Introducing PlayStation TV

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A new micro console available later this year for €99

At E3 today we introduced PlayStation TV, an entertainment system that extends the capabilities of PlayStation 4 allowing players to stream their PS4 games to any TV in their house.

We believe PS TV makes the ideal companion to PS4, enhancing the user experience and connectivity of the console and providing a second gaming station for an attractive price – PS TV will be available this year in Europe and across the PAL region for €99 (RRP).

Released in Japan and Asia last November as PlayStation Vita TV, the system has since continuously evolved through software updates and content enhancements. Adopting the same chip sets and system software as the PlayStation Vita, PS TV has a 6.5cm × 10.5cm ultra slim size – the smallest of any PlayStation platform that connects to a TV.

In response to the demands from users in Europe and the PAL region, SCEE will introduce the system under a new name and colour, and will deliver entertainment experiences only possible on PS TV.


The main features of the PS TV system are as follows:

  • PlayStation 4 remote play: As with PS Vita, PS TV supports PS4 remote play and Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4). This will allow PS4 owners in the living room to continue playing a game on a PS TV system in their bedroom. You can also enjoy most of your PS4 games on PS TV as if you were playing it on your PS4 system*.
  • PlayStation Now: Once PlayStation Now is rolled out across the PAL region, PS TV users will be able to comfortably enjoy PlayStation 3 games via streaming.
  • A vast line-up of software titles: PS TV offers a huge library of PS Vita**, PSP and classic PS One titles. You’ll be able to enjoy all of these titles using a DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

* Games requiring PlayStation Camera are not compatible.
** Since PS Vita is equipped with special features not supported on DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4, such as touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensors, camera, electronic compass and microphones, not all PS Vita games are playable on PS TV. Supported titles differ by country and regions.

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    this E3 has been really boring until the 20 last minutes

    • Playstation TV = games
      it’s called TV cause you connect it to a TV just like any console
      use your brain people

  • Thank you Sony, thank you so much! This is the best thing you could have done for me this E3!

    Is the 99€ package only the console? And is the package with DualShock 3 and HDMI cable for America only?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Why have you dropped the “Vita” from it’s name? Bad stigma?

    • I think this is a smart move by Sony imo. Even thought I love my Vita. People see it as a failure and I do see why they see that. But think about it this way PS TV a micro console that plays Vita titles, Indie titles, PSone titles, PS3 titles and stream PS4 titles to it. Also has things like Youtube,Netflix ect on it. For less than £100 that is a eye catcher.

    • Since when did it have Netflix? No doubt this will be another piece of hardware that lacks features and support compared to other regions.

  • Australian price??

    • An Australian price for both the standalone console and the bundle mentioned in the conference would be great thanks! :-D

    • May be too soon. Doesn’t seem to be enough information anywhere yet. I’m going to take a wild guess and say somewhere in the vicinity of $120-140 at most retailers. $150 if you’re brave enough to shop at EBGames.

    • Just found ELSEWHERE that SCE Australia has confirmed the standalone console will launch for AU$149. No mention of the bundle.

  • $99 is €99? Kind of ehhhh

    • At that price they should start thinking about bundling in either a controller or a memory card as well.

  • Love my Vita TV. I imported one from Japan. Am hoping this will make developers take notice and bring more AAA games to PS4.

    • Can you play VITA games then? Killzone + Uncharted on your PSN account and so on?

    • Hope the EU servers go online sooner rather than later so I can log in with my normal account and play my games on it since I already have one imported :)

  • now this is good news :)

  • the ps tv can play ps4 games using a dualshock 3 will you update the ps4 so we can use the dualshock 3 on ps4,also any word on mp3/video playback and suspend and resume etc,good show overall

  • Tamamo-no-mae-88

    And it still can’t play all of the Vita games… so it’s pointless. And current Vita owners still have no option for TV play.

    Why can’t there just be a solution for tv-out available on the current Vita’s, whether it be reverse remote-play or some accessory? That way you get the portability, the library, and the tv-out. It’s been quite a requested thing since release.

    • Well explain how it would play something like Little Deviants, which is focused on the front and rear touch! So no, not all games would be suitable.

    • Tamamo-no-mae-88

      Exactly my point, you can’t play (literally) all games on it. You couldn’t at Asian launch, and now that it’s headed west, you still can’t.

      Hence why I ask why there isn’t instead an option or method to hook a current 1000 or 2000 model up to TV, where you’d have the use of touch functions, thus the full library, along with the other benefits of the Vita. Why this still isn’t available after the many requests for it is disappointing, to say the least.

      So you either have to buy an additional console that won’t play all games and has issues with imports, or buy the one that doesn’t have these problems but then not be able to enjoy it on a TV in comfort.

  • Do any moderator know the streaming quality from ps4 to ps TV?
    Will it be at full resolution and frame rate or upscaled as for ps vita?


  • Released in Japan and *Asia

  • THis was literally the only reason I was watching the conference instead of sleeping. When I heard the words “at TGS last year…” I knew I wasn’t wasting my time. And this one is black!

    I want it all,
    I want it all,
    I want it all,
    And I want it now!

    Don’t keep it for yourselves too long Sony, I’m throwing money at the screen as we speak :D

  • I know it’s branding but calling it “Playstation TV” makes it sound like it should do more than stream PS4 and play Vita games.

    I say that but… I’ve wanted a Vita TV since it was first announced for Asia. Good work, please keep on working on the compatibility with Vita and PSP games! I will be sure to buy one.

  • So $99 = around £60, yes? Bet this will sell for at least £80.

  • I’ve wanted this since it was announced, cheaper alternative to ps4 in the bedroom than buying another ps4. Let’s just hope €99 =/= £99! I think £69 at most and you’ve got a sale here.

  • Grant support for ALL VITA games then you have a sale here……I won’t pay more than £70 for it

  • Absolutely stoked for this! Both for myself to play Vita and PSP titles in HD, and for my family to have a streaming box with party gaming capabilities beyond the offerings of the Amazon Fire TV or a game compatable Apple TV.

    Some things I really think this needs though:

    – A full selection of media streaming apps. In the UK that needs at least BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV and Ch5, YouTube, Netflix, now tv and lovefilm should all be available to use day one, and every other territory should be just as comprehensive.

    – Full smartphone/tablet controls for menu navigation and media apps. Either through the proprietary apps themselves, as with YouTube on the ps3 where you can choose to watch on the big screen with the tap of an icon, or a simple multipurpose companion app. If this can allow us to display our own videos, pictures and music on the TV too, all the better

    – External storage. even if not for games (though it damned well should be), at least give the option to hook a HDD up via the USB port to store and play our own media, both user created content like home movies and pictures, and stuff downloaded from PSN. The limited capacity and horrifically overpriced proprietary memory cards are a huge hindrance for the Vita, and will only be worse for something aiming to be a cheap multimedia device aiming for a wider, more casual audience like this.

    Like I say however, I’m very hopeful for this, and as long as it’s not starved for features or too complicated for non gamers to use it to access the BBC iPlayer, I’ll hopefully be picking at least one up for Christmas!

  • Maybe this will finally get them to release the netflix app for vita in europe (its already on the US Vita).

  • If this could of played every PSVita game(some how) then i would of bought it day 1 :P I would love to play PSVita LBP:V/KZ:M/Uncharted:GA on my big TV off this :(

  • Why can’t I use the Vita as a controller so I can play Tearaway on the big screen? Sale lost unless they sort this out.

  • UK RRP should be no more than £79.00 GBP

  • TubalionStallion

    By any chance will you be able to play family members on games such as call of duty without the split screen. now that right there would make me buy!!

  • to much Q and not enough A for me to go drop a $100. on it.
    once they bring it and I test it at EB /gamestop and see thru the layers of bs marketing I MIGHT get one.
    sony needs to step there game up!

  • Release all Greatest Hits titles of PS1 on Playstation TV and it will be tremendous device,I’l buy it !

  • > Wait Patiently for Sony to release Vita TV over here for 6 months.
    > Give up and buy a regular Vita last week
    > “Hey guys, we heard you actually might want to buy this console we arbitrarily gated from you all this time!”

    … Well… Thanks, I guess… (And I know, I know, I should have waited till E3 before buying, I have poor impulse control though! :p )

  • Can’t help thinking about my good old PS3. Is it not powerful enough to receive remote play from my PS4? A USB dongle could allow for it to have a newer version BT and grant signal to the DS4….. Just thinking about our environment and good old mother earth, allowing us to reuse our old PS3’s with our new PS4.

    • Wondered the exact same thing myself.

      Why don’t Sony just enable Remote Play from the PS3 to the PS4. I can keep using it and they’ll still make plenty of money off the games I purchase.

  • myampgoes2eleven

    what I don’t understand ever since I first read about the Vita TV is why it does not have an UMD slot. It would be perfect if it could play all PSP games too (and none of them needs a touch screen). Is there a good answer to this question?

  • Fantastic news, this is an instant buy. Loving my VITA, but streaming for my second big screen will be awesome!

  • Been wanting one of these since it was announced in Japan. But will the bundle be coming here? Dualshock controller (DS4 would have been better but I could use an extra DS3) HDMI cable, memory card and copy of the Lego Movie game, 139 USD for all that is a damned good price, that would be about £100 if the exchange rate was observed, but we know it won’t be, if we get the bundle at all.

    Also, Autumn release, that had better be September because if you’re on the wrong side of payday in September that’s gonna be a lot of people skipping it for Dragons Age, Division, Drive Club, Alien Isolation, AC Unity, Far Cry 4, Shadows of Mordor which all come out in October, then of course you’ve got your annual fodder that is EA Sports, Battlefield and COD in November. You need to be ahead of that wave or the PSTV will sink until people see it in the January sale and pick it up there instead.

  • Seriously, no UK price in GBP, British Pounds, Pounds Sterling, ££££? Come on.

  • I already paid $108 USD after tax to a reputable merchant. They will have my $ for awhile but my price is locked in and I will be one of the first to receive it Especially if it sells out.

  • So with this device being locked to a single PSN profile like the Vita, does that mean only one person can play from another room via Remote Play?

    What if you want to do some co-op with a friend but using the TV on the other side of the house?

  • Just seen the update on the news sites. 85 quid in the UK for the standalone, no bundled controller, no cables, no games, nothing. Just the console, 85 quid, some 40% above the US price even if you take VAT into account.

    I could take the US price, convert it to proper currency then point out that we’re being overcharged, again, but I thought it would be more fun to take our price and then translate that to dollars. In the UK we’ll be paying 142 dollars for just the console. Assuming a US gamer lives in a state with the average 10% tax rate, he’ll be paying 154 dollars for the megabundle which gives him the console itself complete with HDMI lead, memory card, copy of Lego Movie The Game and a dualshock 3 for just 12 dollars difference. A HDMI lead costs 10 dollars, the other items cost upwards of 30, each.

    Yes yes, different organisations, different policies blah blah blah. The reality of the situation is Sony cannot afford to give away a cable, memory card, controller and a 6 month old game for just 12 dollars. There is only one way such generosity is possible without taking significant losses and that’s if someone else is paying for that bundle, Europeans for example.

    Drop the price to something more reasonable, (hint, £70 is the actual price converted from the US one with tax taken into account) or bundle something with it for that price, (I suggest a game or at least a memory card) if you do neither this thing is going to die on the shelves.

    • I like the way you reversed converted the money and agreed with every point you raised except for the sitting on shefls bit cause you no full well we will still buy it as we do with every us product that they over charge us for.

  • All of the Playstation Nation knows that this is a very good piece of kit. Everything but the price looks very promising. Far too often the US price is replicated RATHER than converted to the EU price, then same again to UK price. SCEE are a total joke on pricing.

  • HELLO?!!!! No one is commenting that it will stream Ps3 games!!!
    That’s what I’m most excited about! Great work sony, loving it.

  • PS TV is being sold as a console. I am sure it comes with a Dualshock 3 controller and a HDMI cable.

  • VITA TV is using mainly VITA games… so what is the point of buying VITA TV if you killed VITA on E3?

    Hell I missed this article o.O

  • Sony, I’ve got a solution for that glaring compatible game issue; it’s called a TV-out or HDMI cable for the 1000/2000 model.

    That demand you mentioned was from getting the ability to play Vita on the TV, as soon as most people found out that it couldn’t play most games, that interest went away a bit and people assumed that when it released worldwide this would be fixed… but no.

    Who would buy a system that can’t play most of the games available? I seriously hope nobody is stupid enough to buy this thing.

    The “experiences only possible on PS TV.” can easily be done on Vita as well, why not give people that buy the more expensive system the option of TV-output, the option to play all games and have the portability if they so desire.

    Who at Sony thought this thing was a good idea? Wasting time making a 0.5 capable Vita instead of just providing a cheaper to make cabe that is mind-boggling. So now the people interested in TV-out have to buy an incapable device, and the current Vita owners get nothing…

    Please, just make a cable.

    • Sorry, made a double post. They’re slightly different because the first one didn’t go through at first and I forgot most of the post when writing it again.

      And voila, the second post magically appeared… typical.

  • Sony, here’s a solution to that whole compatible game issue; it’s called TV-out or HDMI for 1000 and 2000 Vita.

    That “demand” was from having the ability to play Vita on TV, when most people found out it couldn’t play half of the games, that interest faded, and people assumed that it would be resolved when it released worldwide… but nope.

    Who would buy a system that can’t play most of the games? I seriously hope people aren’t stupid enough to buy this.

    It’s quite funny in a way, as right now on multiple sites/forums there’s posts and threads from people asking “Does “x” game work on PSTV”, that shouldn’t even be a thing.

    Seriously, who at Sony thought this thing was a good idea, why waste time making this 0.5 capable Vita when a cheaper cable could have been made instead. Them “experiences only possible on PSTV” could entirely be possible on current Vita; and at a lesser cost to both you, Sony, and the consumer. It’s mind-boggling, especially with how often the request is made.

    People who want this TV function have to buy an incapable device, and current Vita owners get nothing except having to buy this… why not give people who want to buy the more expensive system the option for TV support? Then all games would be compatible and the portability would still be there. The only option for this, as of now is to buy one of them custom models from Japan, and they’re costly.

    Please, just release a cable.

  • would it not just be possible to have a feature where you can connect your Vita to it by remote play, and play all Vita titles on it that way? Use it more as like a proxy kinda thing to project your Vita onto the big screen? I’ll probably buy one anyway, but that’d definitely be a good inclusion imo

  • Must admit, this greater than any tax or vat, price hike in the UK (in comparison to US prices) is getting really tiring and not on. £85??!!! Really? You have got to be joking. Should be no more than £70, especially since the UK version has no bundled accessories or games. Come on SCEE, stop the madness and greed.

  • Will I be able to play assassin’s creed bloodlines on the playstation tv

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