The PlayStation E3 2014 media briefing: All the news and announcements

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The PlayStation E3 2014 media briefing: All the news and announcements

Uncharted 4, LittleBigPlanet 3, Bloodborne, inFAMOUS First Light, and much more

The PlayStation E3 2014 media briefing has come to a close here in Los Angeles, and it hosted an array of big announcements and reveals, setting out an exciting year ahead for PlayStation gamers.

First and foremost, the show saw a number of major new exclusive first party games unveiled for PlayStation consoles:

  • Bloodborne – A dark, deep new action RPG for PS4 from visionary creator Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls)
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 – Sackboy is back in action later this year, with a trio of new pals in tow!
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Nathan Drake returns in a stunning new adventure from Naughty Dog
  • Entwined – A striking new digital title from a brand new member of the Sony Worldwide Studios family – which you can pick up right now on PlayStation Store
  • Ratchet & ClankInsomniac Games is re-imagining the first game in its much loved series
  • inFAMOUS: First Light – Fetch takes centre stage in a brand new digital-only title from Sucker Punch Productions

We also demonstrated how PlayStation will be the best place to enjoy the biggest games from the industry’s premier developers. For example, PS4 customers will have exclusive access to a special Destiny ‘first look’ alpha starting this Thursday, and PlayStation gamers will be the first to play the full Destiny beta when it begins on 17th July. And in addition to a ton of exclusive content, we also unveiled an exclusive Destiny bundle that features the first-ever white PS4 and 30 days free access to PlayStation Plus.

The theme continued when Batman: Arkham Knight closed the show with amazing gameplay footage and special bonus Scarecrow Nightmare missions only available on PlayStation. Our friends at Ubisoft unveiled the co-op mode for Far Cry 4 and announced that when you buy the game on either PS3 or PS4 you can invite your PSN friend to join you even if they don’t own the game. Blizzard unveiled PlayStation-only The Last of Us content for Diablo III. Rockstar Games also joined us onstage to reveal that the 2013 Game of the Year GTAV is coming to PS4, with the ability to transfer your progress from Xbox 360 and PS3 directly to PS4.

We also continued to champion our close relationship with the best independent developers in the business. Many of you will be excited to hear that Hello Games‘ thrilling No Man’s Sky will make its console debut on PS4. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – thatgamecompany alumnus Matt Nava showed off his striking new project ABZU, and Devolver Digital announced plans to bring buzz titles Broforce, Not a Hero and Titan Souls to PlayStation platforms. Look out for more news from our indie partners throughout the week.

On the hardware front, we showcased PlayStation TV, a new micro-console that will allow you to stream PS4 gameplay to any TV in your home, and also allow you to play PS Vita titles on the big screen, with your DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4. It launches later this year, priced at €99.

And the list goes on: legendary designer Tim Schafer joined us to announce a new version of his classic adventure Grim Fandango; there were stunning new trailers and release dates for The Last of Us: Remastered and The Order: 1886; a raft of new free-to-play experiences were debuted; Suda51’s latest project Let it Die made an appearance; we detailed the forthcoming YouTube app for PS4; we hosted new trailers for Metal Gear Solid 5 and Mortal Kombat X; and offered your first glimpse at Dead Island 2.

Finally, the show also featured an update on the previously announced PlayStation Now streaming service, and news of Powers, a TV series from renowned comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis that will launch exclusively on our network, offering fantastic entertainment and added value to PS Plus members. SCEE is working closely with Sony Pictures TV on the plan for Powers within our region and we’ll share more information shortly.

As for PlayStation Now, we look forward to bringing the service to our region and are currently working hard to put in place everything needed for the roll out. Delivering a service like this across multiple countries, all with varying standards of broadband provision makes the process complicated. However, taking the learnings from the work done for the beta for PS Now in the US, we’re confident we’ll be able to bring PS Now to gamers within the SCEE region soon. Look out for an update at Gamescom 2014 in August.

That’s all for now. We really hope you enjoyed the show. Please click on the links above for more information on each announcement and stay tuned to PlayStation Blog all week for additional news and updates direct from the showfloor.

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  • madmanwithabox12

    Massively disappointed. Vita might as well not exist, it had nothing new and exclusive. I can’t believe the Vita showing was so insignificant. Vita was an afterthought the whole way through. Not very happy with this at all, especially following a segment about “listening” to fan feedback. What about the thousands of disappointed Vita owners?

    • There’s games for Vita coming, but not many of them were present at the briefing. Vita definitely deserves more Love than it got today. It’s all about PS4 now.

      Good news for fans of Japanese games though – XSEED’s E3 lineup includes two Senran Kagura games and Akiba’S Trip (and Brandish for PSP) and NISA’s lineup is Danganronpa 2 and Disgaea 4. There’s also latest Hatsune Miku published by SEGA. Xblaze Code Embryo from Aksys is there too, but it will probably be digital only in Europe and not available in all countries like latest Blazblue.

    • No memory card price reduce. No 64gb memory card US release. No 100gb memory card.

    • lol at the people who expected VITA or PS3 games at E3 … Right now the entire focus is on PS4. Most consumers and gamers care about PS4 first and foremost .. I love my VITA and there are tons of games coming for it .. but this was the moment for Sony to do it’s PR battle with MS and show off it’s new console

    • @Lt_combo
      You sir are not “most of consumers”

      Yes Vita is important console for us gamers!

    • Completely agree. The Vita is one of two consoles early in its life cycle (actually should be in it’s prime after 2 years) and so Sony should live up to the fact that they ARE in the handheld market, they DO need to provide for the product. If Sony can’t handle doing 2 consoles, Vita alongside PS4, then it’s a sad thing indeed and Vita is a waste of money. Anyone touting ‘oh PS4 is the main deal’, not it isn’t. PS4 and Vita are part of PlayStation’s current hardware portfolio. They should act like it. I was really hoping for some big stuff for Vita, but it’s flat at the moment.

    • It really wouldn’t have hurt them to announce just 1 new Vita only game

    • @Archus, I am a consumer and I am part of the majority of consumers .. are you going to claim more people watching E3 Sony conference cared for VITA than for PS4 .. LOL .. come one now .. we both know that this is not true .. in fact. The VITA doesn’t sell that well in most of the world except Japan. I LOVE my VITA. But Sony just launched a new system. OF COURSE they will focus on the PS4 with their conferences. There are a TON of games announced for VITA they just weren’t all shown at the conference. But they are there at E3. You are a minority, period. On the PSblog there are many like us that own a VITA but most people and most E3 watchers DON’T .. E3 is all about the big new consoles right now ….

      PS4 is the focus of all attention right now, get over it

    • @LT_Combo they have lost 30 minutes talking about unnecessary sales data, Vita TV, services for US, ecc. Are these minutes more interesting for the majority of consumers than a new game for vita? Nope

    • @Lt_Combo
      (Mimicry mode ON)

      I am righ! (Slap) I am… (slap)… majority… (slap) of consumers (slap) but… (slap slap slap slap co-co-co-combo BREEEAAAKER)

      (mimicry mode OFF)

      No you are not, deal with it lad. PS Vita has it’s golden year right now, and they are not even trying to use it! It would be like Nintendo focusing only on Wii U instead of 3DS…That’s silly decision! Btw. I’m going to watch Nintendo conference hoping to see some titles that will be also for Vita…

    • @Archacus, guess what, they did! XD but the difference between nintendo and sony, its that 3ds is the popular console, while wii U needs to get good sales numbers and get fame. In sony case, is the opposite, portable is less popular than home console so they should gave a “few” minutes(30 min at least) to talk about the vita.

    • @ Archus, WOW all those great counter arguments !! .. (lol hahahahah) Stop being butthurt .. learn to deal with facts and figures. The great majority of people who watched E3 were watching it to see the future of PS4 not that of VITA .. VITA constantly gets new games announced. You people act as if there is a huge game drought on VITA.

    • Er1234, on that point I totally agree .. they talked a lot about unnecessary PR stuff and numbers no one really cared for.

    • I wanted more from Vita at e3. Just a little something something.

      Recently bought myself an imported 64gb card. I downloaded my games from Plus, and purchased games. In total I have over 55 PS Vita games (less than 15 of which are “Indie”) , 8 PS1 classics, and 5 PSP classics.

      Considering its lack of BIG HITTING games (New UC, Res Evil, Dead Space, GoW, RDR, GTA etc) that’s a pretty decent catalogue of games.

    • PSV is following the footsteps of PSP being slowly forgotten by SONY. Well, the good thing is that I will have some time to finish the games I already have and dabble in some JAP imports.

      Another good thing, for all the PS4 pushing there is nothing that would make me buy the console now. Maybe next year…

    • They should bring Type-0 or at least show us some Freedom Wars or… something… instead of 10 boring minutes about some TV show at games conference.
      Message is: “Screw you Vita owners. You bought a 199€ remote control. No more games for you.”


  • playstation now only in usa and canada???and europe only 2015???

  • Is the Vita name that toxic to Sony that they just had to remove it from the new hardware?

    I honestly think this is the worst Sony showing for PlayStation Vita yet at an E3 press conference. Vita owners tuned in hoping to see at least one great new title that they could get really excited about – Gravity Rush 2, Infamous Vita and the like.

    What we got were mentions of some titles that had already been announced, a couple of indies, things mentioned as cross-buy in passing, and a console that was an unmitigated failure in Japan due to its compatibility issues re-branded as a PS4 accessory.

    We have supported this console with hundreds of pounds worth of purchases leading to one of the highest attach rates for any console on the market, and we’ve given it a lot of fanatical loyalty since its release, but Sony yet again just won’t step up to the plate with some serious first party support. While we all knew that PS4 would be the focus as the shiny new toy, this conference just nailed home the fact that Sony have essentially relegated one of their finest technical creations to third party and indie support.

    One big name Vita exclusive title is all we asked for, just one.

  • That was an awesome E3!

    Just wish The Last Guardian had been there. Then it would’ve been perfect

    • lol… IDK what’s up with that game .. Sony keeps denying it’s dead but we don’t ever get to see anything .. just a few days ago an IGN editor claimed a Sony source from Russia said the game was dead .. then all Sony people started tweeting and saying it was not dead and still in development XD everyone expected TLG to be at E3 .. but nope …. XD .. but hey .. at least we got BLOOD BORNE .. and for me that was the thing I was most hoping for .. It’s a MEGATON in its truest sense .. Sony should put more emphasis on the game and make sure it looks the part graphically because looking at the team who is making it I have no doubt the gameplay will be superb

    • @Lt_Combo

      It is easy to make a mistake as the the branches of Sony don’t talk to each other. Do you think Sony Russia know the day to day titles running out of Japan or US?

      People could say the same thing about FF XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Gamescom or TGS are down the line.

  • Really enjoyed the show.
    Looking forward to see more about some games.

  • …and the Vita is dead. Long live the Vita.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Might I add, I’m especially disappointed after having stayed up all night to watch a conference where I assumed Vita might actually get an exclusive title.

    • Yeah glad I didn’t do that. Not just for Vita, but the whole conference was a bit lacklustre, with nothing overwhelming for the PS4 as of yet (nothing we didn’t already know about or have already experienced anyway).

  • It is sad to see how Sony ignores the vita. the only gameplay we got for vita games was in the free to play video.

    they have even changed the name of VitaTV to playstation TV.

    when it comes to the future of the vita it seems like #sadnessawaits

  • Did Sony forget they made a portable console and not just a ps4 controller with built in screen for streaming. Best news for me was Tales from the Borderlands. The vita is an awesome console it’s just a shame Sony doesn’t realise it.

  • Thanks for the “great” support for Vita in this E3

  • So they talked about 100 titles in the making for Vita, of them 14 were mentioned/shown during the conference (that I have seen/heard):
    – Big Fest
    – BroForce
    – Disney Infinity
    – Entwined
    – Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
    – Grim Fandango
    – Guns Up!
    – Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    – My Singing Monsters
    – Not a Hero
    – Onigiri
    – Tales of Borderlands
    – Tales of Hearts R
    – Titan Souls

    And theres Tetris Ultimate…Summing up….if they decided to show THOSE titles out of the 100 as their “shining examples” of love for VITA then I say we’re (vitabros and vitamuffins) are doomed.

  • So what….the Vita is still pushed as a extension for PS4? Remote Play, PlayStation Now – if I wanted a pad with a screen I would buy Wii U. Vita should be an independent platform from PS4. And the games – from 14 games I noticed during the conference only Tales of Borderlands is remotely interesting – but it’s not the kind of game which will make me running to the store this very minute. If those 14 games were “the shining example” of PlayStations love for Vita then i have the feeling that the latter 85 games are even less entertaining.

  • Wow, no Gravity Rush 2 is really disappointing.
    But Grim Fandango, Tales of Borderlands and Disney Infinity 2 (I think) are ok I guess…but yeah another poor showing for Vita this year.
    I didnt buy a Vita for PS4 Remote Play and PS Now. Oh well!

  • screw you Sony ,really screw you.

  • mi partida todo lo que tengo salvado autos dlc se podran pasar al ps4 gta 5

  • Terrible conference. Why do Sony hate Vita so much? You guys are so bad at marketing, it hurts. Not mention, how you threat us , the people loyal to the Playstation brand – once again you just showed us a middle finger. If not for 3rd party support from Japan, Vita would be more than dead by now. I guess nowadays Sony means only disappointment. And you even renamed Vita TV, to Playstation TV… That is just cringeworthy.

  • You know what made little sense .. Sony had better games to show .. but the presentation was pretty horrible compared to MS. Sony was the only one talking about numbers, PR stuff etc.. No one wanted to hear that .. even the jabs at MS were unnecessary at this point .. esp since MS was talking about their “friends at sony and nintendo” lol .. WAY too much talk you guys .. I LOVE my PS4 and I loved the games you showed (although I was disappointed because I wanted to see what MM, GG etc were working on, even a CGI trailer would have been nice) But here is what went down.

    MS acted friendly, barely talked and bombarded the audience with games ..
    Sony came on stage and despite having superior games and a superior line up …messed up the order in which they should have shown the games. Had tons of unnecessary stuff in the middle, lots of PR talk, numbers etc.

    In the end, even though sony had a better line up .. it felt like MS had done a better job … which they really hadn’t.

    • MS acted friendly, stealing (yep) Sony’s PS4 catchphrase from 12 months ago: “The best place to play games!”.

      MS was super lacklustre – starting its conference with a game franchise that should have died a long time ago (and is cross-platform). And then it got worse (announcing a track for Forza 5 that was available in 1997 in Gran Turismo 1!) And then a Halo re-hash / HD remake segment.

      But yea. Sony were off the boil, but I feel they outshone MS. Just my opnion.

  • P.S.. why are people complaining about VITA .. tons of VITA games in the Sony booth … OF COURSE they will focust 99.9% even 100% on their new console .. (I am a VITA owner my self!)

    So hyped about Blood borne, Uncharted. I have one question, PLEASE answer .. I signed up for the BF hardline beta multiple times but I never got a mail telling me I got in or got refused :( …. I verified my email with Origin but I never even got a reply .. the site says you will get a mail letting you know if you got accepted or not .. why didn’t I even get a reply, while some of my PSN friends are playing the game already and are saying it’s great!? At first I hadn’t verified my email .. when I did that (i got a verification mail) I signed up for the beta 3 more times .. it said I was successful but I never got a mail telling if if I got in the beta or if I got refused.

    • Instant beta access was filled up and taken within 10-15 minutes of the announcement , both PSN game overviews and EA/Origin grinded to a halt during this period, I finally managed to register using a laptop and went to look at the PS4 games overview out said instant access is over register to be on a waiting list.

  • P.s. Aside from my previous BF hardline beta question … why isn’t LET IT DIE on the list? I was confused about what kind of game it was supposed to be tbh but wasn’t that a PS4 exclusive too ?

  • For the love of all that is holy… Please just look at all comments regarding the best handheld ever (hint: it starts with a V, and ends with ita). Really disappointed that its so neglected… almost a denial of its existence, really. Oh well, hope Gamescom showcasing is better, cant be worse than this…

  • I hope some of this game also come to PS3 like Uncharted & LittleBigPlanet

  • Awful news, I want to stream video and music from my pc to my ps4. What Sony are doing is awful they have gave is a useless black box

  • a456435335345334

    So Sony stopped innovating by once again Discriminating Europe !

  • we want StreetFighter4 Ultra on #PS4

  • The conference was nothing short of EPIC.

    Thank you SONY for leaving me buzzing with excitement.

    You blew Microsoft out of the water within the first 20 minutes and clearly showed you are all about the players and games!!!

    Only downside was i really wanted a new big title available then and there but maybe next year!

    Thanks again SONY , i look at my PS4 now with such anticipation for the future!!

  • Dear Sony, have you forget? You have a handheld console, called Vita, there are some games for this system, you should show something for that 7-8 million m0r0ns, whose bought it and still supporting you, for NOTHING.
    I see, you don’t care about Vita, so I don’t care about you either. I won’t buy a single game for Vita and I hope some team will break up it’s protection soon!

    • ima do the same thing my friend.i was hoping for some good quality games for the vita but the only good one ive seen is the dbz one..

  • You just killed Vita with this show. Great job, Sony, great job…

  • With the way things are going i’d say a lot of developers are shifting from making a game for vita and concentrating solely on PS4. Same goes for small indie studios. They’ll probably sell more if they make an indie for ps4 than a full game on vita, just my thoughts…

  • PlayStation and Ubisoft had the best E3.

  • Yet another user here disappointed in the lack of vita news from E3. Dont get me wrong the PS4 lineup is looking incredible, but sony truly have left the vita to die. I know vita has plenty in the pipeline, but for sony to barely mention it in the conference and to have no announcements regarding big name franchises on it it sounds like they are giving up marketing it and leaving it only with JRPGs, indies and ps2 ports (great stuff, but it needs more variety).
    That and PS now will take forever to come to europe, which would be the only way it gets big names.

  • Do you forgot the vita by your planning or why does we have no exclusive ps vita Game?
    I will a exclusive GTA, Need For Speed, Borderlands and a nice CoD.

    And I don’t accept this (CENSORED) choice on new PS Vita Games!

  • When and what games would be instead Uncharted 3, XCOM Enemy Unknown and LBP Karting ?

  • Shame for the vita people but us ps4 owners we are very excited especially for GTA V, Uncharted 4 and Metal gear solid V :)

  • First of all, let me just say that you guys failed at delivering transmission of E3 to all PS3 and PS vita owners. It is massive failure! That’s why I wasn’t watching it live… I simply didn’t care. And when I woke up to watch entire E3 I had to enter IGN page.

    But here are my thoughts about SONY this year… it will be long, so it will be written in many parts.
    1. Destiny – we are waiting for this title for long time… but frankly speaking watching another trailer I wasn’t as excited as I were supposed to. And let me say it… even if I’m big fan of Playstation… exclusive DLCs are what destroys pleasure of gaming. It title isn’t exclusive… than don’t make excusive DLCs.. for god sake it is silly.
    2. Order 1886 – I’m not big fan of American history… so entire setting is rather off putting for me. I’m not interested, sorry. Also zombies? Really…
    3. Entwined – I was really excited with trailer… but than gameplay happened. It is not innovative at all! We had countless similar games before…. the only new thing is that you use two sticks… ow great… 9.99$ most probably (I didn’t care to check) it is not available in EU yet, right?
    4. Little Big Planet 3 – I’m not big fan of series… although I have 1 and 2… But let me just say that this is how you should treat your gamers! It was one of the best materials so far. It was real gameplay! It wasn’t pre-recorded… and this is what was great about it. All previous games from XBOX, EA had recorded gameplay… it was painful to watch as people were holding controllers just for nothing! If you are not playing it… don’t try to fool people that you are! One of the few gems at E3 2014!
    5. Bloodborne – Another zombie title… I can’t really say anything yet about it. The trailer… was rather average.
    6. FarCry 4 – looks great… maybe a bit unrealistic… that little helicopter with lil’ engine won’t fly with 2 people sorry… but like I said looks great. Although I’m kinda worried with main black character… I fear that it will be one of the drawbacks of game.
    7. Dead Island – guys…. you presented it as it were the only zombie game… you had already 2 games with zombies few minutes before o.O. Anyway, Trailer is great… Dead Island 1 was great and most probably 2 won’t be any different. So yeah I’m fired up.

    (I will continue in next post)

    • 8.Battlefield Hardline – it is one of the massive failure this year. What’s that supposed to be?! Thieves and cops? Destroying half of the city?! Even terrorists do not kill as many people as those silly thieves would. Explosions, shooting in broad daylight… I had enough…. unrealistic, silly hollywood game.
      9. Magicka 2 – Meh… I don’t really care, just like I didn’t care about Magicka 1
      10. Grim Fandango – don’t care
      11. Indie games… only Titan Souls and Talos […] looked great, the rest were just fillers… I don’t really care about fillers on PS4 or Vita… you wasted so much show time with it.
      12. Let it Die – we don’t really now anything about it… trailer shows only pointless gruesome stuff… is it Saw the game? Also it looked like Mortal Kombat wannabe… not intrested
      13. ABZU – one of the greatest game in the show, looked stunning. I can’t wait for more materials about this game.
      14. No Man’s Sky – it started with “meh” another game… but than some magic happened. It looked great! Just WOW! galactic fights, planets exploring, dinosaurs… each player will have different planet on which he will start. WoW JUST WOW. I really mean it! It will be one of the best games at E3 this year. For me it is 2nd just after Witcher 3.
      15. Camera – omg… people laughed at him… well it does show how much we care about it
      16. Project Morpheus – too little time… one of the biggest advantages over Xbox and you spend so little time on it on conference… that’s bad move…
      (I will continue in next post)

    • 17. PSN community B…. S…. console is for gaming not for community… I don’t care about sharing option, I don’t care about twitter, e-peen, or Facebook on PS4.
      18. Playstation TV – 99$…. why didn’t we see price in EUR… E3 is in USA ok… but it is transmitted worldwide… you SCEE should have done everything in order to show us price in EUR… what so hard about it?! It is SONY conference not SCEA conference… it just show how little they care about EU customers and how incompetent SCEE is.
      19.Mortal Kombat X – Looks stunning… just that…
      20. Powers – wasted time, totally wasted time… why did you think it was good idea to show something that gamers don’t really care about? But this part made me quite angry… they said something like “Playstation gamers will get it … blah blah blah US release date set to december”…. really… playstation gamers = american gamers… are you kidding us?! Again SCEE failure… you really don’t care about doing anything do you?
      21. Playstation Plus…. US only feature… why was it on E3? SCEE incompetent will stay Incompetent.
      22. Ratchet and Clank the movie… IT IS GAME CONFERENCE! You wasted time, our precious time! What were you guys thinking?! Xbox did their job, showed only stuff that will be interesting for GAMERS. And you guys are just wasting our time. Most of us, don’t care about it.
      23. The last of us PS4 – finally
      24. Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain – I’m fired up… I can’t really wait for it. Btw. What is title of song in trailer? Looked great… I want to play it now.
      25. GTA V PS4… again wasted time.
      26. Batman Arkham Knigh – Great, simply great… looks stunning
      27. Uncharted 4 – we really waited for this one… it is essence of Playstation really!
      (I will continue in next post)

    • All in all, I think it was a little better than XBOX conference… but at the same time it was bad… or maybe just not good. It would be great if you guys were M$ but you are not! Where the hell is Vita? Where the hell is PS3 (IT IS NOT DEAD YET). I really missed it vita… it was like just telling us “thank you for giving us money… now get lost” like spitting in our face. It was like saying that there won’t be any good games for Vita this year.

      And like I said before, you wasted time on things we didn’t really care about. Why? What for?

      And… why did Fred Dutton go for E3? I can’t really find good reason why community manager is going for E3… i mean that’s not his job, right? You guys at SCEE do not deserve to go for great gamer holiday… did you have to buy tickets for planes from your own money or did you get free ticket from SCEE funds?

      Ow well… the best game so far is Witcher 3… but I’m going to wait for Nintendo conference with my final verdict.

      That’s all folks.

    • wow your posts are the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    • I think the Sony conference was better. The pacing, delivery and presentation was awful, but they’ve shown a lot of great games, and I’m interested in quite a few of them. What I do agree though, is that SCEE completely, utterly failed and has shown their incompetence once again. I felt as if Europe was completely erased from their map, and the very existence of Europeans was to extort them for 100$, so that US players would only have to pay 60$.

    • @Porcupeth
      Thank you :*

      Sony had better games… but M$ was better at presenting what they had… in M$ it was just games, games, games, games and games… no mumbo jumbo about movies, comics, community service, renting service and all that worthles stuff.

    • The order isn’t about American history… it’s set in ‘steampunk Victorian London’…LONDON!!!

    • @thorgrimm
      Ah my bad! I was quite sure it steam-punk setting based on america’s time of confederacy etc. I mean second part of XIX century.

      Thank you for pointing out my mistake!

  • Are we ever gona be able to listen and watch movies off a USB on PS4?

    • A movie on a USB is probably a movie with violated copyright.
      Sony is one of the worlds biggest companys depending on copyright, and probably the one working the hardest to protect it. I´d say most probably not to your question.

    • When piracy becomes legal, you bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be able to watch from USB!

  • Thanks for supporting Ps Vita sony, at this point that console is will lose customers with this move.

    • they already lost me as a costumer.i hate sony,not just the ps vita.that means,im not getting the ps4

  • Grim Fandango is the highlight for me, been waiting a long time for a remaster of this! I’d hope to see Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the original Sam and Max game to follow suit.

    Plus, the news that Lucasarts are open to remaking classic games is GREAT; think of the potential possibilities with the classic Star Wars games ie Jedi Knight, X-Wing, TIE – Fighter and Dark Forces.

    Hopefully good times ahead!

  • Are you guys even trying to give the Vita a boost? Because it looks like you want it to die.
    Horrible move and massively disappointing E3 this year. I sure hope you’ve got some big things planned for Vita, but I highly doubt it… God, Sony, get your (CENSORED) together. This is not how you treat Vita buyers. It’s more than just an accessoiry for the PS4. It’s an amazing handheld and you’re absolutely wasting it’s potential.

  • I enjoyed the show. Not massively exciting but nice to see some new exclusives finally. My major beef was all the non game items. playstation now, playstation tv and that powers tv show. I get it thats its an American expo and they need to talk about how it affects American users but i was following twitter throughout the show and the tweets coming from the EU playstation account were quite frankly pathetic. playstation now – hoping to get it out soon. playstation TV ditto. I have no interest in Powers but ‘We are working with Sony Pictures TV to bring the show to EU too’ is ridiculous. its like you’re the weedy little brother asking for hand offs. Whats to work on? it’s been negotiated for SCEA. what’s the issue?? We never get a firm yes or dates for anything like this over here.

    We won’t get the Vita tv deal like the US we won’t get powers included in Plus like the US and we’ll be waiting years for Playstation now

  • Excellent conference and well worth staying up for. Uncharted looks amazing and Grim Fandango was a huge Bomb. Getting Disney to open these old IP’s. The order gameplay impressed.

    Gamescom is next and I am looking forward to it.

    • This Disney business, have thought on this before and have concluded that they, like any successful business were holding onto rights until right time, like shares i guess, so i wouldn’t be surprised if Disney done the approaching, or at the least let it be known the time was right for them, can see a Lot of extra $’s heading to the shareholders, lucky so n so’s they are.

  • When the hell are you going to bring us a PS4 firmware with support for music, movies, dlna? I don´t think it´s to hard to implement, and i was waiting and expecting a new firmware in the conference.
    The PS4 OS is just a mess, with all the games and service icons with no sense, are you even going to fix this anytime soon?
    There was a lot of mockups of the XMB years ago around the internet, lots better than you new PS4 OS, you really need better people working on this Sony.

  • man that is disgusting how they treat people outside of us , I know its not the first time but seriously? nearly everything they talk about they say for are USA and Canadian customers like are you serious? so were not customers here in the uk or eu . did they even mention uk/eu ? nope , I watched the xbox1 conf as others did to but not once do I remember them saying only for are USA customers and rightly so games and apps on the same platform should be the same every where , otherwise dnt bother selling your dam console any where else .so wot Microsoft did not sell in as many countries as sony at least microsofts service is very similar if not exactly the same everywhere, sony seriously needs start treating people outside the USA fairly I mean come on you telling me they didnt make any money on ps4 consoles in the uk? psshh , you guys telling me its ok for them to treat everyone outside USA like (CENSORED) ?

  • E3 was mind blowing, you really put on a great show……Why was there nothing on The Last Guardian? I want to see proof the game has not been canned. The game has been in development for 10 years please tell us SOMETHING !

  • Man that is disgusting how sony is treating everyone outside USA , every time they mentioned something they say for are USA and canadian customers are you kidding me ? I know its not the first time sony has treated us in the uk/eu like that but seriously?. I watched the xbox 1 conf as did others not once did Microsoft say for are USA customers and rightly so games and apps on the same console should be the same everywhere , I mean so wot if Microsoft did not sell their console in as many countries as sony at least microsofts service is similar if not the same in every county they did sell in . otherwise dnt bother selling your console to us in uk/eu . sony needs to seriously stop treating people outside the USA like dirt, i mean come on you telling me they did not sell that many ps4 consoles in the uk psshh please. people in uk/eu seriously need to stop putting up with this second class citizen treatment we are getting because it is only getting worse , did they even mention uk/eu ? . Its just really annoying how there treating us

    • Ekhm… sir… you forgot to change to your EU account :P

      But yeah I agree… even the fact that you are writing from US account is showing that SCEE is worthless and incompetent. I mean… if they DID THEIR JOB RIGHT many people wouldn’t have to create fake accounts.

    • E3 is an american event.

    • @Porcupeth00
      You are silly little funny guy, thanks for sharing your nice jokes!

      E3 is international event, just like Gamescom is. It was SONY conference not SCEA conference.

      Some people are too silly for my taste :* they don’t know when to stop being silly :*

    • @Archacus
      He is right, E3 despite being an international event is more focused on american players. That’s why you’ll only get news about PS Now Europe on Gamescom and that’s why you’ll probably see “The Last Guardian” on a TGS event.

      They’re all international events but there is always information that makes more sense to reveal at the right place.

  • I really love Playstation Vita,but that conference was TERRIBLE. My only hope is that next conference (Gamescom I guess), get’s better than this, Vita deserved it, WE DESERVED IT!

    • Gamescom is generally better for Vita in terms of games. PS4 needed all the limelight especially with the huge focus Microsoft is going on Xbox.

      Gamescom is where the smaller more interesting titles are announced. Tearaway, Puppeteer etc all announced at Gamescom

    • Gamescom is generally better for Vita in terms of games. PS4 needed all the limelight especially with the huge focus Microsoft is going on Xbox.

      Gamescom is where the smaller more interesting titles are announced. Tearaway, Puppeteer etc all announced at Gamescom

  • Just silly how they are treating us here in uk and eu

  • @Archacus haha yh forgot to log out my bros account lol

  • My my, bet they weren’t expecting the above, i was little bit, ok a lot disappointed by no god of war4, but wheres all the hate above from?.. day1 vita owner but always seen it as a second console, third now i suppose, playing a few of the games on big screen will be nice, i hope!.. the US favouritism is nothing new, as someone that hasn’t bought a US account game i been hoping to see some announcement similar to the other os one, just to see how many people it bothered though, then let sen do a driveclub type reverse, be interesting imo to see just how many use a US ac.

  • Lo bueno esque ninguno de sony contesta porque no le convienen vaya mierda de e3 para psvita dios sois los peores con las portatiles enserio,os tomais a cachondeo los que tenemos psvita claro anunciais el tetris….GUAHH ya me ha echo olvidar que no hay un gta ni un far cry ni un infamous ni un battlefield ni un call of duty en condiciones porque el ultimo fue el peor call of duty de la saga creado en 6 meses…enserio abandonad a psvita ya si solamente lo que vais a hacer es meter indies y si con el tiempo vendemos mas psvita pues alehhh que grande somos mas dinero pa nosotros…enserio dejadlo ya

  • What.. just posted and it vanished! no awaiting, no sign of, way to go i suppose, maybe turn up in few hours, or is lost in outer space, or whatever they call it.

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