combat feels nice and responsive and the random events are a nice change of pace! Not to mention the amazing looks of the scenery, weapons and enemies!
    I did notice a few things that to my opinion would be best changed:
    – Manual toggle of light (some areas where too dark, and it seems we can’t toggle light on/off ourselves)
    – Invite without the slow psn message? (not sure if this is possible since all games use it. but psn takes long).
    – Shops are too random (I would personally like to have more items available of a wider range of categories)

    Again, these are just things I noticed, the alpha is already my favorite game on PS4 at this moment. And believing the abovementioned, this is nothing in comparison with what is to come!
    Great job guys, keep up the good work!

    • As I read through the comments, I saw that I forgot to mention the map. I agree with Zephon on that matter. The mission spotting with your ghost is nice, but a map is essential for wanting to go to specific areas.

  • I enjoyed the alpha, although personally I felt the bosses took WAY too long to take down, and that 3rd wave while deactivating the meshes was relentless

    • That’s why you can upgrade yourself and weapons. By the time I was level 8 I could kill wizards in 2 shots, me and my fire team took down a Devil Walker in 4 minutes.

  • Thank you for letting me play the Alpha. I don’t care much for mp and was focused on the sp part.
    First off the game looks very good. Only disappointment was not seeing my reflection in the water in the Tower and when traveling on a flying bike the game sometimes stopped to load the next part.

    The story missions weren’t impressive. Sure it’s out of context but only 1 line when my ship is in light speed mode waiting and waiting is no fun. There were more missions to be done by standing next to a mission needle pressing square. Why it’s that system? I couldn’t tell you. It’s a strange way to ask to do a mission. Those missions where uninspired and where go there, scan that, shoot a lot of stuff going from a to be. Freedom was limited in the buildings and the 3 locations on earth looked quit repetitive.

    I liked I met during sp an event. That is where things became alive. Again it’s shoot as much as you can, no intelligent needed, but it was fun.

    The mp, or the parts I played, I didn’t enjoy. How often can you protect a flag to die from boredom. And what the heck is so important about that flag (rhetorical question). I did do a cooperative mission and I liked that better. My fellow shooters helped each other and I liked it.

    In the end I was hoping for a dense story. The premise (and promise) is I’m a hero and need to save the universe from the dark force coming for the ball. Nothing of that leaked trough, no urgency or whatever.
    Again it’s only the Alpha so lots can change.

  • I was really impressed with the alpha, my preorders booked and I’m looking forward to release.

    Well done Bungie great job so far.

  • Loved the Alpha, looks great and played great. Didn’t try the crucible part but liked the ease of players jumping in and out of games and just encountering randoms as you’re wondering round. The only thing that i didn’t like was the way the numbers kept popping out of the enemies as you shoot them Borderlands style. Sort of spoiled the atmosphere of it and it wasn’t really necessary anyway as they had health bars visible. Hope you can turn this off in the options but its not a game breaker.

  • Had a wonderful time playing the beta. Enjoyed it very much and looking forward to the real game. Just had a few problems with it and have reported them into the forums along with some suggestions. If it hasn’t been read yet then look for my username of ‘Dark Angel’ with a title ‘Subtitles, screen problem and suggestions’. It can be found in the Alpha feedback page. Currently as I write this, it can be found in page 8 and pushing further away.

  • I have had this preordered since last year and it is living up to my expectations and more. The alpha was a blast. All 3 classes are fun to play in there own way. Took all of them to level 8 and I still cannot decide which is my favourite. The stike mission was brill and brutal. Exploring Old Russia was a joy. Using the sparrow and the other vehicles was easy and intuitive. Crucible was good but its the worlds I will explore more come the beta. Cannot wait!

  • Great game , would have liked to fly in a space ship to different parts on the map. Bit like buckRogers, with my assistant talking to me , like Star Wars :-)) pls make it so

  • Its probably the most derivative game I’ve played in a long time. Literally nothing new here, everything is taken from other games even the art. With that caveat, it was mostly fun. Nice menus.

    • You should watch the presentation they did at GDC. Much of the art style is actually directed influenced by a range of famous painters! :) The whole style they went for is supposed to be a sci-fi/fantasy blend. Indeed, the game was originally envisioned as a fantasy game!

  • I probably would have loved it too, if. I’d actually received a code. I’m used to missing out on limited Alphas/Betas but the wording on this (and many news sites) was that all PS+ members that signed up were to get one. I’m pretty disappointed to be honest, the amount of times I checked email and PS4 was bordering on ridiculous.

    Please word these things better to save on needless letdowns.

  • I’ll just cover the negatives that could be improved:

    – The menu uses a mouse cursor approach, not very suitable for quick selection on a console controller.

    – You can quickly switch between 3 classes of weapons: primary, special, heavy. But you cannot quickly switch to different weapons within a class. No weapon wheel. Have to go into menu to do so slowly with the mouse pointer. Having some weapons like shotgun and sniper rifle within the same class but no quick switch is a setback.

    – You have to bring up the ghost to see waypoints.

    – When you fill up an XP circle and can upgrade a skill or upgrade certain feature of a weapon, it doesn’t automatically upgrade for you. You have to go into menu, click on it to do so, which is quite redundant. (I couldn’t trigger my L1+R1 special move cos I didn’t know I have to click on the circle to enable it, I thot I should be able to do so since the outer circle was full, and even the next circle was half full already.)

    – Super long loading screen when traveling (from orbit to Tower or mission). It’s so long that they have to break it into two parts (where you see your space ship flying). Kinda understandable cos once you land, it’s a huge open world with no loading (actually there is, I have encountered a few times when the game froze for a couple of seconds, obviously loading a new area). But still, waaaay too long.

    – During character creation screen, you cannot rotate the character (to see how the hair looks from behind etc). I assume the customisation is meant for cutscenes, cos this is a first-person game and you don’t really see your creation, especially without a helmet (except in the Tower hub).

    – Cannot turn off tutorial messages. I know how to get into orbit when I am done with the Tower, don’t have to show me that the entire time I am at the Tower.

    – The sparrow bike has no weapon.

    – Seems like no gifting of items between players? Cannot drop a weapon/armor for another to pick up. (Actually I don’t know if loot drops are shared or each player gets to see his own.)

    • With the weapons, it’s because you unlock a range of perks but can only have a certain amount activated at the same time. The point of doing it manually is to select which ones you want to use. Same goes for your class grenades etc. – each class has several choices.

  • Loved it! I’ve never preordered a game before, this will be my first

  • I am so happy that I was in the alpha. This seems to be what I had expected the first Mass Effect to be. I liked the Graphics, the AI, the weapons and the ease of multiplayer with random people. Also, the voice actors were a nice surprise because they have such recognizable voices: Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Claudia Black (Farscape and Stargate), Lance Reddick (Fringe).

    Here’s what I had some problems with:
    – The mission objectives were white without a background so I had to point the camera to a dark surface to read it. The mission markers had the same problem.
    – The scouting missions were completely unclear. The markers sent you to the other side of the map and you ended up nowhere.
    – The mouse-cursor was annoying but that is likely because it is being developed on PC and UI is a final touch.
    – Some say that a map was missing but I actually liked that. I discovered the area of the first E3 demo and felt a real sense of discovery for having done so without a map.
    – The load times are waaaaaay to long. Luckily once the open world was loaded, there was no more loading but going between the Tower and Russia was painful.

  • So I’m generally not a fan of FPS’s and even less so MMO’s, however this game has been on my radar for awhile due to the “only play multi-player if you want to” approach. Having now spent almost my entire weekend playing the Alpha I can say it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a video game since Saints Row 3.

    There is nothing unique or new but everything it does is excellent, it makes you feel good playing it and that’s the most important thing in a game in my opinion. And the lighting is just amazing, I must have taken 50+ screenshots in just two days, it looks incredible (and apparently it’s still improving!).

  • Let’s hope they make is 60FPS!!!!!

    • If only. They’re targeting 1080p/60fps. They’ve stated they want the game to be balanced across every platform, which means that the PS4 version will be held back by the *slightly* inferior power of the Xbox One. I doubt they could get it to run at 60 anyway.

  • I was so happy to be able to take part in the Alpha stage of this Destiny game, have always had some interest in the game but now I simply can’t wait to get my hands on the full game, just pre ordered it today so I can have access to Beta. The only thing out of all it’s beauty and playability that I found a bit of was when your trying to turn left/right, felt a little sluggish, other than that anyone that’s now played the Beta will know this game is worth every bit of that $500M. So roll on September……

  • Loved the alpha, found a loor crate hidden in the rafters of a roof that I haven’t seen anyone else get! Can’t wait for the final game, not long to go!

  • the alpha was great, but i’m a little bit worried if in the long run the game may start to be boring. the enemies respawn in the same place way to fast! from what i saw some gear will only be buyable if we play a certain amount of pvp, I’m interested in the coop and the caracther level up so….
    i compare this game to borderlands and i hope bungie can make this game have its own personality. but yes it was a great experience, i’ll be waiting for the beta.

  • Before I played the alpha this was a game which was interesting but now that I’ve had hands on with it it’s a must buy, can’t wait to get into the campaign.

  • I’ve never preordered a game before but after playing the Alpha I’ve preordered just to get hold of the beta! Fantastic game so far although I agree with Pure_mind_games post above; holding off the waves of fallen while waiting for the meshes to be deactivated was a real slog, even with a three man fire team.

    Thanks Bungie, keep up the good work.

  • I really liked the alpha but like some ppl said already , i felt that the Strike’s bosses were way to lengthy and powerful for a strike that my gear effectiveness was higher than asked. Specially the spider tank boss , even using the weak spots it took forever and if i risked even more a cannon shot from him was instant death, i found myself just staying far behind cover waiting for the other players to respawn so we wouldnt have to start again. The waves boss was easier because i cheesed it behind a crate on an upper balcony behind the console or else it would be relentless. Other than those occasions that can be tweaked , i really loved destiny =)

  • I was really on the fence about this game as MMOs aren’t really my thing, and to be honest I really didn’t know a lot about the game.

    After playing the Alpha, I’m pretty blown away. I pre-ordered a copy on PS4 for myself and a copy on PS3 for my son last night!

    I recorded a ton of gameplay with commentary of each part of the Alpha, if you didn’t get a chance to play, have a look :)

  • You guys know the Alpha is still running, don’t you?

    Reached the L8 cap and I’ve kept playing to try out some more of the skills the Warlock class can unlock. Absolutely blown away by how polished this is for an Alpha. Pre ordered ages ago on PS4, and now I’m waiting to see if there’s any collectors editions being released as I doubt I’ll be getting bored of this game at any point.

  • I was honestly a little unsure as to whether or not I wanted Destiny. I didn’t get into the alpha unfortunately, but I was able to watch people stream it, and after seeing it with my own eyes, I went preorder it the very next day. The game looks fantastic in only the alpha stage, and I cannot wait to play the beta, much less the full game. September can’t come fast enough!

    • It’s not in the alpha stage. It’s just the first of two big tests, and so they’re calling it the alpha test. But the game is clearly way beyond the alpha stage of development. We’re not looking at a first build, by any means.

  • The alpha was awesome I thought, bring on the beta!!

  • 1: Loot – loot drops need to be a little more clear in what is dropping, I want to feel excited when I see a rare weapon drop like I do in Borderlands. At the moment they are very small boxes that glow and are very hard to distinguish what is what, even a little hud view that shows what the item is before picking up then press X to collect the items. This way you need to go to option to see what you have collected.

    2: Groups – when in a fire team there needs to be a little HUD on the left side of screen with your fire teams player names and health, this way we know we are actually in a fire team and can see when they need help. At the moment you need to go to options / roster just to see your fire team.

    3: Map – this game desperately needs a player map, given the size and magnitude of this world it’s a given, the ghost is a great idea but should only be a quick selection choice, to see your objective at a larger glance we need a map, and would be good to have a icon showing where your fire team is on the map as I found many many times I couldn’t find where they were, had to use voice chat just to find them, looking around for the little name through buildings is very difficult especially if there miles away.

    4: Rotation – need to be able to rotate your player in options when fitting out your gear, I myself like to wear things that look good even if there a few lvls lower and being able to rotate my character would be perfect. I was frustrated when I couldn’t.

    Apart from these adjustments I think the game is AAA+++ and I will be on it for quiet some time, and if these simple things were to be implemented well you have yourself a complete winner!!


    • Just to answer a couple of the points:

      1: Loots dropped by enemies are the polygonal sphere things. They are color coded. The white ones are common and you can see what they are after picking up (it’s shown briefly on the right and can be seen in the options menu – the new items will have a little shine on the box to indicate so). To me, I don’t even pick up white items. The green (uncommon) and blue (rare) items are often encrypted, you need to bring them to the Tower cryptographer guy to find out what they are. If you miss picking up green (and above) stuffs, they will appear as lost items in the post office. So I guess you can just don’t pick up any loot drop at all if you don’t want the white ones, and just pick up the rest in the post office. Buy, yeah, it will be nice if you can walk over something, see what it is, press a button if you really want to pick it up. It’s kinda a design choice whether everything is auto-collected or manual.

      2: In the options menu (where you can change the weapon and armor), you CAN actually rotate your character using the right stick. (Though in the initial character creation screen where you customise hair style, skin tone etc. you cannot rotate.)

    • A couple of pics to show rotation of character model in options menu:


  • I had a lot of fun playing the Alpha. I spent a lot of time trying out all of the missions and the Crucible as well. I did not experience any bugs or issues with the game, but there are a few things that can be changed.

    I thought it was strange how you can no-clip through NPCs and other players in the Tower, though that might just be an Alpha thing. The same occurred with the docking ships in the Tower.

    One thing that really bothered me was the power of scout rifles. I’m not exactly sure how the attack stats work but when comparing a scout rifle to an auto rifle both with the same attack rating, especially in multiplayer, the auto rifle seems to do much more damage per second.

    While I also think that the loading times are a bit long, and the player classes are a bit too similar, there is probably not much that can be changed about that. Overall I think Destiny is fantastic and I pre-ordered it right away. Regardless of a couple of strange things in the Tower and balancing problems in the Crucible, I am extremely excited to get my hands on the full game and test it out further in the Beta.

  • This was a game that I was only mildly interested in because last gen I was a 360 player and never cared much for Halo. I had it preordered at GameStop and the only reason it was preordered was to get an additional 40% credit on some trade-ins. I got into the Alpha and after only 5 minutes I looked at my fiancé and told her that Destiny is now my most anticipated game of the year. The visuals are amazing, the movement is perfect, the impact of the guns was astounding and the ability to get a hover bike at any point was the cherry on top for me. I played it relentlessly and never grew tired of the moon level in the crucible. I loved getting pinned down by a sniper, spawning my hover bike and booking it out of there while thinking “I bet that sniper didn’t expect that!”. I went today and cancelled my GameStop preorder, picked up a Sony card instead and preordered it on my PS4 because this is a game that I WANT on my hard drive because I can see me playing it for years. (Until Destiny 2 comes out that is) Way to go on the Alpha and I cannot wait till I can play the full game!

    Only problem I have that may be in the full version already, I would like to be able to edit my character’s appearance. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing and I hate it when I get stuck with a character that I’m not happy with after many hours of gameplay. Usually I think something looks cool, and then I see what others have done and think “Man…I really wish I would have picked that color and features”. It’s always nice to be able to edit your character in the game and I really hope it is added when Destiny goes gold.

  • me and a friend played destiny alpha look most of the weekend grat game play graphics was great weapons was first rate cant wait for the beta

  • The alpha was excellent. Very impressive for not even being in beta yet, can’t wait for the actual beta. Hoping characters don’t get wiped so I can use the gear I couldn’t use on the alpha though.

  • I got multiple codes for the alpha through pre order and Twitter. I gave one code to a friend cause he begged me to let him use it to play the alpha with me and we loved it. I have the game pre ordered so I will have the beta in July and can’t wait for the game.

    • Hopefully you didn’t sit on the other codes and gave them good homes, there were plenty of PS+ members that missed out.

  • First off, Destiny,while only an alpha build, was amazing. Better than games that are already on the market. Shooting felt great , weapons felt nice. I personally like it when a shotgun only works up close like in this game, cough BF shotgun sniping cough. Public events were fun, bosses were a grind, and loot is always a good thing. Thats just some of my positives.
    Sorry but I do have negatives, though not many. First where is my map, got confused trying to remember where I have and haven’t been. Second the enemy respawn is way too fast, I sniped a few enemies, not that far off 150 yds maybe, only to have them respawn by the time I got down to collect the loot, maybe 20 seconds if that. Third and final(for now), the loot in the chests were pointless about 90% of the time they held less than 150 glimmer. Booooooo. Some of them were cleverly hidden or took a climb to get them to only contain a little glimmer. Boooo
    I still am looking forward to this game(of the year). Many hours will be spent, my family neglected, but Bungie is making a GREAT game. Thanks Bungie for coming to the PS4

  • First of all a big thank you to Bungie for allowing me to be part of the Alpha testing of Destiny. I have to admit I had my doubts about this new franchise but not only did I enjoy it I loved it.
    It’s not often that any game can live up such massive hype but Destiny surpasses it in many ways. The exploration & RPG elements is what excites me the most as the world that Bungie has created is truly atmospheric. From the beautiful art direction to the immersive score that plays in the background it just screams quality.
    But the biggest compliment that I can give Destiny is the gunplay. This is were so many games in this genre fall short. Destiny is one of the exceptions, it just feels like a top end shooter and is so much fun to play.

    Thanks again Bungie. See in the Beta!

  • i play lots of beta but you alpa = great whit somme minor bugs ( only loading time = zzzz )

    mi biggest concern = lounch day of the download on psn + lounch day of the game ith self !!!!
    to many players buth not enof server capacity

  • t to be the game I was expecting. I cancelled my pre-order based on the style of the gameplay, not on graphics or bugs or anything that can be improved.

    I hate ‘boss fights’ and I had really hoped for a co-operative adventure game, but this is more like Halo+Borderlands than what I wanted.

    I’m sure Bungie’s fans will love it…

    • “I played the Alpha this weekend and it turned out not to be the game I was expecting” should have been the first sentence :)

      No idea what happened there…

  • can anybody tell me where you put feedback on the destiny alpha?

    • i guess here will do for now.
      the game played perfect for me, some connection issues on the first day. definitely a day one buy and i’ll be trying to pre-download thing.
      only problem is on the devils lair, while fighting the boss before the boss…a mini boss if you will. the robot basically.
      i quickly ran out of ammo and struggled to survive. i’m not sure if thats what you’re going for but i think there should be ammo boxes or something.

    • I personally used Destiny’s official forums and created a new topic using the tags #alpha #feedback


  • Personally I found that most of the enemies in PVE respawn too quickly, but the higher level ones (lvl 11) maybe took a TINY bit too long when we were looking for a challenge (but one that was actually achievable at lvl 8) but the enemy respawns where the Hive & Fallen were fighting near the downed Hive ship was fine with the quick respawns.

    Another minor issue was positional audio, I had trouble icing out where enemies were by sound (in all modes) something I am usually very good at.\

    There were a few loot chest that wouldn’t open but then others did and I didn’t have any more issues with that.

    Lag in the crucible was usually VERY bad, but early code + low population of Alpha + testing severs = I have faith that it won’t be an issue in the future.

    Lastly… THANK YOU, Destiny is AMAZING.

    PS: OCD Exploration + Double Jump = Getting to places that the game doesn’t like me being :P (just a thought)

  • Will Destiny run at 1080p/60fps on PS4?

  • I loved the game, was great fun. My only negative was the loading times, man it felt like I spent more time on the loading screen than actually playing the game. Over all though, awesome job, cant wait to lose countless hours hopefully playing this epic adventure.

  • Really enjoyed the alpha test and have pre-ordered the game on the back of it. My only concern is progression being tied to playing with random people. It will need a guild structure, ideally with keyboard support, so that I can join up with and talk to people that aren’t screaming hyper-hormonal 14 year olds. That is the difference between me spending months on this game and scuttling back to the relative calm of Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Looks like the alpha has now been closed for us enthusiastic testers. The experience was quite fulfilling though. And with the latest news confirming how the retail version will sport better visual graphics this is going to be one hell of a ride. In-game handling seemed smooth and tight in every desired way, and everything was flowing flawlessly. That is not bad for an alpha version. With that said there is no doubt that we will be enjoying many mind-blowing hours of gameplay in September. Keep up the good work Bungie.

  • I loved the alpha sample and only had one or 2 little annoyances. Am I THR only one who couldn’t figure out how to sell equipment? All I could do was dismantle it.

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