Tetris Ultimate slots into the PS Vita library this Autumn

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Tetris Ultimate slots into the PS Vita library this Autumn

What better way to mark the puzzle classic's 30th birthday?

Greetings from Maya Rogers at Blue Planet Software, sole agent for the Tetris brand. This is an exciting time for us. You may have heard already, but Tetris is celebrating a huge milestone. 30 years! That’s right, the iconic puzzle game that emerged in Moscow back in 1984, eventually landing on Nintendo Game Boy, and then grew to be one of the most recognised and cherished video game franchises of all time, is celebrating the big 3-0 this year.

While there are a number of brands in the games industry that have stood the test of time, few are known to be enjoyed by people worldwide – across all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. That’s why we’re celebrating with the theme “We All Fit Together,” since it speaks to the very nature of how Tetris is played, as well as how the game transcends all demographics to be enjoyed by all. We can all play Tetris together, because we all fit together.


As we head into the future, we are committed to bringing you all kinds of new Tetris experiences that fit the many ways we live. A huge part of that is bringing Ubisoft‘s Tetris Ultimate game to PlayStation Vita this Autumn. Packed with plenty of ways to customise your gaming experience, Tetris Ultimate for PlayStation Vita is bound to be a fan favourite.

Whether you’re playing solo or against your friends, enjoying one of six modes (five fan-favourite modes taken from the franchise’s vast history plus one new mode), or seeing where you stack up on the worldwide leaderboards, the experience will be nothing short of great Tetris fun. We’re very excited about the future of Tetris and hope you are too. And, be on the watch for updates on Tetris Ultimate for PS Vita. Thanks!


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  • Wow! Tetris!! Now I don’t need Bioshock Vita, Infamous Vita, Gravity Rush 2, Freedom Wars, LBP 3 Vita, any kind of racing game, any kind of adventure game, or RTS, RPG or any other kind of game. Sorry to vent my anger on Blue Planet Software’s game which may be nice, but posting this article right before the conference made it an easy target.

  • Awesome news! Tetris is a perfect fit for a handheld platform. And especially one with a gorgeous screen like Vita. Hopefully there’s plenty to do in singleplayer as it’s just a perfect travel game to pass some time.

  • Is it a download only or will it be a retail release too?

  • Cada vez soys peores con psvita sacad juegos BUENOS,no indies y tetris que esto no lo vamos a comprar NADIE para que sacar un infamous,un gran turismo,un motorstorm,un bioshock una larga lista pa que no?YA TENEMOS EL TETRIS GUAUHHHHHHHHH anda hombre

  • What happened to this coming out on the PS4?

  • Awesome one of the greatest games ever is gaming to my favourite console ever. Only problem is if my wife, who is no gamer, catches wind of this i will be fighting her for my vita back. I might be able to use this as part of my PS4 acquisition plan which still insists on vetoing.

  • Tetris is a timeless game and it would be great to have it on my Vita but it’s purely dependent on the price.

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