Murdered: Soul Suspect hits PS3/PS4 this week – see the launch trailer

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Murdered: Soul Suspect hits PS3/PS4 this week – see the launch trailer

Take a closer look at Square Enix’s stylish mystery adventure

The tinkle of glass shattering. The dull thud of a body hitting the ground. The piercing cracks of seven pistol shots. These are the sounds that accompany Ronan O’Connor’s final moments in the world of the living. And then he dies.

But with Ronan’s death, the story of Murdered: Soul Suspect has only just begun and with the game finally being released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Europe this Friday, 6th June, you too can uncover the secret of the mysterious Bell Killer! But before you begin, you must first check out our launch trailer.

Murdered_Soul_Suspect_Review (4)

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an entirely new gaming experience brought to you by Square Enix and Airtight Games. With an unforgettably creepy storyline and unique gameplay that lets you use your ghostly powers to walk through walls, possess and influence human beings (and cats!), teleport to certain locations and generally have fun poltergeisting about, you’ll be sure to be drawn in instantly.

And that’s just a little taste of the powers Ronan will begin to manifest, all the while dodging soul-sucking demons, completing side quests and, of course, hunting down the story’s merciless antagonist, the Bell Killer, before his trail goes cold.

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It’s been almost a year to the day since we first officially announced Murdered: Soul Suspect and we are all very excited to finally be able to present you with the finished product. These last few weeks in particular have been quite gripping as many of you attempted to track down the Bell Killer in your own way by following the #markofsalem.

This Friday, however, the time will come for you to step into the ghostly shoes of Ronan and start discovering clues, investigating crime scenes, and ultimately, the murders left in the ruthless Bell Killer’s wake. If you go ahead and pre-order the game now, you’ll still be able to guarantee your Limited Edition, get £5 to £10 off and even gain access to the invaluable Digital Strategy Map! After that, all that remains for you to do this Friday is to dim the lights, draw the curtains, kick back and enjoy Murdered: Soul Suspect (while occasionally glancing over your shoulder). Happy hunting, Detective.

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6 Author Replies

  • Really Poor reviews average metacritic rating 59/100

  • Question is, will the price be the same for EU as for NA, or will we, Europeans, be extorted 60% more so that Americans could enjoy cheaper games?

  • I would have been interested but it’s a Square Enix product and as Europe wasn’t good enough for a physical release of Drakengard III then I won’t sully myself by purchasing any Square Enix product.

    • Don’t let our decisions on Drakengard sway you, Murdered is a refreshing game with a gritty story that’s up there with your favourite HBO show!

    • @Lee Williams

      Don’t let our blunder/mistake with Drakengard sway you*

      Here you are I’ve helped to correct it. You guys need to learn that we won’t tolerate digital mumbo jumbo. You even created retail boxed collector edition… with digital game… man… that was…. weird decision.

  • I have looked forward to this game for a long time, and I won’t be deterred by reviews or anything of the sort, especially not when it comes to unique experiences like these, that break the mold that crappy, run-of-the-mill FPS/racing/action games have come to mean.

    The real losers are the ones who are interested in something, then read reviews and then decides not to support the makers of said media because of something so subjective as reviews!

    Play through the game before you whine, and then decide if it’s good or bad!

    I for one know I love games like Silent Hill and Deadly Premonition, so regardless of how this plays out, I will experience Murdered: Soul Suspect and enjoy it fully!!

    • Thanks for your support, it means a lot to the guys at Airtight Games! If you have Twitter, please let us know what you think of the game once you’ve played it by tweeting @Murdered. We love hearing how people are getting on!

  • I am a fan of detective games and this is one that I am looking forward to when I hopefully get my own PS4!

  • Will wait for a big price reduction and then I’ll try it

  • Yep, ill be grabbing this release day. This is my kind of game and the the early reviews good or bad don’t bother or sway me in the slightest, so long as its not shoddy or broken i’m sure i will massively enjoy it. So thanks Square Enix for giving us something a little different to sink our teeth into.

  • How else are we suppose to judge a game accept by what reviewers rate the game. Most people dont have the time or money to invest in a game which maybe a gamble. Im not the only one whining so are Professional game critics

  • Would be great if we get to know the price before the release of the games…

  • Received my pre-order fulfilment today! Can’t wait!

  • Received my copy on Monday, and finished it last night (6-7hrs in length).
    It’s a great premise, original concept (although Messiah by Shinny Entertainment back in 2000 crated the possession mechanic), and is full of charm. At the price (PS4) it’s worth a gamble for people as it’s a fun little game.
    But…boy is it buggy and glitchy. It’s as though the programmers had no fingers and coded the game by banging their foreheads on the keyboard. Technically, it’s an absolute mess.
    But if you can ignore the game breaking bugs, and the fact that the NPC only have five character models, five voices, and only have five different lines of dialogue, or that the clear LOD ring around the player is blatantly visible as you move around, you’ll enjoy it. I did.
    It’s about time Square stopped hiring the “lowest bidder” to develop games for them in for the Western market. It’s given Square Enix a crap reputation for churning out budget games to be sold in a full price market.

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