What’s been your greatest PlayStation discovery?

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What’s been your greatest PlayStation discovery?

The new ‘Discover’ section in PlayStation Store is live now

Hi everyone! As PlayStation gamers we all have our own different tastes and opinions, and when it comes to our favourite genres we can’t deny that we can all be a little bit biased on occasions. Some love the feeling of scoring a wonder goal in FIFA, others prefer pulling off a perfect kill streak in Battlefield or Call of Duty.

But what about the games that aren’t in the mainstream spotlight all the time? What about those hidden gems that we occasionally stumble across and take a gamble on?

Some of these curios have given me some of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve had on PlayStation – such as the dark, mysterious side scroller Limbo, the incredible Thomas Was Alone or larger-than-life platformer Guacamelee!.

If you’ve visited PlayStation Store recently you may have noticed a new page called “Discover”. We thought this would be a great opportunity to bring together a whole range of great games that you might have missed as you browse the store and put them in one easy to find area. It’s broken down into categories so you can jump straight to your favourite genre or check them all out one by one. These titles will update regularly so make sure you keep coming back!

To mark the occasion, I thought it would be a good opportunity for you all to share some of your favourite PlayStation discoveries. What game did you take a gamble on and end up enjoying the most?

You never know – based on what someone recommends here you might just find that next gem for your collection! Share your thoughts with us here on the blog or visit the official PlayStation twitter page and share using the hashtag #MyPSDiscovery.

Get sharing everyone!

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  • Where exactly it is? I don’t see anything on Vita PSN or PC SEN… and I don’t bother to check PS3 PSN since it was destroyed by metro-look-alike update.

    Oh… and can we ask for new Vita shop system? It is bad…. really bad…

    And more tags/labels in SEN PC

    • Oh pardon… I noticed in on SEN…. “odkrywaj” sounds really weird in polish language… but ow well

    • For me (Dutch Store) it’s on the left in the PSN Web store, below the ‘Featured’ part. when I check the UK version I don’t see it there (yet). maybe it’s still coming.

    • Ok… IMHO

      That “lot’s of cheap fun” or something should have games up to 8 Euro. 50 PLN (12 EUR) is a lot of money for old games.

      That “all lego games” not needed… you have already “collection” for that, just add LEGO to collection. I don’t need to watch it every time I check “discover” tag

      “scary games” also not needed here just add “horror” to types of games (advanture, sport, etc)

      “innovation”… just say indie games… most of indie are not innovative in any way.

      “classic games” not needed we need PS1, PS2 labels not “classic games” just add to systems (PS3, PS Vita, PSP, PS1, PS2)

      “racing games” not needed… there is already type: sport and simulation for that.

      Also most of descriptions are just… silly…

      and that “odkrywaj” (discover) sounds plain… and silly

      All in all… this change is not something we were waiting for… not needed sorry

    • @Comment 1.3 – Blimey, someone’s fussy!!

  • Is this on the PS4 store also?

  • I believe that a hidden gem is kinda vague as a term. For example Limbo and Guacamelee! are not that hidden, both had great reviews. I consider a hidden gem any game that I may skip simply because is not my style.

    Saying that my hidden game is Muramasa rebirth. I would have never bought it, but thanks to ps+ I did enjoyed it.

  • For me, my biggest discovery was when I’ve noticed games on EU PSN were 60% more expensive than on US PSN, even when they are made by European developers. Good ol’times.

  • My greatest discovery was being able to create a US account and not get screwed over pricing or delayed release dates or poor store navigation.

    • Do I need an american plastic card to use it in us store?

    • yeah but you you can buy pre-paid psn cards online and use those instead

    • You can go to Amazon.com, use your normal debit card but as your delivery address you need a random US address. It won’t matter as you’ll be getting digital codes for the PSN. Top up your US account and download away.

  • Er, which version of the PS Store is this? The web one seems the same. PS4? PS3? Vita?

  • greatest discovery was the website that taught me how to futz a us account and access content from a far better store a day earlier for less

  • you know what? pricing isn’t even a big whatever—i get it, minimum wage is higher here than the us. but what really bugs me is

    — the update time a whole day after the us

    — having to wait until mid afternoon for release day downloads

    — having no pre-order or pre-load options

    — no midnight launches

    — a layout that is sluggish and cumbersome compared to the us store

    — and weird inconstancies in demo content


    • Ekhm… USA is federal country there are states earning more and there are states earning less.

      And EU is exactly the same, there are more wealthy and less wealthy countries. Also UK isn’t whole EU.

    • Didn’t UK want to leave the EU anyway?

    • @Viryu
      Nah I don’t think so… even if UK in EU is often called by political scientists “Trojan Donkey” (due to connection to USA and going for decision that are good only for USA and not EU) I don’t think that there is politic that would decide to abandon it (well there are many that only say that they want to leave… populism).

  • God damn f***ing lower the prices for digital copies!

    • I don’t see why anyone would buy digital when you can buy pre-owned at a fraction of the price. Plus you can trade in when you’re done. That being said, I would buy Bioshock, second sight or time splitters2 on digital if they came out on PS4… OOOH and rockband. . Ok ok so there is a market for digital.

    • Awesome games indeed, glassfish! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that “playstation now” service to support games like that :)

  • Mine would be Persona 4 Golden, although highly praised and loved, I have never liked/really played a turn based jrpgs before it, or watched any Japanese anime (apart from Pokemon as a child, duh!) and it is now my favourite game of all time…

  • Mr. Howe why don’t you (SCEE) ask us (gamers) what we want? No malice included :)

    I mean like I said in first posts all of current changes were not needed, good intention but poor execution. It was waste of time for person who did it and guys who translated it.

    We are the one who exactly know how it should look like and how it should work… after all it will be us who will be using it. Than why not creating thread “we ask you” to gather opinions and ideas. We can exactly tell you what we need.

    2 years ago SONY made silly decision to copy/steal style of XBOX/Metro… it was bad decision. We liked how it looked before, sure it should have been improved… but not by giving us metro. In most of articles be it on eurogamer or kotaku people said that they hated it… and it was true. You guys destroyed it (SONY not SCEE).

    PS Vita shop is nonfunctional… lot of missing stuff, glitches it is slow… it is not intuitive… simply it should be forskaen and build from scratch.

    SEN needs to be upgraded… but not by adding something we don’t need. And we can tell you exactly what we need.

    PS3 shop… it is xbox joke… the one who thought that stealing xbox style would be good idea should be thrown out of his job.

    Please… next time before you do something not needed… ASK US.

  • I really need to discover a new page called “My library”. Seriously. I do not know what games i own and what can I download from my IGC. Download history is a mess tho.

    • Even Nintendo has cool action now… buy 1 game you will get another for free…. baah… we really need good sale here

    • They’d probably put 2 EA sports games for “sale” on PS4 anyway. You know, being only twice more expensive than retail.

    • EA… can’t even remember what was the last game I bought from EA studio… hmm…

      Deadspace and Crysis in bundle? Yup that must be it… and before that…. hmm… oh I know it was ME1

      I don’t think that even with good price (1$) I would like to buy more EA games.

  • wish i could discover the ps1 and ps2 classics section again on the store but i can’t because you removed it and it hasn’t been back in the last 4+ week

  • That question backfired almost as well as #WhyImVotingUkip! ;)

    But seriously, I have about 40€ on my account and I have no clue at all what I should purchase from SCEE’s PSN store. In 2014 I only purchased Max Payne 3 from a sale mid March. From the holiday sales 2013 I got P4G and Dishonored.
    That’s less revenue than I generated on Steam within the last 2.5 weeks.

    Steam made me an “all digital” customer. That’s actually the kind of customers Sony should embrace, considering that they offer the maximum profit, right?
    But the current pricing doesn’t really make me feel welcome or appreciated.

  • WayfaringWalrus

    I don’t know if they count as a discovery, but for me, it’s got to be either Tokyo Jungle or Spelunky. Both had gone completely under my radar when they were being developed, so I had low expectations going in. I bought Tokyo Jungle on the day of release and was so impressed that I’ve easily racked up more time than I care to admit on both, especially Tokyo Jungle. It remains the only game that I’ve kept on my harddrive for the entire lifespan of my ps3, and I still go back to it once a month or so.

    As for Spelunky, I’ve never had such a love/hate relationship with a game. I still haven’t completed it in over 400 deaths, but I remain optimistic that I might one day fluke it.

  • Instead of adding a ‘discover me’ section …

    start working on a fix for the downloadlist (ps3) and library (ps4). An option to sort things (demo’s / beta / ps3 / ps2 etc) and delete items (old demo’s etc) would be welcomed by so many people.

    So skip the adding new sections part until u fix the backbone of the old system plz

    • Yup good downloadlist would be great, with option to choose platform (ps3/ps4), year, type (rpg, action), demos etc…. something similar to GoG library I guess but with many options.

      I don’t understand why they are removing old demoes… Valkyria Chronicles had such a nice demo… well… I own full game… but maybe some would want to test it.

  • Instead of adding features that absolutely no-one wants, why don’t you do something incredible and actually ask people what they want to see. As of this moment, the store access points on SEN, PS3 and Vita are an absolute joke.

    I spend about £50 a month on the SEN site, sometimes more in a busy release month, so I’m on there quite a lot, and I will simply say this – the store is not fit for purpose.

    Basic infrastructure:
    – There is no longer any way to browse classic PS1 and PS2 titles. If you don’t know they’re there, then it’s quite easy to miss great games, or not notice that something new has been added, as Persona 3 FES was recently.
    – Slow loading times. Too much focus has been placed on graphical whistles and bells and not enough on speedy transitions between areas.
    – Advanced search features that have multiple loading transitions. I shouldn’t have to go through a new loading screen to find specific titles by platform, genre, price etc. The search function on the PS3 is even worse.
    – The PS3 interface is clunky, slow, hard to navigate and just plain ugly. I never do any shopping from the PS3 site, because using it is just too frustrating.
    – The PSVita access point is simply broke. In any category only the first few titles appear and the rest load in minutes later if they load in at all.
    – New releases should be available for download at 12:01am on release day, not mid-afternoon. We’re not dealing with physical copies – this is digital, and the titles should already be loaded on the server waiting for the website to update as soon as the date changes. People take days off work for major releases!

    Features that every other decent website has, but SEN doesn’t:
    – The ability to set a wishlist, so people can keep track of things they plan to purchase.
    – The ability to set e-mail alerts for price drops.
    – The ability to count, sort and categorise the purchased items list.
    – Automatic e-mailing if something is temporarily pulled from the download list like Persona 2 was, with reasons.
    – The ability to set user reviews. Sure, there may be a few critical reviews for bad titles, but that’s the marketplace, and a well-moderated review system can encourage as well as discourage buyers.

    Listen to your customers and look at competitors such as Amazon. Clean, simple, easy to navigate sites beat flashy but clunky and unwieldy stores every time.

  • Any reply?

    Would be nice… even “hey there, we are listening!”

  • My biggest discovery was that while being an psn+member I could play the games that I was provided, until the prices on the games I really wanted were discounted. No way I was going to buy digital games for €59.99 or €69.99. This is madness! If Vaas Montenegro was to discover the real definition of insanity, he would have to take a look at SCEE’s digital store!

    Speaking on discounts, again, I provide the list of the games I’m interested, hoping to see them soon on the discounted section of the store:

    Diablo III: less than 19€
    Grand Theft Auto V: less than 25€
    Gran Turismo 6: less than 25€
    The Last of Us: less than 18€
    Resident Evil 6: less than 8€
    Dark Souls II: less than 25€
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: less than 6€
    FEZ: less than 5€

    • Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain? Not Ground Zero? :)

      Back in my times we didn’t have to pay for demoes of games :P

    • @Archacus
      Oupsss, sorry, you are very right, I meant Ground Zeroes!
      Grand were the days when we discovered the edit button…

      You are also very right about the demos’ prices! :D

  • Could we possibly get a 1-click buy/download button?
    The number of actions needed in order to download a game is too high.

    When the store updated with the new metro-ish interface I could hardly believe this was here to stay and took so much resources. Now I’ve come to accept it for what it is, but it’s still bad.

  • I’m just trying to discover anything in the store, really; descriptions and menu settings in 5 different languages, missing or triple titles, it’s full of surprises.

    I am sorry, but these friendly cosy community posts don’t help. I just want to be able to get the games I want.

  • I agree with most that has been posted above, but keeping with the idea of the original post, I believe the games that have most surprised me have been Guacamelee!, Brothers, Tokyo Jungle and Hotline Miami, all great games that I have purchased or gotten through PS Plus.

  • Chris is getting worse a lot of questions and not a single reply

  • 22 days since last post, on holiday?

    useally post some PS+-news in a weekly interval..

    22 days, way to long checking for new ps+-blog-post and the chance for some new benefits regarding the ps+ paying-subscribers..

    Sure, I know’ you will make it up to us, and deliver the June-IGC-PS3 games from the topshell..

    Im not familiar what’s been up’ed previusly regarding EU-IGC titles, but no complaing from here, if you should put “Far Cry3″ or just “Mass effect3″ or “SSX” up for graps, amongst the two june-IGC PS3 titles..

    Then I would be one happy PS+ camper..

    btw, great to see F1 2012 (8.5/10) on sale (35DKK) in Denmark (equals about 6$) a joy to have and play, in this periode where formula1 is taking the scene in public and this weekend regarding the Monaco Grand prix.-

  • The answer you want to hear:Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Miami hotline (these are really fantastic)
    But in reality my biggest discovery is: 1) US is getting much more support in terms of availability of apps, games etc
    2) prices in US are much better, but I understand now that those prices are before tax and in US there are other tax import tax than EU has. Sony can’t do anything about this because EU is forcing this on all suppliers etc.
    3) PS vita support is really really low and it’s like Sony isn’t even trying, because of the lack of Apps etc. Netflix app is still not available in Europe even though Netflix is saying the app is ready but Sony doesn’t want to release it!!!! But also other apps are still not available in Europe but they are in the rest of the world!!!!!!

    • Exactly! Import tax! Problem is, there’s a ton of European developers, making games in Europe. And yet, it’s Europeans that are paying the US import tax, so that the US can enjoy cheaper games. That doesn’t compute.

  • Sorry for not been on topic, but when does next months PSN+ get announced?

  • That the US store, is much better, that SCEE hates and/or doesnt care about you and wont listen to thousands of repeat complaints and that Microsoft has a much better user service experience.
    And all that started from Singstar.

  • Also that PSEE Blog does things to look good and then ignores them (ie this, every single complaint ever, the PS+ genre suggestion poll last year) and that a few indoctrinated sheep try and defend them. It really is pathetic how bad it still is. And that Kinnexbox had such bad ideas, if they had massively outsold in Europe, then PSEE might have taken some note -.-

  • Finally no one “enjoys” this and yet it doesnt show the expected dislikes instead, funny that…

  • My greatest discovery was realising just how little Sony EU care about their customers and their opinions and how little effort they put into getting fair deals and physical releases for us all.
    It’s saved me a lot of money as I no longer feel the need to support Sony by buying games on release and wait till they’re on sale or cheap 2nd hand; now i prioritize my other platforms instead. Sony’s just lucky the vita hasn’t been fully hacked yet.

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