PlayStation Plus in June: NBA 2K14, Trine 2, Dragon’s Crown, Pixeljunk, more

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PlayStation Plus in June: NBA 2K14, Trine 2, Dragon’s Crown, Pixeljunk, more

Lone Survivor and Surge Deluxe also join the service next week

Next month, PlayStation Plus will reach its 4th anniversary. It’s evolved a great deal since its inception, providing our PS Plus members with exclusive discounts, beta access and even select games early, as well as, of course, great games to play through our Instant Game Collection. As our members have grown with us from our introduction on PS3, PS Vita and now PS4, together we’ve built a really strong global community of gamers.

PlayStation Plus has been an essential part of PlayStation 4, providing access to next-gen online multiplayer and a steady stream of great games including Resogun, Outlast and Don’t Starve. Since we are always looking to continue the evolution of PS Plus as a service that really serves our community, we are excited to provide a more balanced set of games each month within the Instant Game Collection. As you’ll see below, starting in June, members will now have access to two titles per month for each of our platforms.

Since we’ve seen how excited many of you are to download Instant Game Collection titles as soon as they’re available, we’ve decided to adjust the length of time each title will be available. Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Wednesday of the month, and will be free for that month, until the first Wednesday of the following month.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out, so if you’re new to the service and haven’t had a chance to download all of the titles available through PS Plus — or if you’ve been thinking about subscribing but haven’t yet — now is the perfect time to get all the great games available with PS Plus.

Anyway, without further ado, read on to find out what’s coming to the service next month.

New on PlayStation 4:

First up this month on PS4 comes a real gem from the incredible development teams at Q-Games and Double 11. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin stick shooter that is as much about blasting things as it is about exploration and puzzle-solving.

Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate combines the campaigns of Shooter 1 and 2 into a single package with new features and optimisations. It’s a highly addictive game and with a platinum trophy to collect I’m certain this will keep you entertained throughout June.

Next up this month on PS4, let your imagination run wild in a beautiful fairy-tale land, avoiding danger at every turn as you solve mysterious puzzles in the award-winning Trine 2: The Complete Story. Don’t forget, you can take advantage of co-op multiplayer for up to three players in this epic adventure so grab your friends and get online.

Trine 2

New on PlayStation 3:

First up on PS3 this month, NBA 2K14 slam dunks its way onto PlayStation Plus. IGN believe this to be the best basketball simulator ever giving it a whopping 8.9 out of 10 and I won’t disagree! To ensure you make the most of your game, get online and face off against rival squads.


Next up on PS3 is the Cross-Buy psychological survival horror Lone Survivor (Director’s Cut). You play as a masked protagonist who must escape from a city ravaged by disease. Starving and exhausted, you begin to question how much of what you see is even real.

The choice of how to survive is up to you. Sneak through without firing a single shot, or kill everything in your path. Search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. Look after your mental health, or descend into madness…

New on PS Vita

Dragon’s Crown is your first offering this month on PS Vita. Be prepared to be thrust into a fantastical medieval world packed with labyrinthine dungeons to explore, vile monstrosities to smite, and nearly endless online adventure. Your mission is to dive into the dank underworld, uncovering treasure and strengthening your mettle as you unlock the secret behind the ancient dragon threatening the world.

Last but certainly not least make sure you pick up the electrifying Surge Deluxe from the team at Futurlab. This is a highly addictive block matching puzzle game where you need to be lightning fast to compete!

Expanded from the original release of Surge, this Deluxe version adds in a new Combiner block for higher multiplayers in strategic play and a new Chain Linker block for longer chain connections! Trust us – this one is very hard to put down.

In summary

Leaving PS Plus:

30th May: Stick it to the Man
30th May: Payday 2
30th May: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
30th May: Muramasa Rebirth
30th May: Everybody’s Golf

Entering PS Plus:

4th June: Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (Cross Buy)
4th June: Trine 2: The Complete Story
4th June: NBA 2K14
4th June: Lone Survivor (Cross Buy)
4th June: Dragon’s Crown
4th June: Surge Deluxe

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site .

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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13 Author Replies

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! :))))))

    • Actually its changing from 8 ps3 games to 2 ps3 games, but you are welcome.

    • @BaneyFunny : what are you talking ? It was 3 PS3 games per month, now 2 but 2 PS4 games…
      Why have you seen 8 PS3 games per month ?

      If you talk about yearly games, they will come in one or two weeks, as usual… They never been annouced with the June monthly program… God please !

    • @sword15 isnt it 7 or 8 ps3 games available now in the IGC? it used to be more, but now its 7 or 8. I read in this blog post that these will get removed and they say if you dont have plus yet “grab these titles now while you still can” and the new system is only 2 games per system are available at any given time.

    • Sword, get your head out of your a$$. Fred wrote: NO YEARLY GAMES… Maybe in France it means something else but in the rest of the world it means NO YEARLY GAMES

    • Who cares? Im just happy that plus giving me games to play!

    • @hilts663 Maybe you need some explanation because I can’t see how anyone thinks this is a bad thing.. it’s actually a great change..
      If you think about it, 2 ‘yearly’ games are 2 extra games for the whole year.. if you have a 1 year subscription you’re not getting anything out of it except those 2 games..
      Now that it’s gone we have an extra 1 game EVERY MONTH.. this is 12 games per year.. instead of 2..

      The only people “losing” are the one very new to PS and want PS+.. everyone else is getting a better deal.

    • @BaneyFunny Why would you reply to counterUAVbaby with that comment, it has nothing to do with what he/she said. Oh its because you thought that this blog post would go live at 4:00pm and you missed your chance to get first, awwwww did you miss it? Now that is dedication for something you aren’t even subscribed to ^_^ Actually its changing from 39 games a year on PS3 to 24 games a year on PS3, not that you would have gave any kind of praise to either number before or after today anyway. (And it really should be 1 game on Vita a week as 24 games a year on Vita was always just way too generous :) )

      And to @counterUAVbaby, I agree THANK YOU Sony, there isn’t really anything that wouldn’t have still made it the best service for gamers of the decade hands down.

    • @andrewsquals Thank god, you and 52 people are logical! :)

    • Ok sony must have paid you !! This must be the worst month of instant game collection EVER !
      and thats how they celebrate their 4th year ! i’m sorry but that is too sad and disappointing ! even for PS3 we got an indie game !

    • @counterUAVbaby Cool dude. On Eurogamer alot of people seem to be bringing up the thing of how you may as well wait before buying a game in case it goes on Plus but that is always how it has been. I will be picking up Oddworld New n Tasty Day 1 even if it went on Plus 2 months later. ^_^

    • @andrewsqual I don’t buy games anyway,but whatever and cool for you! and can I add you on psn?

    • @ Andrew .. totally agree .. I buy any game I want to support/and just want period. If that game ends up on PS+ WHO CARES .. I enjoyed it, I supported the devs .. that others got it for free doesn’t change anything. Without PS+ would have paid for it anyway.

      Somehow people now feel entitled to get all games free and if they get a game they already own or don’t want they get all upset lol.. what’s that all about? Soon some people will demand all AAA games for free on release date

    • @fireaspider Yeah you are right Sony pays me and now im throwing their money in my screen now :P

    • Gamers are not smart people. They want a paywall. You can see it on ps4. Half of ps4 owners got PLUS. While on ps3 its not even one in twenty people… So thats why there is no need for sony anymore to give out a ton of great games in PLUS. Because gamers votes for the online-paywall. Sad but true:(

    • *voted

    • I’m really disappointed at this update. It all started with the yearly VITA games which even if it was a business related decision the way that is has been communicated to the consumers has been nothing short of disrespectful.

      My subscription won’t be renewed. I don’t have a PS4 so not point of paying for it.

      Well with the PS4 you are pretty much screwed. Is not like people chose the paywal @baneyfunny. Either you pay it or play just offline ;)

    • Sony are in a lot of debt, they have to claw back the money somehow.

      PSN was free on PS3 because they needed to claw back the lead from Microsoft. The huge exploit identified however that it could not continue, they needed revenue to improve the service.

      Sadly so far it seems to be performing WORSE on PS4 not better, but hopefully they can get on top of it with the increased PSN+ fees coming in.

      Its not about WANTING a pay wall, its about wanting a sustainable service that actually works.

    • @Baney .. lol come on now .. Only person who isn’t being smart here is you. Not only do you get your money’s worth. I gladly pay 50eu a year so I can have a superior online experience and sony has some money for decent servers etc instead of having to cheap out so they can provide everything for free.

    • I find it funny Baney is complaining about the service…. Even though he’s not a part of it. When I got my Vita I got PS+ just so I could get a few more games while I’m building my collection, I think of it as rental. As long as I pay and stay a member, I can keep the games, however if I don’t stay a member I lose them.

      The discounts are a bonus and so are the exclusives. It’s not like it’s FORCED on people, its optional. Unless, of course, you want to play online on a PS4

  • Awesome, that’s four games that I can get on the Vita!

    • Yeah they (on particular one guy here) seem to often forget most are ps3 owners here and want ps3 content.

    • Awesome, that’s four games that I can get on my Vita and two games I can get on my ps3!

    • I think that Vita’s games should be excluded from Plus program. It’s better to get 3 games for PS3 & 3 games for PS4. Vita is a small “console”, not solid and not stationary. She looks like an overgrown smartphone. Are there a smartphone games in Plus? Nope.

    • @Clare_01 – probably the worst anti-Vita excuse I’ve read in a while.

      My PS3 looks like my George Foreman grill, but I can’t get sausages on it, for free or otherwise.

  • yay for the ps4 games but why are we suddenly getting the yearly sports games on ps+ can we atleast have a ps1 classic to choose instead of sports games?

    • my heart just cracked, why would you want to rent ps1 games, grab them in sales and own them forever without this DRM Crap!

    • @BaneyFunny i have all the ps1 games that i want from the store in physical form, it’s more of a yay i can play them via vita without having to be tied to the ps3

  • jesus christ i was hoping those rumors were false…absolutely nothing in june for me then, make that 3 crap months in a row.

    • madmanwithabox12

      Come on man, you can’t really complain. It’s free stuff at the end of the day.

    • I hate that word ‘free’…It’s not free, you’re paying for it.

    • @madmanwithabox12 You know you are paying a subscription for these, right?

    • @madmanwithabox12
      Try to play your ”free” games, when you don’t pay your subscription…

    • Same here, three months without downloading anything, in fact there is nothing that deserves i remove a game from my ps3 for. for ps4 games, till we have some ‘real’ games, i won’t consider any indy game as a good thing.

    • I’m just stating my opinion and that considering we pay for the service that there would be some decent 1-2 year old titles that could be put in. Sports games generally don’t sit well with majority of the players on here too from past experiences i have seen.
      Sorry if i may sound like im complaining to you or any other but it’s just frustrating sometimes to get poor titles for the service we pay for.

    • Wow, people are so up in arms about word “free” in that context.

      For me games are free – I’m paying for premium services: online play, automatic updates on PS3 and such. See no reason not to call games free. Just get over yourselves.

      Not to mention previous months weren’t “crap” in any objective way – you might have not enjoyed specific games, but (April) Mercenary Kings is solid and mass of content, Sly Cooper is one of best character platformers this gen, Hotline Miami is exquisite little, demented game, (May) Puppeteer – flawed, but cute, Muramasa Rebirth – exquisite, Everybody’s Golf – fun, even for non-fans, Payday 2 – no idea, shooty shooty, w/e, (June) Trine 2 – great and one of the most beautiful games this decade, good for solo and coop, Dragon’s Crown – one of the best brawlers this gen, or ever, Lone Survivor – one of the best horror games in a while, even with pixely graphics. There is also football and basketball game for sports fans – both good/great.

      If you think those months are rubbish/none of those games are up to your taste than… I kinda pity you, because it’s very wide selection of genres – if you don’t like any of those, what do you play?

    • All the people who has commented above me are entitled to there opinion. Here is mine so please don’t quote me and say am wrong or am stupid as it is just my opinion. But the way I see it the £30 a year I pay for PS+ is just so I can play online on that system. I don’t mind this I paid £30-£40 for XBL for 9 years and I had no issues at all doing so.

      So the games I get every month is a nice free bonus. Without this nice free bonus I would of probably sold my PS3 as soon as I I got my PS4 as well as my Vita. June’s update is very good in my opinion. As I have not played any of them titles except for Trine 2 which I adore. I ant played the DLC for it so that is going to be new for me. Games like Trine I value more than titles like COD and Final Fantasy.

    • “It’s not free, you’re paying for it”.
      “You know you are paying a subscription for these, right?”.
      “Try to play your ”free” games, when you don’t pay your subscription…”.
      “…it’s just frustrating sometimes to get poor titles for the service we pay for.”

      So stop paying for it if you don’t think it’s value for money, it’s that easy.

      Personally, I get more than my money’s worth, but maybe I’m just lucky. I’d like to get a PS4 so I actually keep hoping the quality of PS3 games will slow down so I can have a chance of clearing my PS3 backlog. Gonna be a while yet it looks like.

    • I’ll never understand you people.. honestly, if you can afford getting games like these early or are not interested you should probably stop subscribing.
      Either that or stop buying games.
      You’ll see how it’s better than buying every game then complain when it’s offered for PS+ users much later

    • “so just stop paying for it”
      well if we did that the games we have gained that we DO like from previous months cannot be played again (plus online play for PS4 users) So my statement still stands.

    • give the indie games a go they can be surprisely fun. =]

    • “well if we did that (stop paying for PS+) the games we have gained that we DO like from previous months cannot be played again”.

      So obviously you’re getting some value out of the money you pay, I mean you’re still playing those games you got in previous months, right?.

      I get it, some months are better than others. I’ve had months where I haven’t been too interested in what’s been on offer. But overall, I consider it a fantastic service that has introduced me to a lot of great games I never would have played had they not been on PS+. You win some, you lose some. You’ve got to weigh the pros vs the cons and see if the overall cost if worth it for you.

    • Don’t get me wrong I’m not having a go at you or knocking the service, its great for the discounts etc, its just 3 straight months of not overwhelmingly great titles is a little frustrating, I do understand that they have to cater to everyone but you gotta admit it is still pretty poor compared to what has been on off in the past.

    • Dragon’s Crown alone justifies this month.

    • PSN plus is only value for money if you have a ps3 and a vita, if you have a single device it’s not worth the money, the ps4 content has been terrible, i wouldn’t buy a plus subscription if i only had a ps4,

      imo sony are losing money from plus subscribers because they a lot are afraid to buy new games because they think they will come to plus later, their no worse feeling than a big game coming to psn plus that you already paid full price for when it was originally released….
      sony should do something like offer some psn credit to people who already bought games and and lost out on plus by doing so. or offer alternative games

    • AlucardTepes_DE

      I dont know who said its not free, and you ar epaying for it but…
      thats quite wrong actualy…
      Yes I payed 50€ for 1 year plus but I alredy got enought games to summe-up around nearly 200€ worth of those 50€ so I don’t think im losing money. (Plus the extra discount I get wen buying games digitaly I might have saved alredy 30€ by now.)

    • As soon as I downloaded the first retail game that I was actually going to buy anyway from Gamestop for €60, everything since then has been free. Yes I’m paying €50 per year but once Bioshock Infinite was in my download list that €50 was used up. Everything since then is free.
      Disagree all you want but I consider Plus games to be free.

    • fredrick_krueger

      I was thinking exactly the same about this month’s games. Had my fingers crossed people had it wrong. This will also be the 3rd month in a row for me that I don’t download any of the games. I actually thought once the ps4 came out that the ps3 games would be really good as all of the focus would be on the ps4 and Sony would to keep people interested in all of their consoles. I own ps3 ps4 + vita but there hasn’t been one game in 3 months between the 3 formats that I would want to play.

  • PS Vita’s Dragon’s Crown… Hype died
    Not sure about Lone Survivor, Could probably play it

    • It is good… but most people already beat it on PC… it was in bundle for 1$

      Oh… and Trine 2 was 1$ bundle… and Pixel Junk … for 3$ if I’m not mistaken

      Dragon’s Crown is very good game… but sadly due to the fact that it is ONE OF THE FEW GAMES THAT HAVE PHYSICAL BOX AND GAME COPY most of people already have it.

      All in all… I don’t see reason for me to buy membership+… again

  • Only Dragon’s Crown for me…
    How about our ‘yearly’ vita games? Will you replace them soon?

    • StevenJamesHyde

      “In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out”

      They’re going away, they probably won’t be replaced

    • Chris will be along to answer questions soon, but just to clarify, the annual ‘evergreen’ titles will not be replaced. Instead, you’ll be getting one additional PS4 game every month. So, 2 x PS3, 2 x PS4 and 2 x Vita each month for the foreseeable future.

    • OK I was happy now im angry this essentially is a kick in the teeth

    • Oh wow, that’s crap not happy with that change considering the type of PS4 games we are getting, would rather have the evergreen ones replaced…

    • In that case I wish Sony would be upfront with us instead of taking things away and trying to make out they’re doing us a favor. It’s becoming a habit.

    • This is really slippery I have to say Im quite appalled how plus has been conducted all these changes dont benefit the consumer they benefit playstation

    • alice_push_lara2

      Trine 2 is an amazing game i`m quite happy to play it again.
      but in future there will be 2 PS4 indies a month? at least a few them are still playable lol

    • If that’s Sony’s new policy 6 games every month I think most people will now be happy.
      Certainly is we start to bump up a retail PS4 game every 3-4 months.

    • fred i think you are wrong because the text clearly says the yearly titles will get removed instead there is always 2 available for each platform, just like in US too from now on.

    • I’m disappointed.
      I would rather have a couple of good AAA games in the yearly update than 12 PS4 indies.
      The only non indie games I see us getting are demo’s like MGS ground zeroes or DC ‘plus edition’.

    • @SGTSTEELFACE, why is it a “kick in the teeth”?

      Considering that the annual cycle contains three PS3 games, we actually receive nine more games each year. Of course, some of them will be indie and not so interesting for you but then again; you are not the only, nor the most important person in the world.

      Some, other than you, will find the titles quite interesting and enjoyable. Also, do you honestly expect them to pop out AAA titles for the PS4 so soon on such a cheap (in terms of its price, not quality) service?

    • Just to let everyone that’s complaining know that we’re getting 12 extra PS4 games in a year which is a little better than 5 or 6 PS3/Vita games. Provided they’re decent, I guess.

    • So we are now getting 1 Vita retail and 1 indie, 1 PS3 retail and 1 indie, 2 PS4 indies. We lost 2 retail Vita titles ( Evergreen 1s ) , 3 PS3 retail titles ( Evergreen 1s ) and 12 PS3 retail titles ( our 3rd monthly PS3 game ). Plus is getting worse by the month. Good thing we have that awesome NextGen Online Multiplayer on the PS4 that Chris is talking about.

    • @killerguydk My problem is nothing that you just stated its the clarity the service messages its changes plus has been shrunk and chopped at ever since the ps4 arrived on the scene even when they insisted that ps4 wouldnt change a thing.

      I am a owner of only a vita and a ps3 feel a bit cheated with the service changes which has made it more of a rough deal for me and may I just add I adore Indies so dont worry about that.

      Thing is they havent been clear with us they have messed with our service to benefit them and frankly I think it is a poor move to shun consumers like that

    • The everegreen titles were available all year long to lure newcomers into the ps habitat…
      The ps3 and the psvita are no longer a priority, so they chose to remove those yearly titles in exchange for 2 titles on the ps4. That’s a marketing option to favour the ps4. I don’t own a ps4, nor will i in the near future, i have, however, 2 ps3 and and a psvita and i fear we might be forlorned in the near future… Remember the ‘other OS’ feature in the ps3? Remember the 3 ps3 games a month in EU region? Yeah, now that they are the popular kinds on the block they feel entitled to do whatever they want… Anyway, my two cents.

    • So we will have 2 IGC games for each of the 3 platforms every month. But how many of them are going to be new for the month? If 1 for each platform is an evergreen, we are only getting 3 new games every month. If 5 of them are evergreen, we are only getting 1 new game every month. Looking at the 6 games in June, I dont want to see ANY of them staying for a year.

      Don’t tell us “members will now have access to two titles per month for each of our platforms”. Tell us how many **NEW** titles we will have access to per month.

    • What does this even mean “evergreen” huh, since when did Sony start selling a type of pine tree or shrub?

      Really, just say in plain English, not some pseudo cliche catchphrase jargon, that yearly titles will no longer exist. It’s that simple. Honestly, these stupid wannabe colloquialisms are as bad as the ones the news uses ie: lessons learned (meaning won’t do f’ all) or green shoots of recovery (out and out lies about the economy and a means of sleight of hand distraction).

      So “evergreen” means we know you all signed up to one version of plus but now we are going to change things so that someone loses out unless they buy all our consoles and handhelds…I actually have a PS3, PS4 and vita yet the inability to speak in proper English and uses some American (pro-active)ism really does my head in.

      Is this evergreen some sort of ‘newspeak’? Thought control Sony style? Or have we delved into the crevices of Oopa Loompa speech?

    • That is really disappointing that all of a sudden it’s dropped on us that we won’t be getting renewed yearly updates. I guess the writing was on the wall last year when the vita games remained unchanged. The quality has dropped considerably over the last 3 months. The bar was set high with titles like bioshock infinite and DmC. But I guess we’re a captive audience seeing as how we won’t be able to play games from the igc with a ps+ sub

    • I only own a ps3. This month is garbage for me. NBA? Really? Thought maybe giving say FIFA would have been more relevant to this side of the Atlantic. The Indie on offer looks like it was made by a 5 year old. I was looking forward to DC until I realized it was only for Vita, while the ps3 version is still €49.99. I think this is the start of the phase out for ps3. Can’t complain too much though, I did get some great games on it over the years

  • So one less for PS3 one more for PS4. Quite nice. I’m just afraid that since we received such fine deal US will get 3 games per month, per every platform ;) Hope not.
    Chris used magic word – BALANCING!! :)

    • The PS Plus service will contain the same amount of games in each region

    • Yea, you answer that question but not the others…

    • @Chris: So when it does suit you, you do compare our Plus to US Plus? Do we also get the same sales and discounts from now on? Or will that remain a 10% discount compared to the 50-75% the US often gets? Or do we get your random excuse you dont compare EU and US?

    • “As you’ll see below, starting in June, members will now have access to two titles per month for each of our platforms.”

      When are you going to announce Monthly PSP games then? ;)

      Oh, and RIP Instant Game Collection – You will be missed. And you have proven you’ve got balls, announcing this before E3. I can hardly stop laughing, I mean, people were angry about removing ONE game, you said you are listening to our feedback – so you REMOVED WHOLE IGC and started 2 Monthly Games program. Oh wow. I love you guys. :D

    • @Chris, When you say “The PS Plus service will contain the same amount of games in each region”, are you also speaking for the Asia and Japan regions?

    • Really? Or do you just mean NA and EU as Japan has over 100+ psone titles “free” to PS+ users. Not to mention other tantalizing items like MMORPG’s on both consoles and the vita available for PS+ subscribers.

      Also new themes and avatars each month as well, and they are ones that are applicable to games…you know why we buy consoles in the first place.

    • -”The PS Plus service will contain the same amount of games in each region”
      -”So when it does suit you, you do compare our Plus to US Plus?”

      Chris Howe owned

    • -”The PS Plus service will contain the same amount of games in each region”
      -”So when it does suit you, you do compare our Plus to US Plus?”

      Chris Howe owned

      Like he even cares. So what’s been happening for the last 6 months. The amount of game sure as hell weren’t the same in each region. How convenient for you to make changes into the service without a warning a just before E3 when the yearly game were supposed to be changed. But apparently we should be feeling ecstatic we are treated equally like other regions, even though no matter how you spin it this isn’t the service most of us signed up for. For 6 months we had one Ps3 game taken for us while the same thing wasn’t implemented to other regions, and now all of a sudden, we get that game (not the same thing exactly however. An AAA ps3 game for some junk indie/platform whatever game doesn’t sound like a good deal to me) only to loose 3 games from the yearly rotation. We are still cheated however you see it and that is pretty serious. Changes and evaluations will be made obviously, for everyone separately, but I wonder if there’s anything we can do as a community.

    • @DarkArchoNx66
      ”Like he even cares.”

      It doesn’t really matter if he cares; When you are in a public domain, engaging in public discourse, declaring something but having double standards –as WizzNL cleverly showed by his comment–, especially when that one is a figure carrying that ”mighty” title of ”PS Store and Plus Content Manager”, credibility drops to zero. Notice that I’m not only talking about the employee in question; whole advertising campaigns can crumble in two cross-checked comments heading towards a diametrically contrasting direction from the one they ”want” to express. And that is what happened here: 4theplayers? 4themoney… This is failing PR right there. Not that we were not aware of the situation as a whole…

      I totally agree with the rest of your comment.

  • Can Jak and Daxter trilogy be on that list please Chris?

  • Great update. Brilliant to see the PS4 getting two games a month now and to see Trine 2 is one of them. Played it on PC before but it’s a great game and will certainly play it again.

    Also happy to see the amount of crossplay going on. Lone Survivor is something I’ve looked forward to playing on a Vita.

  • Maybe this time my question will not be ignored.

    When Atelier Escha & Logy and Atelier Meruru Plus will be available in Russian PSN?
    TK said that all settled long time ago and now everything depends on the PSN.

    • ask the dev? if all else fails even the sony president has several psn accounts for different regions

    • ^ it sucks to do that on the Vita though.. since it can only have one account per memory card :(

    • Devs already answered. That’s why I’m trying to get an answer from the PS team. But they keep ignoring that question.
      If all else fails… we have torrents, yep. But I still prefer to buy games.

    • I feel you. TecmoKoei hates some countries. Whilst those two Atelier games are available on the New Zealand PSN store, Atelier Totori Plus isn’t available, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 isn’t available, and until it went free with PS+, Dynasty Warriors Next wasn’t available, either. TecmoKoei is hopeless. I asked them about it on Twitter, but they never replied. The games are available in other European countries. Why not ALL of them? Oh, because SOME Atelier games are allowed but not others. That doesn’t make any sense. TecmoKoei is just lazy.

  • Half of PAL region don’t play basketball. Now many have to learn about the rules of this sport. That’s not interesting. Sorry to be blunt.

    • the rules are simple:
      throw the ball in the basket :D

    • Rules are a bit more than toss ball in basket

      So I’m guessing the US will get a cricket game next month, as that sport is just unbelievably huge over there. Do Sony even consider the games to offer to regions?

    • Us got a “football” game in may.

    • Simple solution to that, learn the rules. Just because a sport isn’t as big in a country that another, doesn’t mean nobody will want that game. It’s actually quite a good game, and I only know basic basketball rules, and I have no interest in watching any sports.

  • StevenJamesHyde

    ” Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Wednesday of the month, and will be free for that month, until the first Wednesday of the following month […] In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out”

    In other words, the yearly titles aren’t being replaced. Still, 12 extra monthly games beat 5 annual games, especially if you’re a PS4 owner

    • You’re so suspicious…
      You know that’s the June’s annual games aren’t annouced with the monthly update but one or two weeks after, or at E3.
      So, keep calm, they’re coming…

      For Vita annual games, we can’t be sure, but i don’t think they’ll just let Uncharted and Gravity Rush go without other games coming.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      I refer you to post #7.2

    • Sword, are you blind? Fred said yearly games are going to be taken away and nothing will replace them

    • He wasn’t suspicious, he just learned from past experiences and he was right about it.

    • Sorry, i’ve post before seen Fred response… My bad…

      Geez… They cancelled totally yearly games… For 1 PS4 games per month ? I suppose that means AAA games are nearly coming ? Because for 2 PSN games, that’s pretty disappointed..

    • Frequent Blog users saw that coming months ago. Looking forward to Chris his answers shortly…i dont have any further info to share at the moment or i dont feel like it…will probably be frequently used.

  • Wow, nice games!

  • Its a pretty good month. I hope next month you guys can follow the U.S in securing 2 PS4 titles per month.

  • Ramases_Niblick

    Bit disappointing for me this month. Already got Lone Survivor (great game). Might give NBA2K14 a go.

  • Yearly PS3 games…?

    • StevenJamesHyde

      “In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out”

      In other words, LBPK, XCOM, Uncharted 3, Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are going soon. No mention of them being replaced, so we must assume it isn’t happening

    • Like usual, they’ll be announce in an other post, maybe during E3 or in one or two weeks… Be patient !

    • hope they aint stopping yearly titles, if so then this service will have gone downhill even more, i’m just hoping yearly titles may be announced at the sony conference at E3

    • Yearly PS3 games dead, confirmed…

    • As Fred says above, the yearly games for both PS3 and PS VITA will not be replaced and will be leaving the service on 11th June so if you have not downloaded them, make sure you do now!

    • Hmmm, I’m both happy and frustrated at that, Chris.

      I prefer getting a new PS4 game every month over two that stay all year because that only makes a difference to people that have not subscribed yet: 12 games per year (one per month) instead of the two yearly ones.

      HOWEVER, I thought the second PS4 game was to make it equal with the 3rd ps3 game that the US still has but we somehow lost…

      Still, very happy with the PS4 games this month.

  • Great news for PS4 owners!

  • Lone Survivor was in a sale a couple of weeks ago!

    • Which is why it should have been obvious as a contender for PS+. Is really easy to spot them now ahead of time..

    • So? I’m failing to see what’s wrong with that.
      Dragon’s Crown was never on sale for EU and here we are.

  • Will Dragons Crown be crossbuy?

  • Cool game for the PS4! Might even change my avatar to a happy face! LOL Thanks guys!

  • I expected this all the way.

    It was pretty obvious the yearly games were going to go with the fact that it happened to vita and not a word has been said about them.

    Adding the extra ps4 games brings it in line with games with gold vs xb1 and overall is 1 game per month better than the competition .

    I don’t care for my ps3 much now so more ps4 content suits me.

    • Yeah, nice touch that they don’t express anymore “we don’t feel like it”. Instead the games “fade away”. So does my trust.

    • Trusting a corporation is akin to bending over and shoving a hot metal skewer into your derriere. Corporations are like governments…lies, lies, distraction, lies, lies ad infinitum.

      I still have and us my PS3 so I’m still getting 6 games a month, however I recall when PS+ changed from what it had been (PSN title, psone, minis etc) that we were told we would have around 45 games a year. Which is now 72 games a year, that’s more games if you have all 3 systems.

      However maybe a better way to promote plus is if someone only has a PS3 or just a vita then a reduction in the cost of plus. I’m not sure how they would implement that though and leaving it to say SCEE would be well….any analogy I could give would just be a tired cliche

  • Great month for Vita

  • Nothing for me . I guess that making dragon’s crown available on the ps3 as well was too big of a hustle to you Sony….

  • Good stuff. I’ve already got Dragon’s Crown, but its arrival on PS+ means my girlfriend and I can now play it together (her using my physical copy). The rest of the games look interesting as well, though I’m not much of a sports fan.

    Also, Surge Deluxe is excellent. Can’t recommend that one enough.

  • Awesome update! Haven’t got any of those games. Especially looking forward to dragon’s crown. Thanks

  • When will be the Yearly games announced?

    • StevenJamesHyde

      “In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out”

      They’re going, and they ain’t being replaced

    • Like usual, they’ll be announce in an other post, maybe during E3 or in one or two weeks… Be patient !

    • My bad, they’re really cancelled, that was announced by Fred… Dam…

    • PLease see comments above

  • Terrible releases for the ps4. Pull the finger out now sony sick of all these indie games I we want something that plays great and looks unbelievable not sumthing that is mediocre and looks like its played on the ps3. 0 stars out of five sony. Give us sumthing we deserve sony after all we are your loyal customers!

    • Outlast, Merc Kings and Stick it to the Man were all amazing. You should play the games before judging them.

      I’d rather have titles like that than the yearly multiplat rehashes from EA, Ubisoft and Activision.

    • PS4 been out only 6 months and how do you expect them to give Full AAA games when there no library yet to consider? Give it a year or more then you will see AAA games in PS+. Also you are not paying PS+ only for PS4 because it covers three platforms along with discounts in every sale. So, look at the value you are getting for 50 a year. If you don’t like then don’t purchase PS+ and hate to see these kind of comments which doesn’t make sense.

    • I really wonder what games you are expecting to get for PS4.

      By the way, Trine 2 looks great…

    • Trine 2 is nothing but terrible, I get it if you don’t like platform games, but lots of us do.

    • You indie haters should be slapped silly. Trine 2 is actually better than many “retail” releases

    • Trine 2 is a stunning looking game.

    • They want the moon on a stick, people were asking for sales 19 days after the release of Toukiden.

      Personally I prefer releases I can’t get anywhere else, however I wouldn’t be surprised to see either Thief or The Knack as part of plus on PS4 by the end of the year.

      I don’t understand people moaning about lack of releases on a console that has only been out since the end of Nov. I had to wait until Feb to get a game I wanted and I had to import it from Japan. There are plenty of games available on the PS4, there just isn’t loads of AAA games.

      Every console when it comes out has limited software, it takes time to develop games. Might want to consider that some of the release titles that were out in Nov. had been in development for years. Go look at online retailers to see what games are coming

      Between having a PS3, PS4, vita, 3ds xl, xbox 360 not to mention older consoles there isn’t enough time in the year to play on them all

  • Excellent:
    * Lone Survivor

    Good games but why for EU / again that genre:
    * NBA
    * Dragons’s Crown

    Just last month we a debate here that Muramasa’s Rebirth wasn’t a real RPG, discussed alternatives and that Dragon’s Crown would also fail to satisfy the often expressed demand for RPGs. And yet …
    After PES its just one more sports game, now from the better game series but for a far less popular sport. And that just shortly after NBA 2013 was already given to some SCEE countries.

    I get that both games are good and have been requested by severals. But it is disappointing that niches are catered while the top requests are being ignored month after month.

    About Trine 2 … didn’t we already have that game in the IGC?
    Hadn’t we been vocal enough about bringing the same games to the IGC more than once, even for different systems?

    This could be a good month if the niche titles would be there to round up a broader collection. But alas, we only have a reduced IGC in Europe and thus it’s getting rather annoying. If you give us less, you should at least care a bit more to indeed share what people are looking for most.

    • Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown are real RPGs. How you can argue otherwise is absolutely beyond me.

    • Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa are two of the best games on the Vita.

      That said, I would like it if we started getting some PSP RPGs in place of some of the Vita games.

    • @Nesther
      You are probably one of those who consider Soul Sacrifice and Okami to be RPGs too.
      Just because a game has levels and item slots, doesn’t mean that it autmatically is a RPG. It just has RPG elements.

    • They are platform hack n’ slash with RPG elements.

    • Yeah we already had Trine 2 on the PS3. However this version has about 50 odd trophies where as the PS3 one had about 12 including a platinum. Not sure that will make me want to play it again, since it seems like it will be harder work to platinum this time round ;-)

    • @Golwar

      Let us not have this senseless discussion, because you are in the clear minority hear. Muramasa and DC are RPGs, just because they’re Action RPGs doesn’t make them any less of an RPG. You have levels, skills to choose from, item customization, quests and different routes/endings.

      Just because they’re not turn-based like Final Fantasy does not mean they’re not RPGs.

    • Yeah, yeah Nesther, I’m in the clear minority. You are the only one arguing that they are full RPGs, while Rochala agrees with me. And as I said in the OP, I discussed this with others previously on this blog, after Muramasa Rebirth came to the IGC. I didn’t even start that debate then and we reached the consens that that SCEE still didn’t manage to deliver what those who requested RPGs expected.

      I also said that Dragon’s Crown is surely a good game and was on the wish list of many. So how about that you are happy with what you got and allow me to request that I get what I want too, eh?
      And trust me, I know what I expect when I ask for a RPG. And it is NOT this:

    • So tell me, what IS a real RPG then, besides a table top role-playing game?

      Wikipedia seems to agree with me in calling it “Muramasa: The Demon Blade, known in Japan as Oboromuramasa (朧村正?, literally “Hazy Muramasa”) is an action role playing game ”
      Dragon’s Crown adds even more RPG elements to it.

      Yet you seem to have some kind of arbitrary set of rules that exclude them from being RPGs.

    • God, you really get on my nerves. A real RPGs has a complex story with twists and character interaction. A RPG allows exploration and has a world to discover and quests that go beyond “go through the level and kill”.

      Action RPGs focus just on combat and enrich it with a skill tree, level system and weapons, which they borrow from the RPG genre.
      So as I said, those 2 games have RPG elements but they aren’t RPGs. Maybe that the’s reason why they are called Action-RPGs, Hack’n’Slay or Action-Adventure, but not simply RPG, eh?
      You know, just as the RPGs that some of us are hoping for.

      And now please look for someone else to annoy. If you still need help to figure out what those 2 games lack from “real” RPGs, check something as this

    • We didn’t get Trine 2 yet. At least I don’t remember.
      Maybe in the US PS+, but in Europe I don’t think so. I am a subscriber from the start of IGC and it’s not in my download list.

    • Oh, I forgot that RPGs should also allow you to make (moral) decisions that matter to your progress and story developement. Games as Soul Sacrifice just manage to offer the question if you sacrifice or safe soul. Again and again and again. What a lovely RPG that was!

    • So you’re basically calling the entirety of all Japanese RPGs, “not RPGs”. Alright. Understood. No wonder you don’t think DC is an RPG (even though it’s basically RPG 101): It’s missing Mass Effects dialogue wheel!

      We should contact Vanillaware and tell them that they really need to add in that or some other dialogue tree-system, so they can label their games as RPGs.

      On a more serious note. DC has all of those characteristica you linked me to: It even has a DnD-esque Dungeon Master narrator.

    • @Nester
      JRPGs have character interaction, often a deep story, a world to discover and explore and sometimes even interesting quests. So I have no clue what you are talking about. Once again.

      But guess what, I don’t really care anymore. All I want is that games as FFX, P4G etc. should be considered for the IGC too, instead of Action-RPGs only. If you get that there is an obvious difference between those games, or not, doesn’t really matter to me.

      But do yourself a favor. If someone wished for a surivial horror game and is disappointed if he should receive Resident Evil 6 – don’t debate with him that RE6 has everything, that the survival horror genre is supposed to cover.

      Trine 2 was in the IGC, somewhen early 2012 I think. I’m 100% sure that I got it via SCEE.

    • Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown are hack and slash action games with some RPG elements.

      While it’s difficult to define exactly what an RPG is, I think it’s safe to say exploration is a huge part of them, which is to say, the ability to go anywhere in any direction and explore a huge world.

    • @Nesther
      By the mere way Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown are played, they are not RPGs, in the same sense that Diablo series are not RPG.
      Examples of RPG:
      a) PC: Balbur’s Gate, Icewind Dalem Neverwinter Nights, The Elder Scroll.
      b) psone: Final Fantasy, Grandia, Wild Arms. (moral choice part)
      c) psp: Monster Hunter, Valhalla Knights, Phantasy Star (you get the picture)
      d) ps3: Recknoing, Final Fantasy (again)
      e)ps vita: Conception, Ys, Valhalla Knights
      Mate you are note alone, in minority yes, but not alone.

      Also, soul sacrifice is the most disgusting game I ever played. The graphics are like something out of the 7 seven circles of hell and the concept of sacrificing a soul is simple aberrant. Tested the demo for like 5 misisons deleted and never look back.

    • Yeah, they are not RPGs and you guys ain’t alone.

      It would be great to get another RPG in Monthly Games Collection.

    • @Golwar

      Actually, Trine 2 was never part of the IGC. It was indeed offered with PS+, but before the IGC came to be. Which would put it sometime in early 2012, as you said, while after the start of the IGC, as misi2mezei pointed out.

    • @blackout_pt

      There is absolutely no coherence in the list you posted.

      Final Fantasy games have no moral choices. They are not more RPG than Dragon’s Crown.
      RPGs do not cease to become RPGs just because they opt for real-time combat, like Vanillaware games or From Software games. They still are RPGs.

      And how can you call Monster Hunter an RPG, yet Dragons Crown isn’t one? That makes absolutely no sense.

      To me it seems like your definition of an RPG is: Games I like. And games you do not like/want are consequently not RPGs.

      The thing is you’re wrong. Dragon’s Crown is an action RPG, Final Fantasy VII is a turn-based RPG, Disgaea is a turn-based strategy RPG. They are different types of RPGs, but they still ARE RPGs.

      Thus we’ve had 2 RPGs in a row, and you have no grounds to complain.

  • Awesome list, I will get everything this month.

  • Won’t be bothering with any of those.

    Still think Plus needs a revamp, with perhaps the option of a couple of movie rentals per month instead of the games, or something like that.

    • that movie rental thing sounds like a great alternative, but knowing them they will put crap titles in those too

    • Given the state of the movie industry the chances of getting a good movie is small. I mean really really small. Like even smaller than really really really small.

  • Well, now at least now it’s crystal clear that you are just a bunch of scam artists without a shred of integrity. Nba 2k14 was the deal of the week a couple weeks ago, and now we are getting it on IgC. Excluding May, this is the second month in a row a sports game is coming to plus. What is next in store? Perhaps Fifa now the world cup is in order. Do not forget to put it on sale again, before July. That is pretty low, even for you. Though it is good to know how you operate, as if there were any doubts.. You already cheated us out of one game from what we signed up for without an explanation, and the last months for plus have been dreadful for obvious reasons having to do with cuts.

    • Dwse file me tous axristous. Dn ksana vazw gia olo tn xrono plus,mono 3mhnes ean m endiaferoun ta game. Gia emena dld auton tn mhna kai tn proigoumeno apolitws tpt. T dragons crown an htan gia ps3 tote hmoun komple alla oxi…. MONO PS VITA gia na gamame.

    • “Excluding May, this is the second month in a row a sports game is coming to plus.”
      So… not two months in a row, then. It’s not a row if you exclude the middle option. >_>

    • Do you think it’s easy to get ps+ deals every month? Indeed it’s not the first time, but you have to get over it, it will happen again and I presume pretty soon, Batman for vita is on sale, but NA got it on plus, so most probably we will get it too.

      You say the last months were dreadful, but that’s only your opinion, May had some great games, lot’s of people were asking for Muramasa, as lot of them were asking for Dragon’s crown sale. It’s just your opinion, nothing wrong here.

      I agree that they changed plus and gave us 1 less game, without notice on the contrary they assumed us that it wont happen 2 month before they did it, but all in all if you have ps+ since the beginning the service becomes only better and today they also announced that we take 2 games for ps4, I am wondering how NA subscribers will react to this now.

    • Imagine even the yearly games not changing… oh, wait, they wont be changing at all…!

    • Who cares if they don’t give new yearly games, if they give more through the year ?

    • @Rochala
      Actually, the US didn’t get Batman for Vita, and it’s not on sale either.

    • @Finkhald Yea I saw that now, I am pretty sure I saw it somewhere, but doesn’t matters that, my point is still valid :)

    • Not even a response, I am not surprised. Now I am sure this wasnt a coincidence but rather a scam with a mastermind behind it. I bought 2k14 in the sale and now I am screwed. Who would have thought another sports game was in order after April and Pes, let alone after having been a deal of the week in the same month.The game itself was terrible but that isnt the point. Thank though for the valuable lesson.

    • If you bought the game at a sale, you must have thought that the game is worth it. And the fact that the game is now free shouldn’t change that. But i know how you feel (I also bought NBA 2K14 at a sale). While it is not the most honest practice to reduce the price of the game before it becomes free, it is a reasonable from the publishers point of view. It is also important to mention, that by buying the game you actually own it.

    • @Envirasu

      Thanks, Captain obvious.. I was trying to make a point, hence not including May into the equation. But again, thanks for your input..

  • Alright Il give it to you chris this is a gorgeous month for vita and love this direction so good month :)

    SO…. when will the yearly games be swapped? (Gravity rush and Uncharted:GA say hi ;))

    • …they wont:

      ”In the coming weeks, you’ll see that several of the titles that have had a nice, long stint in the Instant Game Collection will be phased out…”

    • They won’t. They’re getting rid of the yearly games and giving us one more game a month (for the ps4). If you have all three consoles then that’s a pretty good deal, but it’s definitely going to annoy some.

    • Like usual, they’ll be announce in an other post, maybe during E3 or in one or two weeks… Be patient !

      But it looks complicated for PS Vita yearly games…

    • Update: Expletive, Expletive, Expletive Plus used to be for the consumers now they cut all its bells and whistles

    • Sword, you need stop spamming that nonsense. If there were more coming it would be announced, even if the games names aren’t announced.

      THey are going, we’re getting nothing. This has been made clear.

    • @sword15

      “Like usual, they’ll be announce in an other post, maybe during E3 or in one or two weeks… Be patient !”

      We didn’t have to be patient at all, check out Fred’s reply to post #2……

    • Please see above, the yearly games are not going to be renewed moving forward

  • Hi Chris!

    You posted that from July every game will be in IGC for one month, so I wonder if we’ll get yearly update next month (June)?

    • The yearly update is now dead and buried – its over, gone for good, no more.

      “the annual ‘evergreen’ titles will not be replaced. Instead, you’ll be getting one additional PS4 game every month. “

  • Hi Chris, first comment here, just wanted to say the diversity of games in the IGC has really improved recently. Keep up the good work!

    Quick question, can we upgrade the Plus version of NBA2k14 to the PS4 version at all? Thanks in advance!

    • I could be wrong, but I think the PS3->PS4 upgrade system was a limited-time offer which has expired. Best wait for clarification, though. My memory isn’t all that reliable. ;D

    • The upgrade program as expired !

    • You could be right, forgot about that! If only eh?!

    • No, I doubt that.
      You get the NBA 2K14 PS3 version for free and just have to pay a small fee to play the PS4 version, that would be unfair.

    • No sorry the PS3-PS4 upgrade programe was only for a limited time only I’m afraid

  • And another question from the other friendly russian neibour: when dragon’s crown will be available in rus store?
    NISA also said that they did their part and vita-version should have become available at the same time as ver. for ps3. But… it haven’t. So, well, what’s up? This issue is even more pressing after this post. Extremely pressing.

  • Two PS4 games every month? Awesome.

  • Great update guys! Well done on another super month.

  • Sorry I must be having a stupid moment here. So the yearly titles are still being replaced yearly (with the exception of psvita it seems) and thee normal plus service will be two games per month per platform?

    • Or.. they are dumping the yearly games and NOT replacing them. It’s hard to tell from the slightly ambiguous wording in the topic and no mention of the yearly changeovers…

    • The yearly update is now dead and buried – its over, gone for good, no more – seems clear to me from:

      “the annual ‘evergreen’ titles will not be replaced. Instead, you’ll be getting one additional PS4 game every month. “

    • @Singularity: Yeah, it’s clear now. But that message wasn’t up when I posted.

  • Some games I’d happily play here. Lone Survivor, Dragon’s Crown, Trine 2 and will even give NBA a whirl.

    Am I (and most other people) right in thinking the “yearly titles” no longer exist?

  • woah,I’m quiet startled!!

  • Great list, great to have 2 PS4 games a month. However more important to me is the announcement around how titles will be available/rotated-it’s been hit and miss recently as to when we get the games announced and when they go live (I think we lost a month’s rotation somewhere this year…) so being transparent with the PS+ users about when we will get the games will make a lot of us happy :)

    Also, it’s good to see some niche games on the list-too many of the AAA titles I’ve bought before-I never buy basketball games but will definitely give it a go this month! NHL is next on my list, please-I always enjoyed the punch-ups on the Mega Drive version!

  • Oh good Trine 2 again… Dragon crown is the only one of interest for me this month.

  • Hopefully, there wont be any whining about the cutting of the yearly update for a solid six games a month plan. It will make it far simpler to understand and there’s no ‘it’s not fair that this console gets less than this one’ nonsense either.

    Nice to see Trine 2 on PS4 is free. It’s a lovely game. I’m even quite happy to try out NBA 2K14.

    • People will still complain
      but most people would agree that 24 PS4, 24 PS3 and 24 Vita games each year is good value

    • It’s not too bad if you ask me ;)

    • Since you are SCEE employee nobody asked you

    • Stop deleting my posts that you dont agree with, this is not North Korea… And yes, since you are SCEE employee your “opinion” is not appropriate

    • Compared to the Plus content when Sony took my money it is bad. Even more so if you use PSN prices to do the maths. Worst thing though is Sony’s attitude atm, not even bothering to give a decent explanation. Its PS3 launch deja-vu.

    • @broyds And I recommend you reading terms of service and stop picking fights. -.-

      @WizzNL We all saw this one coming, didn’t we? After all that has happened lately. It was fun as long as it lasted, but we know that Sony doesn’t care about our opinions and can change Plus service as they want.

    • well it was fair that PS4 got only 1 game a month , BECAUSE ITS A NEW CONSOLE ! if you excepted them to give you 2 games a month for a new console so your WRONG that is more disappointing ! now instead of the majority of Players whom got PS+ for PS3 for the games and services ( not as a requirement for online Play like the PS4 ) will get only 2 games a month and you know sony’s moves it will either be 2 indie games or 1 real full game and an indie game ( as this month ) , so thats a lost value for the PS3 and a mind trick for the PS4 , PS4 players were complaining their butts off that they get only 1 indie game a month , so to shut them up they gave them 2 indie games , now they have shut their mouthes up and called that a good update !

      The point is : i call it fair to be still 3 games for PS3 ( since they are subscribed for the actual services and not as a requirement wether they didn’t want to sub to PS+ or not ) and the PS4 to be 1 game a month ( because( about 80% of players ONLY subscribed to PS+ for online play and they heard they give free games ) until we at least reach November ( so that 1 year has passed for the PS4 ) then make it 2 games a month for PS4 if possible , that can’t be more logical.

      So 1 game for PS4 , 3 For PS3 ( the majority of the players that are subscribed for the services such as IGC….. ) , 2 for PS Vita is fine enough. and there is no need to cut the PS3 games to give the ps4 Players who only subbed for online play and knew about free games by accident 2 indie games a month and besides there are still not many games for PS4 but the new ones that no way will be in the IGC within this year.

    • @fireaspider : Naah this makes more sense imo. It doubles the ps4 backlog for people who haven’t made the jump from ps3 to 4 yet, giving them more reason to get one and stick to PLUS. And ps3 is last gen.. You have to realise that games for that generation are going to fade out eventually, it’s simply not present day anymore.. In fact I wonder how long they can manage two games, there’s barely anything left or anything still releasing for last gen..

    • @fireaspider Quit crying and buy a PS4. Even if they did this after a year of PS4 being out, you would still complain. I pay the same sub as you, and I have a PS3,PS4 and Vita. Why shouldn’t I get new content for the new console I spent £349 on just because you’re too cheap to upgrade?

  • Disappointing for me. Last great month I’ve seen was… well don’t actually remember cos it was so long ago. Seems to keep getting worse each month. I remember a time when it was good and kept getting better each month. Now it’s going the opposite way. :( But suppose for a sports game that has to be good. Could been a lot worse.

  • the worst month ever

  • Good thing there’s not been many ps4 sales as its not like ps3 where we get a good sale then its in plus.

    Only 2 I can think of for me us steamword which I would think is almost 100% going to be in plus now and I also bought injustice which knowing my luck will be next month lol

  • poor month this time :( nothing of interest for me.

    shame its dropping to only 2 ps3 games a month so now i’m getting less for my subscription until i get a ps4.

  • Two ps4 games per month love it! Hopefully that’s means we will see retail ps+ games a bit sooner that what we hoped!
    I don’t like the ps3 games, already have LS and not into sports, but ps4 and vita are great, even though I have Dragon’s Crown

  • Lone Survivor & Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate for me :) Thank you guys, i like the sound of the new Plus format. People need to stop complaining, i’m sure that there is something there for everyone, if not, well you cant please everyone all the time, just be happy the service exists and appreciate free stuff.

    • As a RPG fan, The only time I’ve been pleased on the ps3 was with Reckoning and never, ever in the ps vita. So thank you for dismissing the number one request in the poll they made last year. RPG was the most requested type and the less provided one.
      Disclaimer: “Soul Sacrificing” is disgusting beyond words, “Muramasa” and “Dragon Crown” are not RPG, at best are Beat’N Up with some RPG components.

    • As an RPG fan I’ve been really satisfied with Muramasa and Dragons Crown. They’re superb action-RPGs, Dragons Crown especially really evokes the feeling of classic Dungeons and Dragons.

      It’s been the most requested genre, and we’ve gotten RPGs several times a row. You not liking the combat system doesn’t change the fact that they are indeed RPGs.

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