Free-to-play action RPG Reaper coming soon to PS Vita

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Free-to-play action RPG Reaper coming soon to PS Vita

A deep, dark new adventure for your favourite handheld

Hello, I’m Luc Bernard. I’m the creative director, and art director, and — well — I look after many other roles on Reaper for PS Vita. Now, this is my first time doing a post on PlayStation Blog, so it may sound a bit all over the place!


I don’t know if anyone remembers, but years ago Reaper was announced back in 2010 for PlayStation Portable. The title had to be put on hold for a while sadly, but now it’s back. I’d say it’s a great thing that I waited this long to resume development and show it to the world.

Reaper is a free-to-play title exclusive to PlayStation Vita. Personally, the Vita is my favourite portable system for many reasons, which I don’t think I need to go into since you Vita owners already know them!

Now let’s talk about the gameplay. Reaper is an action RPG platformer, so you’ll be levelling up, pulling off combos, destroying enemies, and all those kind of things. But what makes it unique is the card system. Now don’t worry, it’s not like those mobile games that have cards where you can’t do anything with them — these cards will actually be awesome, and there’ll be different types:

  • Weapon and armour cards which will give you different weapons and armors each with their own unique abilities.
  • Summons will be huge creatures that will damage everything on screen.
  • Spells will allow you to cast fire, spines (Yes, I did say spines), and many other different things.
  • Pets will follow you and attack nearby enemies, helping you.

At launch there’ll be at least 100 different cards to collect, and of course with updates there will be more all the time.

Now for multiplayer, we are still thinking about how it will work, but I can assure you that, to me, a free-to-play game needs great features. So we’ll keep you guys updated, but right now we’re making sure the single player is amazing.


The story in Reaper has also been very important to me. I got inspired by many moments in my life while coming up with it. Actually, when I was thinking about it, it was during a dark period of my life when the woman who raised me passed away, and then while I was still working on the game my ex-wife also died. Reaper has a focus on what it is to lose important people in one’s life, in different ways.

For example I want to show you Death’s backstory, one of the main characters.

For as long as she can remember, Death has worked tirelessly to take the lives and souls of humans. Constantly ending the lives of innocents and corrupt alike began to take its toll on her and she soon grew lonely and depressed. Eventually, she fell in love with a mortal man. After much debate with her sisters, she chose to disobey them and granted her lover immortality and in doing so, created the first Reaper.

His newfound immortality and thirst for power corrupted him to the core and he soon left her. Death, heartbroken, was too devastated to continue her task. She withdrew from the world and hid herself away from everything and everyone. Discovering her failure to cull the human souls, her sisters captured her and grafted a sentient exoskeleton construct onto her body. With its power, her sisters enslaved her and forced her to return to her work.

Death reluctantly accepted her cursed fate and set out to make sure she would never make the same mistake again. Using all of her power and will, she began to create a massive army of Reapers to do her bidding. With her gift of power also came great loss. She took the reapers memories from them and bound them in mortal bodies, so none could ever leave her side. Now she has become a cold and bitter husk of her former self, eternally a slave to her dark task.

So that’s all I can reveal for the moment. Hopefully at E3 you guys can see the game, and I’ll update you again soon.

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  • Another free to play? I will welcome it with arms wide open.

    But I hope it will be system closer to Destiny of Spirits than NHA… I mean in DoS even if you don’t have to pay to play or win… you kinda want to get some of juicy stuff.

    Anyway. Good Job

  • Gameplay looks great, and I’ll be looking forward to having this on my Vita soon! However, there is no such thing as ‘free’, you have to eat too, right? Can you elaborate a bit on how the F2P model is implemented? Is there an ‘energy’ that needs replenishing after time, do you sell additional cards through microtransactions?

    I hope the F2P monetization model doesn’t ruin what looks to be a very promising game! Do you have any ETA in mind? This summer?

    Good fortune with finishing the game!

  • Seems interesting and I’m glad the cards aren’t your skills (ala Ragnarok Odyssey and Ragnarok Odyssey Ace). Everything being dependent on random luck just isn’t very fun. I don’t mind grinding in a game but having to do the same quest over and over again for a 0.01% drop ends up being mind numbing

  • letterforyourmom

    this awesome looking game for free?..damn!…what’s the catch?

  • Of course, it won’t be totaly “free” without any microtransactions. I think there will be something like “Energy” required to play, that will replenish over time. Something like in Treasure of Montezuma: Arena game. I hope there won’t be an option to buy “Super Mega Ultra” bonus cards to get your character Boosted to the max instantly. I also don’t mind some grinding, but it have to be fair to everyone.

  • There’s no such thing as free-to-play.

    This is either: Pay-to-(keep)-Play(ing), or Pay-to-Win

    Either way, you won’t be getting my support

    • There is Team Fortress 2/Dota2 somewhere in another world…

      But I agree, these both models suck. I won’t support that with my money no matter what.
      No heroes allowed is perfect example – ‘pay to play more than two minutes a day’. The difference between rewarding customers and crippling experience for non-purchasers. I’m no wallet, I’m a player. Yeah, if you hate me that much – you can play your game by yourself. I’d rather buy full-priced game than play for free while being punched in the face in order to push me to pay to remove punching in the face.

  • The screenshots and premise lookd interesting. Looking forward to more updates on game. Eagerly waitin to get my hands on game actually. Thank you for givin vita the importance it deserves.

  • Another “spank first ask questions later” game trying to pass as a RPG… frankly, guys, please re-learn what is the meaning of RPG because vita needs some decent ones and fast (Monster Hunter G Frontiers, Phantasy Star, etc, etc)

  • As someone who actually plays pen and paper RPG, I’d say YOU need to re-learn what the definition means, because neither MHG nor PhSO/U really count as one.

    Just sayin’. Pot, kettle, black, etc.

  • The above was directed to blackout_pt, by the way.

  • F2P – this cynical monetization model is a blight on gaming. Would anyone who has paid $500+ for a PS4 or $250+ for a Vita see this model as a chance to recoup their money? I’m avoiding this on principle. What’s next Sony? Candy Crush?

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