Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy hits PS Vita in July

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Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy hits PS Vita in July

Play Insomniac’s classic action series on the go

Hey everyone! Insomniac just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and as you know, Ratchet & Clank have been a huge part of our studio for the last 12 years (Ratchet even made an appearance in our new anniversary music video).

For Ratchet & Clank’s 10th Anniversary, we were happy that Sony and Idol Minds were able to bring the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy to the PS3, remastered in HD. Many of you had the chance to replay the classic Ratchet games and earn trophies for them, and many more played them for the first time.


Since the HD trilogy was released, one of the biggest requests from many of you was for a version of the Trilogy to come to PlayStation Vita. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and thanks to Sony and Mass Media, the Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy will be something you can play on the go from 2nd July (and from 9th July in Australia). You can download the whole trilogy for €29.99 via PlayStation Store or pick up a copy at your favourite retailer.

We’re really excited by how well the PS Vita port of the HD Trilogy has turned out. It looks amazing and is a terrific way to play the classic Ratchet & Clank adventures. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it and take Ratchet with you wherever you may go.

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  • Gah I just bought this on disc for the ps3 :( would have loved a vita version >.<

    • I also a view months ago


    • Don’t be sad. Considering Mass Media is porting it to Vita, you probably don’t want it anyways.

    • Should have been paying attention. This was rated for the Vita last year, indicating an inevitable release, and it was a given that it would come soon.

  • Oh man! I loved these games, and to be able to play them on the go is going to be amazing! Thanks guys.

  • nice. hope there are no frame rate issues. Please do the port justice.

    • As much as people complained I didn’t find the framrate that problematic and I think people blew it out of proportions.. yes it’s palpable, but it’s not severe.
      I’m more concerned about the side-walking actually since the Vita doesn’t have R2/L2.

  • Does Ratchet 3 have the online multiplayer?

  • So excited for this. Looks like I’ll have to double dip and start buying from the PS Store more to save my poor wallet.

  • Definitely picking this up and great to see a another PS2 trilogy coming on a Vita. But with Mass Media porting it, I just hope there’s no framerate issues like the Jak & Daxter Trilogy has. but I have a question. Will Ratchet & Clank 3 come as a digital voucher? Other than that, great to see it coming. :)

  • Fantastic news, I was only thinking about this recently after getting the sky cooper and jax and daxter collections. Super pumped and will be a day one purchase

  • Seeing as mass media is responsible for the jak trilogy vita port im massively skeptical. Please please do this port justice, look at how the sly hd trilogy on vita was done as a reference, that was excellent.

    • If this fails, hopefully Sony breaks off all connections with this company. I can name numerous titles MM has released that have been so buggy it was dreadful. Their games are buggier than Bethesda games!

  • Any news on Nexus coming to Vita?

    • I’m sorry to say this, but I’ve read on Insomniac’s facebook page that it is very unlikely for it to come to the Vita at this point :( It’s a shame, I would too adore having the RYNO VII blasting while in a car or on a vacation.

  • I don’t know if James or anyone else from Insomniac will be able to answer this but i’ll ask anyway; when might we see a new Insomniac game for Playstation? Since you’re busy with Sunset Overdrive, have you maybe thought of handing over the Ratchet and Clank reigns to another developer? I love your work, but for me the R+C games post Crack In Time don’t appear to be up to the series’ usual high standards.

    • Into the Nexus was very good.

    • I concur with DirtySoap, Into the Nexus is, in my opinion, the best R&C game since A Crack in Time.

    • Insomniac needs to just go. They clearly are more interested in the 10% of their xbox fans despite 90% of their fans being PS fans who supported them for their entire existence. Making SO Xbox One exclusive was a slap in the face to me as someone who supported Insomniac since 1998 when Spyro released.

    • Into the Nexus was a good title. It’s a shame it took a number of bad R&C games after A Crack in Time (which was excellent) to make Insomniac give the fans what they wanted. It renewed my faith in Insomniac’s ability to handle the franchise. If you’ve played to the end, you know they left the door wide-open for an interesting sequel.

  • Amaing news but Mass Media? I got so much doubt right now, dam, never forget Jak Trilogy for Vita…

  • YES! This is great I am apprehensive I must admit seeing as Mass media are doing the port after Jak and Daxter but I hold out hope and to be fair I did play through Jak and Daxter on vita and it wasnt as bad as some made out

  • oh, the pain of slowly and slowly watching my vita turn into a portable ps2…

    • Fact: PS2 is one of the greatest consoles of all time. If Sony released a Portable PS2 I would be all over that like Elvis on a pound of bacon.

    • Cloud you don’t seem to get the point here: We bought our Vitas for NEW and ORIGINAL games. Not just to have a Portable PS2. If we wanted to play PS2 games we’d buy a PS2. Simple as that.

      I didn’t pay $200+ for a device that plays PS2 ports. That is stupid.

  • This is great news!

  • Already got it. Can’t get used to the old school camera settings. Leaving this one for what it is.

  • great!!!!!!! I love the ps3 games, and missed the ps2 ones…

    It will be great to play them on vita… so will think my son…

    But I really hope it will be as good as sly trilogy…. not the failure jak trilogy was…

  • Where are shadows? Ratchet had one on PS2. Will it have less bugs than PS3 collection and more effects from PS2 version?

  • If it runs well, you’ve got yourself a purchase. I’ve refrained from buying the PS3 trilogy because I was hoping for a Vita version.

  • More lame ports. From 2 generations ago no less.

    • You don’t have to buy it. Let the newcomers have this one like it said at the start of the post. Good games are still good games whichever generation they’re from.

    • Don’t have to buy old ports no….leaves me with nothing from Sony on their own platform.

      This is why Vita sales suck. Crap support = crap sales.

    • If you can’t find anything you want to play on Vita you might want to see a doctor of some kind. There are loads of great games.

    • Yea, its such a shame they keep porting games rather than making NEW titles. This is why the Vita WILL fail.

    • There’s been quite a few 1st and 2nd party releases to buy that aren’t ports. If you didn’t buy or enjoy any of them, that’s on you. There can’t be a brand new 1st party exclusive every week or month, and other games are good to have.

  • Please please update the PS3 disc for cross buy. I wasn’t phased by missing out on the Sly Trilogy when though I bought the disc full price… But Ratchet & Clank is another story.

  • Just tell me Sanzaru are handling the port and I’ll buy it.

  • This had better be a good port. Don’t balls this up like you did the QForce and Jak Trilogy ports!

  • I’ve always loved R&C so this has great potential.

    I just hope it translates better to handheld than the Jak & Daxter trilogy. I found the first two games unplayable on the Vita. :/

  • Will the game be finished for July 2nd, or are you rushing this out the door as fast as possible to cash-in quick? There is no excuse for sub-par performance in terms of frame rate and resolution on a conversion when done properly!

  • Any word on when we can expect Nexus on Vita? Or the next game for PS4?

    • I’m sorry to say this, but I’ve read on Insomniac’s facebook page that it is very unlikely for it to come to the Vita at this point :( It’s a shame, I would too adore having the RYNO VII blasting while in a car or on a vacation.

  • Oh jeez, I just noticed that Mass Media are doing the port. Well, I’m going to expect the worst.

    (Seriously though, screw this port up and I’m going to track down Mass Media and contact them directly demanding answers)

  • I have zero trust in this port. Seeing the lack of shadows (which is a death sentence for platformers) makes me confident that Mass Media is going to fork this one up again.

    • True :/ but the resolution of these screenshots make me wonder – is it really on the Vita? The resolution the screenshots were originally uploaded in is 1280×720, which is the resolution that the PS3 version runs at (this blog always uploaded pictures at vita’s or the game’s native res, be it 720×408 like Minecraft or qHD like Tearaway).

  • Will it be the same awful laggy port as Jak and Daxter? :(

  • Might as well add I hope the button layout is configurable. Strafing to L, lock on also to L or L+R, crouch for R, and touchscreen for L1/aim. No silly rear touchpad decisions.

  • Well Another HD Collection for psp vita late and good see it for pspvita but people got game on psn should the grt this for free since should be cross play because fans wont buy game again for pspvita if they already got ps3 vision of game.

    plus would like see more hd collections for ps4 near future maybe full jak and daxter hd collection for ps4.

  • Really chuffed with this. I’ve recently been going over the R&C games again on PS3. Would love to see R&C return on PS4 ;)

  • Yes! I ‘ve been waiting for this!

    Let’s hope it’s better than the crappy Jak & Daxter and God of War Trilogies, and the frame-rate is at least 30 fps (60 fps would be too much to ask for a straight port on the Vita). Oh, and Cross-Buy as well.

    • Its coming to US as well, they simply announced it here first. Odd, considering both Mass Media and Insomniac are US companies.

  • oh man… don’t tell me is the same people from jak trilogy…

  • Day one purchase for me! Brilliant :D But yes, hopefully a better effort than the Jak trilogy which was ludicrously sketchy. Hopefully this doesn’t rely on rear touch controls.

  • EmperorLawlight

    What’s the framerate like? Sub-20 fps?

  • thecontroller92

    looks amazing? ok. but does it have framerate problems like Jak and daxter collections on the vita. Since it is being ported by the same studio, im very skeptical about this one unless you guys can prove us that Mass Media can do a better job this time. Gameplay footage would be nice

  • Ow god whats going to be wrong with this port, all the others have had something wrong with them, to bad framerate to bad sound, to even bad videos.

    Even the Q force ratchet and clank game that we waited months for turned out looking like a psp game with 40s loading screens

  • Guys give Mass Media a break, Jak and Daxter was an absolute nightmare to port from the PS2 to the PS3. Then they had to port it from PS3 to Vita? It was probably the best yhey could do given how much time they had. Also please refrain from calling the game unless you have actually played it on PS Vita.
    Jak and Daxter Collection™ Behind the Scenes: http://youtu.be/GT4Ppbg257g

  • Great news! But please make sure all three games are on the cartridge and if not possible ship the physical version with two carts… I really hate to see “The Sly Trilogy” containing only the first two games on the cartrdige and the third game as a download. Now, if I want to loan out the game to someone, they can’t enjoy everything. Really sucks. I’ll gladly pick up this Trilogy when it releases, but I really hope all three games can be played straight from a cartridge.

  • Glad to see this is coming to Vita! But why don’t you go back and patch the PS3 version too? There are a few bugs and glitches in there that are actually quite distracting. Like how Fizzwidget doesn’t talk during the rocket factory tour. It makes the trophy for that section seem like a total cheat…

    • …before sony allows that awful Mass Media to release this, they need to force them to patch the Vita version of Jak&Daxter. Its almost unplayable with so many glitches.

  • Great to see these games coming to Vita. Let’s just hope it’s a good port. Now how about an Ico/Shadow of The Colossus Collection for Vita, Sony?

  • That is very nice! Can’t wait to play them on my Vita. Just hope that they don’t delay it to Europe…. We had to wait 22 days for Borderlands 2 Vita

  • Just one questions,do you have new trophies ( the same of the ps3 version or new & even if the trophies are the same that the ps3 version it is if we are already the platinium on ps3 we can have the platinium on psvita version ???

    • Almost all PS3/Vita game trophies stack, meaning two separate trophy lists. There are some exceptions though, like Hotline Miami.

  • PS3 version was 60fps, I can accept 30 nothing less

  • What on EARTH of you thinking letting Mass Media develop this after how absolutely dreadful their Jak&Daxter vita collection was? Are you crazy!?!

  • If this game is as awful as the Jak port i’m selling my vita and getting a 3ds.

  • After the awful port of Jak and Daxter on Vita with Mass Media handling the Ratchet and Clank port I don’t trust them at all and I expect the frame rate to be bad. I think Armature Studio should handle the port as Armature did the Metal Gear Solid port for the Vita which is the best running PS2 collection on the Vita.

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