PS Vita Action Mega Pack bundle launches this summer

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PS Vita Action Mega Pack bundle launches this summer

Five great games, a PS Vita and an 8GB memory card for €199.99

Hi everyone. Today I would like to share some great news about the latest addition to the popular PlayStation Vita Mega Pack series: the Action Mega Pack. It’s crammed full of incredible games to get your pulse racing and comes complete with an 8GB memory card.

Here’s the full list of games included:


  • Killzone: Liberation
    • The Helghast return stronger than ever under the brutal leadership of General Armin Metrac. As the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, one soldier is sent on an impossible mission: Metrac must be defeated!

As with all the other Mega Packs, there’s a choice of two bundles:

The memory card bundle* comes with an 8GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher code to download all five games (RRP €39.99).

The PS Vita + memory card bundle** also includes an 8GB memory card and a voucher code for all five games, as well as a PlayStation Vita system to play them on (RRP €199.99)

The Action Mega Pack will be smashing its way into stores at the end of June – are you ready to join the fight?

* Available in Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, Germany, Cyprus, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain

** Available in, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, UK, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, France, Greece, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain

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    • Yeah I was going to complain “only 8 gb” but those games really are pretty good much better than the former packs with psp games. Still similiar packs with a 16gb card would be better, and different game choices

    • damn have to correct myself.
      Advertisement: Play ps4 games now!
      Reality: Get some psp games.

  • Good bundle but should of included the latest killzone Merceneray instead of the psp game.

    • maybe, but this way more people will get to experience a superb game that they may have overlooked otherwise.

    • omg, I did not even notice. I thought it IS the vita killzone :( Thats pretty bad then, not every customer is so educated as to know he will only get a psp game with his new vita. Bad, sony. Really bad.

  • This looks interesting. Is it the new Vita that is bundled or the old one? And when would it be available?

  • Not in Italy??

  • Price of bundle for Poland?

    Damn… I want I want to buy Vita for my brother’s birthday and that’s middle of June… :/ half month too late

    What about normal slim vita (not bundled) when we will be able to buy it?

    • What about importing from another European country? I tend to use, & if I can’t find something here in the UK and the postage rates are reasonable from amazon themselves and might be even cheaper as you’re already on the continent. Google translate does a passable job of translating if you can’t find your way around without.

      I know it’s not ideal but if there’s no alternative….

    • @Serpantino
      Thx for reply.

      Frankly speaking I’d rather not import expensive devices. You know everything is fine if stuff is working but whenever there is something wrong with it… you have problem. You have to send it back to shop from which you bought it, wait till they send it to their sony branch or repairman… and send it back…

      Too much hassle… plus I would need to pay posting fee…

      If I won’t have another option… I will just buy old vita without any bundle…. but sadly I will have to buy gelskin or something just so that my brother won’t ever by mistake take my vita :P

    • The price will vary slightly by region and retailer, but use €199 as a guide. Vita slim is rolling out across EU throughout the summer but I’m afraid I can’t give you a firm date.

    • @Fred Dutton

      And when can we expect to see the prices? Will I be able to pre-order it from sony partner in Poland?

      Sadly… most probably it will be too late for present :/ damn… How I hate when SCEE can’t give premiere in all Europe at the same time…. why are we (customers) the one who have to deal with all problems? And yes it is SCEE and SCEE alone fault that you can’t release console at the same time. It is bad enough that SCEE can’t work as good as SCEA…. I’m fed up with this…

      I can’t even buy console that half of the world already have! Do you hate money or what? Or should I just go buy Nintendo for my brother? If you guys won’t change your attitude you will lose some real money…

  • This is a complete joke. LOL!!! An 8 GB cards cost around 40€, The present Lego Bundle with a 16GB cards costs 50€, 40€ for a bundle with a card of 8GB??? A card that gets full with two or three games of bundle, forcing you to buy another card or wait forever to change games inside the card, even copying to/from ps3??? Real, SCEE, get a new Marketing Department because this one is doing a terrible job!
    I prefer the 16GB bundle! Really guys, lower the prices of memory cards and then we can start talking about “Magic Bundles”

    • p.s. Killzone Liberation and God of War: Chains of the Olympus are psp games, and not the best ones!

    • 64 gigs would be great….

      but SCEE seems too incompetent to bring those… oh… but I would be happy if SCEE proved that I’m wrong about “incompetent” statement.

    • And they should really do something about the price of those cards… 3DS when it comes to memorycards is much much much much much much much cheaper

    • @blackout_pt
      I’ve got a LEGO bundle and it came with a 8GB memory card.

    • In Portuguese Fnac it comes with a 16GB card… My friend, you were robbed!

    • @blackout_pt
      Lucky thing.

    • agreed, a 8gb memory card is a waste of time especially when all those games will fill that card up pretty fast.

  • And PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PSVita STILL has bugs that needs to be fixed. You know the main menu music that stops at the beginning?

  • This bundle doesn’t make sense. You don’t appeal people to buy your system when you include a bunch of ports readily available on different platforms and some last-gen PSP games.

    Where is the exclusives bundle?

    -Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    -Gravity Rush
    -Persona 4: Golden
    -Killzone: Mercenary

    Games that actually showcase the system.

  • Any chance of the coloured Vita models… I can import the Japanese lime one for £140… but would prefer to do it the official way!

    • Yup, I’d retire my OLED model if I could get the lime-green/white model.

      Don’t want to import because the O and X buttons are swapped.

    • Heck, here’s an idea Sony — bundle the lime-green/white 2000 model with Minecraft.

    • No plans at present, but if we’ve an announcement to make you’ll learn about it here first.

  • Presumably the games are digital download instead of physical cards? How are they going to all fit onto the tiny 8GB memory card included in the bundle?

  • It imo misleading, the box art i mean… why include ps4 over a psp (GoW) game, looks very nice granted, but come on, no wonder certain people are making bad claims re your pr department, dunno if others see it as i did, but it certainly looked like chains of olympus is also a ps4 game?.
    When the OS eventually/hopefully gets a more user friendly update, i may invest in more memory, even at the very steep prices, but for now my day1 16GB has been in since, well day1, i suppose it is the marmite factor, vita and it’s ways, loved, hated or sometimes endured!, me being in later group i guess, atm anyways, lovely system, only actually platted/completed one game in all time i had it, Uncharted GA, reason i bought it tbh, plus RP, which i should find an ‘I’ for as it never actually arrived, really loved the official pr vid of killzone3 though, still watch it from time to time, just for laughs.

    • On a closer look, ‘internal memory 16GB built in’ wow, i was wondering what the fuss was about over new, non oled version, can it do anything ‘useful’ with it’s built in memory?.. why original couldn’t of had some mem in is a shame, never mind, maybe one day i will figure out easy way of storing, changing users and other normal stuff i do with ps3, fingers crossed.

    • You also lose access to that 1GB of internal memory when you start using a memory card.

    • Ahh, thanks for correction, just looked again and seen, bit of a waste then, surely that 1GB could be used for the OS, towards requested features, well as i said, fingers crossed it happens one day.

  • sweet mother of christ, who do I have to kiss to thank for this?
    Definitely getting a Vita now. Much love.

  • Anyone know if this is going to be just a European exclusive or will the US be getting such a deal as well?

  • Anyone noticed the packaging?
    It looks like Bioshock vita is coming afterall and so may Infamous.

    The PSP games included in the bundle are not that bad, I just wished they bolted on trophies.

    I’m sure it was leaked over a year ago that Sony has a patent regarding trophy unlocks based on the data read from disc (could be applied to cards as well) which means the games wouldnt need to be reprogrammed for trophies. Hurry up already! and watch PSP game sales sky rocket.

    • Bioshock and infamous are in the picture because of PS all stars..nothing else

    • Whoops…
      Well atleast I tried getting excited for vita E3 announcements =)
      So its back to looking like it will be given 10 seconds again like last E3.

  • Hi Fred not related but the store posts are so long I doubt it will be addressed there; the Alpha Map Pack for Dustforce released last week and mentioned again this week in the store update post does not have a download button to actually get it on the Vita store or on the web store. I think it may be because I purchased the full game at a plus discount but as it only has 14 ratings on the store I imagine hardly any one has been able to download it!

  • Is the PS Vita Slim going to become available in Finland separately?

  • What About Italy?

  • Lower prices of memory cards !!!!

  • I guess the rumored Price drop might not be true… at least for Vita in June that is

  • The Vita slim model is launching here in about 4 days or so for RRP of $270. So I’m guessing if this makes it to Australia its going to go for $350 ?

  • JB HiFi and Big W have the new Vita for under $260. Mega packs have historically retailed at $44 (8gb) – $65 (16gb). JB HiFi are currently taking pre-orders for a Vita slim + Borderlands 2 bundle for $259.

    • Oops. Copy/paste failure. Would be really great if we could edit or delete our own comments here.

  • Yeah thats it, try sell Vita using PSP games. SURE TO WORK. Last gen games, just what people by new consoles for…

  • KZ Liberation is a truly excellent game BUT releasing any title in 2014, be it in a bundle or not, without trophy support is a bit of a faux pas.

  • i would advise nobody 2 ever buy a Vita here in europe you’ll only get shafted with digital only games for the system considering all the crap we have 2 put up with.

  • I have the final fantasy slim vita and I want to know why I can not use the internal 1gb with my 8gb external. Is that all slim or just my FFX model that does it?

    • You can’t use the internal memory and a memory card at the same time. Dumb huh makes the internal memory worthless.

  • Glad you are releasing the Vita 2000 in Europe now. Mainly Sweden.
    Need a new Vita for Tales of Hearts R.

  • Glad you are releasing the Vita 2000 in Europe. Mainly in Sweden, I need a new Vita for Tales of Hearts R.

  • It’s a shame that the vita to me is already dead ps2 hand me downs and remote play for ps4 is all it seems to do now.

  • euro pack ( pal )?
    so Belgium + the Netherlands are not in Europe ore pal ?

    i have vita = good portabel , buth 8 gb = a joke
    min 16 gb beter =32gb like miself
    if you company want peopel to download more =
    – put bigger mem card in the box
    -more games = lots more other games then indie !!!!
    -suport the potabel more = almoast if you self tink ith is dead
    vita /16gb +1 game 150 €
    vita/32gb +2 games 170 €
    vita/64gb +2games 190€
    ps4/vita-16gb 549,99€

    also normal editions of games when new on consoles ps3/ps4 no more then 59,99€
    special edition 69,99€
    portabel = no more then 35/40€ like uncharted quality
    -lots of good deals + game publishers drop you prices bit faster
    why= when peopel wait lower prices you refuse long time when you then lower the game already lost intrest in you games .

  • the vita problem is because of its proprietary Memory card, if sony had made a slim model with SD card or micro SD they will sell a lot more system, but after having this 2000 model, i prefer the first one, the only good point on this one, is the micro usb port, instead of the proprietary one on the older one, but the 1 gb internal is no use, because when u’ll pt you own memory card , for exemple the 8 gb one with this pack, the 1 gb included on the system will become unvailable.. ( total nonsense ) and last but not least , the screen , not as good as the first one, and the rounded bezel around the screen is quite ugly. so finally i resold it and kept my first model.

  • Interesting Bundle. Would have been getting a Vita for sure if I did not already have every one of the games.
    So, will Killzone Liberation finally be getting the last chapter FINALLY ADDED for us Vita owners with no access to a PSP?

  • lamora-supcharls

    why cant i find the new ps vita model anywhere here in Denmark? :C

  • So….. why not release it in The Netherlands?

  • This bundle has been announced at an opportune moment for me as i was planning on buying a Vita in a few weeks time. However i’m a little on the fence still and heres why:

    ~Bundle Pro’s~
    – New Slim Vita (I’m not bothered about the OLED screen)
    – Best priced bundle i’ve seen $199.99 (roughly £120 according to currency converter) other similar bundles i’ve seen are £150 and have the same 8gb card
    – Better games with this bundle than the others i’ve seen at £150 mainly Disney and Lego games i’m not interested in.

    ~Bundle Con’s~
    – The game selection includes 2 psp games. Granted i’ve never played them (not that i really wanted too) but i wish they would actually give us PS Vita games to make a complete PS Vita bundle, they could of atleast added the PS Vita Killzone instead.
    – Only 8gb memory card (i guess that £30 saving from the other bundles has to go somewhere right? On a new memory card.) Also why is the 1gb internal memory unusable when you have a memory card in? Its pointless.

    And this isn’t a con against the bundle but i literally bought Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS3 a couple days ago as it was on sale on psn, thats just my luck.

    So what do you guys/girls think, is it worth it or should i wait in hope of another bundle?

    • E3 is right around the corner, hopefully they introduce a better bundle with some brand new game, we will know in a couple of days!

  • Just great i just wrote an essay of a comment explaining the pro’s and con’s of this bundle and it just poofed when i submitted it.

  • Just great i just wrote an essay of a comment explaining the pro’s and con’s of this bundle and it just poofed when i submitted it

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