Roguelike runner EarthNight is coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Roguelike runner EarthNight is coming to PS4, PS Vita

A beautiful-but-brutal fantasy adventure from the team at Cleaversoft

Two and half years ago we set out to make the deepest, most beautiful runner game of all time. I’m so happy and proud to announce today that EarthNight will launch first on PS4, and shortly after on PS Vita in 2015. We will be showing off our first PS4 demo next week at E3 in Sony’s booth, and we can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.

EarthNight is a hand painted roguelike runner about the dragon apocalypse. Dragons have taken over the Earth and exiled the decimated human population to outer space. Our outraged heroes Stanley and Sydney decide to skydive to the planet’s surface, taking out as many dragons as they can on their way. Stanley is for beginners with a simpler control scheme. Sydney is for experts with a less intuitive, but ultimately more rewarding control scheme.


The game alternates between running on the backs of dragons and skydiving through a sea of the vile beasts. The running sections are frantic, fast paced and filled with danger, while the skydiving sections serve as an alive level select and a break from the action.

From the very beginning, we wanted every moment of the game to look and feel like a living work of art. Every visual element is painted by the unbelievably talented Paul Davey (Mattahan). Paul’s unique fantastical style and original characters inspired the entire EarthNight universe.

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EarthNight also features a beautiful and epic original soundtrack by chiptune musician Chipocrite. Today, Chipocrite is releasing an EP titled 3P with two songs from the game and “Truce,” the soundtrack of our trailer. Check it out here.

Since most of the gameplay only involves two buttons EarthNight is accessible to anyone. But serious gamers shouldn’t be fooled; the controls have surprising depth, and the path to EarthNight is always different and riddled with danger. If you get flustered or start button mashing, you’ll be dead quick. A player can beat the game in 30 minutes, but it will take hundreds of runs to gain the skills to reach the final world. We expect many deaths, and few dragon kills at E3.

Stephen Orlando at IndieCade East called our game “Unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably hard”. It’s a game of finesse. You have to react fast and understand the game’s systems to succeed. We give no apologies for the difficulty of our game; those who beat it will earn the respect they deserve.


My greatest hope is that people can play EarthNight for years and continue to discover new strategies and hidden layers. We’re really excited about PS4’s Twitch integration as it will enable players to easily show off their best runs and learn from other gamers.

We are working tirelessly to finish the game as soon as we can so all you humans can exact revenge on those bastard dragons who stole our planet. For more information on EarthNight and the Cleaversoft team visit our website, and be sure to stop by at E3 if you’d like to run on some dragons.

A big thanks to Sony for making us feel incredibly welcome to PlayStation. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. Thanks for checking out EarthNight!

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  • The skydiving moment transition was “wow” :)

  • this looks ace! i’ll be interested to see how this develops

  • I looked at screenshots I was thinking that it will be another meh-title for me…. but than great music happened.

    Count me in.

  • thekillingspree

    You had me at “beautiful-but-brutal”. And then you totally wowed me when I noticed we can ride dragons (even though not controlling them). I just love all these weird games coming out soon for the Vita (and PS4, but I don’t own one)!

  • thekillingspree

    Also, I just noticed this on your website: “EarthNight will be released when it’s done.” … Are you aiming to be another Duke Nukem Forever? :D Please don’t, ahah!

  • LieutenantFatman

    Looks good, would be interested to play the Vita version.

  • Those mini Hulks though :p

  • interesting that you put a black character in the game, not a lot of developers do that.

  • Will the in-game music be anything like the trailer music? The game looks good but that music gave me an insant headache…

    • I actually enjoyed the music very much and I hope that’s the musical style we’ll be hearing in the game. I feel it’s rather fitting, at least from the images shown in the trailer.

  • Game looks cool. I hate to be pedantic, but the game appears to be a ‘procedurally generated auto-runner’ rather than a Roguelike.

    • ok scrap that (why can’t we edit posts btw??), it doesn’t appear to be procedurally generated either. Roguelike is the new ‘Alternative Rock’ it seems…

    • These days, if people can force a buzzword in to game descriptions then they will – though I prefer the use of the aforementioned rather than ‘awesome’ and ‘epic’ which both grate as badly as Emma Bunton on Heart Radio.

  • not is posible in nintendo game cube this games and in ps4 this (CENSORED)

  • These days I normally see words such as ‘Roguelike’ and ‘procedurally generated’ associated with ‘pixelart’…which loosely translates as “a game with random maps and (CENSORED) graphics”.

    At least the art style on this game looks great though.

  • Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  • Eh, is it just me, or is the gameplay really boring?

    I mean, it can look pretty and all, but the sidescrolling part already didn’t have the most gameplay in it aside from some constant jumping, the sky diving parts might even be more boring, aside from just trying to look pretty. Maybe there is more to the game that isn’t shown that is insanely awesome, but why not show that gameplay then if one is trying to market the game?

    • Looks the opposite of boring to me

    • @Porcupeth

      If so, can you specify what part of the gameplay looks the opposite of boring to you? Really interested what you saw in there that is actually refreshing, or not repetitive aka not boring. Tell me please.

    • The fast “twitchy” platforming. Kinda like the best (imo) levels in Rayman Legends. I like that.

  • Honestly, PR features that just throw buzzwords around are a turn-off and make me lose interest in a game. ‘Rogue-like’ means like ‘Rogue,’ which is procedurally generated dungeons and perma-death. Every game and its dog these days is claiming to be a Rogue-like and it’s utter nonsense. If your game isn’t procedurally generated levels (should be dungeons) with perma-death, you shouldn’t claim it to be related to Rogue. Doing so is just looking for hits from fans of that genre.

    Either create a Rogue-like game, or don’t and be comfortable and honest with what you’ve created. This looks like an ‘endless runner’ game, although with predefined levels, so really a ‘fast-runner platform game’. Not a Rogue-like. Not a Mario-like. Not a Borderlands-like.

    Don’t try to ride someone else’s coat-tails, and instead stand proud on your own choices and designs. Use English to properly communicate what your game is instead of using buzz-words that simply confuse the message.

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