New The Order: 1886 video – Behind the scenes with Ready At Dawn

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New The Order: 1886 video – Behind the scenes with Ready At Dawn

Find out how the studio is crafting a unique, vibrant universe for its PS4 epic

1886 is a time of strife in our alternate version of Victorian Era London. Life for the commoners may seem monotonous with people, both rich and poor, going about their daily business. All the while, a threat to their very existence continues to lurk in the dark, a threat that the Knights of the Order have kept at bay for centuries.

In the days of King Arthur, mankind is on the losing side of a war for dominion and supremacy against the Half-Breeds. The King assembles a group of noble men to stand in defense of their brethren and thus, the Knights of the Round Table are born.


The Knights, now known only as The Order, endure through the centuries bringing the war to a status quo. With the Industrial Revolution, technology gives them the upper hand and a time of uncomfortable peace settles in the Kingdom and the Commonwealth, our version of Pax Britannia. But this peace brings on a new opponent. The very people The Order had sworn to protect take up arms, as the Rebellion is formed in the streets of London. This new battle ravages the street of 1886 London, as both rebels and Knights fight each other to the death.

Our latest gameplay footage shows the Knights taking on their opponents in the downtrodden district of Whitechapel. Armed with a Thermite rifle, Galahad is able to attack enemies hidden behind cover, while Isabeau’s Arc Gun proves itself an equally deadly weapon.


Beyond technology, the Knights have relied on one element they have used for centuries: the Blackwater. While in combat, they are able to use it to heal from otherwise deadly wounds. With centuries of use, the Blackwater has imbued the Knights with an inhuman longevity as well as mental and physical abilities they can use in combat, a state they call Blacksight. Using Blacksight, Galahad enters into a heightened state allowing him to focus his skills and execute precise attacks.

As we look to bring this experience to the players, we have decided to spend some extra time to deliver on the promise we made when we first introduced the game. As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.

With E3 approaching, we are releasing a behind-the-scenes video showing some of the inspiration behind the creation of The Order: 1886. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to showing you more in the weeks to come. See you at E3!


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  • What is going on with PS network? I can’t log into the store or unlimited. I have codes to redeem that can’t be.

    • Same here, can’t put in my watch dogs pre order codes.. Great timing Sony.

    • Works now!

    • Not for me, I keep getting “Sign in failed, Contact customer support”

    • Cancel that.. Store works from time to time but codes not yet..

    • PSN is utterly broken, it still hasn’t taken payment for my Watch Dogs pre-order so its sat on my console without a license to play it with. Presumably this is the same issue breaking code redemption.

      I love how open and honest Sony are about these things too. Not a single word anywhere that there are problems.

    • Oh and it’s maintenance in case you were wondering, says so here, don’t know why your says to contact customer support.. So nothing to worry about. Horrible timing though -_- Either the codes don’t work on release yet or the actual store is down, for once I’d like to start my game with my pre order goodies already installed :p

    • And where’s the MAINTENANCE? I don’t see any information regarding maintenance NOT ONE! I swear these constant delays, CONSTANT ERRORS, layoffs in certain 1st-party studios and bad customer service keeps up. I swear I’m move to PC gaming because really I had enough.

      And AlexAtkinUK I agree with you full on.

  • By far my most anticipated PS4 exslusive now that MGS is no longer exclusive (or a true MGS for that matter -_-)
    Almost looks like a different take on Uncharted. It’s not as colorful but can definitely hold the candle on a technical and graphical level. Definitely the best looking third person game I’ve seen next to Uncharted and Last of us.

  • When will you upload the last gameplay video you showed on Twitch ? The quality wasn’t quite good…

  • i hope this game will not be dumbed down for the casuals , i hope this game will NOT have Regenhealth , No OnScreenMarks that tells me where to go and what do , no Waypoints , make it more like a Old Skool 32 bit era game , PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEND im TIRED playing dumbed down games (moderngaming) make a great gameplay like (PS1 era) , and challenge will be appreciated :) oh i forget PUZZLES would be AWESOME
    here what i mean with onScreen Marks and waypoints > <

    • Big difference between dumbing down and making more accessible though.. I personally like health regen because I don’t like backtracking to find health etc, keeps you more in the moment and the action. Same goes for waypoints (depends on the kind of game ofcourse). Although the option to choose to put off markers (and even health regen for those that want it, seems easy enough to incorporate, just turn off the health regen and instead add health pickups to the game) should always be there. But yea these are different days with crazy hardware, I think all generations have their own merits..

    • @stonesthrow
      more accessible means killing the accomplishment to beat a difficult game
      more accessible means Developers are treating us like Idiots (oh.. lil boy you don’t know how to find a medipack? , you need to cover to heal ? , oh you need handholding ?)
      and i’m seeing everybody on this blog are happy with the graphics , but when i post something about GAMEPLAY i get negative reaction ? what’s wrong with all of you?
      i want to explore the game how i want to , and not the damn onScreen Marks im Not a Idiot
      damn old hardware has more sense than the Current Hardware (old hardware makes the game more realistic in term of gameplay, and the modernhardware makes the game more retarted)
      if you’re ok with that then you know what gaming is <-this is NOT gaming , this is a movie where a Director gives you a script and you must follow what the script is saying
      [NOT GAMING] and i'm seeing some PC gamers know what gaming is , meanwhile console don't need gaming all they need is playing a movie

    • I strongly disagree with you there bud.. I think gaming is or should be an interactive story telling medium, not just something to do stuff in.. I want character development and characters I start to care for, not unknown, mostly silent protagonists which are just your ‘playing character’ a la Doom. Linearity always does well for the pacing and story in my experience too. That doesn’t automatically make it more dumbed down, it just offers a quicker pacing which allows for more variety and story telling. Just a different experience, not a dumb down “lesser” experience as you’d like to think.. To each his own.. I for one don’t like those typical pc games where it’s all gameplay. It just feels like doing chores that way imo.. Skyrim (although an excellent game) has that too, there’s no connection to any of the characters whatsoever, they all just stand there having their conversations. The missions all feel the same too, there’s no distinction between a main mission or a sidemission because there’re no cutscenes..

    • DOOM is a ICON in Gaming Community , meanwhile the Last of Us is a Icon in the Walking dead fanatics
      so , guess who’s more important in gaming

    • @twinspectre

      Yeah, because The Last of Us was only called things like “Masterpiece” and “Gaming’s Citizen Kane”, holds a score of 95 on Metacritic and has one of the (if not the) highest amount of Game of The Year awards ever…

      But sure… It’s only an icon to Walking Dead fanatics… Yup, makes perfect sense…

  • “As such, you can expect The Order: 1886 to come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.”

    Thanks a lot! Until then my PS4 will be good for collecting dust and play indie games. Sony strikes again.

  • @Ru
    Since the game was moved to 2015, does it mean there will be co-op implemented as well? That would be awesome, a real reason to buy it.

    Also, since I’m a European, I have to ask. Will the game be priced more in Europe, so that Americans could enjoy it cheaper, or will there be a price parity. Because there’s no buy if it’s more expensive in Europe.

    The former comment was brought to you by me personally (I’m a sucker for co-op), the latter by Bound by Price – Never Forget Movement.

    • I really hope for co op as well! Doesn’t have to be the actual campaign, just a seperate co op mode which always adds the most replayability for me personally. Played the Uncharted co op over 100 or 200 hours, never touched the multiplayer of it or Last of us.. Great thing about co op is that it can be both competitive and casual at the same time, so both audiences can enjoy it.. I really wish more games started incorporating a decent co op mode instead of all the tacked on multiplayers you see nowadays..

    • I hope for co-op too!! Hate multiplayer but love co-op! Gives the game a good reason to keep playing rather than trade it in when it’s finished

    • Heh, yeah, co-op is awesome. I don’t touch FPS shooters, because they are mainly competitive multiplayer, but when I first got my hands on Resistance 2, I was so jolly. It was my introduction to co-op online games on PS3. Uncharted 2 felt kind of limited with its co-op though. Then there was Uncharted 3 on PS+… which had co-op cut out. Just wow. But yeah, developers don’t cater enough to people that want co-op, and instead focus on competitive play, because it seems just easy mode to make.

  • Another exclusive got delayed from what I heard! First DriveClub and now this. Sony, you’ve got some great 3rd party games but please stop delaying them. Are we only getting Infamous and Driveclub this year? The PS4 needs first party exclusives and only has 3 retail exclusives released at the minute.

    Also, the screenshots and even the HUD looks interesting.

  • We understand the delay; making a good movie takes a long time.

    • -_-‘ i miss the old good days when Gaming was all about Gaming , Now Gaming become Interactive movies
      R.I.P GAMING

    • You’ve got to be kididng man.. I’m appalled by the lack of cutscenes in games nowadays. It’s all gameplay and still they complain.. During gameplay you simply can’t have the same interactive story telling effect as with a cutscene, you don’t have the different camera angles and closer attention to detail and whatever (unless maybe it’s a rare game like Heavy rain that focusses on those aspects).. Even MGS5 cut down on the cutscenes, it’s ridiculous..I don’t know about you but I don’t just play games to press buttons and do things ingame -_-

    • Don’t you worry, I am convinced the ‘revolutional’ Quick Time Events will impress the audience!

    • oh , no you play because you lOve movies

    • the guy said making a GOOD MOVIE , can you read that ? GOOD MOVIE
      instead of a GREAT GAMEPLAY

  • 2015 oh well :(

    Lucky there are too many games out this year as it is. I have 7 planned for later this year.

  • Needs more time to perfect those next-gen moustaches….

    Schedule was looking pretty full for end 2014, will be happy if we get this early in 2015-it is one of my most anticipated releases in the AAA schedule.

  • Wow another big game missing the 2014 window – there are fewer and fewer current-gen exclusives coming this year to justify the millions of PS4s and XB1s bought by consumers. All I’m looking forward to in the typical busy fall period now is Batman and AC: Unity – weak!

  • @ Mr Weerasuriya
    I have aid this already but I will say it again: the HUD it’s is terrible and removes the cinematic look.
    As a player my feedback for you is to strip the HUD down to minimum so no weapon/bullet silhouette; just keep the numerical ammo counter.

    • wat ?, as a Player you want Cinematic look ?
      hmmm , i thought Gamers want to play GAMES and Not Movies
      now im confused :\

    • @twinspectre

      Actually it is Ready At Dawn that wants The Order 1886 to have a cinematic/filmic look, they said it in many interviews.
      The Order 1886 is even “letter-boxed” so to make it look even more like a movie.

      Now immersion to me it’s very important and sadly as long as I see the HUD on screen I will never feel completely immersed.

      Anyway this is how The Order 1886 could look like if they follow my feedback and use minimal HUD:

      I sincerely hope I didn’t’ do anything prohibited by removing the HUD in that picture.

  • Even though New Order 1886 got delayed. It’s ok, there’s many more games coming for the PS4 coming out this year. Arkham Knight, FarCry 4, COD: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, DRIVECLUB and many more. : )

  • COOL Video ;) DAY 1 for me :P

  • Looks like I am not gonna buy PS4 this year.

  • Soo many delays on games. Have a good idea, just don’t announce games until your 100% sure when the release date will be. While a delay is good for the game, it’s also a big let down. Better to not know about it so early than to be let down with delays.

    • Yea but they want to get the hype train going early ofcourse.. But yea sometimes they really do announce it too soon. Especially when they haven’t even started working on the game yet (Bioshock Vita, Resi evil PSP, Last guardian and FFVERSUS was also supposed to release on ps3..)!

    • A little flaw with getting that hype train going too early is that it gets boring over time and people will lose interest then take their excitement elsewhere. I had a high level of excitement for for FF Versus and last guardian but cos it was long ago, I lost a lot of interest compared to how it was. I wouldn’t really care if they never come out now. That train is long gone. I’m sure I’ll jump back on again someday but it wouldn’t be the same now. They should just keep the hype for near release.

  • @rweerasuriya (Ru Weerasuriya) Unless I’ve missed it somewhere, can we expect the rumoured high quality/HD version of the stream that occurred through twitch recently? :)

    • Also, can’t wait to be immersed in this game, looking fantastic, use the extra time well good sirs/madams.

  • Just heard it got delayed and push into 215 so really Sony need to get there act together or there gamers go back to xboxone .

    • If Next Gen Batman and AC gets delayed and push into 215 than its over for ps4 lineup for this year and it will be worst year for PS4 and XBox One and this gen isnt kicking off good start because i got Watch Dogs for ps4 and its looks last gen but still like it and ya game runing in 1080p.

    • It is kinda sad. Last year’s E3, most games were delayed to late 2014, or even 2015. Games like Lily Bergamo probably won’t even see a 2015 release date. Does anyone even remember about that game? The closer to E3 this year, the more sceptic I am. It will be a rehearsal of what was already shown, and won’t be released until maybe next year, at best.

  • I read the new date is Feb 2015 which is great!

  • Pity it’s next year.
    I like the new logo ready at dawn your gow games were very good , I hope to see more at e3.

  • Smart move SONY the game played and looked like crap on your Twitch TV live stream ! #2015

  • Early in 2015, great! my wallet can finally catchs a break and prepare next battle in next year

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