Worms Battlegrounds charges onto PS4 today

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Worms Battlegrounds charges onto PS4 today

Everything you need to know about Team17’s next gen debut

Hello again PlayStation Blog readers! We’re delighted to announce that our first next gen title, Worms Battlegrounds, will be available to download for your PS4 via the PlayStation Store today for just £19.99/€24.99.

To celebrate the launch of the game we’ll be streaming Worms Battlegrounds on PS4 and challenging the community to take us on live on Twitch from 5-7pm BST. Come and check us out on the Team17 channel, chat with us live and do battle with us if you think you’ve got what it takes!

Worms Battlegrounds features an extensive single player campaign spanning 25 story missions and 10 “Worm-Ops” time-attack missions which are set across five stunning environments (Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan and Industrial Revolution) with new day to night lighting transitions. Multi-BAFTA award winning writer Dean Wilkinson provides the script for the single player story campaign, which is in turn brought to life by the talented Katherine Parkinson, perhaps best known for playing Jen in The IT Crowd.

Multiplayer fans will be glad to know that there are both local and online multiplayer battles for up to four players! Choose from two different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts and Classic and either a predefined or customised game settings.

We’ve even added in multiplayer clan support! Create your own clan and choose your own clan emblem or simply join another existing clan and take part in league matches! All of which accumulates you community points, which in turn allows your clan to level up and grow larger.

“We’ve also utilised the awesome DS4 controller’s light bar which will dynamically change colour depending on your worm’s scenario”

There are some really cool PS4 exclusive features in Worms Battlegrounds, both of which take advantage of the new DS4 controller. Firstly we’ve added in weapon gestures, which allow you to quickly select your favourite four weapons. Want to get out your Super Sheep? Just swipe up! Swipe right for the Concrete Donkey, or any other weapon of your choosing!

We’ve also utilised the awesome DS4 controller’s light bar which will dynamically change colour depending on your worm’s scenario. Watch as the Light Bar glows red for attacks and explosions, blue when your worm is submerged in dynamic water and green to indicate that your worm is poisoned.

Finally, once you’ve exhausted the Single Player campaign and are ruling the online leaderboards, you could head over to the Landscape Editor, which allows you to create your own maps to play upon! Draw out your landscape, place any hazards (mines, barrels), physics objects and contraptions and then challenge your friends to a battle upon your creation.

Thanks for reading and we’ll hope you’ll enjoy the game if you’re picking it up today!

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  • €24.99 for a worms game that have not evolved nothing in the last 15year? NOPE

    • “We’ve also utilised the awesome DS4 controller’s light bar which will dynamically change colour depending on your worm’s scenario”

      I’m not really sure what else you’d need for your €24.99 ;)

    • Sorry you feel that way but there is lots that has changed over the years. Here’s just some of it…. we’ve now got dynamic water, this doesn’t kill the worms like the base water but they’ll suffer a health penalty if they stay in there and it’s harder to move in. Thanks to the new hardware we’re able to have more of this stuff on the landscapes which are also 30% larger for that same reason! Adding dynamic water has opened up a whole host of ridiculous weapons that we’re now able to creating such as Water Guns, it’s so satisfying washing a worm right down a cliff face!

      There are different classes of Worm, all with their own unique pros/cons, these are the Soldier, Scientist, Scout and Heavy. You’re able to add any variety to your team and customise their name/look. I generally go for one of each in my team!

      There are crazy contraptions in there, some of these get really impressive as the storyline and difficulty progresses! I don’t want to spoil the story liine though but the last mission is fab! Trust me :)

      We’ve even got clans in there now which allows you to make your own, join another etc. You can even play online with a mate from your clan and both play the same team!

      You’re right though, a lot of the core gameplay is similar because at the end of the day it just feels right. We’re all gamers here and we still love playing Worms and we’re extremely lucky to have a wonderful fanbase who love playing Worms too! Speaking of which, don’t forget you can challenge our skills live on Twitch tonight at 5pm BST.

      We also hope that everyone who has picked up the game so far is enjoying it, big thanks for your support!

  • Not worth £19.99 so will wait for a PS+ discount or just as a free game on PS+.

  • YES! Can’t wait to get Boggy B back in action! Seriously love the Worms series, there’s nothing more satisfying than sofa multiplayer Worms. I remember being huddled around an ancient PC playing this with my friends, so I’m definitely getting this. Thanks Sony and Team 17!!

  • So they did back down from the originally announced 40€, good but I doubt it’ll be enough. The game doesn’t look like it has much new to offer, the environments look very tasteless and dull. I would love a more colorful approach. I’m sure it’s still fun but I’ll wait for it to have a sale or be included in Plus IGC.

  • It looks nice but too expensive.

  • Can you guys stop being so greedy, games are NOT FREE to make, and they dropped the price to PLEASE you !

    Bethany don’t ever stop making worms games :)

    • @Witcher70 I agree with you, the price drop absolutely justified buying the game and it was a good decision for both sides. But the reason I’ll yet wait for a sale is because the game looks a bit dull in terms of maps and there are just too many games and too little time, although I’m sure it’ll still be good and I will grab it at some point. Love me some ps4 couch co-op. And agreed, do keep making Worms games!

  • They have lost it completely price – wise with these kind of games. We aren’t greedy or cheap, they are the ones who overprice them. This is half the price of an AAA game.

  • In Norway the price is 32£ / 40€ ???? Are u kidding me???

  • Will there be a demo to try out?

  • For those complaining about the price. It’s Worms for crying out loud. It’s part of a few rare games/series I would pay no matter the price. Hell! I would pay £100 for this alone!

  • Can you play your created maps local only, or online too? And is there or will there be a feature to upload and download maps? I’d really like that.

  • This game is brilliant, and worth the price. That is all. Whingers need not apply.

    • Totally agree !

    • Yep, I second that :), looks great fun too.

    • To give some comparison in price, all these games are cheaper to buy on PS4, you think that Worms Battlegrounds is worth more than these?

      Child of Light
      Strike Suit Zero
      Trials Fusion
      Mercenary Kings
      TowerFall Ascension
      Dead Nation

    • @Lostmuppet
      You realise that most of the games you listed (if not all) are indie games? Indie games usually don’t cost much in the first place. And yes, Worms could be worth more than these to people that actually like Worms games. If it costs too much for you, don’t buy it.
      How dare the developers actually wanting money for a game they worked for, right? Everything should be free.

    • @Hogen_ You do realize that Team17 is a independent games studio, so that would make Worms Battlegrounds a indie title. Most of the games I listed are more graphically accomplished games and its not like Team17 spent huge money on research and development. Its practically the same game as previous releases but with a bit of polish to the graphics.

  • The game looks good, but the price is a little too high.

  • I love playing Worms, and am enjoying Battlegrounds. I have come across a sound bug quite frequently though- where explosions and the worms voices do not sound. About 1 in every 5 games this happens. Anyone else had this?

  • @Bethany Aston, This game looks great! I don’t have a PS4 though :( Will it ever make it to the PS3 or even the Vita (I loved Revolution Extreme) ?

  • I bought this last night after toiling over the price tag and I am glad to say I did. It is a real leap forward both in visuals and gameplay. It keeps the well loved formula and adds so many new things (I have yet to discover everything) that you kinda feel bad about paying half-price for it. I paid £20 for worms on PSone (Platinum edition) £54.99 for Worms Armageddon N64 and about £20 for Worms 2 on ps3 with complete with DLC. I will buy worms when it comes out on PS5 too. They are one of those franchises you just have to own. I have yet to find someone that won’t play it because it’s like any good game, simple to pick up and play difficult to master. Thanks Team 17. I am glad you still make these games.

  • I would like to know if you’re able to play in the local offline multiplayer with just one controller and four players? Or even two controller and four players? Would be a shame to buy this game for some evenings with buddies and not being able to play together if everyone needs his own controller

  • I love worms but for Worms Clan Wars I have trouble to find an on-line games. Only few people are playing so from time to time. In the end it comes down to couch parties.

    Good job Team 17

  • Looks good to me and the price is not that bad I will end up picking it up regardless so at that point, No one takes in to account that these guys are working on this game for hours and hours to make a fun game and try to sell it at a fair price. But people just want it for free or for next to nothing. I’ve played a few of the worms games and enjoyed them for the most part, so glad to hear there back and will love to play with the wife. Thanks guys and hope to see some more in the future maybe a Vita only game???

  • guys can you get dif outfits samurai and such?

  • Given the other OS’s Worms is running on, and the pricing there, it’s clear Team 17 know that this price is a relative bargain for PS4, but wouldn’t dream of it for iOS or Android. The PC equivalent (Clan Wars) launched at £18.99, so it’s effectively all about supply and demand. Ultimately if you spend many hours playing it, it’s a bargain. If you give it 20 minutes and then leave it on the shelf (next to Putty Squad and Knack), then it’s a waste. I personally am getting a copy. It’ll be fun with my mates, and the single player campaign looks interesting.

  • The game should cost £11.99 not £19.99 not a lot of difference but enough to be able to sway me into buying it and probably many others. Also not enough clear information on options such as I would like to know the max health you can change to is it 200 or 500 as I much preferred being able to have more health as I enjoyed long drawn out games like the original worms. Another option I would like to know is worm movement time I know a lot of people enjoy playing with movement time but I enjoyed unlimited movement time like you could choose in original worms, I only play with my partner and she to prefers this option too. I know a lot of people will say this takes out the strategy but it suits us and everyone like their own options and ways to play and taking away the option seemed a little pointless even if not many used it as everyone is different, I like taking my time to stratergise my move and plan things as we would often dig bases etc. Nearly all the games still ended with one team dying before the time limit h zero from thirty so it is not like we sat around refusing to move etc. obviously online I could imagine time wasters just waiting for time to run out if they have the advantage but then people would just choose not to play with the movement unlimited but I want the option at least. I have also heard not sure if true that worms costumes and looks can be customised but not if you create a team for multiplayer??? If this is true where is the sense in this surely the fun part of modding your worms up is to take on other peoples weird looking worms too? Maybe it is a rumour could anyone confirm. In Fact can anyone answer the 3 questions I shall just type below for people who can’t be bothered to read my long boring rant :) thanks in advance for any answers.

    1) Can energy be put to Max of 200 or 500?
    2) Can Worm movement time be placed at unlimited rather that the max of 90 secs?
    3) Can Worms costumes be customised on offline multiplayer and online multiplayer if you create a team?

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