MechRunner is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this Summer

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MechRunner is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this Summer

Sword-wielding robots anyone?

We’re proud to announce that our new arcade-action game, MechRunner, will be available for digital download on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles this summer. This is a game that we’ve been excited to work on and we’re just as excited for everyone to play.


MechRunner tells the story a rogue scientist and his niece who build a 40-foot tall mode-changing mech in order to fight back against an invading robotic army fueled by a mysterious alien power source. The mech — called the XP-41 — can change between tank and robot modes on the fly and both are capable of some massive destruction!

Players will take the role of Allison, the mech’s pilot, as they battle the war machines of the O.S.O. (our alternate-1940s Russian Advanced Weapons Division). There’s a whole backstory around this conflict, but we aren’t going to get into it right now. First and foremost, this game is all about the action.


Here are some of the features:

  • Detailed, fast-paced action with a cinematic feel
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice and Dice enemies with your swords (!)
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons and customizations
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels (never play the same level twice)
  • Wide assortment of enemies
  • Boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue Civilians
  • Awesome Hollywood Soundtrack

The game is an arcade “runner” in that you are constantly moving forward while tracking down enemies (it’s called “MechRunner” after all), but what makes it special is the addition of full blown combat sequences and boss battles. So while there are obstacles to avoid and paths to choose, there’s also a wide variety of enemies to fight and a full payload of weapons to help you take them down. In tank mode you’ll have missiles and cannons and in robot mode you’ll have guns and swords. Each weapon has its benefits and drawbacks.


Without a doubt, though, using your swords to slice through enemies is one of our favorite features in the game. Most enemies drop energy when you destroy them which you can use to purchase upgrades back in the garage. But a lot of energy is lost when the mechs explode so if you get more “surgical” in your approach, you can reap bigger rewards for each kill and that helps you upgrade the XP-41 faster and unlock new and cooler weapons.

Our goal has been to create a fast-paced action game with a throwback arcade feel to it and we’ve been working hard to make it look and play great on the PS4 and Vita. We hope that you’ll give the game a try when it’s released this summer and that you like what you see. In the meantime, check out the screenshots and the video, visit the website, or see what we’re up to on Facebook. Let us know what you think and leave us questions in the comments below. Thanks for taking a look!


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