Far Cry 4 – ‘Keys to Kyrat’ feature is exclusive to PlayStation

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Far Cry 4 – ‘Keys to Kyrat’ feature is exclusive to PlayStation

Invite friends into your open world, even if they’d don’t have the game

The open world of Kyrat is an incredible place. Behind the beauty of its mountain peaks and lush valleys, the splendour of its flora and fauna, a civil war is raging. And on 18th November 2014, Far Cry 4 puts you in the middle of the fight, in a nation where one false step is as likely to land you in an enemy outpost as in the jaws of a hungry tiger.

It’s a good thing you don’t have to go it alone.

Far Cry 4 features drop-in/drop-out “Guns for Hire” Co-Op, meaning that you and a friend can take on the wilds of Kyrat as a pair, exploring the world, taking down enemies and generally making everything as precise or as chaotic as you choose. Both players get experience, both players get in-game cash, and both players have an awesome time.

Better yet, play the game on PS3 or PS4 and you’ll get a set of “Keys to Kyrat”. The keys open up Kyrat’s borders to any of your PSN friends, inviting them into your open world even if they don’t yet have a copy of the game. Capture outposts together, traverse Kyrat and make gains with anybody you know–or everybody you know. It’s a PlayStation exclusive and it means there are no limits to your Far Cry 4 experience.

Far Cry 4 arrives November 18th, 2014 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Follow Far Cry on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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  • How will this work? Gaikia? Or will they have to download something??

  • Co-op was the one thing I wish Far Cry 3 had, this is awesome on another level. But I hope this mode supports split-screen co-op as well.

  • This is epic .. I assume they will have to download a sort of DEMO of the game that is limited to playing it only when you get invited .. but this is great .. I love FC and now i can convince some of my skeptical friends that the game is amazing. If it wasn’t for blood dragon I would never have discovered FC3 as many of my friends I was skeptical due to FC2 which I personally found to be horrible

  • That co-op sounds amazing! But what if say me and my friend have the game, him being further into the story and I join him, would that complete the mission in my own game or will I need to repeat it again? Would also hate to join someones game only for it to be partly ruined as I never reached that far as them. Ya know?

  • I want to know more about this ‘I play with my friend without a copy of the game’
    Means he can play ALL the campaign and/or just MP?

  • When a friend joins your game, or vice versa, all solo story related content is disabled. You can play side quests, capture forts, or just explore the open world. Things like that.

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