The Last of Us Remastered PS4 release date and new trailer

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The Last of Us Remastered PS4 release date and new trailer

Naughty Dog’s expanded classic lands on 30th July

The press conference at E3 2014 was a big one for us. We revealed not one but two trailers for PS4 projects we’re currently developing, and there was a very important announcement for The Last of Us Remastered.

You can find The Last of Us Remastered available in stores and digitally on 30th July, 2014. If you pre-order now you’ll get some great additional content.

The trailer is full 1080p and rendered in 60fps, which is what we’re targeting for the game. We’re working on various improvements such as higher resolution character models, improved lighting and shadows, upgraded textures, functionality unique to the PS4 controller and more. You’ll get the complete The Last of Us experience as the PS4 version includes the highest rated standalone single player DLC expansion for PlayStation ever, Left Behind, all difficulty modes (including Grounded Mode, the newest, hardest difficulty level) for single player and both our multiplayer map packs, Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories.

We recently announced that it’ll be a level playing field in Factions mode as player progress from The Last of Us PS3 multiplayer will not carry over to the PS4 version. However PS3 players will be getting a supply bonus to give their progression a boost. We can now also say that all current DLC content – head items, weapons, and survival skills – that you have purchased for PS3 will be available for you in the PS4 version.

Pre-order The Last of Us Remastered today. We’ll have more details on the game over the next two months as 30th July approaches.

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  • yay, finally a release date!

  • Censored EU wide like the ps3 version? or still don’t feel like answering that question?

    • Censored ? … I sure hope not .. it really angers me when games get censored .. it sickens and disgusts me .. let me play the game as it should be played. I mean in the Netherlands the government doesn’t even care as far as I know .. so if we get censored because of some other country that would be REALLY messed up and put me off from buying the game

    • I didn’t buy the PS3 version because they censored it, so if they censor this one too I’m not buying it either. It doesn’t matter what excuses Sony is making up – PEGI 18 rated games do not need and should never be censored.

  • Great news! However, no news of an upgrade for current price for PS3+Season Pass owners? Or simply PS3 owners?

    • I’m disappointed by this too, as there is no way I can rationalise double-dipping when there are several brand new games I will be wanting this autumn especially as I own the PSN version so its not like I can sell it get a discount that way.

      If they are really serious about pushing PSN purchases they need to be offering discounts for this sort of thing.

  • Worth all the GOTY awards it won. Beautiful game made look even more beautiful. Hopefully we’ll see The Last of Us 2 in the future!

  • I’ll buy it, but only if the PS3 version owners get a reduced price. Otherwise I’ll just play the PS3 version again. But still it’s weird having a remaster only a year after the initial release, even Lucas wasn’t that triggerhappy with the Star Wars franchise.

  • Vivis_apprentice

    Are the trophies going to be shared with the PS3 version??

  • Can those of us that have it on PS3 get an upgraded option like what happened to a few games before PS4 got released? I think every game should have that as an option so people have the choice of buying the game for one, paying a little extra for the other and able to play on either consoles at any time.

  • I hope the trophy set has been changed

  • Not to seem ungrateful, but I expected more advancements over pure resolution. A little disappointed to be honest, still I’ll no doubt get if thier’s an upgrade option.

  • Already played on PS3. Great game but I’m fine with that.
    I just wait a sale for Left Behind DLC.

    If you haven’t played it yet, I think it’s time ;)

  • Played this game to death on ps3 and bought season pass, would appreciate the option to upgrade for £10 like I had too for battlefield 4. It’d make a lot of die hards happy.

  • A discount for owners of the ps3 digital version (at least) would be nice, but it seems like it won’t happen :-( .

  • Ура!!!! Дата выхода 30.07.14

  • Already pre-order mine. :)

  • Amazing! I have a question though: will the trophy lists be shared or will I have to replay everything again?

  • I am still wondering, if the EUROPEAN players will get the same offer as the customers do in the US!!!

    Still it is not stated, if there is a DIFFERENCE in the “downloadable version” and the “DISC version”…..



  • Waiting to play this game with the PlayStation Vita using PlayStation Now. A streaming service that needs to hurry up here in Europe. It is taking forever.

  • Assassin-_-MerKz

    Gamestop Ireland is not releasing The last of us PS4 till August

  • Assassin-_-MerKz

    Please say August release date is temporary its on Gamestop Ireland and Amazon UK

    • Speaking of August, I hope that the PlayStation Now details say that it will get released soon in like October sort of time.

  • Sorry If this is listed elsewhere, but I haven’t found a straight forward answer. As the game isn’t currently listed for Pre Order on the PSN PS4 store, I was wondering if anyone knew;

    If you preorder the game from a retailer like you get upgraded to the “Day 1” edition, which comes with some bonuses. I have also read elsewhere that the PSN Download version will come with some separate bonuses. Will the PSN pre order also include the Day 1 edition bonuses, or are those literally just physical release only?

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