Procedurally-generated sports sim The Golf Club coming soon to PS4

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Procedurally-generated sports sim The Golf Club coming soon to PS4

Your first look at an ambitious new golf game from HB Studios

We’re excited to officially announce that The Golf Club is coming to PS4 in Summer 2014! We’ve been working hard on the core of the game to get the fundamentals right and are at a point now where we’re closing in on the finished game. If you were lucky enough to be at GDC 14 this year, we were demoing the game on PS4 on the expo floor – and the overall response to the game has been phenomenal.

If you’re not familiar with The Golf Club, it’s a realistic golf simulation game that features procedurally generated courses. With only a few button presses you can be playing a brand-new course that you can share with your friends. For those who feel creative, we also have a fully-featured course editor that allows you to customise, tweak, sculpt and craft any course you can imagine. All of these courses can be shared with your friends where you can rate them and favourite the ones you love.


The Golf Club also has what we feel is a fresh model for online interaction. Using what we like to call “ghost balls” you can compete against your friends’ best round on a course or your closest rival’s round without them needing to be online. You can create your own custom tours and tournaments and compete against the world – all completely asynchronously. You can compile your favourite courses, the hardest courses – or just the most interesting that you’ve encountered into your own personalised tour and share that with the world.

We’ve been excited about the unique features available on PlayStation as well – and would like to talk about some of those developments now.

Since The Golf Club relies so heavily on user-generated content, discovery of that content is going to be a key problem to solve. Besides the rating and filtering system available in game, we are planning to have curated selections and selections based on your performance and preferences surfaced onto your PS4 dashboard in the form of live tiles. Featured courses, courses by your friends, and other suggestions will appear and you can launch directly into the course just by selecting the tile!


We’ve also been exploring how to implement support for PS Move controllers – and our early prototypes are very promising! It works pretty much how you imagine – hold the PS Move controller and swing as you would in real life and see your on-screen avatar mimic your actions. Getting it right is important though so that you can be competitive in your rounds whether you use a controller or Move.

And finally, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to be among the first developers to have access to the newly announced Project Morpheus VR tech – and we’ve been exploring how we could possibly integrate this into The Golf Club. Golf seems like an excellent fit for this kind of technology – the ability to look around your environment and really live inside the procedural courses is really exciting. We’re anxious to see what we can do with this new tech and how we can create a compelling VR experience for The Golf Club with Morpheus.


You can find all the latest news and updates as we approach release at and via @thegolfclubgame on Twitter. We’re really excited to be on PS4 and can’t wait for everyone to be able to play the game. Feel free to ask questions about the game in the comments below!

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  • will there be a more traditional approach to online multiplayer as well, ie. turn-based?

    • I’ve been playing the steam early access version of the game and there is turn-based options for multiplayer

  • How bad are the microtransactions going to be?

    • I’ve played the game and there are no micro-transactions at this point.

    • Why did you assume there would be anyway? It’s not F2P and not every company making a sports game is as shameless as 2K.

  • Fantastic, really looking forward to this. Tiger Woods really stagnated in recent years, whether it was the size of the team or the budget EA gave them. It just didn’t innovate.

    Really great hear your looking into Move as well. How much character customisation will there be? From what I have seen of PC builds, there only seems to be around 6 character models for each sex. It’s not a deal breaker, I’d rather have a solid mechanics system and online function than the more minor bells and whistles.

    You’ll have an almost guaranteed buyer here, looking forward to next gen golf.

  • I’ve never bought a dedicated golf game, but this has piqued my interest with terms like “procedurally generated”, “level editor”, “PS Move” and “Project Morpheus”. I’m definitely going to keep a lookout for this! :D

  • how much € ?

  • I’m excited to see a non-arcade style golf sim in the line. I hope it turns out gorgeous on the PS4 and VR support is definitely a plus.

    • And please make available a healthy choice of female avatars and customization options!

    • Or even better, have another crack at scanning your face/body into the game using the camera. I have always felt there is so much potential for that tech but few developers bother to try. It would be all the more interesting being able to SEE the people you are competing with online.

  • You know when devs come in with an article like this it’s going to be an unsupported buggy pos.
    I was looking forward to this.
    And that sentence about looking into getting the Move working with it… seriously? If you can’t even figure that out then all hope is lost.


    • Instead of complaining why don’t you try the game. It’s on steam and it is not buggy or unsupported. It’s actually very polished and the developers are very active with the community unlike most games. It’s one of the best golf games I’ve played in the last 10 years or so. If your only evidence that this game will a “pos” is due to an article you read, you must be one judgmental, close-minded, negative Nancy. I’d hate to live life that way…

  • I’m in the market for a golf game. Ideally Everybody’s Golf 7, but this looks like the only option for the PS4 for the foreseeable future, although we’ll see if Sony or EA announce anything at E3.

    I’m not going to dive in regardless, this will need to get good reviews and have a reasonable price point for me to buy it.

  • The game title isn’t hip and modern enough.

    I propose: #DriverClub

  • Everybodys Golf 7 for PS4 = Yes please!

  • If I get Project Morpheus, I’m definitely going to add this game to my collection.

    Coupled with the Move, it seems perfect for showing even non-gamers just what the PS4 can do- even my grandfather could get to grips with this game by the sounds of it!

  • i got a ps4 for this game cant wait

  • Wait.. did you say Project Morpheus? Count me in!! Here, just take my money please!!

  • With the ghost ball method of online play, I’m just wondering, won’t beating peoples very best rounds get ridiculously hard and not so enjoyable after a while? An option to play against peoples last completed round might be a good option to go alongside their “best” round, maybe earning less reward/xp or whatever is being implemented? Also, hope you guys are making a rugby title as is rumoured. :)

  • I’m a golf noob but the golf courses I see on my travels are going out of their way to tell the public they are designed by some famous designer or golfer. Isn’t that important and isn’t that a part of the charm of a golf game, being able to walk around a real world location? Sure the generated part makes for a lot of diversity but would be great as an additional option instead of the main game imho.

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