The Return of DOOM – See the first trailer

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The Return of DOOM – See the first trailer

Your first glimpse at the latest entry in the classic FPS series

Earlier today, we ever-so-slightly tugged on the curtain to reveal that new information on DOOM is coming soon. We encourage you to throw on some headphones and check out the trailer. We’re not ready to discuss the details of the game yet, but we’ll be sharing new info at this year’s QuakeCon event – taking place 17-20th July at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. For more information on the event, visit We will also be sharing new updates on the game here on PlayStation Blog.


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  • Looking forward to this hugely, I have a question though. If I bought Wolfenstein digitally on the PS4 do I still get access to the beta?

    That and was that Linda Hamilton doing the voiceover!?!?!? Damn!

  • Hardly a trailer, is literally a glimpse. You gain absolutely nothing from viewing it.

  • Very cool trailer, thanks for posting.

    *puts Doom 3 BFG back in the PS3*

  • Wher is beta?/?/??/?

  • I’d love to see a new Doom with the simplistic and trigger happy co-op action of the first couple of Doom games.

  • Such massive expectations for this game. Doom 1 & 2 are my all time favourite shooters. Doom 3 was a disappointment to me. Sure- the atmosphere was spot on, but the weapons lacked “oomph” & it was mostly a claustrophobic corridor shooter with cheap enemy spawn tactics. I hope that Doom 4 will reflect the inspired level design of the original games, & that the engine will be capable of large open spaces with many demons.

    • Doom 3 was actually really good in my opinion. I loved it all and I also love all the other Doom’s too, big fan of this series since I was 3. The Doom 3 beginning brought me memories of the original Half-Life because of the opening sequence. Normal day at work, goes down to underground to get other scientist and then All Hell Breaks Loose :)
      Looking forward to this, as soon as it’s put on Pre-Order, i’ll be there to smack that button. ;)
      Now all we need is Half-Life 3 and maybe a Quake 5. ;)

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