Diablo III: Reaper of Souls gets exclusive TLOU, Shadow of the Colossus content

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Full details on great PlayStation-only extras direct from Blizzard

Prepare your couch and gather your closest friends, because on 19th August, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition will unleash Death itself on consoles around the world. Today, we’re also excited to announce that players who take the fight for Sanctuary to their big screen TV on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will also enjoy exclusive content based on two popular PlayStation games.

The Last of Us Nephalem Rift

Get ready to endure and survive, nephalem. For the Ultimate Evil Edition, we’ve teamed up with Naughty Dog to create a unique Nephalem Rift inspired by their award-winning PlayStation 3 title, The Last of Us. Featuring hand-picked environments from the Diablo III universe and an ominous yellow spore effect, this randomised dungeon level is sure to awaken the survivor in us all.


Oh! And did we mention the monsters? The Last of Us Nephalem Rift is teeming with a series of ravenous creatures modeled after the infamous Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater infected.

Shadow of the Colossus Transmog Set

Raise thy sword by the Light! In addition to The Last of Us Nephalem Rift, the Ultimate Evil Edition will also include a PlayStation exclusive that pays homage to a gaming classic.


Players who purchase Ultimate Evil Edition for the PS3 or PS4 will be rewarded with the “Guise of the Colossi,” a unique set of transmogrification plans that unlocks six armor appearances inspired by the influential PlayStation 2 title, Shadow of the Colossus. These striking appearances will be available to all six larger-than-life classes.

Please note that this exclusive content cannot be transferred to other platforms and will require you to connect to the PlayStation Network to redeem. The fate of Sanctuary rests in your hands, heroes. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition will be out before summer’s end, so make sure to place your pre-orders with your local retailer today. Steel yourself for the glorious demon onslaught ahead!

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  • Hang on so is this a case of rebuying Diablo 3 to get a version with the expansion in?????

    • Yeah, can someone expand on that? I was assuming that the Ultimate Edition could be bought as an upgrade?

    • Yep, sadly that’s it in a nutshell.

      You will not be able to buy just the expansion, you will need to buy the combo pack.

      Sucks, don’t it?

  • Will the existing cool stuff (from Uncharted and Journey) in the original PS3 release still be available here?

  • Since Diablo 3 is already out on PS3, I believe they will also be releasing the Reaper of Souls expansion separately as a digital download for those who have already purchased the main game, but I’d probably go google it before taking my word as fact , just in case.

  • Jesus, sensible comments on the Playstation Blog!? Made my day.

  • I can’t wait to get this on
    PS4…good bye PS3 version!!woohoo

  • Well, i was going to wait n see if we get honoured with a post from our blog staff, to ask about the US getting wicked (plus) sale for ps3 Diablo, (and other nice stuff), but seeing this i wouldn’t be wise buying a ps3 version anyway, am looking forwards to getting ps4 version mind, does anyone know why exactly we all been abandoned by team?, no internet connection from US, were they, at least Fred must be…

  • no go ! i own digital ps3 version
    i wil not pay second time , same whith gta v ( i have on disk )
    + to long waiting = not good other games have mi intrest now.
    to rockstar = i nowh lots of peopel who gonne refuse , only 1 reason = you do not tel the truth !
    if you working on pc/ps4/bone one tel peopel so them not need to buy 2x
    so waiting next gta – ore you next western game ;)

    • If I want to buy GTA 5 on xbox 360 and on PS3, then I also need to pay it two times isn’t that normal?

  • Cool ;)
    btw pre order bonuses are only the pauldrons for digital and physical?
    and how do we transfer chars from ps3 version?
    and last but not least any discount if we buy digital if we have the ps3 version or if we are plus members?
    maybe you have any beta for ps4 too?

    ty and please answer soon :)

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